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Yearning for divorce before I pop off

What has your ex done to irritate you lately?

When I got this message from my ex, I felt annoyed, but now I am fully irritated!

He asked me if I was ok? Are you ok?

He, of anyone, should know the answer to that.

Seriously, the man just told me he is still legally married to his first wife 3 weeks ago.

We are way beyond that question. Like 15 years beyond it.

What has your ex said to you that has irritated you lately ?

14 comments posted: Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Legal advice please. My Ex is still married to his first wife.

This is an appeal for anyone who has experience or knowledge of marital law. And I am in Canada. I would appreciate any references or advice. I am totally out of my depth here.

Today my ex called me and dropped a bomb shell. He is still legally married to his first wife. legally he is a bigamist. He told me that he needs to go to the supreme court in front of the judge, and that this is a federal offense.

When he was trying to fill out the divorce papers, he had issues. Whether it was his error or someone else’s I don’t know. But the situation is that he is legally still married to his first wife.

When we got married, this did not show up in the records search.

So now, my ex is married to two women, and I apparently need an annulment.

I literally found this out an hour ago, does anyone have any advice or reference material that I can look at? I would like to understand what this means before I talk to his lawyer. I also want to know if I should get my own lawyer.

I swear, if something went right I wouldn’t be able to see it because so much has not gone right.

I actually thought he wanted to talk because he was getting married again, but that would mean that he would have three wives. Oh man. I never thought I would do this, but I guess I am a sister wife now.

Who knew?

19 comments posted: Saturday, March 11th, 2023

Whose on First? Google remarkable

So, my I had my first modern day "whose on first" conversation with my kid. It was hilarious because it was real. And it happened without me noticing.

Here is how the conversation rolled….

Mom, I think I am going to get remarkable.

Me, ahhh, ok

Son- yah I think it is worth it.

Me getting lost in what he is saying. "Hmmm! What?"

Son - yah it is expensive, but I think I’d really like remarkable?l

Me - completely lost? "What do you mean?"

Son - Google remarkable.

Me - what is Google remarkable?

Son - no I mean google remarkable. You know Google as in a verb.

Me. I actual google "remarkable" it is a tablet that feels like you are using paper and a pen and only costs 550 dollars.

Me - I can give you that experience for 5 bucks. Then I laugh and tell him we just had our first "Whose on First" experience.

Son - What is that?

I seriously can’t believe that happened. Too funny.

6 comments posted: Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Not able to respond to a private message.

Hi it has happened to me occasionally where I can’t reply to a private message? Wondering if I might be doing something wrong.

8 comments posted: Sunday, December 18th, 2022

Not feeling the Christmas spirit

I am just not feeling any holiday spirit this year.

Am I going to be scrooging it by myself?

And my proof reading skills are gone too. Lol

13 comments posted: Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

Online divorce - anyone use Untie the Knot?

Curious if anyone has experience with Untie the Knot? Any recommendations or advice?

3 comments posted: Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Funny Dad jokes

Has anyone seen those "Dad" jokes on YouTube? My son has so many they roll off his tongue with ease. Sometimes I can’t tell if it is a joke or real life until the punch line.

Here are two that tickled me. May you smile. Add your favourites!

I haven’t talked to my wife in 7 years…. I didn’t want to interrupt her.

My kids were still on eBay when I got home from work…. If they are still there tomorrow I will lower the price.

56 comments posted: Saturday, November 5th, 2022

So my ex has a special woman in his life

My son told me tonight. His dad has someone special in his life. And I kinda don’t care.

Is that progress?

Poor woman

12 comments posted: Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Medical Assistance in Dying, a topic my ex raised with our kids

I think I am pissed at my ex, still deciding.

My ex’s dad died on the weekend at the age of 91. He had a great life and left this world in a dignified manner. There is no terrible story, just the circle of life.

Clearly my ex has done a lot of thinking about this. He arranged a conference call with our kids unbeknownst to me. The topic was assisted dying.

He shared that he wants this if he ever needed it. Ok. I get it. No biggie. It is a reasonable topic given what is going on.

He then told my boys they should set themselves up for this as well.

What the actual fuck!?!

I am deciding if I should rip his face off or if I should take it as an opportunity to have a healthy thoughtful conversation and let the kids know that they only need to do what they want. It is their choice. 100%

I am leaning to option 2, because as my girlfriend suggests, "you can’t fix stupid". But I so want to yell wtf at him.

What would you do?

8 comments posted: Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

The game of Whack Fuck

My boys bought golf clubs and are starting to golf. I love their sense of humour and playfulness. They have renamed golf to Whack Fuck.

They Whack the ball and emphatically say Fuck after it inevitably hits a tree, water or the very rough.

So born is Whack Fuck.

