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Me - 50 D-Day 2/5/10, separated 3 wks later Divorced 11/15/11!!!!

Thought Covid was over !!!

We had exactly zero patients with COVID today after having > 50% positive in January. We still wear masks at work, but things have definitely calmed down in our stats recently. My husband started coughing and complaining of a sore throat 2 days ago. I told him that we have to expect to get illnesses that aren't covid, etc, etc. He came home yesterday and said he was going to take a nap before dinner. shocked I told him to test, POSITIVE!!!!

Myself and my two kids got COVID over the holidays, my husband did not for some reason. How did this happening. I AM TIRED of this. I still wear masks at work, but we had dinner plans with 2 other couples for the first time in two years this weekend. WTF!!! I am sooooooo tired. My boss is being an asshole, new employee is about to quit. JC is coming to our hospital soon and I may go balistic.

15 comments posted: Friday, March 18th, 2022

Any experience with girl bullying?

My daughter is a junior at high school this year. She’s always been well liked, a ton of friends, and in plenty of activities including sports and school. She’s smart, pretty and kind, overall a girl that usually everyone likes.

Starting last spring, a newer girl to her close friends group started making up lies about her (S), with one of her oldest friends (G) being complicit. She was ostracized from that group. In the beginning, the lies where believed, and then later the other girls were too afraid to stand up to this girl. I didn’t know what was going on at first, eventually she shared, but not until she tried to take too many pills. Started meds and therapy, got a bit better over the summer, the two girls even apologized to my daughter. But at the beginning of this school year, they all liked the same boy, and the lies and harassment started up again. Another attempt at too many pills in September.

I did reach out to the mother of the one girl who has been my daughters friends since 4th grade, but she believed ever word/lie that her daughter told. Of note, these girls are called the bitch squad at school, and every mom that I met who is involved has never been impressed with either S or G.

All along, I kept the school informed about what was going on especially because she missed so much school. But my daughter was adamant not to disclose the girls names. Finally after she screenshot some texts that were sent to her that were particularly horrid, I had enough and reported the especially mean girl to the school. Contract was drawn up and signed. Harassment stopped, but they moved on to other girls. My daughter has been sticking up for her closer ones, but we just found out about another freshman who ended up moving out of state over xmas because of her. I’m getting the details from her mom, but a contract was signed between her daughter and S. S evidently told this girl to kill yourself, and if you don’t I will! We know this girl from my daughters cheer program, so friends but not close.

Anyway, the girl who is getting harassed right now via group chat told my daughter about the lies, so my daughter put up her middle finger, friend took a picture and sent it to the group chat. S save the picture a whole week, and reported a violation of the no contact on my daughters birthday. My daughter now has detention.

Ok, I get the detention, my daughter violated the contract, but how does this girl get to go about her life/school with no repercussions? My ex exploded when he heard about the detention, and he has called/emailed every contact to have a meeting.

From all the girls, S’s mom is a piece of work herself.

Any thoughts? Advice? My ex wants to take it to a higher level, not sure what that is at this point. So much of this is he said/ she said.

22 comments posted: Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Work exposure question

I'm asking here because I love getting many perspectives and ideas on how to navigate situations. Background, I work as a nutrition support dietitian at a large hospital with many COVID patients. I do not go into patients rooms with COVID, started back when there was shortages of PPEs and continues right now because we are so understaffed we can't afford anyone getting sick. I/We are a bit COVID weary but still take all the precautions out and about despite being vac'd and boostered. I share an office with another dietitian who from all appearances over the past almost 2 years, was the most COVID cautious of our team. She has a young adult daughter who is living inbetween mom's house and boyfriends house. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving (11/23) she called her mom at work and said she and her boyfriend had tested positive for COVID. Daughter works as a CNA at a Peds urgent care and has to miss work. My officemate called our employee health and because she spent all day shopping with her daughter maskless, she had a high risk exposure and had to go home and test so many days out from exposure. Came back to work the day after Thanksgiving with a negative test. On this Monday, she was talking about this weekend and mentioned that her daughter went to the mall on Sunday. I had also gone to the mall on Sunday with my daughter, thought I saw her, but thought, no way that it could be her as she was COVID positive and at the mall MASKLESS. She also looked awful. So I thought, that I was wrong, it wasn't her. I asked my officemate if she went to Forever 21, she called her daughter, and yes it was her. So now I'm getting pissed, because of all the Fing people that aren't taking COVID seriously and this girl is going to nursing school January. When my officemate gets off the phone, I mentioned that she didn't look good when I saw her and I actually switched lines because I didn't want to be next to her. She replies that her daughter just looked tired when she came over for dinner that night.......WHAT? It has only been 5 days since her positive test and you are having dinner with her again? She said that she counted 10 days from when symptoms started. I said you said over and over she had no symptoms when she tested positive and only got them a day or two later. I had that text as officemate was still at home at that point. She said no, her symptoms started the week before and she counted 10 days. I said you went to a play and shopping all weekend with someone with symptoms? I said you need to call our boss as you need to start your quarantine again as you've had another high risk exposure. I left the office as I was supposed to meet a patient and I was pretty pissed and was afraid of what I was going to say. I ended up talking to my boss (who was my coworker/friend before moving into boss position) who offered to call my officemate. I said, no, I'll talk to her and give her the chance to call you. Went back up to office, open door, and officemate is crying and yelling at me about how dare I call her stupid and unsafe and she knows how to count etc. She left the office yelling at me going down the hall about how she's not stupid. I think the only words I got out were, you need to tell our boss about this which she yelled back NO. So I contacted my boss and said she isn't going to tell you.

