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Online grocery shopping, first experience a total failure

I decided to try Insta-Cart for grocery shopping and delivery.

Never again.

35 Items ordered. Over $100. Order to arrive by 5pm. Didn't happen. Called Insta-cart and they said shopping wasn't finished and it would arrive by 7pm. Didn't happen. Finally was told order had been delivered to 'my driveway gate.' I don't have a driveway gate. Got picture and I recognize the house where food was delivered, about one mile away. Not my home. Called Insta-cart again. They said it seems groceries were delivered to wrong residence. Duh! They were doing 'new shopping' for me and would arrive before 9pm.

Order arrives and out of the 35 items, I was missing more than half and OTHER stuff was delivered. Also, I specified BRAND names (sorry, I do NOT order SOME thing unless it's the brand I want) and instructions were if my brand names could not be found, then delete from shopping list. No problem they said.

So I was left with several bags of frozen scallops that made me gag as they were thawed out. Off-brand milk and bread and NONE of my fresh fruit was included.

I guess the OTHER people got the groceries from my list..

Soooooo I don't know the people who got my groceries. I know the blame is totally on Insta-Cart but I have to wonder what the home owners thought when they saw several plastic grocery bags TIED to their driveway gate. The delivery driver, who appeared to have the IQ of a door knob - said she went back there and groceries were gone from gate.

I will never do this again. I'm demanding a full refund from Insta-Cart after they refused to come and get the MESS they delivered to me.

What would you have done?

PS - my barn cat loved the scallops mixed in with their dry foot last night.

20 comments posted: Friday, October 29th, 2021

$690 Million Dollar Power Ball Lottery - dreams

I don't play the lottery.

Did everyone see that ONE PERSON won that $690 Million power ball lottery last weekend??

So I started thinking what I would do if I had $690 Million (probably half of that after taxes) and it was sort of fun to dream about it. In my mind I set up my family in new homes and cars and necessities. I would help friends who are struggling. I would definitely make a large donation to the American Cancer Society, the Crohn's Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. (I have a close friend with children with both those diseases.)

After a while I started thinking about what I would do for myself. smile After I took care of everyone else, I'd probably build myself a little rock and cedar cottage on a peaceful lake somewhere - not far from where I am now.

Have you ever thought about what YOU would do with a big windfall like that? I was telling my daughter about my dreams about it and she said ....'well Mom, if you ever decide to buy a ticket, you might win." laugh

14 comments posted: Sunday, October 10th, 2021

It can happen to anyone

I so wish people would use their HEADS. And stay alive.

Our family lost a new family member to Covid two night ago. He was my young cousin's newly wed husband.

Another one of those people who thought they were too healthy, too young and too active to catch Covid.

They aren't anti-vaxers but rather caught up in wedding plans last April, building a new home and both have (had) six figure income careers. They hiked, they ran marathons, lived healthy -- and were a real Ken and Barby couple.

She had one shot of J&J vaccine in May but the new husband kept putting off getting a vaccine. They both became ill the end of August. She had a mild case of the virus but recovered quickly. On September 1, he was in the hospital and by the next day he was in ICU fighting for his life. On the vent. Two nights ago he passed away. She was at the hospital everyday, looking at him through a glass wall. No one else was allowed to visit.

She is heart-broken. It's not the time to say "I told you so" but we are all wishing they had paid attention to SCIENCE and gotten the vaccine. I have heard so many 20,30 and 40 year olds say they are HEALTHY and they don't think Covid would get them. DEAD wrong.

Now we are preparing for a funeral instead of the party that was being planned to show off their newly built home. Their wedding registry is still online, they had just started their life together. Sad thing is, her Mom is a nurse and begged them to get vaccinated. I'm glad she had at least one vaccine or I feel she would be gone too.

27 comments posted: Friday, October 8th, 2021

What kind of predator am I dealing with?

I always have barn cats. Living in the country, cats are vital to keep the snake population under control, especially since there is a small lake behind my property.

