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Any medical peeps around need advice

Can you suffer whiplash from a side impact vehicle collision?

46 comments posted: Monday, September 19th, 2022

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What is your comfort food?

I pondered this while enjoying my cream of potatoe soup with shredded cheddar cheese, and other added veggies.

I love cream of Broccoli as well.

But the more I thought about it the one thing I tend to put in ALL of my meals is onions.

Chopped up in a salad, soup, mashed potatoes, pasta dish, stir fry, meatloaf, on sandwiches, even my own sad but tasty blooming onion.

Please NOTE I say MY meals. I live with a bunch of picky eaters who prefer breaded EVERYTHING and I'm sick of that. Only Little M has what I call a normal palate of food preferences.

While I enjoy onions I dispose onion soup.

I coukd say soup is my comfort food but if it doesn't have onions in it, it's just not good. I guess that means for me it's onions.

What's your comfort food?

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Stupid Picture Friday

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Is it selfish to have some expectations

In a friendship?

I'm at an age where I am sick of giving and not receiving anything back.

I want friendships where the other person will say hi once in a while, reply to a message or email, be honest.

Is that to much to ask?

I mentioned this to "a friend" who got cranky with me about it.

Seems I'm good enough to vent to and be expected to be there when they want but I'm selfish if I want the same....

What say you SI?

14 comments posted: Sunday, September 4th, 2022

Need perspective on this

Ive been talking with an old acquaintance of mine, lets call him R. He's constantly depressed, talks about wanting to die. I've always said I'm available if he needs to talk but after last night I've reached my limit.

He has a friend who is dying. Last I heard the friend, J, was on palliative care, death wasn't imminent.

Yesterday R sent me a screen shot of a Facebook post J made saying he got bad medical news but really great personal news, details to follow.

R was pissed off J didn't tell him directly what the news was. I guess he wanted me to agree that J was being mean by not sharing that information with him. After a long day, being tired and sore myself I didn't clue into that. R made a comment about what HE thought the bad news was making it sound as if J is under hospice care. I just said that if he's still under palliative care I didn't think that was what's wrong, would just have to wait and see what J says.

R snapped at me. Told me to fuck off and that I'm nothing but a piece of shit.

I'm trying not to take it personally since he's all depressed but damn! I've said he needs to see his doctor, try antidepressants, even go to the ER with how he's been talking and he's always had one excuse or another.

He lives to far away for me to do anything to stop him if he decides to attempt suicide but I do know mutual friends who are close. Do I bother informing them of his current state?

Part of me is just royally pissed off and thinks he's playing the poor me card but I'd hate to think he is successful and I did nothing.

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Is this normal from doctors?

Well first I wasn't able to get on here this morning. An error page kept showing. Wonder if it was just me.

Anyways last week wh got hurt at work. Ended up taking him to the ER. While there he mentioned that within the last couple of weeks he had passed out. They immediately do an ECG. He's then sent for an x ray of his shoulder.

Er doc says he has AC separation and rotator cuff injury.

Ecg didnt show anything so he makes the suggestion to follow up with our family doctor for the shoulder AND to see about having a monitor put on for his heart.

Wh is put on modified duties for 2 weeks, forms for work related injury all done AT the hospital.

The moment we got home from the hospital I called family doc and made it very clear that the appointment was to discuss a HEART MONITOR and see how his shoulder is healing.

Last night was the appointment with family doc. All that was discussed was his shoulder AND the doc ended up filling out the same damn work injury forms with just one change, ordering an ultrasound and the possibility of needing physical therapy depending on what the ultrasound shows.

When we bring up the heart monitor the doc says that he does ONE issue per appointment and to make a separate appointment for the heart thing. OMFG!

The office was empty, I specifically told reception what NEEDED TO BE COVERED and the time needed for that, it takes us an hour and a half to get there and wh works so he's limited to just the evening appointments.

