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Betrayed Womenz Thread

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HeHadADoubleLife posted 10/18/2019 12:59 PM

Those black eyed peas, they tasted alright to me...

Chaos posted 10/18/2019 13:03 PM


Spit my fucking coffee

cocoplus5nuts posted 10/18/2019 14:51 PM

I didn't see the scooby post before it was moved. I'm glad scooby dumped is back in jail. Hopefully, he stays there this time. WTF were they thinking letting him put?! He pointed a loaded crossbow at her in front of their kids, for God's sake!

cocoplus5nuts posted 10/18/2019 14:52 PM

As I suspected, I can't read it. I don't have a paid membership, so I can read the investigative tips forum.

Are there any details I should know?

Lostheart8 posted 10/18/2019 15:20 PM

Was wondering the same thing coco.

Plus, I was wondering if investigating tip is something I should know about as I enter the dating world at some point. Now I want to cover my ass type of thing.

AmIAnIdiot15 posted 10/18/2019 16:26 PM

BUT if we had a BS vigilante group I wouldn't be mad at it. Kind of like Inglorious Basterds, but for giving WSs a dose of their own medicine. Even if we didn't actually do anything to them at all - just follow them sometimes, make sure we bump into them every so often in unexpected places, insure they're always looking over their shoulder, thinking that we might do something. Who's that woman that I keep seeing around every corner? Oh shit, that's a BAGSU and she has her bitch boots on!

I've often thought there should be a "betrayed spouse spy network" or something similar. We could stalk, I mean OBSERVE each other's spouses.

I think my husband and I are solidly in R. But who knows right?

HeHadADoubleLife posted 10/18/2019 17:26 PM

Gist of it is that she's in the hospital, under police guard.

Her hit and run "accident" was earlier this week. Couldn't quite tell if he has been arrested again or not just that he had been released on Friday.

He has an "alibi." Assuming investigation is underway.

--ETA, just re-read TG's post, I'm an idiot. Yes he has been arrested, and yes they are investigating.

[This message edited by HeHadADoubleLife at 5:29 PM, October 18th (Friday)]

EllieKMAS posted 10/18/2019 17:33 PM

Sorry - I was at a concert last night and was up way past my bedtime so I have been a lazy shit all day.

Just read about Scooby. FMR... that is so horrible. I am so so glad she's ok. And her poor kids Scooby Dum - fuck that guy.
Toasting Scoobs and toasting hoping Scooby Dum finally gets locked the fuck up. Fingers crossed.

Happy farking Friday!

ETA: Whichever of you mentioned the Dr Phil add on the side... thanks a lot. Cannot unsee now

[This message edited by EllieKMAS at 5:35 PM, October 18th (Friday)]

Lostheart8 posted 10/18/2019 17:51 PM

Ellie....what concert did you see?

EllieKMAS posted 10/18/2019 18:00 PM

Saw a viking band called Wardruna at Red Rocks... was amazeballs. I had bought tix for my sis and her bf and me and xdouche to go. Obvs douche didn't go, sis's bf had to work, so was me and her and our cousin. We had such a fun time!

20yrsagoBS posted 10/18/2019 18:08 PM

I know I am up for observing hoebags for other BSs

Lostheart8 posted 10/18/2019 18:31 PM

My neighbor loves that band. Donít have some song where they raise a cup horn?

Thereís another HBO show for ya....spying on WS.

Well Iíve decided to get off my sad ass and join a meet up group for dinner.

I hate the weekends now....I would be with douchebag, having fun and being together. I canít believe I miss that fucker. Well I miss pre A fucker. Post A fucker, I would send the betrayed women group after him. I would choose Ellie with her sparkle boots to lead the group.

Talking of stupid fucker .... he called me. I canít believe this. Iím the reason he cheated. There most have been something seriously missing from our relationship otherwise he wouldnít have been enticed. Heís generally a stead fast guy that isnít enticed by another woman. So itís our relationship. Heís just now figured it out .....our relationship is the problem.

Iím completely baffled because the whole time we were together ....nothing coming from him. Itís now in the last 6 weeks, itís finally occurred to him.

Then he tells me Iím all over the place (which I am ). I ask for compassion....he tells me this is one of the reasons why heís unhappy.

When I tell him....heís been lying to me for weeks and the trust is destroyed....how would he rebuild this.....I get told Iím demanding too much.

I want my stuff and run away.

Ladies, all I hear is him blaming me.

[This message edited by Lostheart8 at 7:37 PM, October 18th (Friday)]

Tallgirl posted 10/18/2019 19:13 PM

I am 10 pages behind in reading this thread. If you donít hear from me I am still reading.

I posted an update from Scooby son.