I had 11 cats. One was a dumped kitty that was pregnant. People dump animals out here in the rural areas and personally I think they should be sent to prison for it. But there are always people like me and other to take them in. This dumped cat had six kittens and they are (were) 8 weeks old. Cute kitties. I have been sitting on the porch and playing with them in hopes of taming them down and finding homes for them. Today I am down to THREE adult cats as something has been taking the kittens and the smaller adult cats. I found what appears to be a lair -- by the south fence of my property -- a place where some sort of predator has been hiding under some trees. Out of the 8 missing cats, I have only found two bodies. I found some bones in the lair so whatever predator is getting them, it's killing and eating the cats it's taking. It's so very sad. These are outside cats that usually sleep on my front porch in warm weather but stay in my small barn in cold weather. None of them, except the three that are left, are (were) tame, lap type cats.

Checking out the area I found where the predator has been staying and the predator has a clear view of my porch. Whatever it is, it's coming in the middle of the night because my dogs hear something and create a lot of barking but by the time I get outside, I can't see anything.

I am thinking a coyote or wolf. There is a lot of construction going on within a mile of me -- lots of woods and natural habitant being cleared out - so I know wild animals are hungry.

Still, it's a sad situation and my only hope is they didn't suffer. I have the mama cat left and she's scheduled to be spade next week. The other two are very large males that are about 3-4 years old and they are very large. My neighbor told me a Bobcat had been spotted out here but I haven't seen it.

3 comments posted: Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Have you ever found yourself ...

... in a very STRANGE situation that was not of your making? This should be a fun topic, I hope. I need to laugh.

Here is just ONE of my strange situations. Was in NYC for a conference, got to JFK for my flight home. Flight was booked full. We waited, they kept putting on departure times. Then cancelled. Angry people (but anger in this situation is a wasted emotion.)

Several people rebooked for the next day and some got alternate flights.

There were THREE of us who held out as they were saying the plane MIGHT depart after all, much later. But it didn't.

So airlines booked a car and hotel for the three of us. The car was a limo, a BIG limo. So we got it. It was 1 a.m. and we headed to the hotel, which we assumed was very close by. We just kept going and going and going --- so we started asking WHERE the driver was taking us and he said he was waiting on hotel confirmation from airlines.

3 a.m. we finally arrive at this very expensive, Luxury hotel -- on Long Island! New Yorkers here will know how far it is from JFK to lower Long Island - and in addition the driver kept driving around BEFORE he took us to the hotel. We were exhausted.

When we left the limo (none of us had luggage, had no clue where THAT went) ... he told us his limo service would be there at 6 a.m. to pick us up! 3 hours later!! We were shocked.

5 comments posted: Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Florida Condo collapse

I haven't been posting much or keeping up with the news. But today my heart is heavy for the people who are awaiting word on their loved ones, in the condo collapse in Florida. The recovery efforts remind me so much of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Just a very bad tragedy.

2 comments posted: Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Whatsright? check in!

I have been thinking of you and hoping you are okay and your H has improved. And the sons and the babies. Check in girl!

1 comment posted: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Strange happenings

I think a few months ago there was a thread about 'strange happenings' .... it may have been my own thread, not sure.

So how about this?

Man tosses alligator through Wendy's drive-thru

A Florida man faces multiple charges for throwing an alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window


And on the 'strange weather front' -- hail as big as tennis balls, baseballs and footballs? Yes, it's happening. Homes, cars being destroyed.

Next will be the locust??

4 comments posted: Monday, May 3rd, 2021

A new worry

Well, it's always something it seems.

When I was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago for pneumonia, they found a 'spot' on the upper right part of my right lung. They found it with a CT scan. The doctor thought it was just pneumonia showing up. To be sure, he sent me for a Pet Scan on Tuesday (4 days ago.) I got the call this afternoon that he wants to do a biopsy next week. The PA said it's about the size of a dime. However, in the hospital it showed up as the size of a nickle so it's either gotten smaller or they mis-read the size the first time. I was told the biopsy is outpatient and I will be asleep as there will be an incision and I will be there 4-6 hours, then come home. I think the hard part will be waiting on biopsy results.

When I had to be taken to the hospital last October after passing out, they did a CT scan then and the spot did not show up then. The doctor looked at both CT scans for comparison with the Pet scan.

Of course I am worried but I'm remaining positive. Has anyone had a lung biopsy before and if so, was it painful afterwards?

246 comments posted: Friday, April 9th, 2021

Odd and sad Events. Covid related?

