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Betrayed Womenz Thread - Part 3

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Chaos posted 11/19/2019 12:56 PM

Ellie - Fuck Feelings is a favorite of mine.


Peter was too passive

Ellie may have seen Peter Pan...I just saw limp

Lostheart8 posted 11/19/2019 13:34 PM

Ellie Iíve started reading ďI need your love - is that true?Ē By Byron Katie. Itís about self approval and loving yourself. Iím only two chapters in but itís got interesting ways to rethink old thought patterns.

This book may not pertain to you. I found ďmr unavailable and the fall back girlĒ by nat lue- who also has an extensive blog - opened my eyes to me blindly trusting and recognizing red flags that I ignored. She also has a book about developing self worth which is great - but I canít find it to tell you title.

Ok ladies ... hereís a question... do I confront peter about being passive? Heís got great qualities- I do enjoy his company. This is my personal issue - I donít ask or confront and instead dump.

I really hate this self growth shit. Means being responsible.

Chaos posted 11/19/2019 13:39 PM

Lostheart8 - oversimplified - if he's not what you are looking for in a partner, it may be time to cut bait - at least on the relationship front.

EllieKMAS posted 11/19/2019 13:59 PM

do I confront peter about being passive?

Nope. That's just jumping right back into the "fix" mode. Not your job to fix. He isn't your BF and you aren't in a relationship (no getting too attached remember?) And IME passive people don't get un-passive cus you say something, it just makes them more passive.

Nope it and next it.


I will look into those books you suggested. Ugh adulting. This bullshit is not what I signed up for and I would like to have a word with the manager!

northeasternarea posted 11/19/2019 14:00 PM

Ok ladies ... hereís a question... do I confront peter about being passive? Heís got great qualities- I do enjoy his company.

You let peter be peter. Is he truly passive, or is he what you see as overly accommodating.

Chaos posted 11/19/2019 14:01 PM

Ellie said it better than I.

WWRD. And I guarantee that finger would be moving.

ETA- I'm making up nursery rhymes in my head and I can't stop. "Passive Peter went to town..."

[This message edited by Chaos at 2:02 PM, November 19th (Tuesday)]

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/19/2019 15:03 PM

LH, I agree with everyone else. Pass on passive Peter. I guess if he asks why you don't want to see him anymore, you could tell him.

Honestly, ladies, I don't care that my fch didn't come home. I'm not triggered at all. It comes with the territory. We've spent about half of our M apart because he's in the military. I used to not be able to go to bed when he wasn't here. Last night, I went to bed relatively early and was out as soon as I laid down.

In the past, I would've been pissed and called him to cuss him out. If he didn't answer, I would send a nasty text. This morning, I thought about it, and decided it didn't matter. I sent him a good morning text instead.

What does that mean? Does it mean I'm back to trusting him like I did before? Or, does it mean I truly don't care, I'm completely emotionally detached?

20yrsagoBS posted 11/19/2019 15:30 PM


Donít confront Peter.

YOU find him to be too passive for you. But, an even more passive woman may find that quality attractive.

It just means he isnít your type.

So save your energy for someone who IS your type

Lostheart8 posted 11/19/2019 17:11 PM

Northeast - thatís a great question. - good to ponder on that- or at least ask him?

5 dates and only one French kiss which was meh. Last date I got 4 pecks on the lips with a ton of cuddling. Either way this guy is not sexual or heís waiting for me to make the moves, which I did on that one French kiss.

Not that Iím looking for sex, but at what point do things progress? Even a smudge?

I think everyone is right. Not a good match. Time to bond with my dog.

Oh joy, the pleasure of dating. No wonder WW pick low laying fruit. Itís too much work to pick good fruit.

Hell yeah, Ellie. Adulthood is overrated. Hell, Iím for self growth but geeze can someone cut us slack and let us binge on silly shit?

Ok....canít remember who it is but you are decorating for Xmas. Going all out. Youíre job, if you decide to take it, is to make up energetically for all of us grinches.

I did almost buy a Xmas mug, but bought chocolate instead. It was a close call.

