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fBH (me) - on d-day: 66, Married 43, together 45, same sex ap
DDay - 12/22/2010
Recover'd and R'ed
You don't have to like your boundaries. You just have to set and enforce them.

Bike helmet question - really single use?; bugs, beta-blockers

I've sustained 3 minor crashes over the last 2 years. I think I hit my head on the road or ground all 2 times, but at low speeds.

The back of my helmet has some scratches from contact with the road. There is no indication of compression of the foam. Is it really a single use item?

Helmet makers stress that a helmet needs to be replaced after any crash in which one head hits the ground. OK ... I replaced it.

What do I do with the old one? do I save it in case my son needs a helmet when he's visiting? Do I put it in the trash and risk someone picking it up and getting hurt? Do I destroy it and put the pieces into the trash? Give it to a co-op?

I keep thinking it would be great for it really to be safe and to be recycled by someone who can't afford to buy a helmet. It would be awful if the recycler was hurt in a crash because the helmet really is single-use.

Thinking out loud here ... I'm leaning pretty strongly to destroying it. The injury risk of recycling a helmet that crashed is too high.

Any counter-arguments?

It's a Bontrager Rally MIPS, BTW. It scores very well in VPI's helmet testing.

Beta blockers

Last Saturday I had a terrible ride in beautiful weather. I turned around at 4 miles because I was feeling so lousy and cut over a mile from my route to get myself home, and I was unable to move much for hours after I did struggle home.

Monday I talked my doc in to changing a med from Toprol to atenolol, both beta blockers, both slow down heart rate, both can sap energy. I've hated the Toprol for as long as I've taken it (18 months or so) because I have no appreciable energy on it.

Today I rode 14 miles in the same time it took me to do 7 Saturday. I didn't need to stop and rest. I came home, sat and told plainsong about my ride, changed out of bike clothes and into normal stuff, and proceeded to do what I wanted to do. 'Recovery' took no more than 45 minutes - would have taken less if I had had to get somewhere. I'm hoping atenolol will govern my BP better than Toprol did AND let me have more energy.


Fucking bugs - literally. Today I kept riding into clouds of bugs. A lot of them stuck to my jacket. I brushed a lot of those off, but I looked at them at a red light. (I stop at red lights. It really screws up drivers, because they expect me to contest the intersection with them. But I'm a grown-up, and I learned not to get into contests with cars - oh - at least 2 years ago.)

Anyway, lots of the 'bugs' were really 2 bugs attached to each other at their rear ends. I never had a picture in my head of copulating bugs. Now I do. You really can learn something every day. smile

I did not like riding through the clouds of bugs, but I feel so great knowing that atenolol may be MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Toprol.

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I have a perpetual license for Office Pro 2013, but it's not certified for Windows 11. It was great for the laptop I bought in 2014. I have a new laptop, and as soon as they allow the task bar to be on the left or right of the screen or shortly before they end the free upgrade, I'll go to Win 11.

LibreOffice is an open source - free - replacement for MS Office. I've used the word processor and spreadsheet a lot and the presentation piece for one short presentation. I haven't done anything complex, but some of the docs I've saved or read are pretty sophisticated, and they've been rendered correctly, as far as I can see.

IOW, screw MS Office and Office 365. I have no need to rent the software; screw MS, even though they've given me and other window users a free OS (unless you're building your own PC) and a couple of free browsers that have to be used for some websites.

OTOH, if you need sophisticated features that work well in MS Office, this might not work for you.

Has anyone here had to dump LibreOffice or its successors because of things that it can't do but MS Office can?

I tried Open Office in 2014, and it just wasn't compatible enough with MS Office docs then. I haven't had a single problem with LibreOffice in 5 months of use.

Or am I again behind the times for not using Google Docs? I would use that, except that I think Google as at least as intrusive and grasping as MS....

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Is It Love, or Is It Addiction?

This is the title of a book by Dr. Brenda Schaeffer. I call her 'Dr.' because she seems to want it that way. More important, if you search for her on the web the 'Dr' will help you avoid other Brenda Schaeffers. If you can view the recent USATAA video, you'll get the gist of the book.

Anyway, Schaeffer addresses sex, love, and romance addictions and the distinctions between addictive and non-addictive sex, love, and romance. Basically, she classifies persistent behavior even though it brings negative consequences as one of the qualities of a process addiction.

