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Good Ol' Karma Stories

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destroyed1 posted 7/7/2019 08:50 AM

Celebrating my 1000th post on SI, I decided to bring you a few Karma stories and offer you a chance to add your own.

I want the Betrayed to understand what often happens after the dust settles. There are consequences that we dont get to see happen. But things are not always what they seem.

So sit back and enjoy.

story 1

Working on a new project, called a guy I've known for 20 years over to do some side work. Asked him how life is going, he tells me that he is no longer with his wife.

I was surprised. I thought they got along great. He was always happy and always talked nice about her, when I'd invite him over from time to time. They always did things together, etc. you know the drill.

He claims he was not "happy" and that he decided to move on. He still lives with her.

Shortly after that I asked what his plans were for the weekend. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and he started talking all about his "new" woman.

Me: where did you meet her?

Him: At the bar. I was sitting with my friend and she came up behind me and started playing with my hair and we really hit it off.

Me: were you still with your wife when you met her?

Him: Yes, but we were done. I had already told her I wasnt happy and wanted out.

A few mins later his phone rang, it's his Wife. He talks to her in a nice tone and says "I love you" when he hangs up.

He felt the need to tell me who was on the phone, not sure why, and he said that he and his wife still get along great. She does the bookwork for his business, etc.

Then he started to tear her down. About her personality, her age and her lack of desire for sex. As if any of that shit was my business

Then he started to talk highly of his new woman. How amazing she was. How she really liked sex. How fun she was. How they can talk about anything.

My personal favorite "She's a Hoot!"

Six months later, I invite him over again to do some work. He looks aggravated. I ask him how he's doing and he says "great!" But his face is telling me a different story.

I ask how things are at home. Did he work things out with his wife. He says "no, we are done" "I moved out and moved into my new woman's house"

Totally trying to be neutral the entire time, I asked how he liked it at her house.

Him: It's OK. She isnt very clean. She likes to shop a lot. She smokes and her house smells like smoke and animals. (she has a lot of animals)

Me: You guys getting along pretty good?

Him: Oh Yeah, things are great. She has so many friends and is always out doing things. She had a 60th bday party and 50 of her friends showed up.

"She's a hoot!"

Fast forward another 4 months to just last week.....

I invite him over again to do some work. He missed 2 appointments I set for him, no call no show. I gave him another chance and he did show up that day.

He looked an absolute mess.

Me: How's things been going?

Him: Dont get me started!

Me: is everything OK?

Him: I've just been really busy with work.

(yes, that was bullshit and I knew it)

Me: How is everything with your new woman?

Him: Uggghh.....

Cliff notes:

They went on a 10 day cruise. Him and his new woman and about 6 of her friends. She proceeded to get shit-faced drunk for 3 days and nights in a row until she finally got a stomach virus and had to be quarantined for the rest of the trip.

She puked and shit all over the place for the next 4-5 days.

He was so mad about her behavior and the fact he spent so much money on that trip. Upset that she made him get all of the extra features of the trip, all you can eat and drink, etc. Several thousand dollars wasted.

If you are an animal lover, please skip this next part and go to the next story

Then he said he doesnt get any sleep at her house. Too many animals and it turns out she is pretty much a hoarder.

One of her dogs hates This Guy.

The dog has bit him several times. He finally told her it was him or the dog and after a couple of days she agreed to have the dog taken to the pound. Which is where he went before coming over to my house.

After work, it looked as if he didnt want to go home.

Not sure I will use him again. If I do, I'm sure it will be mainly for my entertainment purposes.

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destroyed1 posted 7/7/2019 09:02 AM

story 2

At my new project I have 2 people, a man and woman who live nextdoor.

The guy is a flaming Overt Narc. Textbook. You can spot him a mile away.

The lady seemed really nice but I felt something about her was off. Kinda fake.

The guy ended up having a heart attack and one day while he was in the hospital, she came over and we talked a bit.

The conversation turned towards how she met her current husband, the Overt Narc.

Turns out she was married for over 20 years and had kids and a great husband at home.

But she felt lonely and unloved.....

So she reached out to an old high school flame and ended up running away with him.

