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Visualizing Posters on SI and Classic TV characters

Maybe time for a fun post?

I am a visual person. When I read a book, I assign all characters (In my mind) to an image, usually someone I know in real life or a TV or movie character. I was reading Bigger's thread over in General and he's being jokingly referred to as a 'cat herder.' And one poster said he visualizes Bigger as looking like Fabio. I visualize him at Matt Dillion. smile So I started thinking of regular posters and 'visualizing them.' I know what very few people here ACTUALLY look like - Dragn being one of them. (very pretty lady!)

So do you 'visualize' posters when you read their posts? Or am I the only one who does this?

I see Number4 as possibly a classy Mrs. Thurston Howell (Gilligan's Island) only younger. I 'see" Tushnurse as Ellen Burstyn in a crisp nurse's uniform. I visualize Whatsright as my favorite great aunt. That's just a few of my 'visuals.'

I'm not much of a movie or TV person but I've gotten hooked on classic TV shows which explains my references to characters from those shows. I don't have a lot of time but I AM a YouTube junkie and Classic TV sitcoms are my current choice to watch. smile

As a side note, if you are stressed out and need some relief, give yourself a treat and go watch classic TV comedy such as All in the family, Maude, The Bob Newhart show, Designing Women - just to name a few. They sure knew how to do comedy back then.

If you want 'roll on the floor laughs' - watch the very old Highway Pstrol shows! They are FULL of bloopers and Broderick Crawford is a hoot in those shows. They were very low budget - and my favorite parts are when Police Chief Crawford and his deputy both rush into a police car - both getting int the passenger side car door! I read that was because they only had one camera to film with. laugh

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Football - upcoming Superbowl

The Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge fan of the NFL as I'm a basketball and hockey fan. But I have to admit that was an exciting game today.

I cannot imagine being a Mom to TWO players in the NFL. But it seems she handles it well and gives equal time to both sons.

I just got a news bulletin saying --- TAYLOR SWIFT HEADING TO SUPER BOWL. laugh laugh

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Covid, it's back - or never went away

The new Covid variant, JN.1 just took the life of one of my best friends. She was sick for 4 days and her son took her to ER where she was given a breathing treatment and RX - and sent home. The ER did not test for Covid. Because she lived alone and died alone, an autopsy was required and she was positive for the new variant. I am angry about losing her. We are long-time friends. She was a young grandmother at age 52 and will be very missed. Her young granddaughter is inconsolable. I just found out last night that my cousin and her 11 year old daughter have tested positive for Covid. I'm worried about them. Her Mom, my aunt, says they are sleeping a lot.

I've rarely been out due to the extreme cold temperatures, and I will wear a mask if I DO have to go out. But will that really help? Covid deaths are up 79% in my area for the last two weeks. The word out is this variant is way more deadly than original covid.

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Dreadful weather

Ugh, we are having record setting temperatures in the minus category; And now it's snowing heavily. My Mom used to say .."It's too cold to snow" but that went out the window today. I have most of my house closed off, wearing my new stylish long underwear and top to match, have jammies and a big furry robe on. I have a warm bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but the remainder of my home is cold and it usually isn't as I'm, insulated well here.

I do not like winter and the cold. My friends landed in NYC last night for an anniversary trip and they said the weather was much nicer there! These temps are expected to last until early NEXT week so no chance for the snow to melt.

C'MON spring and summer.

Stay safe out there.

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Happy New Year

To all the wonderful people in this forum -

May we all be much healthier in this new year.

May NONE of us lose any more precious fur babies in 2024.

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Neighbor's home is on fire

The neighbors across the street from me have crying a large log home. It is on fire. A neighbor south came banging on my door, scared me.... they live south of the home fire. They called the fire department but didn't know if anyone was inside the home. It's a man and his daughter living there and she's a hospice nurse (took care of my Mom) and she works overnight shifts. So she wasn't home. I reached her Dad - he was out for the evening -- and also reached her.