It's a dense read, but she makes very powerful arguments for her POV. If you think your WS is addicted to something, I think it's worth reading - or at least looking at her videos on youtube.

My own interest in addictions stems from the similarities between love and addiction, and Schaeffer has brought some clarity to my understanding of the differences, if that makes any sense.

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Amazon subscriptions

I initially thought that Amazon derived a subscription price from the current price less the subscription discount. They don't do that if the price went down. I was on a subscription that saved me 11 pennies; they claimed they saved me $1.50, which they did from the price when I originally subscribed.

I cancelled and re-upped. That did save me $1.50 for a few minutes of work. It remains to be seen if that's a good return on my time investment. If it turns out to be $1.50/month, it's a great return. If it's a one-time $1.50, not so much. smile

If you buy something from 'zon - or anyone else, come to think of it - on subscription, it may pay to check the current price every so often.

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11 years today

My d-day was 11 years ago today. I actually feel pretty good about this antiversary. The A is in the past. D-day is in the past. I survived and more. I’ve forgiven my W. I haven’t forgotten.

Memories of my W’s A are painful. The A has affected me a lot longer than I thought it would, but for the last several years the reminders have been no worse than annoyances. In general, I feel a lot of joy, both as an individual and with my W.

This antiversary has been a day to think and feel and connect with my W, about whom I’m still learning things.

Life is like a rosebush – lots of beauty, some thorns.


Lots of painful feelings were dumped on me 11 years ago today. I didn’t begin to feel joy again until I started to process those feelings out of my body. Some of us brought up to stuff or otherwise avoid anger or grief or fear or shame, but some combination of those feelings go along with d-day. My reco is to embrace them, let them course through your body, because that gets them out.


The D/R question often comes up with a vengeance on d-day. IMO, it’s healing to treat D/R/gather more info/etc. As a conscious choice. Unless this is an additional d-day, and sometimes even if it is, IMO you’re really unprepared to make many decisions. Many people come here and express shock about finding themself in R, even though they thought they'd immediately dump anyone who cheated on them.

You’re making a decision that will affect decades of your life and, often, the lives of others. Further, you’ll probably be in shock for some weeks and months, and no one does their best thinking while in shock. It’s worth giving the decision some very high-quality time, as painful as the decision will be – you want a good decision, even though you may think you want a quick one.


Now is a time to be real, to be authentic. Responding to infidelity is not a game. This is not a time for maneuvering and manipulating. It’s a time for figuring out what you want and going for the best you can get in a straightforward manner. R is obtainable for virtually any partnership that does the work of R. R won’t succeed without the work; R won’t succeed if one partner wants to leave. R won't work unless both partners do the work. But a BS can heal without a partner. Often, D is the better choice.

If you just found out, my reco is to focus on your healing, focus on figuring out what you want, focus on meeting your physical and health needs. Some Bses know what they need to do quickly; some don’t. Again, you’re making decisions that affect decades of your life. If you need time to make a decision, take it.


I recommend as strongly as possible that you separate what you want from what you do. It’s important for your own healing to know what you want, even if it’s unobtainable. I wanted R, but I didn’t commit to it until I decided that my W looked like a good candidate for R.


My timeline for healing was:

- 3 months of shock, followed by
- 3-6 months of plateau at a very sad level
- a couple of years of a slow upswing towards feeling joy again
- optimistic again after 3.5-4 years

Your timeline will be different, but 2-6 months of shock is pretty normal, and 2-5 years for recovery is pretty normal, too. That’s ‘recovery’ – working through your feelings. R(econciliation) is different.

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Potential anxiety help

I see a psychiatrist for ADD, but our talks cover other topics.

At a session 18 months ago or so, he talked about session he attended at professional meetings. The presenter asked the audience (mostly docs) about anxiety. He asked how many of the docs who weren't anxious if they took selenium. My shrink said it looked like 90% said they did. Apparently very small doses of selenium can reduce or prevent anxiety. I've forgotten the numbers, but the average amount in 2 Brazil nuts is a good starting dose.

The topic of anxiety appeared in a thread here today, and that got me to post about it, FWIW.

I hope it helps someone. The evidence is anecdotal, so no guarantees.

