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Anyone have a WS get terminally ill? And if so, how did you feel after they died?

Hey guys, just a curiosity question as we age….. Has anyone reconciled (we all know it’s not flowers and rainbows and unicorns), and then discovered that your WS has some sort of terminal illness?

What happened when they died? How did you feel? Did you feel relief? Did you think it was karma? Did you have regrets about your anger or your own actions?

6 comments posted: Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

My sister is marrying a wayward man. What do I give them for a wedding present? It is their sixth collective wedding.

Hey Hive Mind.

My sister just divorced a year ago and is almost immediately remarrying a man whose marriage dissolved after 24 years because he fathered an OC with his 20 year old secretary.

It is both of their third weddings. What do I gift them? I know per Ms Manners I don’t need to give anything, because I gave at the other two. But I’d like to do something with a classy message.


25 comments posted: Saturday, February 4th, 2023

My sister is marrying a wayward man. What do I give them for a wedding present? It is their sixth collective wedding. (moved to

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0 comment posted: Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Anyone ever think of this?

For both WS and BS-

Anyone ever read posts which make you want to tell the poster that their affair really WAS the one and only unique and special flower where you finally found true love with that soul mate prince/princess, and you should ditch your zero spouse and marry your new Mr/s Perfectly Perfect?

It keeps crossing my mind whenever I see posts talking about things that make me think they will regret reconciliation. Then I start feeling bad for the BS, because I know more about their life than they do.

11 comments posted: Friday, November 11th, 2022

I want to spend a moment in fantasy

My 13 yr old kid has a formal diagnosis of BPD. He’s violent with destruction of property and threatens to throw things at me.

He says things my WS said to me, like "I just need you to validate me and that would have kept this from happening."

I’m surrounded by them. My mom has BPD, my husband has it (and is somewhat aging out of it), and now my 13 year old.

We are in family DBT. But after $3000 of destroyed stuff yesterday…..

I want to run. I want to fake my own death and hide somewhere. I want to empty my bank account and just take off to Mexico.

So I’m going to create an intense fantasy about this. Maybe it will help. Maybe I can escape somehow somewhere. Jfc if I thought an affair would make me feel better, I’d go find someone to fuck. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do it for me.

Parenting sucks. I didn’t ask for this. And I can’t divorce my abusive 13 yr old. He is waaaaay worse to me than my WH ever has been.

We have called the cops, done psych holds, have him on antipsychotics to help outbursts. We are all in therapy. The whole thing just sucks.

I’d like my check, please. This dinner date sucked.

10 comments posted: Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Valentines Day Sucks

There is no right answer. It’s a day fraught with painful truths and unspoken emotional expectations. It’s a set up for failure.

There is nothing my WH can do right for this holiday. No gifts, no card, no nothing. He could anticipate the difficulty for me, though, and be patient and kind as I’m navigating this stormy day.


29 comments posted: Sunday, February 13th, 2022

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