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I thought we were in good relationship, then I found wife cheati


beb252 ( member #78948) posted at 3:18 AM on Thursday, November 25th, 2021

She's been provoking me saying that im not doing enough to solve this.

You can return back the same statement to her. Her stepping out of your marriage and continue to be in communication with her AP despite continuous pleading not to. She was the sole reason your marriage failed. Yes, failed. Past tense. Your marriage was over the moment she put POSOM's D.... in her mouth or whatever else they did that she continues to downplay.

In order to start R she should have been truthful from the start but it seems she's finding more ways to be discreet and continues to be in communication with her AP.

No, you didn't use her for your career growth. It's only fitting to help each other in marriage but it seems she's only seeing one way on lots of things.

As what I've said from my previous replies, continue to focus on getting that master's. That's your future. From what I see, she's not part of it.

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Bigger ( Guide #8354) posted at 5:01 PM on Thursday, November 25th, 2021

She's been provoking me saying that im not doing enough to solve this.

Can she elaborate on what YOU can do to make her not have affairs?

What does she think YOU can do to "solve" this?

What does she see as a solution?

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Robert22205https ( member #65547) posted at 12:49 PM on Friday, November 26th, 2021

I'm sorry you're in this mess. You don't deserve this crap from her.

IMO this is manipulative and a power play on her part.

You can't control what your wife says but you can control your reaction to it.


1 - "I'm sorry you feel that way but you have failed to prove to me that you're not in contact with the OM; and you have failed to prove to me that you are a safe life partner."

2 - Do not respond with anything else. Either say nothing (very powerful impact) and pretend you don't hear her; or respond with #1.

Any other reply gives her power over you and pulls you into her toxic/manipulative world. STOP playing her game.

FINALLY: Take your power back. Put her on the defensive.

Inform your wife that you saw the text etc and therefore know she's still in contact? The burden of proof is on her (not you).

Inform her mother that it is not over because she's still lying to everyone and texting him.

Does the mother live with her and help with the kids? Blow up your wife's toxic world. Consider taking a shot at the mother (since she wants to rugsweep) and remind her that she raised a liar and adulterer (and should be ashamed of her parenting).

You don't have to prove she's texting the OM. Under the circumstances (she's a liar and adulterer) she has to prove she's not.

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ShutterHappy ( member #64318) posted at 3:06 PM on Friday, November 26th, 2021

How can i solve this when she says shes not in touch with AP when she's.

You don’t need to prove anything. You have made your decision… even if she wasn’t in touch with the AP, you could still D her.

It’s YOUR decision to make. She has no say in it.

Why do you want to wait until you get a job to D her? Ask your lawyer when is the best time to proceed and go from there.

You may not want to expose her at work, it might impact the alimony she would pay you… talk to your lawyer.

Basically you "solve" this by proceeding with your D. There’s no need to talk to her or her mother.

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