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Covid vaccine

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number4 posted 3/25/2021 18:01 PM

YAY!!! I finally just got my first vaccine an hour ago. Process was smooth at my Walgreens. I found out last Friday through my internist that I qualify (although it was announced today that anyone over 50 in CA will be eligible April 1st), but we headed out of town from Saturday until last night, so today was my first opportunity for an appt. On Sunday, my future son-in-law was able to score me an appt. for today, two miles from our house.

Interestingly, when it was scheduled, the email said both the first and second doses were scheduled four weeks apart, so I assumed it was Moderna. But when I showed up today, it was Pfizer, but yes, they're scheduling four weeks apart, as opposed to three weeks apart. The pharmacist said a lot of people were showing up confused, thinking they were getting the Moderna because of the timing of appts., but they are offering Pfizer.

I've heard a generalization that Pfizer has a smaller chance of side effects, so I'm trying to be optimistic.

Jeaniegirl posted 3/25/2021 21:11 PM

I had zero problems with my first dose of Pfizer except a slightly sore arm for a couple of hours. My daughter just had her second vaccine last Saturday, NO problems at all.

Lionne posted 3/26/2021 08:11 AM

There is a flaming idiot gym owner bear me who defied all the shutdown orders. The governor shut down his water and electricity.
Now he's offering free memberships to people who DON'T get vaccinated.
I see a case study in Darwin's theory here.

Jeaniegirl posted 3/26/2021 11:11 AM

I've been told, with Pfizer, the second vaccine has to be given within 4 weeks of the first. Not sure that's true but what I've been told. I was unable to get my second vaccine last Saturday due to having pneumonia. I have been totally unable to find a second vaccine slot on the health department site - such an unfriendly site! So I made a call to the adjoining county health department near me and she advised that I just 'show up' in line next Tuesday or Wednesday with my vaccine card and they will probably allow me in. Not really happy about standing in line with people not vaccinated but I guess it's my only option.

zebra25 posted 3/26/2021 12:21 PM

Jeanie, my husband's appointment for his second Moderna was cancelled and rescheduled for three weeks later. He was told by a Dr that it is important to not get the second vaccine too soon but is perfectly fine if it goes longer.

I don't know if the same holds true for Pfizer.

He was very tired after his first vaccine. After the second one he had a 102.7 fever, body aches and exhaustion for two days.

My state has not even finished phase one. I won't qualify until the fourth phase. I'm getting impatient and frustrated.

number4 posted 3/26/2021 12:33 PM

Not really happy about standing in line with people not vaccinated but I guess it's my only option.

Just sent you a PM.

Jeaniegirl posted 3/26/2021 13:03 PM

Maybe some success. I got email with a code to enter and got 'hopefully' a vaccine appoint for second shot next Wednesday!

Jeaniegirl posted 3/26/2021 13:04 PM

Number4, thanks so much for the PM!

latebloomer45 posted 3/26/2021 19:54 PM

My husband and I are in the local large medical group. Neither they nor our county nor the nearby county where we lived before (we are less than a mile from the county line) had vaccines for us, despite our being eligible from February 25.

BUT years ago I had a real jerk of a doctor do my colonoscopy. He was WORSE for my husband who has issues and must do one every 2 years. My regular doctor said "go outside the practice, the doctors in a practice stick together." So husband went to the next town and was very happy with new doctor. When my colonoscopy came up, I used him too--last January 8.

Without even registering, we were contacted for a vaccine on Monday by the second practice. Had to drive 75 minutes in traffic but they already had our insurance, our medical history, our address. We are thrilled beyond belief. I am so grateful to my doctor (since retired with a brain tumor) for telling us to go outside the practice, both because of this good doctor, and because this practice has its s*&t together regarding the vaccine. They also scheduled the next one already.

homewrecked2011 posted 3/26/2021 20:25 PM

If posting a photo is against the rules, plz delete.
Anyway, this is interesting-shows how it was distributed so quickly. Some companies made millions of doses so that IF it got FDA approval, we didnít have to wait a year for them to manufacture it. Whether you get a vaccination or not, itís amazing how the world worked together!
I liked how the syringes, needles, alcohol pads are shipped with each vaccine, so no waiting on supplies.


[This message edited by homewrecked2011 at 10:21 PM, March 26th (Friday)]

thebighurt posted 3/27/2021 15:06 PM

NUMBER4, I learned here that some places (Walgreens is one) use a computer to schedule the appointments. Moderna was the only vaccine available to them in many places, so the computer was programmed to set up the second appointment 4 weeks later as was needed for that. At some point, they were sent Pfizer vaccine and the computer did as it was programmed and still gave everyone that separation for a 2nd appointment.