Six months later she finds that the high school flame is cheating on her. She confronts him and he kicks her out. She is in a different State and doesnt know anyone there.

She begs her husband to take her back. Both he and the kids tell her to fuck off. Her parents give her enough money for a bus ticket, but refuse to put her up or have anything to do with her.

She is basically homeless, living on a friends couch when she met her new husband.

This new husband is a complete dick. He yells at her and puts her down all the time. I cant stand him.

I said: Well, if something happens to him at least you get the house.

Her: We owe so much on everything that I will have to sell all we have just to pay our debts.

Her: I'm afraid I will be homeless again and my kids want nothing to do with me.

Her: Sobbing ......

Me: Well, I gotta get back to work. I'll talk to you later.

Can Not Believe posted 7/7/2019 10:03 AM

Story 3.

My half brother (born before my dad even meet my mom) that my dad didn’t even know existed until Daddy was 74 and my brother - 54. His mom told him daddy died in WW2.

Anyway, my brother was married, 2 kids (one in college one in high school) and he and wife 1 were both employees of the same university.

He meet wife 2 and had an affair (wife 2 was Miss University at the time).

It was a BIG scandal on the campus. He left wife 1 for girlfriend (at the time). Wife 1 eventually resigned from the university.

They had a big house and a lake house. Wife 1 got the big house and he got the lake house.

He marries wife 2 and they had 2 kids (boys). My brother’s mom and sister and other family members would have nothing to do with wife 2.

So wife 2 encouraged him to cut off from his mom and sister (his mom married later and had a daughter) and find his biological father’s family (us), which is how he found daddy - daddy was alive, not dead - to his surprise.

Anyway, wife 1 died of cancer years later and had included in HER obituary - what he did, and how he hurt her. And his daughter with wife 1 ACTUALLY published it just like that.
It was even in the obituary notice at the funeral.

There is a 25 + years difference in age between my brother and wife 2.

She is Very pretty. He gained weight and eventually had a heart attack. We started noticing how she treated him. Not good.

She started dressing provocatively and drinking more.

They bought a mid-size house (but not big brick house like wife 1) and he still had the lake house.

We think she looked at what he and wife 1 had, and wanted that for herself.

His son with wife 1 cut him off, but after a while, his daughter became more accepting of wife 2 after her mom died.

Now 33 years after we all met (my brother taught 4 of us at university before we knew about him - including me), wife 2 divorced him, turned his 2 sons with her against him - got the house - and tried to force him to sell the lake house.

The only child that interacts with him is the daughter. He has had 2 heart attacks, hip replacement surgery, and a host of other medical difficulties.

I went to visit him and he lives in a small old sad looking house. After his surgery (the daughter lives in another state with her husband and kids) she had to make arrangements for him to stay in a residential care center because he was in a wheel chair and couldn’t do for himself.

None of his boys (3) even bothered to call him. He is alone and sad. Doing better physically but alone.

Wife 2 went on to lose her job (making over $100,000 a year), got 3 DUI’s, and the last accident caused injuries to the other person.

I love my brother, but what he did to wife 1 and the humiliation she endured on that campus, and how he treated her after the divorce, I feel he deserves.

He was wrong, and along came Karma.

And it IS true, Karma IS a bitch!

Can Not Believe

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Chaos posted 7/7/2019 11:13 AM

Not ass good as the others but it did make WH squirm so...

BACKSTORY - AP is referred to as the Donut Whore [because she once sent WH a photo of a donut on her boob]. Donuts are banned in the Land of Chaos

While watching a show and movie recently with WH the following quotes were part of the programs. I actually watched WH sphincter shrink both times

From Umbrella Acadamy [Mary J Blige] "You think I ain't know about you and your dried up donut whore"

From Iron Man 2 [Samual L Jackson] "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut"

I will not confirm or deny pulling those up on You Tube occasionally when I need a laugh.

Although - the rumor mill has it that AP gained an extraordinary amount of weight since I outed her to OBS.

cancuncrushed posted 7/7/2019 11:33 AM

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The1stWife posted 7/7/2019 17:11 PM

On another blog the founder talks of his brother (big corporate exec) who cheated on wife 1. Eventually D. Wife 1 was or became an alcoholic. Brother married the AP.