Wh had to finish filling out the forms with his info then the receptionist needed to make copies. While he's doing that I ask her for another evening appointment for wh. She gives me an afternoon appointment. So I say again, LATE evening appointment. After the third time explaining I asked for a specific TIME hoping she got it.

Anyone else wanna pull out their hair and scream.....

Is this a new normal? Making an appointment for each thing you want to discuss with your doctor? And frankly the forms didn't need to be done AGAIN, nor the total shoulder range of motion thing when it hadn't even been two weeks yet.

The main concern was to get the heart checked to rule that out for why he's passed out. Grrrrr.

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Stupid picture friday

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80 comments posted: Saturday, July 30th, 2022

Stupid picture friday

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Need help re christmas cards

Does anyone still have their Christmas cards from the exchange from like 10 years ago.???

The first year I participated I drew a Christmas moose in every card.

While I have the original drawing, I do not have a colored version.

If anyone still has it can you post it so I can figure out how I colored it.

Thanks all grin

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Prayers and mojo request

My brother has had the same friend since kindergarten. This guy had been an adopted brother of mine. Part of our family. He's an amazing man!

A few years ago he required a kidney transplant.

A few days ago he ended up in the hospital. I just heard today that tests reveal his body is suddently rejecting his new kidney.

So I'm requesting the amazing healing energy of SI.

Thank you smile

15 comments posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

New puppy!!!!!

Wh finally caved!

We adopted this sweety. Had to go through an interview and got selected.

Brought her home last night.

If you want your kids to get off their electronics and sleep in the living room get a dog lol

Meet Nellie grin

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A question about burns

It's DD's 14th birthday.

Baked a cake. Actually a double cake. In a very large pan meant for lasagna lol

Anyways went to get cake out of the oven and my arm touched the edge of the pan. Of course stupid me didn't just put it down and regrab it. Noooooooooo. I instead stood there with my hands in the oven, arm against the pan THINKING what should I do. I didnt react, I just froze.

5 seconds or so later I snapped out of it and put the cake on top of the stove then ran my arm under cool water.

The burn is about 2 inches long, an eighth of an inch wide and white. That part doesn't really hurt. All around it does. It's red around the burn. It hasn't blistered. Can I just leave it open to the air or should I cover it?


Yes I'm a wreck lol

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Being a creature of habit

Is anyone else like this?

For example I stick to the same route to and from town to do shopping every week. Always the same route. That way if I have trouble or disappear my family knows where to look. If wh drives us anywhere he alwsys takes a different route or deviates just to piss me off.

I also shop at the same grocery store and for the past 2 months they have been renovating. They bought thr vacant store space beside them and expanded.

This has sent me into a fucking frenzy.

I followed the same route through the store, made easier by the one way arrows during covid (loved them!). I buy the same crap every week so it was easy to get what I needed and get out because I knew where everything was.

Not. Anymore...

Except for produce, everything has changed. And it's a drastic change. Baking stuff is in the isle with ketchup. Frozen foods are in freezers all around thr outside instead of just the back. Toilet paper etc is where the pop (soda) used to be. And cupcakes cups that used to be in baking stuff is now on an end cap by Deli. WTF!

OMG I'm going to lose my friggin mind!

Please tell me I'm not the only person who wants to run through the store screaming...

And of course since today is a holiday everyone was losing their minds yesterday. Encountered the cream of thr crop for driving stupidity. Making a left turn from right hand lane, people running stop signs, parking diagonally across parking spaces. mad

And of course 2 of 3 banking machines just had to be out of order the day I need to get out the mortgage money. Gotta say I didnt realize I swore out loud until all the people in line looked at me. Then they all agreed and while waiting we all had a great chat. It was fun.

Usually my one day a week out of thr house is relaxing but yesterday was NOT.

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stupid picture Friday

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Missing child ends in tragedy

Sunday a young boy with autism was reported missing from his home.

