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Finished my masters!

BearlyBreathing posted 4/19/2021 14:34 PM

Excited that I finished my MSOL. One BIG upside is a regained my ability to focus and read. I totally lost that as trauma side effect, but through sheer force and repetition, I got a lot of back in this program.

As always, now I have the “What’s Next?” Question and a big gaping whole in my time to fill, but that will be the project this summer.

I never would have or could have done this with my ex. He would not have been supportive enough (lip service only).

Love the silver linings!

Jeaniegirl posted 4/19/2021 14:38 PM

That is wonderful, especially in a Pandemic! Congratulations!

zebra25 posted 4/19/2021 14:45 PM


lieshurt posted 4/19/2021 14:51 PM


wildbananas posted 4/19/2021 15:17 PM

This is awesome - way to go, girl! grin

JanaGreen posted 4/19/2021 15:31 PM

That's amazing!

Chili posted 4/19/2021 15:43 PM

Woot to the woot woot! On the heels of your birthday too (did you see your cake in F&G?).

You have had so many challenges these last few years, and it's a testament to your strength and reclaimed confidence that you topped things off with this degree.

Such. Good. Goin'. Have you figured out how you're going to celebrate you and this accomplishment?

sisoon posted 4/19/2021 16:29 PM


minusone posted 4/19/2021 17:12 PM


tushnurse posted 4/19/2021 17:21 PM


Tallgirl posted 4/19/2021 17:45 PM


number4 posted 4/19/2021 17:51 PM

Yippee skippy dance!

3kids30years posted 4/19/2021 20:09 PM

That is AWESOME!!!

You go girl!! You are amazing.

Let's get together and celebrate soon

deena04 posted 4/19/2021 21:33 PM

Happy dancing in the Midwest for you!!

Phoenix1 posted 4/19/2021 21:43 PM


BraveSirRobin posted 4/19/2021 22:26 PM

Well done, BB!

PricklePatch posted 4/20/2021 03:23 AM


Bigger posted 4/20/2021 05:01 AM

Great work!
I got my masters after reaching the ripe old age of +40 and for the first time really enjoyed learning.

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