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Betrayed Womenz Thread - Part 4

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Throwaway999 posted 3/15/2021 17:43 PM

Ellie - I hear ya! There were days last year when I was out shoveling at 6am in tears. This year I bought myself a huge kick ass snowblower. My Wh did the grass and snow and his beloved money pit of a pool...he was good for those jobs too. I pretty much did everything else.

[This message edited by Throwaway999 at 9:31 PM, March 15th, 2021 (Monday)]

20yrsagoBS posted 3/16/2021 11:27 AM

Good Morning Goddesses!

Trudging through work today, figured Iíd pop in on a break.

Iím now vaccinated for COVID. My mother is still happy as I have been seeing patients for the whole pandemic

Chaos posted 3/16/2021 19:07 PM

Hey beautiful bad asses.

Itís been a minute. Life had been good in the Land of Chaos.

Then that fucking Donut Whore was cyber stalking my WH and I found it.

Now - I blew her shit up with OBS, WH got an attorney to send a Cease and Desist letter and Iím once again an exhausted pile of goo. But a sparkly one LOL.

Tension been high. WH is all proud of himself. He got the attorney and sent the letter. He slay the Donut Dragon

Me - Iím looking around at the village in ruin from the fire breathing Donut and thinking - well fuck. I have to rebuild the damn village again. All the while knowing the village was destroyed many times over by the fucking Donut Dragon that WH himself imported into the Land of Chaos.

Anyone else just get so fucking exhausted?

[This message edited by Chaos at 6:23 AM, March 17th (Wednesday)]

LadyG posted 3/16/2021 19:49 PM

Chaos, WHís exAP is turning out to be the worst kind of bunny boiler... had to explain the term to WH.

Only recently WH found out that exAP has used his image and a bogus review which she wrote to promote her business website. The whore refuses to remove it. (Wish I could post a link, itís laughable) the review was posted after the A ended.

WH is going to have to spend a little bit more money on the slut and pay a lawyer to get this removed.

Itís exhausting alright...

Wigwag posted 3/16/2021 20:08 PM

New to this group and trying to figure out the right forums to engage, forgive me if I mess up...

I have a couple of questions: I'm feeling burdened by the need to confront his girlfriend. Does anyone else have scripts of what they want to say to the OW? I find myself having long conversations with myself over what I want to say to her.

Have you confronted that person? Did it help you?

UnstuffedGiraffe posted 3/16/2021 21:47 PM

I was contacted by the OW once, she answered some of my questions, gave an insincere apology, I gave the absolute minimal answers to her questions I could to keep her talking. When I told her that one of them was none of her business she got mad and blocked me. I wouldnít expect truth or anything satisfying from a conversation with the OW.

BlackRaven posted 3/17/2021 02:33 AM

Have you confronted that person? Did it help you?


I think one question that might be worth asking yourself is what you hope to get out of the confrontation?

If you expect empathy for your pain, or an apology, how will you feel if you don't get it? She's a broken person or she wouldn't have had an affair with a married man, so chances are she won't be capable of giving you those things.

Or, are you looking to have facts verified? Again, what happens if you find out things are true or not? Will it allow you to trust your WH in the long run? Would a polygraph be easier?

I'm not offering advice one way or the other. Just food for thought.

Chaos posted 3/17/2021 06:22 AM

Wigwag - nice to meet you!

You don't converse with the OW. You do converse with the OBS

The OW is a liar and a cheat and thus will not give you the answers you seek - only cruelty to hurt more.

Any correspondence with OW is best written in a letter (so your system is purged) and then burned.

LadyG - The attorney Mr Chaos hired for the Cease and Desist nicknamed that Donut Whore "Fatal Attraction". This is all such a mind fuck. An exhausting mind fuck.

LadyG posted 3/18/2021 05:50 AM

Extremely upset today... my 24 year old son and I had a screaming row. I am still shaking, but firm.

I asked him a simple question, not WH related, and he exploded... called me f***ing this and that...

I have ordered him to pack his bags and get out of my house.

I am just sick to death of his abusive manipulative behaviour.

Sad to say, the apple hasnít fallen far from the tree.

20yrsagoBS posted 3/18/2021 19:49 PM

((Hugs)) LadyG

He learned from his father

Mine does it too

Are you doing better now?

