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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving SI friends!!!

I'm headed out to drop food off at the church for their free meal then going for a run before dinner. So much to be thankful for!!!

4 comments posted: Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Dead mice in yard

I found a dead mouse or possibly a vole in my yard yesterday. This morning when I took the dogs out I found another one.

They are all in one piece. If a cat or other animal killed them wouldn't they eat them or at least do what I am familiar with what cats do to them?

I have some neighbors but also live surrounded by farm land so seeing mice is not unheard of but I have never seen them in the open, intact dead.

Is it possible somebody is using poison? What if my dogs had gotten into them?

Thanks! I always appreciate all who take time to respond!!!

18 comments posted: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Dog people

Are there any experienced dog people around tonight?

I'm a little stressed out about how my dog is acting and I could use some advice.


17 comments posted: Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Covid family vent

I learned that one of my siblings and their whole family had covid. They are very much against vaccination and will not wear masks unless forced to.

One of the family members told me, while I had a mask on, in a rude snarky way that they chose not to tell ANYONE because of those, pointing to my mask.

At least ten of them were sick and did not tell anybody. They kept it a secret and did not inform people they had been around.

They went out and got their own groceries, going inside the store. They thought it was okay as long as the sick person was home. The family members that were exposed but not yet sick were still going out and to work with no masks on.

I cannot believe the selfishness and arrogance. They are also deeply religious. Their actions show that they only care about themselves.

One of the family members apologized for speaking rudely to me and admitted that maybe they made a mistake not telling anyone so there is that. The rest of the bunch, not one word.

I am so disappointed and angry at their behavior and hurt that my sibling was very sick and didn't want me to know. I would have gladly dropped off food.

I am vaccinated and still wear a mask when I go out. I do it not just for myself. I do it because I know there are others with weakened immune systems that can't handle getting sick. Same thing with the flu shot. It's not just for ME.

I can't take the selfishness and I can't stand the hypocrisy.

Thanks for letting me get that out!!!!!

8 comments posted: Sunday, November 14th, 2021

Kitchen remodel

We are renovating our 25 year old kitchen.

We have oak wood floors and stained trim to work around.

My kitchen and family room are one open room. I have floor to ceiling built in oak bookcases in the family room that match my existing kitchen cabinets.

I think white shaker cabinets would probably look the best with the floor and trim but I haven't made a final decision.

Anyone that has or had painted cabinets, do they hold up as well as stained? I have heard they show dings a lot more and the finish isn't as durable.

Any suggestions, ideas or things I should consider?


10 comments posted: Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Covid ramble

I live in a rural area. Numbers are low but going up.I am fully vaccinated since May but am still being cautious. My H was vaccinated in February.

With very few exceptions, everyone I am around is acting like the current virus situation is no big deal. They are either vaccinated and feel safe or have no intention of getting one.

People are traveling and attending professional baseball games, going to Disney and going ahead with big weddings.

I honestly don't know what is safe. I am invited to a shower and I know at least a few of the attendees, possibly more are unvaccinated. Should I go or not?

We have friends that live in Florida that have a visit planned in September. They were vaccinated in January and are bringing an unvaccinated child. They regularly go to Disney. They have not made any mention of what is going on with the virus and just assume it is okay to come.

I seem to be mostly alone with my concerns. I am unclear if we are still fully protected 6 months after getting the vaccine. We are being told if we do get sick we won't die or require hospitalization but if it's like getting the flu or pneumonia who wants that?

I do understand that people are tired and want to live their lives but in addition to keeping ourselves well we should not be spreading this virus. The exhausted medical community needs a break and we need to look out for our medically fragile population and keep people well so they can work.

I sometimes feel very alone listening to everyone go on and on about all the trips they are taking and then asking me what I'm doing.

Honestly, its not hard to be grateful for your health, to find joy in everyday things while not contributing to spreading this virus.

This pandemic has shown how very self centered and selfish people are. I just wish the selfish people would stop judging me for being boring and "living in fear."

Thanks to anyone who read through this ramble.

32 comments posted: Monday, August 9th, 2021

Best fitness trackers

I am training for my first 5k in almost 10 years. I currently have a fitbit versa2 and also use map my run.

The app and watch never agree on distance after a run which also affects pace.

Years ago I used a Garmin watch but it was confusing to use.

What is the best way to track runs for distance accuracy? Ease of use is a big plus.

I'm looking at the Apple watch and the versa 3 plus different apps.


10 comments posted: Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Olympic uniforms

The Norwegian female beach handball team was fined for wearing shorts instead of their uniform tiny bikini bottoms.