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Laptop - Ideapad vs ThinkPad

I used to be an IT pro. I've had terrible experiences getting support from Dell and HP for clients, and I've had bad experiences myself with a Toshiba and Compaq laptops, so I've owned ThinkPads for the last 15 years. I've had my current laptop, a T440S, since 2014, and I'm seeing some screen problems. (8GB RAM and an SSD make it still fast enough for me.)

The trouble is that the ThinkPads cost more than I want to spend. Also, my T440S has a 14" screen, and I'm interested in a larger screen, since I almost never travel with it.

Does anyone here have an Ideapad? How does it hold up to fairly constant use?

Does anyone here have experience with both a ThinkPad and an Ideapad? Any thoughts on how they compare, especially in terms of durability?


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Conflict Resolution and R

This thread is a result of a post on G. I think I had to choose between a T/J or this new thread, and the new thread is my choice.

To R, we have to learn how to resolve conflicts, because they come up every day. Every conflict needs resolution, even though some conflicts are really trivial on the surface. My W used to ask me, 'Do you want peas or string beans?' I didn't care, and i wanted her to choose the one she wanted. She wanted me to choose. See, conflict.

My W wants to go to religious services today. I'd like to go, too, to say kaddish for my father, but I'd also like to watch a couple of bike races. That[s a conflict within myself, and if I choose a bike race, that's a conflict between W and me.

To resolve conflict:

1) both parties have to recognize it;

2) both parties have to be willing to do something about it;

3) the parties have to negotiate a solution that they both feel OK about.

If one or both parties don't feel OK about the chosen solution, furthering R requires them to do more work to do to resolve that conflict. In R, feeling OK about the vast majority of conflicts is, IMO, essential.

Most - maybe 'every' - conflicts have multiple solutions. The peas or string beans issue can be resolved by my giving an answer, by my W just making a decision, etc., etc., etc. Eventually we let our son decide, because once I realized that he wasn't babbling when we were fighting. He was saying 'beess, beess, beess', and I realized he was actually saying, 'Peas, peas, peas.' (The first word other than 'ma' that I recognized.)

And even with a trivial issue, it's easy to feel lousy about the solution. I could decide to over-comply, make a choice, and feel like a Victim, forced to make a choice when I didn't want to. I could also choose to feel good about myself for making a choice when she asked me to do so.

IOW, conflicts between people arise again and again in life. So do conflicts within ourselves. Those conflicts require resolution. They get resolved one way or another, often by avoidance. Our son's voicing his preference was a joyful occasion - but it allowed us to avoid recognizing the issue between us WRT W's wanting me to decide and my wanting her to decide. (And the real issue underneath it for my W was her self-hate, which led to her A....)

R is harder than just floating along through life, avoiding every conflict that can be avoided. If the solution chosen by 2 partners results in one or both feeling not OK about themselves, it's negative for R. If you don't feel good about yourself for being in R, I don't see how R can work for you.

To R, conflicts need to be addressed, and the partners need to feel good about the solutions.

R is impossible unless conflicts are not avoided.

JMO, of course.

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Refused to sign hospital company's release and ...

I went to a local hospital to day for a checkup on my pacemaker. As usual, I was given a number of forms to sign releasing the hospital from liability after liability after liability, and I got fed up. I told the clerk, 'I'll sign this and this, but I won't sign that.' 'That' was an acknowledgement that they could do anything with my body, and they could assign any 'contractor' to my case, even if the 'contractor' was not in my network.

She just said, 'Will you just print 'refused' close to the signature line?'

'Sure,' I said, and did as requested.

And my appointment proceeded as usual. It's taken all these years to realize that maybe the hospital will provide service, even if a patient doesn't relieve them of all liability.

Anyway, if you don't like releasing your provider of reasonable liabilities, I urge you to see what happens if you don't sign the releases.

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Small weather problem

I ride a bicycle. I rode a lot when I was younger, 40 years ago. I didn't ride from '92-'95, 97-'02, and '03-'13.

Since 2013, I've aimed at riding more each year than the year before and riding more in each month than the same month in previous years, with allowances for health issues - like I rode less in July '20 than July '19, because I got a pacemaker last year.

I've generally met my goals.

My main goal, though, is to enjoy the rides, not distance. I like warm, sunny days. I don't like cloudy rides. I avoid rain like the plague. Through 2019, I stayed home if the probability of rain was higher than 15% (per Weather Underground). Last year, I upped that to 25%. Through 2019, I stayed home if wind was predicted to be over 15 mph. Starting this year, I've upped that to 20-ish mph.