The next day, employee health called her and she must have lied, because she was cleared. I am at this point pissed that she is accusing me of yelling at her (did not raise voice), calling her stupid (absolutely not) and calling her a liar (I did but not to her face). I ended up having to meet with HR yesterday and giving a statement. She has deleted her message about the day she said her daughter got symptoms (in hospital secure texting service) so I have no proof. She did tell all the rest of the team over and over how her daughter didn't have symptoms when she tested positive. I have contacted the messaging service to see if they can retrieve recalled messages, haven't heard back the answer.

I've been working out of someone else's office since Monday, we have plenty of space because as I said, we are understaffed. I am pissed because she told my boss that I yelled at her and called her names. No one believes her because she is VERY volatile, I'm the only person that has been able to share a space with her because I'm so laid back. She pisses EVERYONE off. I am facing having to move out of my office, because NO ONE will let her move in with them. We had a very good working relationship and I sad to see that go. I am pretty sure her daughter lied about her symptoms so that she could come over for Thanksgiving dinner (their family celebrated that Sunday) and her mom who never challenges her, went with it. I'm less worried about my health/risk but more worried about the patients she sees. I feel obligated to report this but initially was getting push back because we aren't supposed to question and report our coworkers. The difference is that she TOLD me and texted me this, I have to report.

Anyway, I'm off today because I work the weekend. I'm very sad about my work right now. I don't even know what I'm asking, but feel like I've been in the twilight zone the past 2 days.

6 comments posted: Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Surgical menopause

On 7/28 I'm getting a TLH/BSO for endometriosis, with the high probability it will convert to open. My ovaries are full of cysts and >8cm each. I've already had one rupture where they've had to drain my abdomen of blood (hemorrhagic cyst). Its in my bladder, was in my appendix (that was removed when my ovarian cyst burst), and coating my large intestine (they took a lot of pictures). Anyway, it has taken me a while to find a specialist, my old doctor has ignored my symptoms for over 2 years and I've been miserable. Each month at ovulation or menses, I've had abdominal pain so bad I'm in a ball for hours. Ive missed work and missed running because I was always feeling like I was 7months pregnant. My new specialist put me on the pill continuously 2 months ago and no new pain attacks, but it will not reverse the previous endometriosis growth. I am a tad pissed that this was not caught earlier, but I do have a high threshold for pain and really didn't complain until I was going through a tampon an hour and still bleeding through my clothes. But the emergency trip to the hospital where another doctor saw me is what made me realize that I had a more serious issue.

Anyway, I can't have hormones for a year after the surgery. I'm a little worried about my sex drive, mood, sleep, etc. She says she will try some non hormone treatments, but I'd like to hear from others what their experience was and what, if anything helped. I'm looking forward to running again, I was regularly doing 1/2 marathons at a pretty good pace, but for the past 2 years it has been a struggle to get to 8 miles without an attack and a setback in training. I know that getting back to exercise will help my mood a lot and shedding some weight will help too. I've kept my intake at the same level as when I was running a lot more, I've gain 20lb this past year!!!

I had one of my 3 pre op appt this morning and it is making things seem more real and I'm getting a little nervous.

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my hero

Soo, I've post a few times in the past 2 years about my closest friend. First how our friendship went South because I thought I had done something wrong. Later, when I found out she had been sleeping with another of our friend's husbands, venting. I had come too close to the truth, I wasn't a bad friend. Anyway, our mutual friend's husband is a predator and being awful. In an effort to get him to settle out of court, my friend has subpoenaed all his girlfriends. Well, my ex friend evaded the deposition, but the trial is coming up. Another friend from our book club volunteered to serve her. When she handed the papers over, she stated "Now I don't have to fake being friends with you any longer."

I am soooo happy and sad. What a freaking shitty friend I had. I picked my ex, I picked her. She was sleeping with a friend that she texted daily. Beyond low. I actually think less of her than my ex I think!!! I kinda wish I had been there to see her face, but evidently she just smirked.

1 comment posted: Thursday, December 19th, 2019

The City of Mirrors

Has anyone read this yet? LOVED the first two books of the trilogy, but may need to re-read before starting the third, it has been a while.

0 comment posted: Monday, December 26th, 2016

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