Fire is still active but looks like it's going to be the living room area and kitchen destroyed. Sadly they just got a new French bulldog baby, three months old and they have a Chiweenie doggy too and both are dead. It seems the Dad left a space heater on in the living room. They had been asking me to come see the new baby puppy but I didn't make it over to see it. I am glad no 'people' are hurt but it breaks my heart the puppies didn't survive. When I told the neighbor south of the fire that there were puppies inside - before the fire trucks got here -- he kicked in the front door but it was too late to save them.

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Horray for Dragn

I just have to say it! I am SO happy that Dragn got good news and we ALL know what a difficult time she's been through. All her struggles, her worries.

Dragn, I am proud to call you a 'soul sister' and so proud of the way you have dealt with everything thus far -- and how I feel you are going to be totally victorious when it's all done. D with young kids has to be really tough, I just cannot imagine coping the way you have, day after day, week after week.

So HERE is to our Soul Sister Dragn! The woman who can fix her own car, change her own flats, herd her own horses and goats and repair leaky faucets! You are setting a great example for your kids -- especially your girls.

As Miley Circus said .."she can buy her own flowers, write her name in the sand...."

Yea Dragn! smile


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Zephyr valves

Okay, has anyone here had this procedure done or know of anyone who has? I haven't been doing well with breathing issues. After the cancer and right lung lobe removal in June '20, I did okay for a while but then developed COPD recently after many bouts of bronchitis. Losing one's breath and absolutely unable to breathe is the scariest thing ever. Panic attacks accompany that. Several times my oxygen levels have dropped below 70, which requires ER visits as my heart rate soars during these episodes.

Next Wednesday I will see a new pulmonologist who specializes in COPD and will possibly start the process to see if I'm a candidate for the non-invasive procedure of inserting zephyr valves in areas of my lungs. Most of my research show positive results but there are also some scary stories about lungs collapsing afterwards. I've had THAT experience once -- before lung surgery during biopsies of my lymph nodes to see if the cancer has spread. I was just waking up from the biopsy when the lung collapsed and I truly thought I was dying.

Any knowledge that can be passed on to me would be appreciates!

(edited to correct date of my cancer surgery)

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checking in

I've been sort of out of the loop with things going on.

My daughter had to have a knee replacement two weeks ago so I've been trying to help her. She is recovering well (damage was from the car accident when she was t-boned when a woman ran a stop sign.) She is actually back to work this week with the aid of a walker. She's doing rehab three times a week. Can't keep a dedicated woman down. smile

My breathing issues got a little worse with two bouts of bronchitis. I don't know how one avoids getting that stuff! So the lung doc set me up with a small portable oxygen device about the size of a large purse -- in CASE I need it. With bronchitis my oxygen level would plummet down into the 70's. At one point I actually 'went to sleep' in my car in the grocery store parking lot after loading up my groceries. There is nothing scarier than not being able to breathe. The last sonogram I had showed the 3cm aorta aneurism has not increased in size. However I now have a 'knot' about the size of a golf ball right under my rib cage and if I bend or turn a certain way, the pain is almost unbearable. The cardio doc's PA informed me that 'aneurisms do not have pain' as a symptom but something is definitely causing pain in that area. It's in the general area of the aneurism. It almost feels like my intestines are in a KINK and then it feels like something moving around during the pain. So tomorrow, yet another darn doctor visit to try to find out what it is. Hernia maybe? Tush? All I know is it hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes when I move a certain way. So I guess I'll find out soon what it is.

Because of the illness I got really behind on work and have been trying to catch up.

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Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Like so many others here, I miss my Mom.
I'm taking white roses to her grave site. Then my daughter and I will go out to eat.

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Health update

It will be two years this June since I had the top lobe of my right lung removed because of cancer. It's been a long and painful recovery. I developed COPD and kept having breathing problems. I was getting bronchitis several times and hospitalized twice with pneumonia since surgery. My weight loss was tremendous due to my lack of appetite and having to force myself to eat. I have been below 100 lbs. until recently. I'm now up to 107 thanks to lots of malts and smoothies. I cannot sing the praises of TRELEGY loud enough. Amazing drug!