Weather has deteriorated. Of course, it doesn't help that my tolerance for cold has gone way down. I now seem to need long sleeves below 75 degrees. I think it was 1983 that I did a Christmas day ride at 35 degrees.... (In '81 or '82, i worked on Christmas. W and son took a ride in 72 degree weather, and son told me someone on the Northwestern campus whistled at my W/his mom. )

I did great last year, until I lost 4 weeks recovering from the pacer insertion.

I was doing even better this year - until this week. When I went to bed last night, I was looking at 9 straight days with probability of rain much higher than I like. That would mean not making my June mileage goal and having a bad start for July.

I was on my way to 1500 miles this year. I was on my way to easily riding my age + 1 (in km, alas, not miles) before the end of July.

I just never expected this much rain in June and July.

True, in previous years I sometimes had to choose between watching the Tour de France and riding (I almost always chose riding over watching), so I can watch the first week of the race uninterrupted.

But I'd rather ride.

I just don't like getting wet.

Ah, well, I can be pretty sure the weather predictions will change....


I sympathize with fellow riders out west who have to deal with the heat wave.

I think I could deal with that by riding even slower than usual. That's what I do when it hits the 90s here. Of course, there's a big difference between 90s and 110s.


And did you catch Alaphilippe today? (Man, I hope he isn't drugged. )

How about those crashes? I hope they identify the spectator who caused the first one.

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This is D-Day

Late, but ... June 6, 1944, the reason I use lower case for other days in other forums.

June 6, 1944 was a day of untold pain for thousands of parents, siblings, wives, cousins, children. It was a day that meant life and death to thousands of people. A cousin told me of switching places on the deck of an LST with a buddy, only to see his buddy lose his life a few minutes later.

Thank a vet today, especially a grandparent, especially one who landed in Normandy.

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Thoughts on old phones?

I'm interested in getting a new phone. We use cell phones almost exclusively for talking and texting. Camera is secondary. We use very little mobile data. I'd still be using my Samsung Galaxy S4, except that the technology changed, and the S4 won't connect to our bank or (gulp) Strava (I compete only against myself).

I've had good luck with used phones in the past, and I'm writing to see if anyone here can share experience with these phones:

Pixel 3/3XL vs Samsung Galaxy S9 vs new Nokia 5.4.

I'm considering the Nokia because it's Android One.

Thanks in advance.

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network help requested

Every so often my laptop loses wi-fi connectivity. I'm trying to figure out if it's my router or my laptop.

During these episodes I can't 'see' any wi-fi networks. That would indicate it's a problem in my laptop, right? If the problem were my router, I'd be able to see other networks, but I just wouldn't be able to connect to mine.

Drivers and security for Win 10 are up to date. NIC is set not to turn off to save power. Wi-fi power is set to max.

Laptop is 6 years old. With 8 GB RAM and SSD, it's fast enough for me, and the battery remains good. I'd hate to buy a new laptop just because the NIC went bad.

Odds are it's the NIC, right? (If my reasoning is correct, I'll probably get a USB NIC to solve the problem.)

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance.

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Seeking (network) router help...

I've got a Linksys EA6300 router that sits about 8 unobstructed feet away from me. Per InSSIDer (home version) it bounces between a very strong signal (-35dB) and a very weak signal (-82dB) on the 5 GHz band.

Is it likely to be a brick? Would dd-wrt be likely to fix this? I ask because I can't install and test dd-wrt now. If it's likely to be a brick, I'll just get it out of the apartment today, which plainsong will appreciate.

I've got this router connected via cat-5 to another router in another room that connect to our cable modem. Signal strength from that router is OK, but I'd like to be able to use wifi on the EA6300.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't get it (H G T V House Hunters content)

I really enjoy the House Hunters set of programs, but a couple of things bug me a lot.

1) One of the buyers usually comments that the really like the fact that the bedroom is brightly lit, or one says the bedroom is too dark.

Absence of light usually helps people sleep. Isn't a bright BR a negative? Isn't a dark one a Good Thing?

2) When people are looking for a house in a seaside location, no one mentions hurricanes or rising sea levels.

I can understand that in Maine, but in Florida? the Gulf Coast? the Caribbean?

Do you think the buyers discuss the possibility of 'canes off camera, or do they just not recognize the possibility?