Once word got out the entire community went out to search. Three separate police units from different regions, helicopters, drones, dogs, boats, ATV's, people from far came to search. Security surveillance caught him heading north on one street.

We all had hope he would be found safe.

Then just over 24 hours from when he was reported missing, police divers retrieved his body from the river.

Hundreds of posts and so many asking why no Amber alert was issued. Amber alerts are for abductions, not lost/missing children.

Now we have a petition to created a new alert system for vulnerable children/individuals. I pray it gets implemented.

I didn't read about it until late Sunday when I checked out community Facebook page. If everyone had had an alert come over their phones, radios maybe, just maybe he would have been found sooner.

I hugged my kids tighter last night. The entire community is grieving today.

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Stupid picture friday

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Self care during the emotional roller coaster

I'm really struggling with the emotional roller coaster right now.

Everything from totally numb, to heartbroken and sobbing, to all out rage.

Every time wh is in the house I just want to rip him to shreds. It takes every bit of restraint not to scream at him. So I lock myself in the bedroom, a prisoner in my own home...

I also have struggled with self care because I end up feeling guilty.

The last two months that has changed.

I bought new clothes and make up and I'm actually wearing said make up. And because I still wear a mask so no one can see my wrinkles and jowls I've had guys striking up conversations every time I'm out. Even without the mask one man just couldn't stop talking to me today at the gas station. Felt fucking awesome!

I've had to wear glasses for distance since grade 7. Hated wearing them and only wore them while driving because I have to. I picked up my NEW glasses today and OMG. My prescription hadn't changed much in 15 years but now everything is crisp and sharp. Its amazing. And dammit I look good in them!

(And they are gold and purple yay!).

Drinking lots of water, bought myself the After Eight creamer for MY coffee, got the supplies I need to tweak my tattoo design, got info from a woman whose hair I loved about where she got it done and am making an appointment to get mine done! Purple here I come! Ummm my purple nail polish was a bit much. Like too dark. I looked like I had the hands of a vampire they are so damn white so I need a lighter shade.

So while the self care is coming along nicely the emotional ride I'm on is driving me batty.

I dont see IC until late next week. sad

I've watched every Marvel Movie I have to distract me except End Game cause I'll just cry all damn night watching that.

I'm trying to keep myself busy but I don't know if I should let myself feel the feels when they come or not. I can be rather self destructive when emotions run amuck. Add alcohol and something sharp and its back to self harm for the release. The one night I drank a bottle of wine I slept so amazing. Hadn't slept like that in...months? Years? My mother makes damn good wine. And can drink anyone under the table. I apparently didn't inherit that skill lol

I have enough clean fill at the front now to probably do a round about for the driveway so I've got that to play with. But I can't drive the tractor with wh around.

I want to get through a day without feeling rage, sobbing and then being totally numb. Just one day.

Any tips?

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Proof that theres something in our water!

I am 100% convinced that whatever is in the water here makes things bigger! I've seen big crickets but the wild ones are massive. Like June bug size.

Worms. Wow.

I've set up our home cameras that send my phone a notification and photo of whatever motion set it off. Captured the following. I've cropped the pic to just the creature.

At first I was panicking thinking OMG we have scorpions here. Nope this is a little jumping spider, typically with black and white stripes. They are cute. This one, not so much. Either he's taken on a gym membership and is working out those front legs or he's fallen into a vat of nuclear waste or there's something in our water because:

This isnt normal!

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Stupid picture Friday

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Sexual assault at my kids school!

My kids came off the bus one day talking to eachother about police being at the school. Turns out one of the grade 8 boys assaulted a girl. Of course it's just rumor from all the kids. Nothing had been said by the school and won't because of thr Young Offenders Act.

Like what the Hell is going on....

Worse is what I discovered on DDs phone...

She and I went out alone last Sunday. She was sitting in the very back of thr van when, she could habe sat up front with me. Turns out she was video chatting with her bf. rolleyes

She made some comments about her dad and that whole shitty situation that made me worried. So I checked her messenger account.

