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a trigger yesterday

Update on alimony payments by ec

An update on Npd ex and alimony.

Ex had stopped paying alimony. His excuse was him needing a new address. It was provided numerous times. Still no alimony.

Out of the blue. No further communication, after me sending two letters providing an address. 3 months late. He deposited the total amount.

No explanation

I am glad. We did not go to court. I waited him out to avoid court costs.

In the end. I believe it was harassment on his part. Just to stir things up. For as long as he could. Without real trouble. An opportunity

I’m glad his plans didn’t go too far this time.

2 comments posted: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Stopped paying alimony

I’ve been divorced from Npd ex for two and half years now. Things have gone fairly smooth for alimony. About once a year he deducts something he has dreamed up.

Now out of nowhere he has stopped paying. Two months behind. My payments are handled by a financial advisor due to threats and protection order Ex is dangerous. Very dangerous.

He’s been notified twice by letter. He agreed to pay and get caught up. Two weeks Later no alimony.

Not sure what steps are next. I have witness. Copies of letters. His agreement was with financial advisor. All logged and noted.

My attorney retired. I hate starting legal stuff again. I think that’s his goal. He wants me to pay. Then he will deposit quickly. Just to be mean.

He was threatening to my advisor. Saying the advisor owes him $25 for reissuing the checks. He probably won’t pay me until he gets $25.

He’s so crazy. So Npd. What are my next steps? What will happen legally

HE Pulled this during the divorce. He made a list and made deductions for ink. Copies. Time it took to write a check. Stamps. Etc. highlighter. Envelopes. Then he insisted I sell my used shoes and pay him I do not have expensive shoes. At all

You see what he’s like

10 comments posted: Saturday, November 6th, 2021

I would like a phone number searched

found it

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1 comment posted: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

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