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million pieces

Me - 52 D-Day 2/5/10, separated 3 wks later, Divorced 11/15/11!!!!

old infidelity

My dd and divorce was years ago. My kids were very little and didn't know the details, well mainly because they were 4 and 7. My/there therapist told me that they would ask when they were ready. They have never asked. My ex married his affair partner a couple of months after the divorce, but shockingly it only lasted a couple of years.

Anyway, my brother's marriage is ending, mainly because of infidelity. His kids and my kids know all the details because they knew the people involved as did many friends and well, they are all teens/young adults. My daughter, when told, said something about supporting her cousins, but not really knowing how to navigate a marriage ending because of cheating. Because I was driving and she was driving, and well shock that she hasn't actually put it together, didn't correct her. She's close to her cousins, but I'm not sure that they even know the details of my divorce. My son hasn't said anything, I'm about 99% sure he knows what went down. Do I bring it up or wait for it to come up in conversation again. Both my kids have recently said some pretty hateful things about their aunt which first of all breaks my heart because she was like a sister to me and I miss her (I know I need to process this), but makes me think that they have no idea about their father. Of note, my stepson said the same thing about my brother's separation, and he's 24 and hasn't figured out why his parents marriage ended either. Another wrench is the while my ex is not supporting my son in college, he did contribute some money for my dtr's first semester. I kinda want that to continue for the next 3 years... blush

4 comments posted: Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

Thought Covid was over !!!

We had exactly zero patients with COVID today after having > 50% positive in January. We still wear masks at work, but things have definitely calmed down in our stats recently. My husband started coughing and complaining of a sore throat 2 days ago. I told him that we have to expect to get illnesses that aren't covid, etc, etc. He came home yesterday and said he was going to take a nap before dinner. shocked I told him to test, POSITIVE!!!!

Myself and my two kids got COVID over the holidays, my husband did not for some reason. How did this happening. I AM TIRED of this. I still wear masks at work, but we had dinner plans with 2 other couples for the first time in two years this weekend. WTF!!! I am sooooooo tired. My boss is being an asshole, new employee is about to quit. JC is coming to our hospital soon and I may go balistic.

15 comments posted: Friday, March 18th, 2022

The City of Mirrors

Has anyone read this yet? LOVED the first two books of the trilogy, but may need to re-read before starting the third, it has been a while.

0 comment posted: Monday, December 26th, 2016

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