The messages this bf is sending her....omg. wanting to plant his seed in her, fill her hole.

I wasn't dating at 13 so is this talk normal?

Dd and I have had the sex talk and her response to him always try to change the subject or shut him down. But still. I worry.

Now an assault AT THE SCHOOL!!!

I'm just a mess now. More so than before. My only comfort is that dd knows to go for thr balls. She floored ds once and then gave him a black eye. Anyone attacks her and they will be sorry.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture Friday

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Recurring theme is dreams/nightmares

Has anyone ever had a recurring theme in dreams?

I haven't had it happen in a while. Yesterday I laid down for a nap and I had the weirdest dream. This isnt anything new but the constant in every dream is that I try to call for help and my phone doesn't work. I cannot call 911.

Previously it's been dreams of people trespassing, stealing or setting up camp on my property.

Yesterday's dream was about 2 orcas being stranded on one side of my flooded driveway. Yeah so weird. I am NO where near the ocean.

At first I see one orca jump from the flooded ditches to our side. I briefly wake up then doze off. Then I'm dreaming there's a huge truck and crane in my driveway trying to get the now 2 orcas back to the ditch where they can then swim back to open water.

Ok so yeah I'm close to a waterway connected by locks but...again, not someplace you'd find killer whales! The man in the truck asks me to call for more help and no matter how hard I try I cannot connect. DD is there with her her phone and makes the call saying its ok mom I got this.


Why can't I ever get help?

I know I feel helpless now. That I'm frustrated I get no help around here. That I feel trapped and alone. But these dreams have been happening for years.

Maybe I can change the dream so I'm using a CB radio instead. Easier to put out a 10-200 (police needed) than trying to use my phone.

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When you move away and they all move too

My parents moved from the city to a small town. Like small. Teeny tiny small. More cows around than people! First year there I went to the catholic school in a slightly larger town about 10 minutes away.

After a year of being beaten and bullied my parents enrolled me into the small public school in the town we lived in. From grade 3-8 and then onto our tiny high-school. There was 107 students in my entire high-school.

Ok to say I enjoyed school would be a lie. Teased, called names, at least not beaten but that took me beating the crap out of one of the bullies to get everyone else to back off.

When high-school was done I never looked back. Moving up here was great. Far from everyone right...

So why is it I keep running into people I went to school with?????

And why do they pretend like our school days were so great and are so friendly now...

These same people would moo when I walked by, called me horrible names, were cruel. When I refused to have sex with one guy in the library next door to where all the teachers were I was treated even worse!

Everyone thought I was the good girl when I was actually dating a guy from another high-school, yes having sex, drinking and smoking. I was by no means the good girl! They didn't see that side of me until I brought my bf to a dance and we started dirty dancing lol. Even the teachers were shocked. laugh

So when I happen to run into them I just want to tell them to go f off. But I don't. Cause I'm an adult and mature right....grrrr

Can anyone else relate to this?

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In house separation sucks!

Wh has been sleeping on the sofa since March 8th. He left for a few days but knows I cannot keep him from the house.

This is maddening. He keeps insisting we need to spend time together to reconnect. Barges into the bedroom any time he wants.

I've tried to get it through his head this isnt how separation works and when I've brought up things like separating the phone bills (which he has to call to do cause he is account owner) he will say things like "this is my house", "where do you think I am going", "you can leave" etc.

Guess it was dumb to think he would make this easy.

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Stupid picture friday

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Covid is making the rounds

DD is now out for the count. Poor kid has the worst headache, a fever and a sore throat.

DS has a cough and the sniffles.

So far the twins are ok.

I still feel blah with bouts of sudden severe nausea.

Looks like this will be another week away from school.

I think there should still be masks whikr inside. None if us got sick until thr mask mandates were lifted.

26 comments posted: Sunday, April 17th, 2022

Update on my dad

He's doing good.