Lostheart8 posted 11/19/2019 17:17 PM

Coco - have you ever thought of neutrality? That youíre not passive but neither triggered? In neutrality we act of clear mind, see things from all angles, we are in balance.

I think you're approaching it from a place that works for you. You found peace in it.

Congrats. Iím kinda of jealous. I hope one day to find your place of peace. ♥️

EllieKMAS posted 11/19/2019 18:45 PM

OK can I just say this tho... being a meh or bad kisser is a def nope for me. NOOOOOOPE. IME, bad/mediocre kisser = bad/mediocre sex and HELL to the naw! Ain't nobody got time for that.

Passivity is also a nope. Mostly cus xshitbag was so passive until it came to all the A shit. Then he wanted to try being all "this is how it's gonna be".... Admittedly I floundered a bit after DDay until I found my feet and told him "that ain't never happenin with me motherfucker. I am not the one you want to try pulling that shit with". I believe I also may have told him that I know a fuck ton of places to hide a body and unlike him, I have friends that would come help me do it.

LH - You saw, you tried, nothing wrong with movin on down the road. If it isn't a fit, don't try to make it be one. The shoes are so cute, but 1/2 a size too small - but they would go perfect with this one outfit... We have all been there done that and all it causes is pain.

Coco, it does sound like you have found peace with it. Not a terrible place to be really tho.

And yeahno - I am #teamgrumpy remember? I do have xmas decorations but honestly just cant be bothered with it this year.

Chaos - I tried to take a pic and just could NOT get it to load right, but totally thought of you yesterday. Saw a mug with donuts all over it!! If I wasn't poor as fuck right now, I would mail it and hammer to you and let you work out some of that donut hostility

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/19/2019 19:26 PM

Coco - have you ever thought of neutrality? That youíre not passive but neither triggered? In neutrality we act of clear mind, see things from all angles, we are in balance.

Yes, I feel in balance in my life in general. I give a lot of the credit for that to my yoga practice. It has really helped me learn to stay focused on the present and have gratitude for what I do have in my life rather than focusing on what I don't have.

Tallgirl posted 11/19/2019 21:03 PM

Some days I canít believe this is my life. And wonder how I got here.

That thread on do all men prefer whores and assholes triggered me.


My husband went to a whore. Paid her for three months. Fell in love. Gave her a ring. Talked about how to leave me. Get his money out. Five years. Who the fuck does that? Selfish SOBs, thatís who.

18 months of trying to get over this, figure shit out, I am fucking tired. Feeling like I am done. And even that doesnít feel better.

Tallgirl posted 11/19/2019 21:06 PM

Passive Peter should go in the dictionary.

LH. You deserve to be desired. Passive Peter is just dumb.

EllieKMAS posted 11/19/2019 21:09 PM

Hugs for you TG! I feel ya, that one and the women prefer assholes thread both make want to stick a fork in a light socket. I think I am just gonna avoid them until they die...

Take a breather and do something relaxing for yourself!

Tallgirl posted 11/19/2019 21:19 PM

Thx Ellie.

I am gonna go boot shopping tomorrow. Steel toed are likely. Do they come in sparkly?

EllieKMAS posted 11/19/2019 21:23 PM

Amazon dear - amazon. They have everything on there

Yeah, I really need to stop shopping my feelings...

HeHadADoubleLife posted 11/19/2019 22:32 PM

Do they come in sparkly?

Take it from someone who rhinestones things for a living, you can make anything sparkly

But yeah, Amazon will have you covered :)

And yes those two threads are... special.

Some of the comments over there are so ridiculous they make Methhead McSexAddict sound like a rational, logical adult by comparison.

HeHadADoubleLife posted 11/19/2019 22:36 PM

Peter was too passive

Passive Peter picked a peck of passive peppers...

Yeah Chaos, I think Passive Peter is a pretty great euphemism for a limp dick! PP shall be added to the dictionary! Not to be confused with PPS - Peter Pan Syndrome...

EllieKMAS posted 11/20/2019 05:59 AM

HHADL... Whaaaaat? I could rhinestone things... And make MONEY at it? How does one do this??? Cus I'm an art major/raven in a past life working in accounting. My soul dies a little more each day. Sigh.

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