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Embrace the Suck

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somanyyears posted 6/26/2019 12:41 PM

.. OMG...

..if I could only talk to you now...

I can only pray now, that you have found your peace.

My recent seizure has opened my eyes to the fragility of life and the uncertainty for all of us.

I hope you realized just how much you impacted so many of your S.I. members.. you were so 'in-tune' and wise with your advice.

If this seizure crap takes me, and I make it upstairs (???).... I'll look you up and we'll talk!



cancuncrushed posted 6/26/2019 22:07 PM

Iím so sorry. Addictions are hell. They revisit. Sometimes they keep revisiting. I hate addictions. This is not you

SisterMilkshake posted 6/26/2019 23:21 PM

@cancancrushed, have you read this thread in Off Topic?

Odonna posted 6/27/2019 00:59 AM

I miss you, Skan.

hopefull77 posted 6/27/2019 06:39 AM


somanyyears posted 6/28/2019 16:31 PM

..thanks for asking..

I'll PM you, if that's ok!!??


nightowl1975 posted 6/29/2019 00:42 AM

What a testament to the destruction that infidelity and lies bring to our lives. It makes me incredibly sad that Skanís final days were consumed with this bullshit. She deserved so much more. I have no doubt that her blood pressure issues were exacerbated by the continued betrayal she lived with. Let this be a wake-up call to all of us who continue to live with repeated betrayal, hoping against all odds that *this time*, itíll somehow be different. Itís a tragedy that she spent the last decade of her life being lied to and betrayed. What a colossal waste. 😢

Emotionalhell posted 6/30/2019 08:01 AM

((((Hugs))) so sorry. It is his brokenness not yours.
I havenít been touched in years bc WH is angers that I told OBS. Faked ED till the truth came out. what a lonely feeling to live with someone that wants to be a partner in every other sense... Iím so sorry you are going through this. This should be a joyous time of your life. Not dealing with someoneís screwed up thinking.

Hope2B posted 7/1/2019 03:29 AM

Based on what Skan heartbreakingly wrote on both 4/29 and on 5/2, and then she passed on 6/10/2019, and agreeing with nightowl1975, I can only think that sometimes a post or two on other recent Skan-related threads just doesn't have the full picture or all the info, and yes, it seems that WH is just that, a WH. Nightowl1975, I feel these words of yours, about lying and betrayal, to the depth of my being,along with a core of sadness at Skan's passing.

In 2017, and not 2018 or 2019, Skan wrote: "Life is very good, right now." There was such hope in that statement, and yet what Skan wrote recently in this very thread takes us into the reality of her last days, trying to figure things out for herself in light of her recent discovery of her WH's recidivism and the very clear deal breaker that WH brought into her life again.

somanyyears posted 7/2/2019 12:50 PM

..that's why I bumped this thread..and didn't post on the other 'skan' thread till later.


[This message edited by somanyyears at 9:27 PM, July 2nd (Tuesday)]

little turtle posted 7/5/2019 08:17 AM

It's so sad that Skan had to re-visit her husband's infidelity again. And to die shortly after. It does make you wonder what was really going on. How she was truly feeling. Certainly, life was not good.

She is missed.

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