They took out the shunt for the dialysis. Kidney function is good. He developed what they think is an infection at the site so he's on antibiotics.

He goes to the hospital once a week for chemo.

The only issue really is bowels. They don't work so he is on laxatives that work way to well. My mom has tried to get him on a proper med schedule and bowel routine but he's being stubborn.

My brother is doing as much as he can, as much as they will allow him to. Lots of driving. He's stressed but handling everything like a champ.

I called my mom to chat. She seems in good spirits.

Watching your parents slowly deteriorate is difficult.

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Stupid picture friday

Well I'm not happy. List the nativity if photos I had. Here's a few that didnt disappear...

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Stupid picture Friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Is it normal to want to do crazy stuff?

Nothing illegal. blush

Since DDay last week I have been thinking non stop abuut getting a tattoo.

Wh and I planned to go together but I couldn't because I was pregnant with dd. Instead of waiting a month wh went ahead and got his..


I drew it myself. Already had a tattoo shop look at it.

My youngest brother has tats. He gave me a gift certificate for a tattoo shop for a dathe (sp) piercing for my migraines.

I was now thinking of using it for my tattoo.

Thoughts? Good idea? Should I wait a bit? Or jjst go for it?

Anyone else do something like that after dday?

17 comments posted: Friday, March 18th, 2022

Hit me with your best shot

Yep start swinging those 2√ó4's.

So after some red flags went up I managed to get recordings of wh and J, said Gay woman from work, having some good Ole sexapolooza in the back of wh van.

Today I mastered a plan to follow them.

Catch them IN the act and record it with my phone.

Also to give wh a bag of clothes and personal items and a sweet note that read "Go stay with your whore".

Didn't quite go as planned. I was a bit too quick on the draw and pulled up before the pants came off. Awe shucks.

Still the look on his face was priceless.

He tried to stop me from leaving. I left.

Apparently interrupted their regularly scheduled fuck fest because he followed. Stopped to drop her back at work then caught up to me. Fuck!

Followed me home. Gave me the usual im fucked up, its all my fault, I'll go to therapy bullshit.

Does a web search. Makes a call. Says hes waiting for a return call from an IC... then went back to work.

Thank friggin God!

He kept wanting to talk. barf

I kept saying I had nothing to say to him.

Now all is peaceful and quiet, e cept for baby goats baaaaibg like mad. I fed them and the piglets as soon as I came into the house. Avoiding wh.
Goats just want dragon snuggles now.

So yeah.

I'm NOT going into details abiut further plans. Biggest mistake I made was inviting him here. He probably reads my threads so I wont be sharing.

I just had to get this all out. And warn every BS. SI can help both BS and WS IF and that's a BIG IF, your WS is worthy of R.

Mine is not. Never has been. Confirmed PA #5 is proof of that. Before you share SI watch your WS actions. If they aren't moving heaven and earth to make things right KEEP SI TO YOURSELF!

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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A common responce that scares me

I have seen it alot here over the years. A mother abandons her children and is spoken of in horrible ways.

I get it. If you abandon your kids for your OM yeah that's shitty.

Here's why it scares me.

Because there are days, more lately than not, where I could simply get in the van and drive away and not feel one bit of guilt.

My kids drive me nuts. They are self absorbed, entitled fucking assholes some days and I hate them for it.

I have used every damn parenting method to get them to be responsible and they remain worse than pigs.


They are a constant reminder of being tied to a person who on a daily basis hurts me.

I do love my kids. I just dont like them.

So yeah it would be easy for me to just walk away. I cherish every fucking second of grocery shopping. I'll let people go ahead of me in lineups just so I have more time away. And I hate being around people so it does show how burnt out I am.

I am that horrible mother.

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Wifehad5. I am still unable to reply to threads

On my new phone galaxy A52, nothing works. I cannot get past page one on any thread OR forum and cannot reply to threads.

Old phone, galaxy A20L everything works.