20yrsagoBS posted 3/18/2021 20:18 PM


Mine is a Serial Cheater

1st OW wasnít a OW at all. He propositioned her and she turned him down flat

Only I didnít find out until 25 years later

The next one was a week of flirting on a military trip. It culminated in him visiting her motel room on the last night there. He, conveniently cannot recall her last name so I canít find her

Then there was the Abilene, Tx town Slut. Lots of sex acts in our family car. He denies any intercourse, but she told me they ducked like bunnies and did everything.

She told me more truth than him

So I believe her

I did tell her what I thought of her, told the whole town

Do I feel better?

Not really

It doesnít change that the man I married stole my hopes, dreams, and trust

So, stay busy. Try to stop thinking about the loser that did Thor things with our partners

They arenít worth our time

LadyG posted 3/18/2021 22:31 PM

Thanks 20, I have been seriously triggered and spiralling down all year. Here I go again...

My son knows that WH has been extremely abusive throughout our entire marriage and yet continues following in the fatherís footsteps. If I point this out and call him out on his abusive behaviour, he gets even more aggressive.

Since his fatherís illness I have been spending a bit of time at my old house. WH cannot come to my apartment. Generally itís to take WH to hospital appointments when heís not allowed to drive or travel alone. Neither of my sons have offered to help.

To cut to the chase, a horrific revelation hit the headlines here in Aus involving our Attorney General (the highest Law Officer in the land) and his rape of a 16 year old girl. Attorney General was 17 at the time. Fast forward 30+ years, the girl grows up and finally has the courage to go to Police and report it for Police to investigate. Covid happens... lockdown happens... state borders close... 52 year old woman commits suicide last year. The trauma was just too much to live with.

I confided in 20yrsagoBS, that I was in a very similar situation last year after I had WH arrested and removed from my life. I confided in a Police officer about WH raping me several times. Police were wanting to investigate. All I had to do was make a formal statement at Police Headquarters. It was July and a hard lockdown came. I was terrified to go. I made a statement via telephone. Police offered to come to me but I kept putting it off. I was terrified and spiralling. I wrote everything down. Dates, times, places. Relived it all in my head over and over. I had till December 2020 to voluntarily contact the investigating officer and take it further. Then WH gets sick!!! I couldnít go through with it.

My case is on hold but not closed. We donít have a statute of limitations on serious crime like Rape but itís just extremely difficult to prosecute.

Can I get justice?

WH is now very much aware that he has in fact raped me several times, before, during and after we were separated. Heís scared. He tells me that he has been suicidal over it. Not the rape itself just the thought of facing criminal charges and jail. Itís sickening that all heís concerned about is that people will think heís a rapist.

Anyway today WH has another hospital appointment but his son is taking him.

I love my son, even he has asked me why the F*** would I help his father after everything that heís done to me but yet every time he visits me, he tells me that ďdad sends his loveĒ. What the F*** is that about? I read today that misogyny is hereditary. Is narcissism hereditary?

FIL was definitely a massive misogynistic POS. But MIL was the perfect doormat. She played that role perfectly.

So, Grandfather, Father and now Son all misogynists.

My son attempted a sort of apology but I told him that apology not accepted or acceptable any more. Until he gets help, I am done with him and his father.

The house is going to be sold and he better start looking for somewhere else to live. I suggested he go to grandmas.

Adira posted 3/18/2021 23:38 PM

Hi everyone, Iím somewhat new to SI, is it ok to join in here?

LadyG posted 3/19/2021 00:06 AM

Adira, hi and welcome.

Sorry you had to walk in on that.

Sometimes we have fun and share a laugh, just not today.

Peace 🙏🏼

Throwaway999 posted 3/19/2021 06:24 AM

Adria - welcome! Glad you found this thread. The woman here are amazing! All different situations but itís a wonderful and safe place to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, share your vents and your happy days.

My small vent for the day. I read SI a lot, likely too much but mostly the threads donít bother me at all anymore. But for whatever reason a thread in general got me last night. One sentence and a full blown trigger. Itís the thread about "what did you find" and lead to many posts about what WS said or did during and after the A. It was a reference to pet names.

My Dday was when I was searching for my sonís resume in my WH email account...the search brought up an email addressed to "Sunshine". And I naively said...you donít call me sunshine. He grabbed the IPad and deleted all of his emails. Later that night I found when I hacked his work emails...I found the PA proof...emails between "Sunshine" and "Bunny". He was the Everready "bunny", he told me. Puke.

