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Forum Guidelines

Please show respect for others - people of all types, beliefs, and cultures populate these forums. There will be no political statements or discussions, and no religious debates.® is a place for healing and rebuilding your self-esteem, relationship and self worth after the devastating effects that Infidelity can bring into your life. We ask that current and practicing wayward spouses (WS) and other women/men (OP) not post or harass our members here that are suffering through unbearable pain. WS or OP's that are remorseful and committed back to their relationship are welcome to post and find guidance and support while repairing the damage they've caused. OP's who sincerely want to end their EMA's are welcome as long as they follow our guidelines of posting with respect towards others.® is a peaceful, constructive and devoted site with offering our support towards others during such a torturous time in their lives.

Practicing and current WS's and OP's will be warned only once that they are not to post here. Violation of that warning will result in the banning of your profile. If you do not have direct experience with infidelity please refrain from participating or engaging our members.

We trust that everyone will be able to follow our guidelines. If there is a particular problem you have with this, please bring it to our attention.

  1. NO POLITICS: We have zero tolerance of discussing politics. There is to be NO mention of political names, and absolutely no political topic content in any context. Violation of this guideline results in losing your posting privileges.
  2. ON TOPIC: Respect the original posters' intent and avoid threadjacking. Feel free to start new topics to discuss general subject matter in other threads, but do not refer to specific topics or threads outside of their original location.
  3. MULTIPLE PROFILES: Members are asked to register only once and use this login name consistently for the benefit and consideration for all our members. We realize that at times, changes will be needed. Please notify the administrators if such a situation arises.
  4. NAMING, FLAMING & SHAMING: Please refrain from name calling, attacking or shaming, publicly or by using the Private Message feature. Do not bait or call out others. This includes members and non-members.
  5. PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE: Please do not publicly post Private Messages that you've received. Also, do not share your Private Messages with other members unless you've received permission from the original sender. Public PM requests/announcements are not permitted on the forums.
  6. NO SOLICITING: does not allow soliciting of any kind, publicly OR via Private Message. This includes links, URLs or references to other websites. If you have a product, service or website you believe to be in the interest of, please contact an Administrator.
  7. DELETING/EDITING CONTENT: Please use the edit feature to make corrections or additions to your posts but do not use it to remove the entire contents of your post. does not delete entire threads unless absolutely necessary, even at the original Author's request. Members take time to show support and deleting them would be offensive to those that responded. Please be sure you're comfortable with your post before hitting the Send button.
  8. GENERAL STATEMENTS: Please refrain from making statements that generalize gender, WS/OP/BS, race, religion or political alignment. Also do not presume to speak on behalf of other people.
  9. PUBLIC EXIT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Members come and go, but when you make a hasty announcement that you are leaving, this will result in your profile being banned.
  10. STAFF ACTIONS: If you have a question regarding a staff action bring it to our attention by using the Private Message feature. Do not question staff actions on the public forums.
  11. COMPLAINTS: If you notice something that you feel is against one of the Guidelines, please notify a Staff member. You can find them listed at the top of the main forum page.
  12. RELATIONSHIPS: This is not a site for forming romantic relationships. If you find yourself getting attached to another member please remember the reason you joined our community and back away. In the event that you find yourself in a romantic relationship or you are aware of another relationship, keep it off of the forums or you and your partner will be removed. Posting sexual innuendos and openly flirting with other members is prohibited regardless of marital status.

Madhatters - Any members that are both a betrayed spouse and a wayward spouse in their current relationship are considered Madhatters on®. Madhatters, in addition to any former wayward spouses, are prohibited from posting in the Just Found Out forum. Madhatters are welcomed to post in the Wayward Side forum, but only from a wayward perspective.

The Volunteer Staff are here for you and value your opinions and feedback. The Staff takes great effort and conducts thorough discussions before permanent action is taken on a member. We ask for your patience and support, please don't make our jobs any harder.

The opinions expressed by contributors to the® message board are solely those of the individual members and do not reflect the opinions of the guides, moderators, administrators or operators of®.

Do not post personal information. Also use caution sharing your personal information via private message. YOU are responsible for the personal information you share on the Internet.® Volunteer Staff

Last updated: 01/12/2022

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