6 comments posted: Monday, June 27th, 2022

New Aggressive dog behaviour.

Today My son took my dog to the off leash park where she went all aggressive on another dog. This is my mellow puppy. The other dog owner started hitting Lucy to get her off of her own pup. Don’t blame her.

My son got in the middle and yanked Lucy off. She bit my son and broke the skin.

She has been becoming more aggressive towards other dogs but I don’t know why. And always on leash until this. She is a cuddle bug in the house.

I would appreciate all wisdom.

9 comments posted: Sunday, April 24th, 2022

Vent about medical system.

Both my son and I can’t get into see our doctor. We have been trying. They don’t pick up the phone, the voice mail is full so you can’t leave a message, and there are no online bookings. Wtf!

I will have to drive to the office to book an appt.

It irritates me because I am pretty sure I have a skin cancer spot on my face. My first and it came on in a nanosecond. Nor is it small.

How can they make it so difficult?

And yes I am in Canada

12 comments posted: Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Just heard, my son fractured his back. I am trying not to freak out

My son sent me a text, he got a call from the doctor, he has a fractured back.

I just heard, now I wait. More X-rays are needed, so I hope he is leaving work now.

OMG, it is hard to breathe when you are freaking out. And I have to be calm so he stays calm. It is just me as his dad is across the country.

Anyone know about this? Any experiences?

14 comments posted: Friday, February 18th, 2022

How did you start over?

Hi, I often see stories here of successful new beginnings, and people enjoying being single.

I have not had a new beginning. I haven’t gone on more than 2 dates with anyone and no intimacy either. And honestly I haven’t really wanted to. I would love to be in a relationship, even a light and friendly one but I don’t know how.

How did you do it? How did you meet people?

How did you feel confident enough to go forward?

How did you give off the I am single and available vibe?

How did you relate to new people? I come off as a friend, one person told me that I didn’t know how to flirt. Probably true. I am not the flirty type.

I am somewhat afraid that I don’t know how to have a relationship after a really cold marriage.

All help appreciated as I am a truly inept dater.

18 comments posted: Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Changing back to your maiden name…. To do it or not ….

I am considering changing back to my maiden name…. There are cons…I don’t like having a different name than my kids…. It is never spelled correctly, and it is a lot or work. I do like shedding the name that ties me to him, and becoming myself again….

What did you do and why?

19 comments posted: Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Shitty days are here. A puppy super pooper. It is killing me.

Omg. My son got a new husky puppy, she is cute but dear god she is something. And that ain’t good. And my Lucy has been a real shit too.

So yesterday I yelled at the two scavengers. Yep, Lucy who is 2.5 yrs and is teaching North the puppy to be a pita. She pulled off the closed and locked compost bin from the counter. It busted open all over the kitchen. I left the kitchen for less than 3 minutes. I heard the bang, raced thru the damn baby gates (not helpful for this), and ripped a chicken carcass out of North’s mouth. The little gremlin didn’t want to let go either. And yes, I washed the floor.. . 2nd floor wash in 3 days. Then North pooped, Lucy ate it.

Today was good until I got on the phone with my boss. I was on my own with the dogs. North was good until I moved Lucy to another room. North is having a lot of accidents. I had taken her out 30 minutes earlier for a poo and pee. when she realized Lucy was in another room, Dear god, she let lose. I brought Lucy back, they fought over a bone. I took it away. I turned around, found a pee. Cleaned it. Turned around. Found a poo. Went to get a paper towel. Lucy started eating it. I ran back, said no, ew gross, I cleaned what little was left. Then Found another fucking pee. Cleaned it and am getting ready to was the floor again. And my boss heard it all.

Then of course, my son backed into me after all this, I dropped my iPad and it has a huge hole on the edge where it shattered. And he yelled at me.

Fucking hell.

9 comments posted: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Online Divorce Service experience?

I have a formal separation document and I am thinking of using an online divorce service. Any experiences good or bad? How would you rate it?

I am in Canada but I imagine the services are comparable every where.

Thanks for sharing.

2 comments posted: Saturday, June 5th, 2021

How did you feel when you took your first legal step?

Well today I signed the legal separation agreement. I chose this. I knew it was coming. I couldn’t live with a cheater. And yet I am not overjoyed, not elated, not feeling satisfied.

It came with more of a sad relief. End of the youthful dream life I guess.

I also found some documents I should not of read. I know better but I read a few anyways. Confirmed he is an outstanding liar. The betrayal knife still goes to the quick. When I don’t care, it will be a relief.

Next step. Buy him out and divorce.

Maybe it will get easier when he moves thousands of miles away in 2 weeks.

Here we go, the next phase. On my own. I will be ok. I will.

24 comments posted: Monday, May 10th, 2021

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