They are sent the vaccine according to the government-designated scheduling, so will be getting 2nd dose Pfizer at the 3-week point. You should be able to get a date that is three weeks out, or nearly so, once the time is near. The same thing happened here, and everyone who had an appointment at the 4-week mark was in the week before, but had to contact the drug store to change it. Getting that appointment was easy. Walgreens said that the separation suggested for Pfizer is 21 to 42 days, so the 4 weeks was within the window and not a problem. Good luck.

number4 posted 3/27/2021 17:13 PM

@thebighurt - THANK YOU so much for explaining it to me. It makes sense now. I will be sure to contact my Walgreens a few days before I'd be due for my second vaccine to see if they will allow me to reschedule earlier. Since H got Moderna, he and I will be closer to being done at the same time if I can get mine a week earlier (he got his first Moderna three weeks ago).

My Pilates teacher was asking me this morning the date of my second shot... I could tell she was mentally playing out when I could actually come back in the studio in person. It'd be nice if it was a week earlier!

grubs posted 3/27/2021 17:40 PM

Not really happy about standing in line with people not vaccinated but I guess it's my only option
Not sure about the Pfizer but the initial study with the moderna showed the significant inflection in the vaccinated cases vs placebo happened 10 days post shot 1. With a five day incubation period that means the first shot iprovides a significant level of protection 4 days post shot 1.

thebighurt posted 3/27/2021 18:05 PM

You are welcome, Number4. I hope it works that way for you. I was in a local Walgreens last week, which was exactly 3 weeks after they first gave the Pfizer vaccine. Everyone in the area where they were doing those shots said they were getting their 2nd.

My teenage DGD, who is in college, got her first vaccine already. Her college town has a state vaccination site that offered them so they didn't go to waste.

AnnieOakley posted 3/29/2021 19:56 PM

I got my first Pfizer shot yesterday via the dept of healthís drive up location for our county. I think it took less than 40 mins including my reaction waiting time.

The poor person giving me the shot, I started crying 😭. She of course was concerned, I said I just want to go home and see my 93/90 yo parents. She rubbed my back several times. So nice to feel the personal contact too.

Iím glad I remembered to thank them. Several times.

Virtual ((hugs))

barcher144 posted 3/30/2021 07:43 AM

I just signed up to get the J&J vaccine on Thursday. I am a little concerned about side-effects because I have something very important to do on Friday morning that requires about 2 hours of driving.

My GF got her second shot last Thursday (I don't know whether Moderna or Pfizer) and she was miserable on Friday. She had such a severe headache that she couldn't get out of bed. Hopefully my side effects are sufficiently mild that I can handle driving.

BraveSirRobin posted 3/30/2021 08:28 AM

My H and I both got our second shots a week ago (Moderna for him, Pfizer for me). I was fine on Day 1 but pretty tired on Days 2 & 3. H had a lot of soreness/redness/heat in his arm and felt exhausted for most of the week. My elderly mother got Pfizer and had no side effects at all.

We're so grateful to have been able to get vaccinated. My mother had a fall and had to go to the ER yesterday, and I can't tell you what a relief it was to not worry about catching Covid while sitting for hours in the waiting room.

wildbananas posted 3/30/2021 09:16 AM

I said I just want to go home and see my 93/90 yo parents.

This made me cry... I'm glad you're closer to seeing them!

I get my first (Pfizer) shot on Saturday, yay!

jrc1963 posted 3/30/2021 18:10 PM

I got my 2nd Pfizer yesterday around 5pm. I took today off work in anticipation of not feeling so great. I had a headache all day and felt generally fatigued.

About 24 hours post shot and I'm feeling kinda worse. Like I've come down with the flu ... feverish w/out the fever and -y and still very fatigued.

I've just be lounging on the couch all day.

ETA: I decided to take tomorrow off also... so I arranged for a sub for my class.

[This message edited by jrc1963 at 6:11 PM, March 30th (Tuesday)]

number4 posted 4/17/2021 15:49 PM

How's everyone doing with getting their vaccines?

I got Pfizer #2 yesterday at 5:30, and am just feeling a sore arm so far... it hasn't even been 24 hours, so I know I'm not out of the woods.

I have to give kudos to my son-in-law to be; over the last several weeks, he has helped 80+ people across the country, most of whom he's never met before, get their vaccine appointments. He was able to get me my second shot a week earlier than Walgreens had me scheduled (their system scheduled me at four weeks out for Pfizer; now they've changed it) at a CVS. So between Rite Aid (where H got his), Walgreens and CVS, CVS was BY far the most efficient. From the time we left our house, drove the five miles in late afternoon LA traffic, got my shot, waited, and drove home, an hour had elapsed!

But yea, he does this for the thrill of the hunt, that's it. He's definitely creating good karma!

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