I can't believe they make them wear those skimpy bathing suits. Meanwhile the men get to wear shorts and a tank top.

Pink offered to pay their fines!!!

8 comments posted: Monday, July 26th, 2021


I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Tuesday.

This is my third so I am prepared for what is coming. I have had a rough time with the prep in the past possibly due to having IBS-C. I know some people breeze right through with no pain or nausea. That has not been the case for me.

I have been doing a low residue diet and slightly increased my daily miralax dosage. Is there anything else I can do to make things go easier?

I am doing the miralx\dulcolax prep. I see most places have you take 2 dulcolax. This place has you take 4.

I also have a legitimate vomit phobia so I can't tell you how much dread and anxiety this is causing.

I also have a very hard time with getting an I.V. The last time I had one two nurses try with lots of digging. The nurse anesthetist had to eventually put it in. I always tell them ahead of time that I am a hard stick and I still got reprimanded for showing up and not informing them. My first colonoscopy the anesthesiologist told me not to show up so effing dehydrated that it was impossible to get access my veins, while he was throwing things.

Would love any suggestions or encouragement.


36 comments posted: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Possible coyote

I'm pretty sure I had a coyote on my patio last night. The security camera picked it up. The video is black and white and not super clear. It is not a red fox but possibly a grey fox. The tail is not big and bushy.

After watching several videos I'm leaning towards a coyote.

I'm sure it was interested in the neighbors chickens.

I have two small dogs that I have to take out in the dark. I will keep them leashed. How scared should I be?

52 comments posted: Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Covid vaccine question

Does anybody know if you can get a covid vaccine while taking an antibiotic?

I was prescribed one today and am scheduled for my second vaccine a week from today.

I asked the pharmacist and he did not seem to know for sure. I will try to message the prescribing doctor but I am afraid she won't know for sure either.

The prescription information says not to get any immunizations while taking this medicine.


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16 comments posted: Monday, April 19th, 2021


Person A and person B are parked next to each other in a large big box store parking lot.

Person A is in their car getting ready to back out. Person B arrives at their car and is in between the two cars with cart, another adult and stroller.

Person A waits. Person B unloads and walks behind person A's car to return their cart. Person B is back in between the cars with second adult and stroller.

Person A slowly starts to back out. Person B starts yelling and swearing at person A for not waiting. Person A had been waiting a couple of minutes and felt safe to back up slowly.

Did person A or B do something wrong?

12 comments posted: Monday, March 15th, 2021

Dog question

DD has a two year old retriever.

He knows to potty outside but he still pees inside sometimes. I'm guessing it is marking. He mostly chooses two rooms in her house.

When he comes to my house I keep him on a leash or in a crate. He is quick and still tries to pee while leashed but at least I catch him.

The breeder made her sign an agreement to not get him fixed until he was one. She hasn't been able to make that happen since then due to the pandemic.

Will this stop once he is fixed? He is a beautiful, smart, sweet dog but this makes it so difficult when she brings him over or I watch him for her.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!

15 comments posted: Monday, February 15th, 2021

Shocked and disgusted

I apologize in advance. I am exhausted and my thoughts are all over the place. I can't shut this down so I guess this is partially to get it out and welcome any advice.

My BIL passed away. My H is his closest living relative and he had been helping him with errands and transportation due to BIL's failing health.

BIL has a very long history of being a manipulative, lying jerk which I saw more than my H who tended to ignore and maybe even excuse a little.

He knew he was very sick and gave us the keys to his apartment so we could take care of some things. When he died we searched for his will he said he was going to do but apparently never did.

His apartment is a disgusting, hoarderish mess.

We had to go through his computers to see if he has enough money to pay for his cremation.

His computer made my eyes bleed.

He was living off a very very small social security check and had spent $900 on porn in the last month. There is so much going on with cards and accounts and people I have no idea what is going on. He was sending gift cards to women, buying top of them the line phones for people and has about 7 people on his phone plane. His phone bill is $900. Sending money to people outside the US.

He has a "girlfriend" he never met that he was buying expensive presents for. We found a few bottles of top shelf booze.

When he was alive, we told him we were going to the grocery store and asked if he needs anything, he said no. After we got home, he called and said he needs gift cards for his grandchildren. Well, now we know what those were for.

There is more. My head is just spinning.

What do we do with these computers?

I will admit that even after what I have been through I am a little naive as to how dark this world can be and how many faces one person can have.

Thanks to anyone that read this.

26 comments posted: Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Need help finding somebody

Is there a way to get a name from a phone number?