I'm not sure if this has been addressed here previously.

I've been working from home, like so many others, for well over a year. Therefore I spend a lot of time online - and being a long-time news junkie, I read everything.

It seems to me that there is a problem with 'after Covid' people going through sad and just crazy times. I've never seen so many reports of suicide, I don't think. The long-haulers or 'long covid' people are suffering tremendously with all kinds of health problems and mental health issues. This virus has so many unknowns attached to it.

It's almost like a Zombie invasion for the 'afters.' Did anyone read about the woman in Florida pulled from a sewer this week after wandering around down there for THREE WEEKS? She said she just kept walking and swimming down there, looking for a light and finally found one and spent days 'walking and swimming towards it.' They pulled her out yesterday after a woman heard weak cries coming from a street drainage area. She was nude. How in the world did she survive down there? Florida has huge snakes in their sewer system. And Gators. Human waste, trash --

They said she has some mental health issues (no chit!) and is a drug user in the past.

The after Covid suicides are so very sad. The founder of the Texas Road House, one of my favorite restaurants - killed himself the last few days. His family said he'd recovered from Covid but was constantly in pain and having health issues to the point he just couldn't stand it any longer. I think it's going to be YEARS for us to know the full damage Covid has cost us.

23 comments posted: Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Nashville Bomb

How horrible! I certainly hope everyone is okay. It's a miracle no one was killed -- but there were some injuries. Downtown Nashville looks like a war zone.

What the HELL is wrong with people??

5 comments posted: Friday, December 25th, 2020

Happy Holidays

To all SI peeps. I hope you all are having a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday time!

4 comments posted: Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Total home renovation

Well, I'm taking the plunge and having almost a total make-over of my home. I THINK.

It's an older home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1800SF - not a huge home but a nice size ... on 8 acres of land backing up to a lake. The home was built in 1970 and has original hardwood floors everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms. I have a contractor and he's been bringing out sub-contractors for estimates. While they are here, I go out to the garage and sit in my car - to be safe. They all wear masks.

I've been pondering this move for months, trying to decide to do it or not. I also have a smaller condo near Dallas that I have leased on a long-term lease but I will probably not ever use it again -- only have it as a rental.

The contractor says I will probably have to vacate for a lot of the work but I'll worry about that when the time comes as it will be late spring or early summer before work starts. All that depends on Covid (as everything depends on Covid!) I guess I am getting excited about it.

This is what is being proposed:

New energy efficient heat and air units

New windows

New kitchen (yay!!), stainless steel appliances.

My kitchen cabinets were redone about 6 months ago so not changing them.

(I also have a new roof so don't have to do that.)

New plank flooring in kitchen and bathrooms to blend in with wood flooring.

All the original wood flooring refinished

New bathtubs, at least one jacuzzi tub.

All the electrical and plumbing checked and anything needed to be replaced.

The outside multi-color brick painted a light gray and trimmed out with cedar trim.

A new, larger front porch with a different roof angle. I spend a LOT of time on my porch.

New sidewalks and new driveway.

Right now the contractor is gathering estimates and I hope I don't faint when I see the costs BUT .. with a new turnpike one mile away, my 8 acres is already 4 times more valuable than it was about 6 months ago -- so it's a good investment. It will never get 'crowded' where I live as everyone has a minimum of 5 acres on a dead end street. The lake behind my house also adds to the value.

Soooo big ideas, a big project .... and banker has already said YES if I need help with $$.

Something to look forward to!

17 comments posted: Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Covid19 reports

Since Covid19 seems to be ruling our entire lives, I feel we need a place just for this deadly beast.

My report today - my state reporting 2177 new cases just in the last 24 hours.

A few weeks ago we were having just under 1,000 new cases per day.

As for schools, I get inside info as my daughter is an elementary school administrator. The school board voted three days ago to force students and teachers into 'in person' school attendance. The board meeting was loud, with some teachers crying in frustration, some board members angry at each other and the superintendent. Some board members and teachers and parents walked out in protest of the in-person student/teacher policy. Up until now parents have had the option of their children doing virtual school.

Ironically many parents attended, demanding their kids go to in-person classes. They said they were sick of teachers 'getting a free ride' by teaching from home. They were angry and want things 'back to normal' and demanding school resume all the normal schedules including extra activities. These parents wore NO masks to the school board meeting and according to my daughter, were 'screaming and spitting.'