Unfortunately wife 1 died unexpectedly. Kids (grown) tolerate wife 2 b/c she gives them $. Otherwise they have almost no contact.

The AP/OW turned wife 2 clings to the H no matter what. Never leaves his side. Very high maintenance wife 2 with clothes, cars, trips, Botox and other maintenance type procedures, etc. required.

And she has a big drinking problem unfortunately.

Now the H won’t admit things are not wonderful in his second marriage but the family basically cut him off, the kids tolerate him, the kids see the fighting between H and wife 2 and how the H is now trying to extricate himself from her grip b/c he can’t stand to be around her. He’s suffocating

Poor baby.

cocoplus5nuts posted 7/7/2019 18:33 PM

Destriyed1, story #2 makes me wonder if that woman was putting feelers out to see how sorry you would feel for her.

destroyed1 posted 7/8/2019 08:28 AM

Destroyed1, story #2 makes me wonder if that woman was putting feelers out to see how sorry you would feel for her.

There is no doubt in my mind that she has Histrionic tendencies. Her previous behavior is an example of that.

I've learned to deal with them quite well. you see my response to her drama was about equal to a yawn.

The1stWife posted 7/8/2019 14:54 PM

I have another one.

My friend married her high school boyfriend. Married 10 years no kids. One night she gets a call from one of the OW (there were multiple at the same time).

Turns out the serial cheating H had one OW w/ OC that he was paying for, a GF OW, a side chick AND a fiancée in addition to his wife.

Everyone knew but the wife and her family & friends. The neighbors all knew, his co-workers and friends knew etc.

They D. She gets everything (before no fault D). He married the fiancée. They have a child. One day by friend is at her parents home. Phone rings. She answers. Person asks for her - she says “speaking”.

Turns out it’s the second wife. She’s crying. They had a baby and now she thinks he is cheating. She’s looking for advice. She tells my friend he constantly calls the second wife by the first wife’s name b/c she (the 2nd wife) believes he never got over her (the first wife).

My friend remarried - very happy.

Her XH is pond scum and has had serious issues with his job for the A and OC, etc. apparently he uses his job to meet his APs. Big no no!!!!

Karma bus hit him big time!!

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hopeandnohope posted 7/8/2019 21:00 PM

I love karma stories where cheaters get what they deserve. Hope they keep coming.

homewrecked2011 posted 7/8/2019 21:54 PM

Yep, sit back and enjoy!

I see my xwh and OW, now wifetress around town sometimes and they look so happy.

Truth: my kids say they fight all the time. Father’s Day 2 yrs ago, the kids came home early from their Dads. They said the OW was hitting their Dad, yelling at him, and locked him out of the house!!!!
btw- it’s his house!!!!!

I’ve heard from a mutual friend (her H is xh friend) that she heard they drink all the time and fight a lot.

OW daughter moved out, and her son moved 3 states away to live with his Dad.

I am not dating, but my kids and I have a very quiet, respectful home.

sewardak posted 7/8/2019 22:18 PM

I love karma stories

babypuke posted 7/9/2019 04:39 AM

Great stories! Thank you! And Congratulations Destroyed1 with the 1000th post!

After two years of living together in the same house my (1st) 'living together' cheating gf said she had relationship doubts but could not tell why she had "lost that lovin' feeling!", yeah I hear the song too hahaha 😄. Kids you all know why!, there was an OM! But Babypuke (BP) only found that out later, after I already had dumped her because I had enough of her doubts and issues. Later I found out about OM and that she was in a relationship with him. Two years later, her and I ran into each other:

Her: Hi!!!!!
BP: Hello, how are you (yes, I had my cross against vampires in my hand 😄 )

Her: I will relocate to another city
BP: Oh why?

Her: My BF (OM) and I broke up
BP: (Hahaha 😄) Oh no Why?

