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Me: BS 56 Him: FWS 58 Married 32 years Son-26 Daughter (Who Came out as trans, so now Son)-23, D-Day #1 12/11/2007 D-Day #2 5/23/2008 fucking trickle truth! Whatever Threnody said, I concur.

Laurel or Yanny?

This nonsense really sparked a good conversation with my H tonight.

Apparently the Laurel is pitched higher and the Yanny is pitched lower. BOTH are on the recording.

Although my particular hearing loss (radical mastoidectomy due to cholestoma) is on the lower end, most aging hearing loss is loss on the higher end.

To listen to this recording, and realize we heard completely different things, and it wasn't just the other "not listening" or "just plain wrong", was eye opening. (Maybe more so for him---this is a man who for many years said shit like "I'm hot! You CAN'T BE COLD!" until I said "Say that again and I'm divorcing you".

So which do YOU hear?

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Celebrities You Have Met

I decided to start this thread because it's always fun to see what a small world it is. Be careful to not reveal details about yourself that you don't mean to share.

Here's my first one, and it shows I'm a dork. My son (now 25) was one and we were at the airport in Salt Lake City. I think waiting for luggage, I don't remember. Son was in my arms. A roughly 4 year old ran up and buried his face in my pants leg. A man came up, said, "No, No, Jo-Jo", picked him up, put his hand on my shoulder, said "Sorry," then patted my son and said "soon you'll be chasing this one". I barely looked at the man, my eyes were on the little boy. As he hurried off two women behind me started squealing "OH MY GOD THAT WAS KEVIN COSTNER!"

And I had not even noticed, although I think it would have dawned on me at some point...

This was 1993. Kevin Costner was some hot shit in 1993...Bodyguard and Dances with Wolves were his latest hits.

Even after that, I'm still more likely to be looking at the kid...that's just me.

96 comments posted: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Willing to send "Not Just Friends" to SI member

Hi, came across this book today, it was incredibly helpful, but I don't feel that I need it anymore. Am willing to send it to anyone in the Continental US who is willing to give me an address. PM me.

9 comments posted: Monday, December 19th, 2016

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