EllieKMAS posted 10/18/2019 20:59 PM

LH - WHAT A FUCKER. Tell him to take his pathetic little ego and shove it up his ass sideways. Covered in tobasco. UGH. None of this is your fault, you know that right? It is just the same stupid shit cheaters say. Mine said a lot of the same and his was all bullshit too. Just smdh over here.
Fucker shoulda had a V8 *smack*

I hear ya - weekends are hard right now for me too. It'll get better though.

Yeah Wardruna is awesome - look up video called Raido on YouTube.

ThisIsSoLonely posted 10/18/2019 22:07 PM

I guess I should be glad that my WH never blamed me. At first he tried to say he did it because he was unhappy with me but that didnít last long. Iím so sorry you have to put up with that shit. Itís not your fault. Cheating is a choice and no one makes anyone do this shit. The blame shifting crap is just that. Crap.

HeHadADoubleLife posted 10/18/2019 22:52 PM

Another one for the BWz dictionary:
FTG - Fuck.That.Guy!

He's a douche LostHeart, that's all there is to it. There is no excuse for cheating. NONE. Ever. Never ever.

The truth is he's feeling so bad about being such a monumental asshat that he needs to come up with reasons why he just had to do it.

Dear LostHeart's douchenozzle:
You're right, dude. Your relationship made you do it. The amorphous entity that is "your relationship" called you out of your house like a siren, and then "your relationship" pulled your pants down and "your relationship" stuck your penis into someone else's vagina, then pulled it out, then stuck it back in again. Totally. For sure. I get it now. Thanks so much for explaining it.

It couldn't possibly be your own brain that operates your own body that did all of those things. I forgot there are magical relationship spirits that control us

Fair warning, since "your relationship" can make things happen, you might want to stop calling LostHeart and telling her "your relationship" did all of these things. Because if you do, "your relationship" might stick LostHeart's bitch boots up your ass.

All of the Womenz who know you're full of shit

EllieKMAS posted 10/18/2019 23:38 PM


Lostheart8 posted 10/19/2019 06:58 AM

Omg ladies...I woke up to this thread and broke into laughter.

I needed that. Thank you ♥️

Iíve got to remember not to lose my ground. I can hold myself up without this guy.

What was hard .... getting triggered. Then I feel myself ...getting lost in all my emotions.

What didnít help....I was blunt with him. I donít think thereís a reason to meet. He exploded in anger. Iím guessing someone doesnít want to pay the price. He wants to save the relationship.

Heís not off to a good start.

Then heís going on about how his needs arenít meet. Well, asshole all my needs werenít met either.

Oh....Sam (that me)...Iím the gift. Not him. Iíve already lost everything. He has me to lose which he doesnít want to lose. Iím not powerless in this situation. It would be his job to rebuild this not mine. Iím not taking on the responsibility. I cam live my life fine without him.

Fuck fuck fuck ....... I really hate all of this.

Love ya ladies.

cocoplus5nuts posted 10/19/2019 08:22 AM

I read the scooby update from her son. They better keep that fucker in jail now! How did she get hit by car while under police protection? I mean, I know they can't anticipate everything, but I imagine police protection to mean they are with you 24/7. Am I wrong?


I read about someone going to an escape room. I asked my fch if he wanted to do that. He just shrugged and was like, whatever. I asked if there's anything he wants to do, anything he hears or reads about that he thinks sounds fun or interesting or something. Nope, nothing.

He asked me the other day how to meditate. Apparently, a book he's listening about organizing your life suggested meditation to get over feeling overwhelmed. Nevermind that I've been trying to get him to meditate for years! Anyway, one thing is to not think about anything. Thoughts will come. The trick is to let them float in and float out. Don't hold onto them. That's the most difficult part. He's like, "Not a problem for me. I have no thoughts." WTF?! He is, literally, empty headed.

I even said, "There's nothing there? Nothing going on inside your head?" He says, "Nope."🤯

Lostheart8 posted 10/19/2019 09:03 AM

Coco....you make me laugh. My exh was the same way....except in MC he complained I never wanted to do anything. I listed out the things I suggested....therapist said to ex....well it sounds like she wanted to get out and you said no. Ex shrugged his shoulders and said I didnít try hard enough. 🤬

The more I read ... the more they are all the same. They are just broken records.

Yes, once I have my stuff, have said my piece to him .... back into NC. Iím thinking he thinks Iím going to cave in tomorrow. Well, he wants back....I have a long list of hard questions coming his way. The best one I have ďwhat do you have to offer me in a relationship?Ē Take that happy crappy. Go back to MOW and live your fantasy. Fucker.

Glad Scooby is ok. I read part of the thread when it was available. Now I canít access it. God bless her.

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