Her: He is an abusive alcoholic, for two years I felt unsafe, and every time we were with friends he would drink too much and then in public he verbally abused me. Also, I like rock music with guitars, but together we always had to go to Electronic Dance Music events and for two years I had to listen to only his music.
BP: (Hahaha 😄)

Her: You look at me as if I have lost all my physical attractiveness and you are happy that you dumped me two years ago so you are not stuck with how I look now.
BP: No words but look on face: Well, yeah, hahaha 😄

No Everlasting Love for her and OM, yeah now I hear that song 😄

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WhoTheBleep posted 7/9/2019 05:31 AM

Her: You look at me as if I have lost all my physical attractiveness and you are happy that you dumped me two years ago so you are not stuck with how I look now.

Who the f*** says this??? Issues much?

Good for you, BP.

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babypuke posted 7/9/2019 08:22 AM

Good for you, BP.

Thanks WtB! Peace!

GoldenR posted 7/9/2019 09:37 AM

When I found out my XWW was cheating, she was at his house spending the night there. I packed EVERYTHING of hers up in 30+ giant lawn bags and put it on his porch. She stayed with him ever since bc she literally has nowhere else to go.

She hates it there, and hates him. Once things got to a normal there she realized he wasn't the man of her dreams. I never let her come back, moved on, remarried, and i couldn't be happier. Shes miserable and cries on the phone to our daughters regularly.

He recently asked her to marry him. She said yes. And she still hates him but she said yes bc he'd kick her out if she said no. She now cries day and night if hes not there or asleep.

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JSS1227 posted 7/9/2019 15:25 PM

Great stories!

I know a man who, when I met him, was married to wife #2; they split a few years after I met them because he had an A with someone we were all mutual friends with at the time; she (the OW) was single. I remember feeling horrible for BW at the time (she went scorched earth and sent a mass text message to everyone in her contacts list, detailing her WH’s behavior..I was on the contacts list). Later, I find out that there was a lot more to that situation, with lots of karma going around.

Turns out, the BW in this situation was actually the (single) OW in this WH’s first marriage; he had been married 15 years and had 4 kids with BW#1. He left BW#1 for the younger OW, BW#1 gets a hefty CS and alimony decision in court; WH is broke. Still with OW, they married a few years later, then she became BW#2 when he had an A in that marriage.

Instead of leaving for the OW2, this time, he wants to R with BW#2/OW#1. So he says 🙄 (He actually took the A underground and was a cake eater for a few more months). After a few months of his cake eating, BW2/OW1 ends up having a revenge ONS, and confesses to him about a week later. He’s so horrified at having been cheated on (imagine that?) that he kicks BW2/OW1 out of the house, and dumps OW2, wanting to be done with the whole situation. Until OW2 announces she’s pregnant with OC a few weeks later, and admits that she stopped taking her bc when the A was underground to intentionally get pregnant so he would leave BW2 BW2/OW1 files for D, gets alimony, so now he’s paying that in addition to the continued alimony and CS for BW1.

This WH ends up moving OW2 and her troubled adult children in to his home, and supporting them all, including the OC. He never married OW2, but they’ve been living together for several years now and raising OC together. He has cheated on OW2 numerous times, and she frequently takes to social media to blast him for it.

He’s now in his 50’s, with a young OC at home, putting his 4 kids from M #1 through college, and still paying alimony to both BW’s.

TX1995 posted 7/9/2019 15:44 PM

Well this one is close to home.

My dad cheated on m mom. Left her for OW and married her. I was young so I didn’t actually know this was what went down until many many years later. (My mom is a flipping saint and never said a bad word about my dad). Dad and wife #2 get divorced while I’m in high school. About a year later, he calls to tell us his girlfriend (who was two years older than my sister at the time) was pregnant and they were getting married. We met her a few months later. When their kid was about 2, my dad invites me on a trip to the coast because his wife couldn’t make it last minute. He ditches 20yo me in a hotel room alone for the weekend because a private detective he has hired tracked wife #3 to Mexico - with her boss! She dumped my dad, married her boss and had another 2 kids with him. Dad was left in the dust. Took 20 years, but karma made its round trip...

ZenMumWalking posted 7/9/2019 15:45 PM

Beep BEEP!!!!!!

destroyed1 posted 7/27/2019 08:52 AM

ttt for joise

I really enjoyed all of these stories. I have more to add as well, just strapped for time atm

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