Mask policy for students is not enforced during lunch (of course, understandable) or recess times, inside or outside.

Three days later we have two 7th graders very ill with covid and 45 students and 5 teachers in quarantine. Teachers are saying students will NOT leave masks on during class and many are coughing. Teachers are saying the students tell them 'their parents say they don't have to wear a mask.' The ONLY requirement for a student to enter the building is to have no temperature. (So many WITH Covid do not run a temperature according to one of my Doctor friends who is in charge of ER at a local, large hospital.)

Our governor is a 'no-masker' and has had the virus himself and was really ill, but recovered. His wife is often seen on camera at Target without a mask and refuses to wear one.

I think this virus has definitely started in on the kids now, it's a deadly S.O.B. and doesn't discriminate.

My daughter is so frustrated and she's usually so calm and together. The Assistant Principal is home with Covid, very ill but still able to breathe on her own, which is the measuring stick here for being admitted to the hospital.

I worry about MY kid, my adult daughter, trying to help kids learn; trying to keep teachers and support staff and herself safe.

Whats the situation in your area today?

219 comments posted: Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Ever have one of these days??

This post will either leave you with tears rolling down your face from laughter - or you might be thinking ... "Is JeanieGirl just a ditzy blond?" Yesterday was a day like I have NEVER had before!

This is long, you might want to get a snack to have while reading.

If you all recall, I lost my dear friend to Covid19 and his memorial service was scheduled for yesterday at 2:30 and I was the only speaker for the 2:30 pm memorial.

I live 1.5 hours away from the Veteran's cemetery. I'm the type that leaves early as I never want to be late for anything. I have friends in the area of the memorial service so I left early thinking if I had excess time, I'd have a quick hello with them before the memorial.

So I got up early, went to fill my car with gas and go to the bank to get cash for the turnpike since I haven't bothered to get a pike pass for my newer vehicle. Haven't seen the need as we can't go any dang place right now anyway!

So I got gas and went back home to get dressed. It's 10 a.m.

Left home and realized I forgot to get cash at my local bank for the four toll booths for the trip there and back. So 15 miles from my home, I spot a branch of my bank on major interstate. Took the exit into HELL as the entire road was torn up due to a new overpass bridge. Took 10 minutes to get through that intersection and over to the other side of the interstate to the bank. Pulled up to the ATM and then realized I had changed purses and left my wallet at home in other purse. No driver's license, no bank card, no credit cards -- and about a total of 75 cents in change in the side pocket of my purse. Talked to the drive-in teller and explained but she couldn't do a withdrawal without an ID, understandable. So I got back on the interstate headed home to get my wallet. Lots of traffic as there is always lots of construction due to a new turnpike being built.

Made it home, ran into house through garage to get wallet. Left car outside garage and put the door down and went out the front door -- AFTER having to give attention to my two little inside dogs as they hate me leaving to go anywhere without them.

I have barn cats. I usually want a big male outside as they alert to snakes and since I live on a lake and out in the country, snakes ARE a concern. This big cat, his name is Fracken. He was a twin of another male named Fricken. A few months ago Fricken took off and he's been spotted on three acreages over. I think because their barn is bigger and has more female cats. We all treasure our barn cats out here. So Fracken is the ruler of the territory here. But for some reason Fracken has taken a strong dislike to my car, since I got it a year ago. I have to constantly try to keep him off that car, something he never did before. It's a small Jaguar convertible and he wants to use the convertible top as a scratching post. So I have to cover my car. SOOO I go outside to leave and I see Fracken up on the hood of my car and he's spraying urine on the windshield. He's a big cat and can spray large! I yelled at him and he took his time to get down, eyeing me the whole time.

So I didn't want to go back inside and get the spoiled puppies crying to go, I looked in my trunk for something to clean the windshield with. Found a clean cloth and went around the house to the water hydrant to wet it down. When I turned on the water hose, it came alive with a mind of it's own and water sprayed in my hair, all on my face and wet the top part of my jacket. I was trying to turn off the water and bent my head down and made contact with this ugly dang weed that I've been fighting all summer. It's a mystery weed and sheds brown seeds about one inch long that looks exactly like tiny sticks. And they get all over you if you get close enough, So what looked like 100 of those little brown sticks got stuck in my WET hair.