Since I was put on TRELEGY for the breathing/COPD issues. It's been almost a month with that now and it's amazing that my breathing issues are just gone. Oxygen levels stay high and no more coughing. I'm so relieved.

However ... A knot the size of an egg formed under my right rib cage and if I bend or turn a certain way, the pain almost knocks me out. The doc thinks it could be as hernia but isn't sure. So this morning he sent me for a cats scan with dye contrast, I should know by Wednesday just what the heck is going on, The lung doc thinks if it's a hernia, it was caused by the long-term deep coughing I had.

I think all cancer survivors develop a fear cancer will return in other parts of the body so I'm going to be vigilant in getting checked for anything out of the ordinary.

So good vibes needed that the cat scan will not show anything BAD. I understand if it's an intestinal hernia, it's an easy fix.

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What is wrong with people?

I'm pausing here from my work-laden day to express disgust at people who ABUSE social media. What the hell is wrong with people? Are they crazy? Bored. Sociopaths? (I think I just described most of my everyday clients)

This afternoon I received a picture on my phone (text from a friend) of a newborn baby that was supposedly left in a dumpster in the town nearest me. I'm 9 miles from any 'township' and live out in the country - but I claim this small town as my own. Population 6500. Farmers. Lots of retired people. This picture went viral around here because the dumpster is supposedly in our little town and while the newborn baby is alive, it's critical. Of course if baby dies, there will be murder charges if the 'dumper' could be found.

But after some quick research, I found this is fake news. And here half the little town is up in arms (literally!) wanting to find the people who dumped a newborn baby, in a garbage bag, into a dumpster, in our little peaceful town. What satisfaction can the poster - and those who spread such rumors - get out of this??

I found the photo was first circulated in New Mexico a few months ago. So who KNOWS if there was a real baby dumped and if it survived and where it is. Picture is very real.

In the past I've almost lost friends because I have refused to join FB and other social media sites. SI is my only social media. smile

There are several reasons I have not signed on to any of them -- mainly my work and I don't have time - but also there seems to be no privacy and I've heard people talking about posting their every move on social media.

There ARE (have to be!) millions of responsible users of social media or it wouldn't be so popular - but it seems to me the nuts are trying to take it all over.

I deal with 'ugly' all day, every day - and seeing a picture of a newborn baby still tugged at my heart. I hope wherever that baby is, he/she is alive.

Ironically, the same friend who sent the text to me had her bank account hacked for $500 today.

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Whatsright? Check in?

Just hoping you are okay and your H is okay. Hoping you had a happy holiday too.

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Happy New Year!

Sing Like no one is listening

Dance like no one is watching

And live each day to it's fullest and live it like it might be your last day.

smile Happy New Year. May 2023 find us all much healthier and happier.

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Holiday Gifts

Okay, right away I will admit I'm a terrible gift-giver. This holiday, being so dang sick, I did the cash and gift card route. Not really lazy, just following doc's orders about staying out of crowds.

My extended family get together to eat and at Thanksgiving we draw names for Christmas. The gifts are to be fun and light-hearted. I got the FUNNIEST gift! It's a 2023 calendar of my 'least favorite' politician (not mentioning names) smile His face is on every month's page. Along with the calendar, I got a set of darts to throw at the photos. laugh laugh

My daughter gives the best gifts, so thoughtful. She found a really soft electrical shawl that covers my back and forearms and OMG it's so warm! She also bought me really nice pajamas as I spend so much time at night, working from home. Sitting up at the computer. She also special ordered a small, soft blanket with actual photos of my Mom on it - showing past holiday celebration photos. I've never seen anything like that.

Some of my daughter's friends got a special offer on a 5 day January cruise. So I pitched in for her to go with her friends. That will be so good for her! She will only miss work for two days and she has plenty of personal leave.

