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Stay No Contact - Post It Here 2

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CallingSpades posted 1/27/2021 23:13 PM

Your mom thinks you were being annoying and pretentious 😂😂😂
She gave me all the expensive artisan baking flours you left at her house because she didn't even know what it was. I'm going to use it to make my plain old pancakes for the kids like I've done every weekend for years, and they're going to remember the pancakes, not the artisan such and such that you made them that one time you visited. I'm going to toast the garlic, cook the pork thoroughly, cook onions fast, chop vegetables with whatever old knife is lying around, cook the pizza directly on the oven rack, not oil the cutting boards, drop and break glasses and no one will sigh, and generally do everything else that makes you think you're better than me, for the rest of my life. I set aside your favorite trendy wine glasses for you though, you're welcome. I will be happily drinking wine out of the random mismatched ones! Bye sucka!!

Chili posted 1/28/2021 11:28 AM

You are such a fucking idiot.

hcsv posted 1/28/2021 16:28 PM

If that's your final settlement offer, I'll see you in court.

crazyblindsided posted 1/28/2021 17:00 PM

You sent me a video of us at a party in 2017 saying I looked happy then... well I wasn't going to look sad or mad at a party. How much you don't even know me because if you did partying is not something I remember as the happiest of times. The happiest of times is when I thought we were a family, when I thought we were happy. Our vacations before the A's made me happy. When we used to play golf together. You know before I knew you were leading a double life.

leafields posted 1/28/2021 22:02 PM

You've visited that area again, so I suspect you've gone to see her again. You sad, sadistic, mf'er. Why did I waste so much time and energy trying to work on maintaining a relationship with you? I should have divorced you 20 years ago, you sorry excuse for a human being.

99problems posted 1/29/2021 00:36 AM

You're never going to get the validation you want, the forgiveness you want from me.

All you will ever have is my disdain and disgust. And you can have as much of that as you wish. I have an infinite supply.

Stop pretending to be a nice, normal human, I can see your skin suit.

Trust55 posted 1/29/2021 18:03 PM

When I get done with my divorce Iím going to write the slut whore a letter and thank her for taking that sorry excuse for a husband out of my life

hcsv posted 2/9/2021 16:38 PM

What? Are you too chicken to Zoom with our lawyers and me?

hcsv posted 2/17/2021 13:15 PM

So pleased your lawyer didnt want the zoom meeting in the first place, that made it a quick one so you could go back to bed since it looked like you just rolled out of it for the zoom meeting.

Will definitely see you in zoom court with the judge in a few weeks. Maybe you'll clean up for the judge.

[This message edited by hcsv at 1:16 PM, February 17th (Wednesday)]

MotherOfDragons posted 2/23/2021 13:17 PM

You are not worthy of me.

crazyblindsided posted 2/23/2021 13:21 PM

You are still a loser. Claiming no income for this year when you know damn well you have accepted investor's cash for your supposed "New" company. Just refinanced and pulled money out of your mom's home and you don't even pay me CS fuck you loser!

Adira posted 2/23/2021 15:53 PM

This thread is the perfect outlet. Since Iím new to IHS & starting the 180, I need to practice LC/NC.

SoÖ you can do simple chores to 'help' me out? Thanks mate. What a champ.
Uh, no, Iím not going to praise you for every little minuscule thing you happen to do. It's called adulting in an equal partnership. Most people can manage it without an ego stroke. You constantly expect smoke blown up your arse? Call your old AP, she might still be good for it.

Adira posted 2/23/2021 15:55 PM

BTWÖ that haggard old bogan you picked for an AP? That's the twu luv solemate you were going to replace me with? You couldíve done so much better. That secondhand classless trash has got a face like a dropped pie.

Just sayiní.

Adira posted 2/24/2021 15:48 PM

I really want to punch you in the face today...and it's only 7am.

No fucking surprise, you tried to squirm out of your kid's intensive education plan meeting.
There goes promise #4597

I'm tired of having to drag you through your life like a reluctant teenager.

[This message edited by Adira at 7:15 PM, February 24th (Wednesday)]

Sickwithgrief posted 2/25/2021 07:22 AM

I'm not texting you.
I'm not texting you.
I'm not texting you.

Even if I did you would not say anything I wanted to hear.

Even if I did, you wouldn't care why.

Even if I did, nothing would change.

I wish you would leave me.
I wish I could leave you.
I wish you were the disabled one.
I really do.
I'm that kind of person now.

Maybe one day you will be, and by then you'll be all alone. Nobody else is going to take care of the likes of you, and you can't even afford to pay someone else either.

You've let your entitled ass get fat and unattractive sitting in that chair jacking off to girls younger than your daughter - remember, you're OLD now just like me. Nobody will be sucked in by your looks anymore, that's for sure.

You have more debt than earning potential, the ladies will flock to that too. And your ability to have intelligent conversation, that's a winner. Education? Talent? Accomplishment? Anything to be proud of that actually exists outside of your fantasy world?

I don't know who you are after 25 years. Either I'm super gullible or you're super talented at acting.

Maybe I am gullible but you aren't smart enough to pull that act off for that long. My running theory is that there are humongous cannabis holes in your brain where you used to live. Or you caught some sort of contagious narcissistic disease that makes you more and more delusional and immature as it progresses.

At any rate you're a walking rotten carcass and I am not texting you to tell you that.

Adira posted 2/27/2021 19:31 PM

OMG you're a manipulative bastard.
Victimising yourself, still lying, still blameshifting, still not taking ownership, gaslighting.

Fuck you.

leafields posted 3/10/2021 23:23 PM

You perverted, sick SOB. Three years ago today, you had decided to betray me and tuck your sister. Was her pu$$y worth blowing up the lives of our families? Doubt it. I hope your d*ck rots off, you mf bastard.

MotherOfDragons posted 3/31/2021 14:52 PM

I donít think you will ever see or understand the damage you have done to the people who loved and trusted you. The people you were supposed to protect from harm. You tore our family apart and broke our hearts. And you didnít care.

Our children tell me that they will never trust anyone again so that they can never again be hurt and betrayed. What kind of father does that to his own children? You have damaged them permanently. I can never forgive you for that. Have you even noticed that they are distancing themselves from you? Or are you still so wrapped up in your facade?

Our daughter told me she will never understand what you did, and can never forgive you. She is in therapy . I hope she will learn to trust again . I hope she will find a way through her trauma and depression. She has other good men her life- uncles, family friends, her grandfather. True role models. She doesnít need you. Thatís your loss.

Our son is so hurt, so angry . He knows you lied to him. He told me he has called you out on them and you got angry. He sees you as a liar and a bully. He is trying to distance from you. He has witnessed the psychological abuse and bullying of me . He has told me not to make excuses for you . Do you even know or care that he has no respect for you? You will lose him too if you donít wake up to reality.

You broke me . You donít care. You have subjected me to 2 years of intimidation, abuse and bullying. And you flaunt your relationship. You are so proud of yourself. You left your family for a younger co-worker and you are so pleased with yourself.
You are sick . You are a bully. You are a liar. You are a cheater. You are a thief. I loved you. I trusted you. You broke me - and you donít care.

Trust55 posted 6/3/2021 23:02 PM

4 years you have been screwing me around. Don't you think it is time to settle this divorce?
I can't even write down what I am thinking right now.

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