Cleaned the urine off the windshield and then got in the car and used my hair brush and some tissues to try to fix my hair. Never mind ruined makeup as I knew I'd be wearing a mask anyway.

Got on the road again. GPS told me I'd arrive at 1:30 so that would work. Got on the interstate and found a quick stop store to use their ATM to get toll money. Machine was messed up and rejected my card twice and said third time rejection would lock the card. Cashier said machine had been doing it to everyone. Went down the street to another quick stop store and got money.

Made it to the turnpike and GPS said 72 miles to go. Sigh of relief. Hit the first toll booth and was behind a big truck and didn't see I'd gotten into the COIN lane instead of cash lane. Couldn't back up so I called out to the cash taker and asked what to do and she said .. "I don't know!" So I ran the toll booth without paying since I didn't have enough coins. I explained at the second toll booth later what happened and was able to pay both tolls there. Didn't want one of those toll tickets, they are expensive! Then heard a BUZZ and I was getting a code on my car about an error. Got Jaguar Chat on the phone and asked about it. But it was just a code that alerts sensors in my disc breaks that it's time to have disc breaks in for check up. Safe to drive car but needs to go to dealership soon.

Finally made it to the cemetery. It's 2:00 and everyone is there getting ready to do a drive into the memorial area. The director grabbed me to talk to the military honor guard so we could work out if I'd talk first or they'd do the honors first. Got that settled but first I had to find a bathroom. My bladder was screaming.

The honor part was done first, beautiful ceremony was the folding of the flag.

Then I took to the podium. The director had commented that the wind was at 55 miles per hour and the area for the memorial is like a large picnic pavilion and it was literally like a WIND tunnel. I felt like I was going to be blown away! My hair, which is just below shoulder length, would not stay out of my eyes! I could see to read my notes and I had to have the notes to read all his seven daughter and son in law names - and the 16 grandchildren! Got through that. Had three pages of good memory notes. All of a sudden the wind grabbed the notes from my hand and flew away into a POND right by the pavilion. I kid you not. Into the water and the young honor guard guys tried to retrieve them. No luck.

At this point even the family and friends couldn't help it - there was LAUGHTER. Lots of laughter! Thank goodness. So I just started talking about my fried and realized I didn't need my notes. It went well. I told his daughters he was such a good man, such a good friend - the type of friend that would go meet his 16 year old friend who'd had a flat at midnight, in the rain -- and changed her tire. That 16 year old was me, years ago. He respected women - his wife and seven daughters. I told them Kobe Bryant called himself a "Girl Dad' but Kobe had nothing on my friend. He was a great Girl Dad.

Everyone did social distancing even though we were outside. Unfortunately no hugs. But after such a hectic start, I was glad I got there to honor my long-time friend. His death was so unnecessary, like all the other 140,000 plus deaths. Just not fair.

I got home at 5pm. Uneventful except my cell phone charger died so my phone was dead. Glad I didn't have an emergency on the way home.

OH -- left out one part. After the first toll booth, saw the dreaded sign of .."Road work next 20 miles." 50 MPH speed limit instead of the usual 70 mph. And they were ripping up the left lanes for 20 miles, using machines with water and drills which was blowing on everyone's vehicles in the right lane -- for 20 miles!

I was .... exhausted!!!

One thing for sure, if my friend was watching this all unfold, he would have been laughing. I will miss his sense of humor too.

14 comments posted: Thursday, October 15th, 2020


I posted this in Just Found out but thought it would be helpful to post here also. In MY area, the personals section (hook up section) was done away with on craigslist. I think that is their policy now, all over. HOWEVER, the hookers and hook-ees have found a new way on Craigslist and it in the "Missed Connections" section. That section used to be for families trying to find members, people looking for old school friends, etc but it's by hi-jacked now with the 'nasty ads.'

I'm curious to see if that is happening in just MY area or if it's all over. The ads in that section now are really awful.

5 comments posted: Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Just for fun, if you won the lottery

Okay, the winner of the $447.9 million dollar lottery winner still has not come forward to claim their money.

So, what would you do if you won that much money?

16 comments posted: Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

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