So did any of you get gifts that surprised you?

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Will it ever stop?

Another mass shooting after 10 pm at a Walmart in Virginia.

When will this madness end? You know people were in there happily doing last-minute shopping for Thanksgiving dinners. Or early Christmas shopping. Now families will have to gather to bury their deceased loved ones.

Such sadness. So unnecessary. So wrong. sad

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Sick and tired of being sick!

I got sick 10 days ago. Found out I had pneumonia in the bottom part of the lung - the lung that had top lobe removed due to cancer in 2021. It's been a tough time, having to use the nebulizer to breathe and coughing so much. I'm worn out. I started to get a little better a couple of days ago and now I have the flu. I've been having high fever at night, sweating it off and just being miserable with pain in all my bones. And the headaches are bad. When at the doc's office, I tested negative for flu and covid but I guess I caught the flu somehow now. I'm tired of being sick! Not only that, everyone around me is sick. My sister is at the doc's office today. My nephew and his daughter were diagnosed with the flu 5 days ago.

I have work to do and thankfully I can work from home but this is getting OLD. I have no appetite and I'm too skinny. I'm beginning to think preventive vaccines do not work.

Just having a pity party here. I don't even feel like washing my hair.

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Feeling very fortunate

Fortunate to still have my daughter.

Four evenings ago a woman ran a stop sign at aprx. 45-50 miles per hour and tee-boned my daughter's vehicle. Her car hit a ditch, came back up on the road and rolled three times. Car landed on the driver's side. All side/front air bags deployed, which saved her life.

That dreaded phone call:

She was crying. "Mom, I've been in an accident and I can't get out of my car and I smell gasoline." What a horrible thing to hear! She was about 6 miles away and I got there in record time. A young man had went in through the hatchback and gently carried her out. He was barefoot as he heard the crash and ran out. Luckily she drives a larger SUV and that also helped to save her life. She was taken by ambulance to the ER and was there for several hours. No broken bones. She had a bloody nose but that stopped quickly. It appears the seat belt, with the force of the crash - might have torn her rotary cuff. She sees an orthopedic doc tomorrow about that.

The other person was not injured, just shook up. A young girl, screaming and crying that she was afraid she had killed my daughter.

Both cars a total loss.

I've been hugging my daughter every day. Of course that isn't new - we are big on hugs.

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Life Lessons Learned

I've been thinking about posting this for a while and decided to take the plunge.

I'd like to hear from others about 'lessons learned' from life experiences, good and bad. Some things, the bad ones, we tend to bury and try to dismiss.

I have one such incident that it's hard to let go of. As a very young woman, age 20, I went for my first female physical. I needed this ahead of marriage in order to get on birth control. I was still in under grad and didn't want to think about having children yet. I went to a well-know doctor that was recommended by one of my Mom's friends. He was from a family of well-known doctors as his father and brother were both doctors, specializing in different areas. Of course I was nervous as I'd never had that type of exam previously. After the exam, which was quick, he sent the nurse out of the room and started to talk to me about marriage, sex and 'satisfying my future husband.' I was VERY uncomfortable with his tone and conversation. THEN he took my feet (I had on socks) and pressed them against his genitals as he stood at the end of the exam table - and held them there and was moving his lower body around. I was try to get lose from him to get up and finally did but it seemed like a long time. I was absolutely horrified, didn't tell ANYONE, not even my mother - and I don't know WHY I didn't tell anyone. I almost felt it was my fault for giving him such access to my body.

Now I sure don't feel that way. If anyone tried that with me now, they'd find themselves being kicked very hard and my scream would deafen them. After ALL these years I am STILL furious at that man. It's too bad he's dead or I might make an issue about it after all these years. He was well known - and went on to write several best selling fiction novels in the style of Harold Robbins - sexy books with some murders and mystery tossed in.

So it took a long time to learn THIS lesson to never remain silent about sexual abuse, no matter how small it seemed at the time. So that was a bad life experience that at LEAST made me determined to not allow anything like that to happen to me again - and like many here I have had my share of other sexual harassment, but I am NEVER quiet about it.

