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GabyBaby Update

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TrustGone posted 1/7/2019 14:46 PM

This is so great Gaby!!!! I am so glad you and NerdCop worked out your differences. I hope that 2019 is everything you have ever dreamed of.

Williesmom posted 1/7/2019 18:17 PM


MakingMyFuture posted 1/8/2019 08:17 AM

Snoopy Happy Dance!! So glad everything g is going well. You deserve it!!

3kids30years posted 1/8/2019 16:16 PM

Awesomeness!!! So glad things are good for you - miss your face at Crack with a Altitude - but excited at your new life. You deserve it!

Love ya!

GabyBaby posted 1/8/2019 17:45 PM

Thank you and hugs all around!
I miss my Crack with an Altitude buds too. I keep trying to get our Host with the Most to ship some to me, but my presence is required to induldge hehehe.

I'll get there again at some point. My kiddos still live in California (for now....). *wink*

wildbananas posted 1/8/2019 19:41 PM

Hey Gaby, we're going to try to make the Crack with Altitude G2G this year... maybe we'll see you there? *hint hint*

GabyBaby posted 1/9/2019 10:49 AM

I need the deets early so I can try to make it a visit to see my kiddos in the same trip. Id love to go!

plainsong posted 1/9/2019 11:51 AM

So glad to hear that things are going well. Was it really three years ago that I met you!!! Continued good luck, and thanks for the update.

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