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Thankful Thursday

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Tanner posted 12/3/2020 21:21 PM

I am a bit low today but am always thankful for all the great people here. W2BHA, you are the calm in the storm, you seem so positive and full of good vibes. I appreciate all your contributions here.

I read here several times every day and I only comment occasionally when I feel I have something to contribute. Recently I followed a thread that I did not participate in but one comment made a huge difference in my mindset, I had to screen shot it and it read it many times. I am thankful to many people here but the1stwife made a recent huge impact on our R journey. Iím so thankful that people stick around and pay it forward. Looking forward to next Thursday when Iím back on top of the hill.

Unhinged posted 12/3/2020 22:00 PM

I'm thankful for my big sis'.

GTeamReboot posted 12/3/2020 22:53 PM

We had our first meeting with a new MC today. I think it went well overall. Iím trying neurofeedback starting tomorrow. Things are still tense and tenuous with FWS. Climbing our way back from a really bumpy few months. But today felt hopeful. And for that Iím thankful.

Want2BHappyAgain posted 12/4/2020 01:00 AM

1492...it's so good to "see" you on here !! Reading your post makes me very happy...you deserve that kind of husband .

Tanner...thank you for your sweet words . The1stWife has helped me in my journey also with her words of wisdom...and I appreciate her sticking around too! Just to let you know...there is an "SI quote thread" pinned at the top of the Fun & Games Forum for unforgettable quotes...in case you want to post that comment that made a huge impact on your R journey in there .

Unhinged ...I feel the same lil bro !

GTeamReboot ...thanks for sharing your hopeful journey with us .

Want2BHappyAgain posted 12/4/2020 10:27 AM

Tanner...I hope you are feeling better today (((HUGS))).

Tanner posted 12/4/2020 10:57 AM

Tanner...I hope you are feeling better today (((HUGS))).

Thank you, Iím better today and itís not really infidelity related but I think itís always below the surface, so daily stress becomes amplified. One day at a time.

Thanks for the quote thread idea, and there are so many posts here that have helped me but that one is top of mind right now.

Tanner posted 12/10/2020 14:11 PM

Having a great week. The boyís schools are closed again (covid) until January. Itís nice to not have the crazy rat race in the mornings getting everyone motivated to get out the door. We have 12 year old twin boys with autism.

Iím thankful that my W is a Super Mom. She is handling it well schooling the boys, while also running her business. Itís times like this, that I see her true colors and know that she truly wants to be here, itís a very difficult life. I always help when I get home and tell her much I appreciate her.

[This message edited by Tanner at 2:13 PM, December 10th (Thursday)]

Oldwounds posted 12/10/2020 14:34 PM

Iím thankful for SI and the good moments I see here as people recover from their worst days.

As I get ready to jump offline again for awhile ó I tend to take extended breaks away from the Ďnet to focus on life at home ó I hope this thread continues on and becomes an R forum tradition.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and or Merry Christmas and stay safe into a Happy New Year!

Tanner posted 12/10/2020 14:53 PM

I hope this thread continues on and becomes an R forum tradition.

It challenges me to think of something, even when Iím not in a good place, I can find something to be thankful for.

MrCleanSlate posted 12/10/2020 15:25 PM

Surprisingly, today I am thankful for the doldrums of early winter to be setting in.

Kind of nice to feel tired at 8pm because it is dark and cold and just veg out on the couch and watch a show or movie.

Kind of just slows things down a bit.

ISurvivedSoFar posted 12/10/2020 17:54 PM

I am thankful that I am lucky enough to be celebrating the Festival of Lights (Chanukah) with my (immediate) family tonight. This year's holidays have so much meaning because we cannot be together with our extended family but we can celebrate what we do have together.

I wish everyone peace, love, and joy and of course lots of great latkes!

ff4152 posted 12/10/2020 18:30 PM

Things that I am thankful for

I am thankful for the good health of myself, my wife and my child.
I am thankful that my marriage continues to evolve and grow stronger.
I am thankful for the friends Iíve made here.
I am thankful that Iím still employed when so many arenít.
Iím thankful to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly.

sundance posted 12/10/2020 19:08 PM

I am thankful for my job, my family, and warm slippers.

Underserving posted 12/10/2020 19:28 PM

I am thankful for my beautiful daughters. I am thankful for my pretty Christmas Tree that never fails to make me smile. Iím thankful to be on the other side of my situational depression. I thought it was going to be with me forever, but Iím definitely coming out of it. Iím thankful for the warm weather we got today. Iím thankful dress shopping today was actually fun, and not some daunting task like it used to be. Iím thankful for the confidence in myself Iíve built back up after it was crushed.

This is such a nice thread.

outofsorts posted 12/11/2020 20:48 PM

I'm thankful for friends. My job was cut back to half time for six months due to the pandemic and a good friend is paying me to help him with a project in some of my free time. I think the support means more than the money.

And on the evening of the two year anniversary of the day WH slept with a prostitute I'm thankful for SI. It's nice to have a place where I feel understood.

I'm also thankful for sunny mornings - especially in the darkest time of the year.

TwoDozen posted 12/17/2020 08:31 AM

I am thankful for the good people at SI for keeping me grounded and focused. For being a listening ear when I need it and a guiding hand when Iím lost.

I am thankful to all you awesome internet strangers who have shared with me your wisdom, experience, knowledge and above all time.


Tanner posted 2/4/2021 07:52 AM

Time to dust this off and get some good vibes going. My family has been through a very tough few weeks with a death in the family. Even in the storm, there are things to be grateful for.

I am so thankful for some growth that Iíve gone through recently, letting go of some of the baggage from the A has really helped me take a big step forward in R. I have started letting go of my anger, it is so liberating. The anger was very necessary, for a season, but now itís a burden.

Iím very thankful for someone I consider a dear friend, this friend has walked me through this part of the journey and helped me get more specific help in certain areas. God bless you friend.

GTeamReboot posted 2/4/2021 18:44 PM

Iím grateful for a third session today with a MC that seems like a good fit. We both want our team to win but we need a good coach. Iím due for an overall update. Will do that soon!

ff4152 posted 2/5/2021 18:24 PM

I realize Iím a day late but here goes.

Iíve been involved in a sport for almost 8 years now and have recently switched locations. Along with that comes new people and a new instructor. Theyíre all welcoming and friendly and Iím thankful for that.

Iím thankful that my R work continues. My wife and I are getting along great but still having some struggles with my child.

Iím thankful that Iím still employed despite the workload/stress.

Iím thankful to be alive.

ff4152 posted 2/11/2021 17:02 PM

Today Iím thankful that I had no ill effects from the covid vaccine.

Today Iím thankful for myself, wife and child being healthy.

Today Iím thankful to be alive.

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