Life lesson learned.

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Food Quality

I don't know if it's just ME or if I'm too picky about food, but it seems as if the quality of food - ALL food - has gone down since the pandemic. Thank goodness the farmers around me have had good crops of tomatoes, squash, green beans and potatoes! The grocery store produce just SUCKS. I got SO tired of returning potatoes because they felt like they were made of rubber and after peeling them for black spots, not much left to cook. Onions appear very hard and hard to peel and dice. In addition, shelf products such as pasta, rice and flour taste OLD to me, as if it's been in storage too long. Being in the south, all the food I've mentioned are pure stables down this way and are what I use all the time. The potatoes seem like they are a couple of years old and maybe stayed somewhere in storage before being brought to the stores. And possibly has some frost bite causing all the black spots. I eat a lot of pasta so I know when it's old. The farmer's markets are starting to shut down due to the heat and I will definitely miss the fresh veggies.

Or maybe it's just ME since I've had trouble with my appetite since I had surgery in June 2020.

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Discarding animals

My area, rural, has had an overwhelming amount of DUMPED dogs and cats lately. The theory is -- people got animals during the pandemic and now don't want them or can't afford them so they are dumping them in the country. ALL of our animal shelters are overflowing to the point they are having FREE adoptions every weekend now, to try to find new homes for these helpless fur babies.

It makes me so angry! One woman was following a van and actually saw a man open the back door of the moving van and toss out three puppies, not more than 6 weeks old. Of course she stopped and she managed to get one puppy but the other two ran off into the dense wooded area by the road. She has had help to search for the other two puppies but so far, no luck. Probably eaten by coyotes. She took the one puppy to the vet who confirmed it was 5-6 weeks old. She got first shots and had it cleaned up from ticks and fleas and is trying to find a good home.

Beautiful animals are being dumped. Even expensive full breed dogs. People out here are doing all we can to try to save these animals. Some people are even setting up 'rescues' on their own property as the shelters are full.

HOW can anyone do this?? Just toss out a helpless creature? I have two inside puppies and 5 barn cats outside that I take good care of. I noticed someone had dumped a new cat for me to look after. So I've been feeding her. I didn't realize she was pregnant. Somehow she managed to get up into my house attic to give birth. I thought she had given birth so I was looking for kittens but couldn't find them. Last Friday night I kept hearing a kitten meowing and crying and finally realized in was down in my WALL, between the kitchen bar and living room! I was trying to figure out a way to get to it but ended up this morning having to have a 12x12 hole cut in the drywall of my living room to rescue the kitten. She is a beautiful, spunky Calico aprx 3 weeks old. The Mom seems relieved to have her back and is feeding her. It appears the dumped mom may have had only one kitten but I can't be sure as I just cannot climb up into my attic right now as the heat is so intense. It's been over 100 degrees for several days. If she had more, I hope they are safe in the attic and she will eventually bring them down. Then I can catch the Mom to be spade.

Animal abuse IS a felony but it's so hard to catch these heartless people as they seem to be mainly dumping animals at night. I just don't understand people. So sad to see a big, beautiful dog waiting for it's master to return after being dumped.

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Medical patient mix-up

I have a worry so I think if I write it out here and ask for advice, it might help. Especially from medical people.

As you all know, last year I had pneumonia and was in the hospital. While there, during a CT scan of my lungs, a cancer was found at the top of the right lung lobe. I was sent for yet another more intense CT scan (with dye) to confirm after leaving the hospital. While in the hospital the first time with pneumonia, I met with a pulmonologist who became my specialist. He is the one who followed up and sent me for the second CT scan. That scan confirmed the cancer. From there I was sent to the surgeon who put me in the hospital for two different overnight stays to do biopsies on lymph nodes to make sure the cancer had not spread. When it was determined the cancer was contained to the top of the right lung, my surgery to remove the cancer was scheduled. It's been a slow recovery and I've dealt with several episodes of bronchitis which really has bothered me and my ability to just breathe.