Yeah, I know - you can't read their minds.

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A partial view from 10 years out

Ten years ago today, d-day.

At 10 years, A-related triggers are few, infrequent, and not very intense. Today started out difficult, though my mood has improved as the day has progressed. It’s not a giant trigger, as it was in 2010 and 2011, but it’s been more intense than it’s been for the last several years.

I look back on d-day and think I did a damned good job. For example, my W offered a hall pass, and I rejected it immediately – I just sensed it would add to our issues.

It took me about 15 seconds to reject the pick-me dance. My life seemed to flash before my eyes in those first moments, and I thought I had been a good enough H, not perfect by any means, but I did not deserve to be betrayed. That led directly to thinking she cheated because of her own issues, not because of me. Even if she blamed me for her A (I don't remember her ever blameshifting), I knew it was about her.

Also, pick-me seemed to be a losing strategy from the start; I think I considered it and rejected it almost immediately. She cheated for her own reasons. If my W stayed, it had to be for her own reasons. I realized I had to be myself. If we stayed together, she had to want to be with me as I was/am.

Besides, the pick-me dance is me courting her. Why should I court her when she had done the damage to our M? If we were to stay together, she had to show me she was worth the effort.

I knew immediately that she betrayed herself before she betrayed me. I knew that didn’t mitigate my pain. As I’ve indicated, I knew immediately that I wanted to R, and I asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted R. But wants are one thing, and what we actually were going to do was another.


W set up a session for us with her IC on d-day. I approached it reluctantly, since her IC owed allegiance to W, but in the event, W’s IC started us off with the A – what was I feeling? Did I know what I wanted to do? Did I know what I wanted from my W?

One thing was answers, so IC told my W something like, ‘If you want to R, answer every question he asks that doesn’t break confidentiality.’ (W legally owed confidentiality to ow.) IOW, she could answer any question I asked about her thoughts, feelings, and actions, but she couldn’t answer questions about what ow said or did.

It took me a while, but I realized that it wasn’t what ow said or did that mattered – it was my W’s interpretation of ow’s communications and actions. Eventually I got the info I wanted by crafting my questions carefully. That's what I tell myself, at any rate.

Most people don’t have to do that. The limitation W’s IC put on my W’s answers taught me, however, that the ap is almost irrelevant. I don’t think BSes really need to know much about what the ap did or said – what counts is what the WS did, said, and thought.

I got the answers I needed by focusing my questions on my W. Her answers told me 2 things. First, her non-verbal communications told me, I thought, that she had become honest, and that made her a candidate for R; that is, I thought she was honest, so R was possible if she continued to say she wanted R. Second, my questions didn’t uncover any deal breakers, which made me a candidate for R.

If I had thought her answers were dishonest, or if she had revealed a deal killer, I hope I’d have taken R off the table, but who knows?

We R’ed. I’m all for R, but it’s critical to remember we both wanted to R, and we both did our work. If the WS won’t do the work, R is impossible. If the BS doesn’t want to R, R is impossible.


The ap doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter if the ap manipulated your WS into the A, or if your WS manipulated the ap into the A, or if they just fell into the A from being friends with inadequate boundaries. What matters for the BS is to process the grief, anger, fear, and shame out of their body. What matters for the WS is to change from betrayer to good partner.

My grief, anger, fear, and shame were my problems. I was the only one who could process the feelings out of my body. Your grief, anger, fear, and shame are your problems. You are the only one who can process the feelings out of yours.



Above all, surviving and thriving after being betrayed requires taking responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions and letting go of trying to control the outcome. You be you. Accept that other people will be themselves. All you have to and can do is respond.

Figure out what you want, even though you may not be able to get it. Don’t judge your wants until you know what they are. Don’t evaluate the attainability of your wants until you know what they are.

Consider all your options - R, D, and waiting to gather more info. If you can't countenance one option or another, you're doing yourself a disservice. Don’t let pride get in the way of getting what you want. Some people are going to try to shame you if you choose R; others will try to shame you if you choose D. Find the best possible solution for you, irrespective of what you think others may think.

Accept your anger, grief, fear, and shame. Feel them; don't swallow them. Those feelings come with being betrayed, no matter what caused the betrayal. Those feelings come with being betrayed no matter whether you D, R, wait to get more info, or even rug-sweep.

The sooner you deal with your feelings, the sooner you will be healed.