This is not infidelity related.

My BIL who I have posted about in the past is unconscious and going to die. We found some things in his apartment that belonged to his deceased wife that should really go to her children. I have no way of contacting them.

I did find one of his cell phone bills with some phone numbers that could maybe belong to his stepchildren. Is there a way to find a name to go with the phone numbers?

He left us no verbal or written instructions and one of these items MUST go to a family member.

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

7 comments posted: Friday, February 5th, 2021

Golden Girl

Happy Birthday Betty White!!! 🎂🍷 This amazing lady is 99 today.

4 comments posted: Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Winter storm

Who else is in the path of this storm?

It is predicted to start snowing in our area tomorrow around 1pm and continue into Thursday. Right now the predictions are for 1-2 feet. Ugh.

My husband works odd hours and will be out on the road during the worst of it. Praying they close the roads and or the airport so he can stay safe.

We got gas for the generator and started the snow blower and have the plow ready to go.

I hope they are wrong and we get next to nothing.

Stay safe everybody!!

16 comments posted: Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Update and rant about bil

I posted back in the spring about my BIL who is in his sixties, in poor health and pretty much a selfish jerk.

We followed up with trying to get him signed up for some free services. He did not want meals on wheels. He said he was going to sign up for transportation for appointments. I don't think he did.

My husband put in all kinds of time to get him into a very nice low income apparent building. BIL was in the hospital when they called with an available apartment so my husband did all the running around to gather the paperwork and signatures. This apartment complex is in our town and less than 5 minutes from the hospital and grocery store.

Everything was moving forward until it wasn't. After all that work he told my husband he met a women, 30 years old, and he was thinking after they met they were going to live together so he turned the apartment down.

That "relationship" has ended and he lost the apartment.

He is 30 minutes from us plus another 20 to the grocery store. He orders some stuff online but calls and now asks to go shopping.

My husband works nights and sleeps weird hours. BIL had the balls to text him this morning because he was waiting to go shopping and was hoping to go early. I have no words.

BIL had a car. He decided to sell it because the payment was too much. That was 100% his own fault. We cleaned it out and sold it for him.

I am ready to explode!!! H isn't happy about all this but he still helps him with no conditions. My condition was move closer or you're on your own.

Thank you to anyone who made it through this rant. I promise I am not a horrible person. I have only scratched the surface of BIL's selfish manipulative bs'ing antics.

18 comments posted: Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Email question

Can somebody possibly tell me what this means?

I share an email account with my H. In the sent folder there is an email that says brain teaser at the top. From: our email. To: chat.

In the body - Answer: Your breath

Husband's name

H's phone number

There is another one with answer: egg

Husbands name


Phone number



2 comments posted: Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Cholesterol and rx question

I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol probably caused by genetics. I have been tested to see if that is the case.

I was told by a lipid specialist that if that is the case diet and exercise will not move my numbers.

My latest numbers are hdl 71. Ldl 216. Triglycerides 141.

Ten years ago (also the year I joined SI) my numbers were Hdl 98 ldl 150 triglycerides 59.

After that reading numbers went crazy and have been bad since. Nobody has come up with an explanation for that. An endocrinologist told me that seemed very unusual.

I was unable to tolerate statins so I have now been prescribed Repatha. Does anyone one have any experience with this drug?

Any thoughts?


3 comments posted: Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Urgent prayer request

My husband currently has a 102.7 fever, chills and body aches. He is getting tested for the virus tomorrow.

They won't test me unless he is positive. His test is at a hospital 30 minutes away when we live 10 minutes from the hospitals main campus. He is too sick to drive himself that far so I will have to take him. They will not test me. If I get symptoms or he is positive I will have to drive myself back there for a test!?!?!?!? So frustrating. What if I am too sick to drive myself back there?

I can't imagine if he has it that I don't.

We were with my daughter and my sister who is in her sixties today.

We've been careful. We wear masks. We haven't gone anywhere except the grocery store, errands and he has had to work since March.

I am so worried and scared.

I would appreciate prayers and or SI mojo that we don't have the virus or that it is mild.

Thank you so much SI family. Stay safe. Stay well.

31 comments posted: Monday, October 19th, 2020

iphone question

If someone were texting from an iphone is there any reason why incoming only texts would show up on the verizon usage log? There are incoming texts from a particular number but no outgoing.

Also, if two people are texting with iphones will those texts show up on the verizon usage log.

I don't have a smart phone so you may have to dumb your answers down.


3 comments posted: Friday, March 27th, 2015

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