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Betrayed Womenz Thread

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likeapinball posted 11/13/2019 16:06 PM

TX1995 - I know - it breaks my heart to think that it's quite likely at least one of them will have this experience. It just better not be them that ends up as the Wayward! I would lose my shit.

EllieKMAS posted 11/13/2019 16:23 PM

Yeah I avoid weddings and pretty much anything about luuuurrrrrve right now. Feeling hostile and stabby seems to be working for me lately

Hi lapB!!

Different vent/rant... I am feeling twitchy AF about my job right now. Fingers crossed for me please. I cannot afford to lose my job...


lapB here is the womenz dictionary, just so you can be looped on acronyms.

Dictionary to date
BASGU - Bad ass sparkly goddess unicorn - A BW - gorgeous, warrior, goddess, survivor
CSAH - captain save a hoe - A man that feels like he has to "rescue" a homewrecking AP
D2DW - dollars to donut whores - Bet you anything you like
DA - douchebags anonymous - Betrayed Womenz Thread (side note, we need 12 steps for this one)
ESAD - eat shit and die - Nuff said
FMR - Fuckmerunnin - Sarcastic disbelief
FOAD - fuck off and die - also needs no definition, but can be used creatively ie "Hey you! Take a walk on the FOAD road!"
GFD - great fucking day - depending on context, can be sarcastic or enthusiastic commentary on a given day
KITD - kick in the dick - Can mean physical kick, but also striking at the spiritual or metaphorical dick
RA+ - Rashawnda approved - Badass
S+BB - sparkles & bitch boots - Super spiffy bitch boots
SSCS - Stupid shit cheaters say - cheater's 'script' as it were
WTFF - what-the-fuck face - The face you make when something so stupid is said your brain actually short circuits
WWRD - What would Rashawnda do - She would wave her finger at it and say that it's "not our fault the mens are too dumb to see it"

And you can get caught up on the epic awesomeness that is Rashawnda about 4 posts from the bottom on this page:

[This message edited by EllieKMAS at 4:31 PM, November 13th (Wednesday)]

likeapinball posted 11/13/2019 16:43 PM

Thanks Ellie! I figured out the KITD but the rest went over my head!
Will keep fingers crossed for your job!

20yrsagoBS posted 11/13/2019 16:46 PM

You forgot Soft Serve-Erectile Dysfunction

Hard Serve- No ED

Tallgirl posted 11/13/2019 17:47 PM

Catching up

Tainted. I have no idea what isnít. It seems WH tainted everything. Christmas trees. Butter tarts. All holidays. Tones of cities. Camping. Roses. Penis. A soFt serve so I hear.

Tx. Why canít you tell the obs?

R. I think R is not possible for many because the cheating and lying was a dealbreaker. Some of us donít know straight away that it was a deal breaker. Who the hell loves a cheating soft serve?

Ellie, great dictionary.

GFD all.

EllieKMAS posted 11/13/2019 20:25 PM

Current mood...

likeapinball posted 11/13/2019 20:33 PM

Yep... Go Fish!

Lostheart8 posted 11/13/2019 21:15 PM

Just catching up with the thread.

Ellie you make me piss my pants.

TX big hugs. Touching post.

I recommend trying the Sedona method. You can YouTube it. Iíve been using Sedona YouTube videos and a Sedona practitioner and itís helping me through some of the worse times. If you search for videos look for ones by hale dwoskin. Heís videos are the best.

I have bad insomnia (thanks for the gift douchebag) and I put on Haleís videos. His voice helps to calm my nerves.

Overall the technic has helped with triggers and understanding my baggage.

Itís funny...one of my clients kids got married. What do I think in my head? I wonder if they will deal with cheating? Dating Peter, I think will he cheat?

Just in general dating, Iím realizing that most guys would lie if they cheated. Theyíre not going to tell me, oh hey I cheated on my ex wife. It never once occurred to me to ask if they cheated. Cheating only happens to some people and they have fucked up marriages.

Big fucking reality check.

So douchebag is back, proclaiming his love. Oh yeah, Iíve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. I had a nice time being blunt with him. Lol. Heís like...youíve changed. Oh yeah, Iíve changed. Stop wasting my fucking time. It feels liberating not to need this man. Wonít lie, still sad. But I donít need a fucking man in my life.

Remind me of that when Iím sucking dirt of sadness.

No soft serve here. BOB got me covered.

Lostheart8 posted 11/13/2019 21:16 PM

Ellie - got fingers crossed for your job. Sending you good mojo. ❤️

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/14/2019 07:11 AM

Ellie, 🤞

TX, your CH's latest confession has brought you back to square one, less than 6 months from dday. It is so painful, so hard. It will get better. You can't get your old M, old life, back, but you can make a new one, with or without your CH.

My fch once pointed at an old pic of us where we looked so happy and said he wanted that back. I said, "Well, guess you should've thought of that before you stuck your dick in another woman!" That was at least 2 years from final dday. I was still so pissed.

My oldest son's wife cheated on him and got pregnant by the OM. She recently denied cheating saying she didn't get pregnant while she was with my son. I think I figured out how she could come up with that. She moved out about a month or so before she told my son she wanted a D. She got pregnant during that time. I gues she figures that, since they weren't living together, it wasn't cheating. However, they were still married. My son was under the impression that she just needed some space, but they were still together, not separated. She may not have had sex with the OM until she moved out, but it's pretty obvious that's why she needed space. She had at least an EA going on for months before that. So, yeah, she cheated in every way.

TX1995 posted 11/14/2019 10:50 AM

Thanks for the support ladies.

