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The new site layout - let's give it a chance and appreciate what's going on!

I have noticed some unhappiness amongst some posters with the recent changes on this site.
Let me begin with saying I’m not in the loop as to what’s being changed, why and how, but based on my experience in IT and EBS implementation I can guesstimate why MangledHeart (MH) is making all these changes.

Web-sites, forums and such are created using some underlying platform. These platforms offer varying levels of services, features and support. It’s my guess that MH selected a platform back in the early days and built SI on that platform. Since then we don’t know how that platform has developed or even if it’s still supported. The IT graveyard is full of great products that were merged, updated, sold or simply didn’t survive the competition or stand up to ever-changing requirements. I’m fairly certain that the change is mainly driven by an impending need to change the very base the site was developed on/for. I can also share that changing an active ongoing site like this can maybe best be compared to open-heart surgery. Frankly – I’m in awe at how smoothly and how well the transmission is going.

Then there is this pesky thing called the "future". Way back when this site was created today was the future. I don’t think anyone could have guessed the number of members, the number of posts, amount of data, interaction, access-needs, bandwidth, databases… this site would need and consume. I’m also guesstimating that the change is due to updates in databases, access, security requirements…

When making major changes like the ones being done here it’s inevitable that some things don’t go as planned, or things need tweaking and adjusting. I’m amazed how MH had managed this (probably or mostly) single-handedly considering this is a volunteer site with no paid staff. Changes like this usually require a team of people with demands being defined, programing, testing, fixing, testing, implementing, testing and fixing.

I also see that since the switch-over changes have been made. In typical fashion I see that the layout has "tightened up" a bit and is becoming crisper and cleaner than it was first after the change. Small ticks and nibbles are also clearing up and/or disappearing.

I encourage all posters to be patient with the changes and appreciate the effort being placed in the implementation.
The smaller bugs will go, there is already more leeway in templates, font-size and such from the old site and several other new features. After a week of the new site I’m already appreciating it more than the old one – despite experiencing some quirky behavior every now and then. The old site had over a decade to be stable, let’s give this one a few months…

If you do have real bugs there is a forum (survivinginfidelity dot net) where you can let MH know of them. You can also ask for new features. Just remember that (once again guesstimating…) bugs are prioritized, some "bugs" are permanent features and that there is only one MH.

Finally: If you can’t appreciate what’s being done and think this is a reason to leave SI:
This isn’t an airport.
You don’t have to announce departures.

26 comments posted: Monday, August 16th, 2021

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