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Health check...

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WhatsRight posted 4/8/2020 09:09 AM

This is the thing that a few of my friends / family members and I have been doing.

Every few days I just send out a “health check…“ text to them. And one by one they “report“ back to me.

Is it unrealistic to think that we could do such a thing here? That whoever was interested in participating, could just check in from time to time so that we could know who is OK and who might have some concerns we could pray for, or send positive mojo to???

So, I’ll just give it a go, and if it doesn’t “take”, it was worth a try!

HEALTH CHECK… How is everybody out there doing today?

looking forward posted 4/8/2020 09:23 AM

Thanks for starting this thread, WR:

SMY and I are doing fine. We have no cases at this point where we live in small town rural Ontario. There was an outbreak in a nursing home NW of us (a good distance away). Our town is abiding by the rules; I made us some fabric face masks and snail mailed three to my pregnant DIL.
Food shopping is quite good, three local stores to choose from, usually short lines, if any.
Being seniors, I take advantage of the early opening hour for us before the general public.
We go for a daily walk, trying to get some exercise. Not too many people are out and about and those who are, socially distance, too.
It's warm enough now to get outside and start raking last fall's leaves and prep my perennial garden beds.

SI peeps: Stay safe!

[This message edited by looking forward at 9:24 AM, April 8th (Wednesday)]

WhatsRight posted 4/8/2020 09:26 AM

Excellent news! Thanks for checking in!

I think of you all so often, but don’t follow through as I should.

Stay safe!

ZenMumWalking posted 4/8/2020 10:17 AM


collateraldamage posted 4/8/2020 10:25 AM


tushnurse posted 4/8/2020 10:58 AM

All Good.

thatbpguy posted 4/8/2020 11:01 AM

I checked. My health tells me all is good.

WhatsRight posted 4/8/2020 11:20 AM

FABULOUS to hear!!!


jrc1963 posted 4/8/2020 11:27 AM

All are well!!

imagoodwitch posted 4/8/2020 16:36 PM

All are well here.

WhatsRight posted 4/8/2020 17:06 PM


josiep posted 4/8/2020 17:07 PM

<chuckling here because if I had time, I'd write 4 chapters because this staying home is allowing my mind to analyze the whole world>>>

But I'm good.

Dealing with a foot issue that isn't serious but has me hobbled and might need surgery. So I get out of the house twice a week to go to the podiatrist and then always make a quick stop to pick up a few very important grocery items I can't live without. Yesterday it was cherry pie filling.

Also dealing with the dreaded "what can I eat?" every 10 minutes. About to remove the elastic from my underwear to donate to the people making masks. Might as well remove it before it gets stretched to the max from all this eating.

Emotionally have lots of pretty severe swings and that upsets me but the down times don't last very long anymore so I'm grateful for that.

Oh, and the other problem: I need a haircut.

WhatsRight posted 4/8/2020 18:22 PM


Sorry, but the comment about your underwear elastic was TOO funny!

I’m sorry to hear about your foot. Hope it heals quickly and soundly.

Regarding the “down times“, I’m right there with you. I’m nervous/anxious about everything from hoping friends and family stay healthy - everyone, really - what will happen to my husband if I get the virus, will my kids/grandkids be OK, all the way to worrying about some of our legal paperwork that is not in the best order.

Like you, I’m fortunate that it doesn’t dominate too much of my time.

Regarding your much needed haircut… your words, not mine… there is a whole topic for that subject if you’d like to go visit!

So glad you are safe!

BraveSirRobin posted 4/8/2020 18:35 PM

Has anyone heard from Incarnate? He wrote over a week ago that he had classic symptoms and was going in for a test the next day. Since then, crickets.

traicionada posted 4/8/2020 19:52 PM

Tired, very tired but still fighting a good fight

Want2BHappyAgain posted 4/8/2020 19:53 PM

This is such a GREAT idea...thanks for starting it .

We are doing well. We are missing our children and grandchildren like crazy...but we will make up for it when all of this ends . Thank God for Facetime!!!

thebighurt posted 4/8/2020 21:35 PM

Thanks, WR. Glad you and yours are well.

All good here so far. Probably seeing/hearing a bit more of the kids and grandkids, at least virtually or on the phone, cuz they check in on me as the "over 60" and "vulnerable" one. We're doing virtual "Happy Hour" when we can set a time when all can join. Fun times.

Also have friends checking in. Like I said, all good.

Lionne posted 4/8/2020 23:46 PM

I am fine, so is my husband. We see DS1 from time to time, outside, and hear from DS2 often. We are zooming often with a group of friends we usually socialize with and I'm checking up on my even older friends.
My closets, drawers are absorbent spotless. My garden is weeded and cleaned up.
Thanks for starting this!
On the good news front I only "know" one person in real life who has been infected. He is a client of my sister's, developmentally challenged, no family. He was on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. But he's now breathing on his on and asking for food.
God bless those medical professionals. True heroes.

Jeaniegirl posted 4/9/2020 01:16 AM

I'm good here! Missing lots of things, especially people. But it's what we have to do to survive.

Chili posted 4/9/2020 16:07 PM

Late to the party (not surprising) but thanks for this thread WR! I think about both the physical health and mental well-being of everyone here and IRL. This whole thing in a way puts a spotlight on one's life doesn't it?

I am well - smart isolating with just me and my pup. SO is by necessity in a high-risk situation and we're just trying to make sure that if we do get sick, it's not at the same time. Unfortunately several of his co-workers are quite ill with the virus. The 60-something just made it out of the hospital, but they are desperately trying to save the 40-something (very fit - no underlying conditions). That piece of this virus is perplexing and disturbing. I know there are great minds working hard on it.

Didn't mean to carry on - thanks for the shoutout and everyone here take good care.

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