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I need a safe. Anyone have a suggestion?

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DragnHeart posted 10/24/2020 18:46 PM

I was thinking how good it would be to have a hollow fake rock to hide things in and use it inside one of my monitor cages. Serves two purposes. A place for the reptile to bask and a safe place for valuables. Lol

How many thieves are going to stick their hand into the cage of an animal ready and willing to draw blood...

Candyman66 posted 10/24/2020 23:05 PM

A long time ago I re-enlisted into the air force,. I got a rather large (for me) rew-enlisted bonus 8 or 9 grand. I had the cash on me and my girlfriend just wouldn't have that, so she hid it in a kotex box on the theory that "No man is looking in here"!

I laughed but thought it safe enough there.

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