The A is not about you. The A is rooted in your WS’s unwillingness to confront and resolve their own issues. The A is not due to some failing in you, so you can hold your head high.

An A usually comes close to demolishing the BS’s self-esteem because of all the negative self-talk we pick up as we live. Specifically, we pick up a lot of messages telling us that an A happens because the BS doesn’t meet the WS’s needs. If you feel shame or humiliation, it’s because of messages you are sending yourself. Those messages are bullshit. It’s really hard to be flat-out wrong, but those messages are flat-out wrong. The fact is that shame and humiliation belong to the WS, not the BS.

You are stronger than you think. You have the strength to heal. You have the strength to D. You have the strength to R, if your partner commits to doing the work. You have the strength to hold off making a decision until you feel comfortable making that decision.

You don’t have to forgive. If you do, forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. Forgiving doesn’t mean the A(s) were OK. It just means – this is my definition; yours may be different – you no longer want to punish your WS for cheating. It just means you have found better uses for your energy than revenge.

Being betrayed gives you an opportunity to rebuild yourself – stronger, wiser, more loving, more lovable, more capable, and more effective. That opportunity is available to virtually everyone impacted by infidelity, and taking advantage of the opportunity is the best way to survive and thrive.


There's a lot more rattling around in my brain, too much for a single post. 10 years is a long time, at least in some ways.

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My mom died yesterday

She was over 100 years old and ready. She told us again and again not to cry for her, because she had a good life. She never said we couldn't cry for ourselves and our loss.

This was sudden, despite her age. I was counting on next year, and I was counting on traveling for her next birthday. I'm glad she was spared a slow decline. (I'm really glad I was spared having to choose to pull the plug.)

She hasn't been too active physically for the past couple of years, but she's been getting around. She went out to eat when visitors came. She ate in her facility's dining room most days. She lost so many friends, but she made new ones.

Her short term memory had disappeared, but there were things that interested her, and her memory worked pretty well for that. She had a zoom conversation with a friend yesterday, and they talked politics and good memories of Thanksgivings. (Until this year, we have been together on Thanksgiving almost every year since 1994.)

She made sure she voted this year. She read (I typed 'reads') the newspaper every day. (I have to cancel her subscription.)

I'm in pretty good shape so far. This comes as a shock. I feel the loss. I'm convinced she wanted the end to come. Thanksgiving was an important holiday for her. If she started a new life or a new part of life, I think she's thankful today.

But I feel the loss.

Thanks for reading.

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drafting problem


quote] Genetically speaking we are surprisingly close to a fruit fly. This shows that small differences make for huge changes.

Not just our blue-prints but also our operating systems are encoded in our genes.

How do you presume to think you know what human behavior comes from nature and what part comes from nurture?

This was supposed to be in a quote box: Genetically speaking we are surprisingly close to a fruit fly. This shows that small differences make for huge changes.

Not just our blue-prints but also our operating systems are encoded in our genes.

When I typed it, it looked right, but when I submitted it,it was published without the quote.

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I could use a spy camera

Not infidelity-related, but I seek some investigative help. I'm being harassed at my condo. Someone dumps trash on the hood of my car every so often. I'd like to find out who it is.

I'm looking for a small video camera with long battery-charge life, motion-sensing, decent image.

The difficulty I'm finding is that the cameras I see on amazon are good for a couple of hours. I need 24 hours, and I have no idea how much power that requires, so I don't know how big an external battery I would need.

Any suggestions? Has anyone used any spy camera? Do you have an reco about ones that work well and ones that don't?


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Mini-G2G, Chicago North shore, October 26

Interested? If so, please post your definite yes or maybe yes. Starting at maybe 5 PM, but flexible.

Pizza at our place. Salad, too, but there's already vegies in the tomato sauce. Also something to drink. Maybe dessert. Eating utensils will be available. No tablecloths.

Low key. Food and conversation.

BSes - WSes - friends of BSes & WSes - all welcome.

If you have food allergies, PM plainsong. She can't eat pizza, so accommodating another person with food allergies should be pretty easy.

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Chicago Area g2g possible

Neither my W nor I are up for planning a weekend g2g, but we are up for hosting on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon and/or evening in late October or early November.

November 2 has been suggested, since NU is playing football away that day, and we're in the free parking area for NU games.

I guess another alternative is after an NU game.

