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The betrayed partnerís life during the affair

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iamanidiot posted 5/29/2019 01:49 AM

Absolutely YES it does matter !!

During all her A's (spanning 6 years) I was the best that I could be, as you would expect from any partner in a confirmed relationship.
From fighting a stupid war on another country's border to picking up our two year old son from creche.
From mowing the lawn and looking after the house to changing nappies (even hand washing the nappies those days... )
For six months I attended night school to further my studies, to improve prospects of promotion, for a better income for my family.
I was doing the best I could.

I can remember how I looked for excuses to explain WHY she was so different, so OFF to me.
PMS, postnatal depression, living 1000 miles from her family, all came to mind.
I made excuses to family & friends for her behaviour.
I tried to make it all better, to SOLVE the issues.
- I played the pick me game

It ONLY matters - to remind me that I was great!.

Maybe I was blinded by my love, that I did not see her lies, but that is not a negative on me....

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