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25000th Post Party for sisoon!

Party Monkey posted 2/19/2021 12:03 PM

BearlyBreathing posted 2/19/2021 13:00 PM

So much kindness and wisdom! Thank you!

WalkinOnEggshelz posted 2/19/2021 18:02 PM


outofsorts posted 2/19/2021 22:02 PM

Thanks for all the good advice sisoon!

lieshurt posted 2/23/2021 07:30 AM


Unhinged posted 2/23/2021 11:50 AM

25,000 posts?!?!?!?!?!

I think he deserves more than a party! We need a fiesta! A grand gala! A national holiday!

Thanks, brother, for all you've done here and all the lives you've impacted and helped to improve.

ETA: okay, maybe not a national holiday, but still...

[This message edited by Unhinged at 11:51 AM, February 23rd (Tuesday)]

sisoon posted 2/23/2021 12:52 PM

Lots of time on my hands, and recovering from infidelity is interesting, and SI is a safe place to share one's thoughts.

BraveSirRobin posted 2/26/2021 18:16 PM

Thank you, sisoon!

DragnHeart posted 2/27/2021 08:28 AM

Oh man i habe my work cut out for me lol. But im catchibg up

Congratulations all of your wisdom is so very much appreciated.

Bigger posted 3/1/2021 19:16 PM

One day we will have a beer. Congrats!

thebighurt posted 3/2/2021 18:38 PM

Thanks, Sisoon, for being a wise, kind, compassionate voice when and where people need it most. You are an asset to SI.

foreverlabeled posted 3/5/2021 07:51 AM

Thanks for all you do sisoon!

That's alot of wisdom shared

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