If there's enough interest, we'll do it. If someone else wants to do an evening, that's great - just let me know.

If you are interested, let us all know if you prefer a one day or a weekend, and what date(s) are best for you.

A little background:

All SI members and their guests are welcome. An SI member is welcome even without a guest. G2Gs are not for kids, though a very young baby may work.

Conversation has always been wide-ranging at the g2gs I've attended. I assume it will be wide-ranging this time, too.

No one will be forced to talk. (You can get plainsong to talk by mentioning books you've read. )

You can come even if you're scared. Really, it's nice to be with people you know are impacted by infidelity.

I'm sure I've forgotten something.

11 comments posted: Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

It happened, and I saw it!

Out for a bike ride with my local club this morning. Stopped at a sweet shop, I guess - pastries, coffee, gelato - before lunch, but some of my fellow riders indulged in some of the offerings.

We sat around talking for longer than expected while the sweets were being consumed and decided to eat lunch at a restaurant close to the sweet shop.

Some folks actually ate dessert first! I feel so honored to have witnessed it!

(I did not indulge. I just had some coffee, which was enough.)

5 comments posted: Friday, June 28th, 2019

A good movie, Free movies via your public library

Good movie - Mad Hot Ballroom, a documentary on middle school kids in NYC preparing for ballroom dancing competitions. Man, I finally learned the dance frame for Rumba through this movie! Everybody needs to know how to do that!

We viewed this through a web service called 'Kanopy' - lots of good movies there. It's free via our local library and well worthwhile.

I urge you all to ask your local library if they offer the service. If they do, all you need to sign on is a library card.

'Hoopla Digital' is in some ways a similar service, though the selection of movies doesn't look that great. OTOH, the also loan out ebooks and music.

Also free to library users around here, and maybe free to you, wherever you are.

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2 comments posted: Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Sharing a great run of good fiction

I've been really lucky lately in the books I've picked up at the library, and I want to share some of the titles.

Corelli's Mandolin - Louis De Bernieres

The Good Earth - Pearl Buck

Sons - Pearl Buck

House Divided - Pearl Buck (These 3 form a trilogy)

All Men Are Brothers - Pearl Buck

Six Four - Hideo Yokoyama

Ghost Bride - Yangsze Choo

Night Tiger - Yangsze Choo

Concubinage is a small-ish part of The Good Earth trilogy, so it may be triggering for LTA survivors. Illicit sex, but not adultery IIRC, is in Night Tiger.

I'm also reading Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, so I deserve a break.

5 comments posted: Friday, April 12th, 2019

Up yours, A B C!

So I'm watching the Michigan-MD game, and ABC is showing an ad with some of the great marching bands of the so-called Big Ten.

But the so-and-sos don't show the great marching bands. Why advertise something that is unavailable?

Up yours, NU, too! (That's Northwestern U.)

Stop putting on fake, dangerous noise crap at your home games and let your great band play!

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6 comments posted: Saturday, October 6th, 2018


There was a time that the Cubs won the pennant every 3 years, but that stopped long ago.

Raise a glass to the Chicago Cubs.

(signed) sisoon, who bleeds Dodger blue and is happy for the Cubs

10 comments posted: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Chicago area g2g in the Fall?

In June, '15, I said there's be a Chicago area g2g in late June of this year. Alas, life intervened.

But plainsong and I are again interested in helping to set something up, maybe late October or early November, if folks are interested.

Who's in, probable, maybe?

10 comments posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Double Standards

5 year old grand son is visiting us. I've played chess, blackjack, Sorry, war, and a few other games with him.

He has to win. He changes the rules so he wins. He reframes what constitutes winning in his favor. He slips in 2 moves before I can move once.

My son, his father, is forever talking to him about playing by the rules and sportsmanship. He my son) has ended games between GS & me when GS's cheating has crossed some boundary of his.

I think GS's cheating and reframing is adorable. He cracks me up.

But, boy, I used to get pissed off when my son did it when he was 5....

7 comments posted: Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Seeking input from swing dancers...

Just back from a road trip. Naturally, I played a lot of Little Richard music, not to mention ... oh, I shouldn't mention....

That stuff is fast! Do you actually dance to Long, Tall Sally or Rip It Up, etc.??? Can you stay on the beat????

I'd get lost at the 2nd beat....

9 comments posted: Monday, December 1st, 2014

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