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Sometimes He calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage, but calms His child. Dday 12/19/11I went to an attorney and had him served. Shocked the hell out of him, with D papers, I'm proud to say!D final10/30/2012Me-55

It’s a train wreck at OW/XH house. Lol

So, I overhead blush DS1 and DS2 taking-
DS1- I went to Dads today and OW was yelling, cussing, slamming doors, going ballistic on everyone. You know how she gets.
DS2- Why do u even go over there you know how she is.
DS1 Well our 1/2 brother -Dads oldest son- is in town for a week. I want to see him. You wanna go over there tomorrow they said we can go on their boat with them?
DS2- Uh no. I don’t want to be trapped on a lake with them. shocked
DS1- yeah I don’t think it would be fun if she goes crazy as usual. shocked

They ended up inviting their 1/2 brother to dinner-btw it’s the first time he’s seen his Dad in 6 years, he lives out of state. My xh has not seen his 6 year old granddaughter until now. shocked

Y’all-I never thought I’d get the satisfaction of hearing what it’s really like over there-but I think it’s freaking hilarious. My sons have gone over 1 time since Christmas-and they drive their own cars over so they can leave when the sh*t hits the fan. I hate it for my sons, but thank goodness they don’t get involved in the chaos. I promised them a quiet, drama free home at my house growing up and I’m so happy they have boundaries and can see distinct differences between their Dads house and mine.

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Snarky response or grey rock? Xh driving by my home.

Seriously 😒. 10 years later!!!!! I wonder if anyone could give me insight into why he’s suddenly driving by my house in his brand new vehicle, 3-4 times a week and sometimes throws an empty beer can in my yard. (I got the house in the D, and it’s looks nice!!! I’ve got plants everywhere, new windows and I’m proud of it.)

One evening 3 weeks ago, my sons and I were walking on our street with our new puppy and he and OW/wifetress drove by. They stopped 😱 and talked to our sons, I kept on walking. Then, when they drove past I turned my back on them. (OW wants a fight and I have NEVER spoken to her, bc I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of drama. laugh ) I thought he would feel stupid we were out there and saw him.

I guess not bc he now drives by regularly. Who knows how often when I don’t see him.

He recently moved 1.5 miles away with OW/wiferress, but there are other ways to their house.

So, wise people 1) why is he driving by? 2) would you say some something snarky, like "Hey-thanks for the house!" Or refuse to engage and keep grey rocking them.

(Our sons rarely go to Xh’s bc they said dad/ow fight a lot. But they still go there 2x a month, maybe, and are polite, they leave when the drinking/fighting starts)

Please!! I need thoughts and ideas.

22 comments posted: Sunday, August 8th, 2021

It’s not all unicorns and glitter over there.

So, to everyone who thinks it’s all happiness in the life of xh and ow I have an update.

A family friend told me that my now adult sons have told her they rarely go to their Dad’s house because the OW (now wifetress) is straight up crazy as hell and a psycho. At Dads house their dad and OW are always sitting around drinking, smoking, and fighting. I suspected as much, but hearing it from those who have been to their house makes it believeable.

Out in public, these two are all smiles, dressed perfectly, drive new vehicles, and have a brand new house. But as we hear on SI a lot, that 2 screwed up people who destroy families, and never get mental help will continue to be screwed up people.

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Xwh/OW moving 1.5 miles away from me.

Xh and ow have been married 7 years. They have a nice house 10 miles away, it is in Xh name only. I found out today they bought a new house-in both names- 1.5 miles from me. I have rarely seen them in 7 years. Now I will see them everywhere. Sigh. I’ve heard she’s cheating on him, and that guy lives 1 mile away the other way. It doesn’t look like house #1 is for sale, but the kids say they are both moving over to house #2.”

Not sure what to do/say if I see them. The only thing I’ve thought of is that he signed over our house to me in the D,and I never have to refi. If I see them anywhere and they start trouble,I’ve thought about saying, “hey, I never had a chance to tell you, thanks for the house!” and start laughing as a walk away. They took me back to court to try to take the house back and the judge said, “no”. That was probably the maddest I’ve ever seen OW! !!

Oh Lord people, help me thru this invasion of my safe zone.

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Anyone have reverse look up?

Hi if anyone is subscribed to a reverse lookup, plz pm me and I’ll give you the number to check. Thank you.,

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Car rental

When I was trying to find out if WS was cheating, after he left us for sketchy reasons, I would rent a car from enterprise because they pick u up. I had them pick me up at Walmart and I left my car there. I would try to follow xh or ow. When finished for that time, I left the car at Walmart and drove my car home (that way the kids didn't tell him I rented a car). Plus they r 9.99 a day on the weekends- at least they used to be.

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Facebook tool to get more info

I just read this on JFO:

I thought it might help someone.

Some useful tips to others;

Facebook stores every message, even deleted ones, sent to and received by every account. All you need to do is download Facebook data. You need access to the email account used by the Facebook account though. This helped me no end. It confirmed that the first affair I found out about was mainly childish messaging; massaging each other's egos. The data I downloaded from her Facebook account also alerted me to the pilot incident. But it did not reveal the extent of their liaison. My wife deleted her Facebook account to stop me getting anymore info from it, but I had already downloaded all of the data.

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Do not use facebook nor email to tell OBs!

I've seen posts where someone is going to alert the OBS that an affair is going on by using facebook/IM/ or email.

Please do not notify this way- and here is why:

In just the last couple of years it is now very common for someone to have the facebook app or the email app on their smart phone. Every single time I get an email or a facebook message I get a DING on my phone. Even if the ringer is off, I still get a vibration. I simply tap the app and read the message.

IF you notify this way the odds are very good that the trusting BS leaves their phone around and the OW/OM will be the one who sees the message. Remember if you have talked to your WS, they have probably alerted the OBS to be on the lookout for you contacting their spouse.

Do not send the INFO certified mail. I have signed many many times for my XWS - especially at home because the letter carrier leaves the notification in the mailbox!

Best to get your info and have someone deliver the info to the OBS at their car at work or a public place when they are alone.

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