Donít know why something so small hit me last night...bugs me because honestly I have been doing so well in my healing. I am kind of mad at myself that I triggered so badly. Sometimes itís so hard to believe it actually all happened...I was married for almost 24 years to an asshole...covert narc...liar...lazy ass...selfish. He looked so good on the outside...but within he was a mess.

Chaos posted 3/19/2021 06:31 AM

Welcome Adira! You are meeting me at an odd time. I'm currently struggling - usually I'm a bit more bad ass. Freaking LTAP Donut Whore [we just had to send a Cease and Desist letter after 2 fucking years as she was making fake profiles to cyberstalk WH]

Lady G - I'm sorry about your son's behavior. Kudos to you for having excellent boundaries with him. And hugs to you because it has to be hard.

Throwaway999- Energizer Bunny Seriously

Morning Womenz!!!

ladyphoenix posted 3/19/2021 06:48 AM

Chaos, even the sparkliest of us can have a dull day. Your reaction to the recent actions of DW is completely justified. It seems never ending. How can you be expected to rid her from your head if she keeps showing up! Take some time for yourself.
The way it looks to me is that you are being attacked from the outside. Your WH is putting up a force field around you both. In the past you were being attacked from the inside, but thatís not the case any more. I know itís small comfort. It still is getting run over by his actions in the past and it hurts like nothing you have ever felt before.
You may surprise yourself and feel better sooner than before.
Sheís just a stale donut that no one wants anyway.
Hugs to you

Chaos posted 3/19/2021 07:29 AM

ladyphoenix I'm just so tired. And so dejected.

Yes - this is an attack from the outside. But it doesn't hurt any less.

Yes - WH is only now realizing how bat shit crazy she is [even the attorney called her Fatal Attraction]. When she realized she got a new vehicle she traded in her luxury SUV for one of the same basic brand as WH (their top model but still) AND she convinced OBS to abandon their favorite vacation spot for 20+ years to go to ours...that's creepy shit right there.

I am too fucking tired to ride this roller coaster again. I'm too fucking exhausted to traverse the POLF again. I'm too fucking sad to see how hard WH is trying to be supporting and empathetic and gentle. I've hit critical mass on what I can take anymore.

Last night I kept having nightmares of her creeping back in and stalking. I see her face every time I close my eyes.

I'm just whining. I am overdue for a good old fashioned pity party. But I'm just too damn spent for that.

Y'all know - Chaos will still sparkle. Even BASGUs need a nap every now and then.

ladyphoenix posted 3/19/2021 09:06 AM

Tired. I get that. Bone tired with no end in sight. The kind of tired that makes you want to curl up and stay in bed all day. But you canít because: life. And then sleep doesnít even help because the dreams haunt you. I once wished for a coma just to get out of my own head and have some peace. I donít wish that anymore, but I would love to have a full night of sleep instead of waking at 4am thinking about betrayal. Every. Fucking . Day.

DW is disgusting. And full on crazy. Definitely Fatal Attraction. The vacation change is unbelievable.

Attacked from the outside or inside is still attacked. Itís all shitty.

Have the pity party. I will join you. Itís still a party after all.
I am going to paint my nails today to get ready for the party. May even choose a glitter polish.

Chaos posted 3/19/2021 09:37 AM

Sparkle polish for the win! I have to do mine too. I'm teleworking today so I have some eye patches on. Can't neglect your skincare. And I take comfort in my routines. Self care is important. It not really doing it right now but I'm keeping up the routine anyway. Not even a stale DW can keep me from caring for myself - even if I don't much feel like it.

The vacation change - that hit WH hard. WTF.
Like I could visibly see him react to that. Like he'd taken a gut punch. I think for years he knew she was a manipulative bitch - but this....this put her in bunny boiler territory.

This also came up when I informed OBS - and his reaction was horrible too. He realized how badly he'd been played. The same fucking town in OBX. That's a long ass stretch of island. That's when I knew, WH knew and OBS knew she'd used fake profiles to stalk both our accounts. We both posted OBX vacation photos the past few years we've been going and mentioned we wanted to retire in that area.

That's when both men realized the depths of her depravity. That's what prompted WH to contact the attorney again [he'd already contacted him about the Cease and Desist] and say "overnight it - bill me for whatever it costs but get it there ASAP"

I still wonder how long it will be before she trys something again and thinks she's sneaky and under the RADAR. And - how long it will take us to find it and/or recognize it for what it is.

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