Coco - thanks for the reminder of 6 months. I keep forgetting that since I've been swimming in this infidelity shit for so damn long. I must be wading back into an angry phase because I want to rip that OW's face off and give my asshole of a husband a massive KITD. I'm so sorry about your son's wife. I love the people who say they didn't cheat if there wasn't sex. Give me a break. I don't even believe there was no sex. Just not enough to get her pregnant. Cheaters suck.

GMC - forgot to say before that I think it *is* good news that your WH wants a new therapist and took the rec of the CSAT. I feel like this infidelity bullshit is so similar to alcohol/drug addiction in that THEY need to come to a place where they want to change. All of our hopium doesn't do diddly without their desire. If for nothing else, I hope he gets help and makes changes to be a better co-parent and friend to you. You deserve it.

Tallgirl - oh, the OBS knows there was sex, but he defends his whore to the death. She is such a coward she doesn't speak or text - he does it all - all three times we've talked via phone/email/text she is silent and he threatens legal action against first my WH (haha!) and me (for telling her she gave me a disease). I have anger towards him as well for sticking his head in the sand. I just want to make a public proclamation that his wife is not a #girlpower #authentic amazing woman and mother and friend. She is a soulless whore who chased after a married man. I mean after they had sex, and he told her he felt bad, and she did too (ha), they didn't talk at all the next day but she showed up at his hotel room at 5 am, called him outside the door and told him since they'd already done it, why waste the trip and took off her clothes. That's a class act right there. And my piece of shit coward of a husband ate it up. (He's not off the hook either.)

(Just typing that sent my body into adrenalin overdrive - this shit is going to literally kill me and I can't make it stop.)

LH - You are awesome, stay strong and let the douchebag know what he lost!!

I think the holidays are contributing to my blues. All of the talk of traditions, gratitude, family love, etc. has me full of grief. I hate that I let my WH's actions take away my joy. THAT makes me feel weak too. Ugh.

I hope you are all having a great Thursday. It's cold here but the sun is shining and I just got myself a latte. I'm ignoring schoolwork, housework and volunteer work for the moment while I watch some trash tv and drink it. Self care womenz. I hear it helps...

[This message edited by TX1995 at 10:52 AM, November 14th (Thursday)]

Chaos posted 11/14/2019 11:28 AM

I think the holidays are contributing to my blues

I feel that! I was out and about yesterday. Wandering aimlessly in shops in between various appointments. I felt...nothing. No joy. No anticipation. No...nothing.

While I'm doing good overall - the Holiday's plain suck. Nothing like a reminder that for 4.5 years, while unbeknownst to me, I had to share WH with a fucking donut whore.

While I'm doing good overall - those glitzy decorations and fancy displays are just painful reminders that my life is now tainted. They mock me.

While I'm doing good overall - I want to stamp my feet like a fucking toddler and say "you know what I really want for Christmas - I want her head on a fucking silver platter and I want you to present it to me" Think CreepShow

I did sip my coffee and engage a few moments in the dark fantasy of pelting WH with every fucking sparkly donut ornament I saw and smacking the crap out of him with the big ass roll of Christmas wrapping paper with fucking glitter donuts on it.

But when the moment passed, I took another sip of my coffee and said FUCK YOU to the ornaments and gift wrap, tossed my fantabulous freshly done blonde hair over my shoulder and kept on walking and pushing my cart.

Bless whoever put the Holiday chocolates in the next isle over.

EllieKMAS posted 11/14/2019 12:11 PM

Chaos I wuv you

Yeah, I have really never liked the holidays anyways, so I am grinchtastic over here...

DaisyAnne posted 11/14/2019 15:37 PM

While I'm doing good overall - I want to stamp my feet like a fucking toddler and say "you know what I really want for Christmas - I want her head on a fucking silver platter and I want you to present it to me" Think CreepShow

Can I order one of those too?

I have the same feelings about the holidays coming. I donít feel like doing all the shopping and decorating. I am just not into it. I have been doing much better these past few weeks but I still donít feel like celebrating. Iím just trying to focus on enjoying our family time.

Tomorrow I am getting my Lasik surgery! Iím excited and nervous. One of the big positives from this whole shitshow that has been my life these almost 6 months is that it made me put myself first for once. Looking forward to seeing clearly now... physically as well as emotionally.

EllieKMAS posted 11/14/2019 19:21 PM

You're getting 20/20 for 2020 Daisy! Awesome!

Well a lot of squirrellyness about the job for nothing as it turns out. All is well. Phew!

20yrsagoBS posted 11/14/2019 22:19 PM

Glad the job stuff worked out Ellie

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/15/2019 08:07 AM

Thank goodness, Ellie!

Daisy, my fch got lasik years ago. He was very happy with it.

I have always loved Thanksgiving. I usu6spent it with my dad, which made it special. Never been a big fan of Christmas. Probably because I usually spent that one with my mom. Thanksgiving will be sad this year. My oldest can't come now. He says he can't afford to miss work.

I'm more into Christmas this year. I've already started buying gifts, just little things I see when I'm out and about that I know someone will like. We didn't have a tree last year. My fch was being an ass about getting a real one. I refuse to have a fake one. I'm going to insist this year. If he won't get it, I will, dammit!

Lostheart8 posted 11/15/2019 13:59 PM

Thank you Ellie for grumpy cat! Love it!!!

Iím with all of you. Not one ounce of holiday cheer here. Fuck all of that.

We are team kick the fucking holidays in the dick ladies.

Chaos posted 11/15/2019 14:18 PM

Seasonal Dictionary item up for vote:

KTHITD - Kick the Holiday's in the Dick

All in favor...

cocoplus5nuts posted 11/15/2019 15:17 PM


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