Now, here is the issue. My pulmonologist's office SEEMS to have me mixed up with another patient. This is very scary to me. I've had two CT scans since the surgery with follow up with the pulmonologist afterwards. On BOTH visits to the doctor is where the confusion comes in. The first time his PA came into the room and said ..."well Great! You survived the surgery and you have finished with your chemo and radiation very successfully!"

I informed her I didn't have to go through chemo or radiation! She looked confused and said she would be 'right back.' I waited for another 45 minutes before someone else came in and took my vitals. Then the doctor came in and said ..."you are doing great and we won't need to see you until September and no more CT scans are needed until December. Three weeks after that I caught a terrible case of bronchitis and had to go to ER as I was having trouble breathing. I was given an injection and two RX to deal with the bronchitis. Three days later I got a call from the doctor's office telling me I needed to come in and gave me an appointment for the following week. I posted on here about how that really scared me as I was fearful something showed up from the CT scan when I went to the ER. So ... I go in and AGAIN I was confused with someone else because the PA asked me WHY i was there! I told her about the phone call telling me to come in. Again she left the room for about 15 minutes. When she came back, she apologized for the call having me to come in. She even brought a fuel gift card to me - to compensate for my unnecessary trip. At the same time she gave me a new business card and said the doctor was moving his office and this would be the new address where I'd have to go in the future. It's 60 miles away. Very discouraging.

Here is another thing - there is a woman who lives exactly 10 miles south of me with the EXACT same name as mine. She is 4 years older than I am. Of course I am wondering if SHE is also a patient of my specialist and that is who I've been being mixed up with. Because of HIPPA, of course I can't ask the doctor.

I'm sorry this is so long but I AM concerned and also wondering if I should just ask for my records and find another pulmonologist? Would YOU be concerned if your specialist has mixed you up with someone else on two occasions? He is a very BUSY man with a large staff and his waiting room is always FULL - and the PA was indicating it was the staff who had me make the unnecessary trip in. However, when the PA was looking at her computer, she seemed to have someone else on her screen because of her statements and questions.


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Another school shooting

SW Texas. 14 dead includes one teacher. Shooter is dead, another 18 year old with a gun.

crying crying

0 comment posted: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022


My heart is heavy for the families who have lost loved ones in the hate crime shootings in Buffalo, New York.

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Happy Mother's Day

To all.

My daughter and I had a wonderful day yesterday. She brought me beautiful roses and a very beautiful card. Then we went for pedicures and an early dinner. Celebrated a day early. I realize how fortunate I am to have such a loving and supportive daughter!

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Squatters are a pain

My sister and I, along with one surviving elderly aunt, own our Great Grandfather's property. It's both valuable and sentimental to us as we remember playing on the property as kids. We have always kept up the taxes and usually check on it about once a year as it's about 60 miles away. We recently learned there are squatters living on the property, in a mobile home. So we are having to make a trip down this week to check on the property. We own the oil and all mineral rights for this property and we've vowed to always keep it that way - and keep it in our family. The squatters are someone we know - from the OTHER side of our family. This property is from our maternal grandmother's side of the family and the squatters are from our paternal side and they have zero rights or connections to the property. In addition, there are no utilities on the property. IF they have managed to get electricity, a water well and a septic system, that will REALLY make me angry. The water well and utilities that were there many years ago are all removed, filled in - or obsolete.

I might add that I check the property regularly online for any oil drilling activity as there are working oil wells and gas wells all around the property. We have already received lots of funds in 'damages' from oil companies as sometimes they have to cross the property for the other functioning wells.

So now we have to go and see for ourselves - and take photos and give them a 30 day written notice and then go to the court house and file an eviction. What a pain. Our elderly aunt who is 91 found out about the squatters and we will pick her up and take her with us. She lives much closer to the area than we do. Another relative told her about the squatters. She's angry too!

