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Did you have similar thoughts?

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grubs posted 4/13/2021 12:33 PM

Hate Ohio, not Michigan. M! Go Blue!

Don't hate the entire state because of the fans that are so very proud they can spell the four letter state name.

jb3199 posted 4/13/2021 13:07 PM

I'm sure it is not just me, but shortly post-infidelity, I could relate ANYTHING to the A. Right down to our dog peeing on the floor inside the house.....yep--directly related to the A.

WarriorPrincess posted 4/13/2021 14:02 PM

My brain used to go down these horrible bizarre thought paths too. Like:

1. Somebody is talking about riding the bus. Rhey mention someone gets off the bus.

2. "Get off" also means to climax.

3. Climax is what my XWH did in his car while chatting with AP.


5. Oh, look, there is a car outside.


7. And so on. Picture water circling around a toilet bowl on the way down. That is the way my thoughts went.

Merti posted 4/13/2021 20:26 PM

If I had a plant with the same name as ow, I might decide to destroy it, but I'd be more likely to give it away. Why keep a constant reminder of the A around? And why destroy a life?


I can't possibly understand why you think your thoughts, or the ones like them that other BSes entertain, are ridiculous

I am glad I am not the only one. Iíd thought it might sound weird or funny to look at a plant and ask if I should destroy it.
But it seems to be very common among BS.
I donít want to look at that plant, so itís now gone to someone who wanted it. I feel relieved.

[This message edited by Merti at 8:28 PM, April 13th (Tuesday)]

sisoon posted 4/14/2021 11:58 AM

Thank you, grubs, for that thought. I no longer hat the whole state.

humantrampoline posted 4/19/2021 10:24 AM


I'm glad you got rid of the plant if it bothers you. I don't feel a need to be rational after all this. I will get rid of all flowers or plants with the same name in support and solidarity if you want. Roses or lillies? Gone.


After this post, I threw a dish towel with donut prints in my firepit. A few days later I found it in the laundry room. I asked my WH about that. He said he found it there and thought it was a mistake. I told him I put it there purposefully. I said I was also thinking of giving up donuts for 2 years. He said he was glad because he had been concerned about my donut habit and wanting to talk to me. It was sarcasm obviously.

Anyway, whatever it takes to help with the pain.

SomethingOminous posted 4/19/2021 20:16 PM


I hate a lot of things now because of it all, but one of the ones that I loved before was dolphins.
The AP had a dolphins set next to her name on WHs phone.
He knew that was my favourite animal but that's completely tarnished now.
Maybe in time I will be able to enjoy them again, but I just can't right now anymore.

LadyG posted 4/19/2021 20:36 PM

Knitaknee, on behalf of all the people of Australia, we are Sorry.

To be fair, I despise Greece and all and anything Greek and that includes Cyprus and all things Cypriot.

Fake bottle redheads make me vomit too.

A FB psychic sent me an unsolicited message telling me to be careful as my WH is surrounded by evil Angels. I showed WH the message and thought it was insane. Guess what exAP calls herself.

My WH has Transylvania ancestry so it makes sense.

20yrsagoBS posted 4/20/2021 16:52 PM

96 AP wanted to have coffee in the morning With my husband before work

I havenít ditched coffee

She also liked to give WH blowjobs because he splooged so fast ( Thanks untreated PE)

No more bjs for WH, not from me anyway

utterly broken posted 4/20/2021 20:49 PM

I dislike some beautiful places due to WWs cheating. Cape Cod and the Columbia River gorge are two of them. I used to like the Grateful Dead. Unfortunately, so did one of the POS.

Knitaknee posted 4/21/2021 12:00 PM

Lady G,

No need for YOU to apologise. I guess I really despise Australian men. And I know it's irrational to lump a whole nation of people into one asshole. It's just that he played the Australian angle to the hilt, even though he's been in the states over 25 years. Even had my WW using Aussie slang in her texts to him ("this arvo..."). He has been thrice married and divorced (not Matt Foley) and is a serial cheater. I know not all Aussies are like that but the male accent is a trigger. I would likely have the same irrational prejudice if he was British, French, German, Redneck, etc. Thank goodness he wasn't a American redneck, I would be literally insane living here in the South!

Westway posted 4/22/2021 10:55 AM

I am actively avoiding Italian-American women now.

3yrsout posted 4/25/2021 13:24 PM

Flowers, especially pink ones. Hate them.

I also hate Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles, all things wedding planning (a job for OW), anyone with red hair, and all BDSM, especially silky white rope. And 50 Shades of Grey. JFC.

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