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Me: BS He cheated and then lied. Apparently cheaters lie. Huh. 13 months of false R. Divorced! 8/16 3 teenage kids "The barn's burnt down Now I can see the moon" -Mizuta Masahide

G2G New York City this December?

There was a thread about this ages ago but now I can't find it! Is there a NYCG2G this summer? I'll be in the Big Apple in July and again in August if there is.

Can someone let me know?

32 comments posted: Monday, June 8th, 2015

Another Dr. Fone casualty

Dr. Fone works! I un-deleted a bunch of texts off my H's phone that indicated that he was in contact over the past year with his AP. If you are at all suspicious I suggest you download a free trial.

Money I can now spend towards my divorce!

16 comments posted: Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Can a PI do this?

I've never hired a PI before during all of this but I'm haunted as to whether or not the OBS really knows that his wife had an affair. After d-day, my fWH issued NC and the OW broke that twice to text him that her husband had found out and all was hell. I tried to email the OBS but have never had a response. They are 3-4 hours away and off my grid and though I have mutual acquaintances with this couple, I would have to explain to them why I want to know. Can a private investigator find out that kind of information? Any advice?

3 comments posted: Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

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