People are SO entitled to do exactly as they please and that makes me furious.

Anyone else had to deal with squatters?

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Life is like a football game

My Grandfather always told me life is like a football game. Four quarters. Age 1-25 is the first quarter; 25-50 the second quarter; 50-75 the third quarter and 75-on is then the 4th quarter. With possible overtime.

After my last birthday, I have arrived at the end of the second quarter. Next year I will start the third quarter. Time is speeding by. So I started thinking about what I want to do for the third and fourth quarters. I want to do new things I haven't done before so the list will be long as I've spent my entire life either in school or working.

So I'm going to start now, making a third quarter list. I want my third quarter to be different and exciting.

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My Mom

My Mom has been gone for over two years. She lived with me for a lot of years. I'm to the stage now where I think of the funny things she said -- or would do. Of course I had a front row seat to all of her stories. She was outspoken and very fiesty.

For some reason today, I was thinking of her and her feelings for the Kardashian show. She couldn't stand the Kardashians but for some reason, watched that show. I never watched it. (I didn't have to, she would tell me all about every episode) laugh I recall sitting on the front porch with her, listening to her talk and she once said .."And another thing! Why in the WORLD do those Kardashian women get their butts enlarged with implants?!" I don't know why but just thinking about that made me laugh today. laugh laugh

So my Mom and her quicky sense of humor is on my mind today. smile

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Total home renovation

Well, I'm taking the plunge and having almost a total make-over of my home. I THINK.

It's an older home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1800SF - not a huge home but a nice size ... on 8 acres of land backing up to a lake. The home was built in 1970 and has original hardwood floors everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms. I have a contractor and he's been bringing out sub-contractors for estimates. While they are here, I go out to the garage and sit in my car - to be safe. They all wear masks.

I've been pondering this move for months, trying to decide to do it or not. I also have a smaller condo near Dallas that I have leased on a long-term lease but I will probably not ever use it again -- only have it as a rental.

The contractor says I will probably have to vacate for a lot of the work but I'll worry about that when the time comes as it will be late spring or early summer before work starts. All that depends on Covid (as everything depends on Covid!) I guess I am getting excited about it.

This is what is being proposed:

New energy efficient heat and air units

New windows

New kitchen (yay!!), stainless steel appliances.

My kitchen cabinets were redone about 6 months ago so not changing them.

(I also have a new roof so don't have to do that.)

New plank flooring in kitchen and bathrooms to blend in with wood flooring.

All the original wood flooring refinished

New bathtubs, at least one jacuzzi tub.

All the electrical and plumbing checked and anything needed to be replaced.

The outside multi-color brick painted a light gray and trimmed out with cedar trim.

A new, larger front porch with a different roof angle. I spend a LOT of time on my porch.

New sidewalks and new driveway.

Right now the contractor is gathering estimates and I hope I don't faint when I see the costs BUT .. with a new turnpike one mile away, my 8 acres is already 4 times more valuable than it was about 6 months ago -- so it's a good investment. It will never get 'crowded' where I live as everyone has a minimum of 5 acres on a dead end street. The lake behind my house also adds to the value.

Soooo big ideas, a big project .... and banker has already said YES if I need help with $$.

Something to look forward to!

17 comments posted: Tuesday, December 15th, 2020


I posted this in Just Found out but thought it would be helpful to post here also. In MY area, the personals section (hook up section) was done away with on craigslist. I think that is their policy now, all over. HOWEVER, the hookers and hook-ees have found a new way on Craigslist and it in the "Missed Connections" section. That section used to be for families trying to find members, people looking for old school friends, etc but it's by hi-jacked now with the 'nasty ads.'

I'm curious to see if that is happening in just MY area or if it's all over. The ads in that section now are really awful.

5 comments posted: Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Just for fun, if you won the lottery

Okay, the winner of the $447.9 million dollar lottery winner still has not come forward to claim their money.

So, what would you do if you won that much money?

16 comments posted: Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

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