So far... smile

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Stupid picture friday

1 comment posted: Friday, February 25th, 2022

Stupid picture friday

0 comment posted: Friday, February 25th, 2022

Omg yes its still happening. I cannot reply to threads at all

When I click reply I get ONLY the option to start a new thread. WTF.

I won't be able to do SPF tomorrow. Omg...

I am so sorry people!!!!

2 comments posted: Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Still not working for me

I cannot get past page 1 on any thread OR in any forum.

I cannot reply to any thread at all. Just start New threads.

I am on an android phone as well.

Tried in both Chrome and Safari.

Dorothy...the link you gave me for PAGE 3 took me to page one of the what's on your mind thread.

Also there are no updated threads past 8pm for me in any forum. Is the top thread in General still the dont rub my nose in it thread???

Of course here I am panicking thinking I am in trouble. Please let that not be the case.

Dorothy, I will reboot my phone and see if that helps. I did a scan just now to see if I have a virus and it was clean. Also did device care. If I don't create a new thread after I reboot that means it didn't work and I can still only create New threads not reply to existing ones.

This is so depressing. Forgive me if this issue is still happening tomorrow and I miss doing SPF.

8 comments posted: Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Ok habing a serious problem here help!!!

I tried to go to page three of the whats on your mind thread and kept getting bumped to page one. When I click reply, all I get is the option to start a new thread...

What is going on?

Anyone else having issues???

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14 years today and i don't know how to feel

Most people would be happy to Make it this far in a marriage.

Most people would celebrate.

Ok so it's not one of the mildstone years but it's a damn long time lol

I just dont know how to feel today.

One part of me feels it's all tainted and means nothing.

The other part knows we have had very good times.

But the bad seems to overshadow the good. At least in my mind most of the time.

Wh posted a Happy Anniversary to my loving caring wife on FB and all the me nuts. No one knows....not that they should I guess. It all just seems so fake.

One of thr wives of a guy wh works with likes to bake. Wh came home with a bag of cookies last night. He handed me the bag and my wife sense went off. It wasn't from the wife but one of the woman he works with...I just knew it.

Of course my mind instantly goes to what did he do to deserve cookies, is she trying to poison his family to get rid of us...etc. fml. What is wrong with me, it's just cookies...

Life isn't horrible. It's ok. Not great but not awful.

I sometimes start down the rabbit hole of what if's and realize this is where I'm at right now. No point looking backwards. Wasn't it Walt Disney who said Keep Moving Forward?

What will the next 14 years look like?

This morning I was going through FB reels. One reel said in 3 seconds touch the screen snd a message you need to hear will be on thr screen. 3, 2, message was:

"You deserve better. You know you do"

The universe has spoken.

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Stupid picture friday

113 comments posted: Monday, February 21st, 2022

The whats on your mind thread

Ok so I'll bite. Changed it up from "random thoughts " to whats on your mind.

Anything goes as long as it's within the guidelines of course. grin

I'll start:

Why is it so easy to sleep all day but not sleep all night?

Why are male goats called Bucks when they do more Ramming than bucking?

If you named your happy green octopus Squirt, what would you name your purple grumpy octopus?

I haven't decided what my favourite chocolate bar is yet. I think its time to do a taste test of ALL of them lol

So, whats on your mind today?

349 comments posted: Monday, February 21st, 2022

Stupid picture friday

Ya i know a bit late. Was awake way to late tending to baby goats lol

136 comments posted: Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

More kids!!!

Just welcomed triplets to the farm family.

Dd woke me up saying she could hear a baby goat.

Pearl had her kid before Christmas and they are in the nursery barn up close to the house so I thought maybe that's who she heard.

Went out to check to find one little tiny all-white kid outside by the goat trailer door. Dd crawls up the ramp to find two more kids inside. Mom just standing there staring.... rolleyes

One of the other goats was trying to push all of the babies out. So we locked mom and babies in the back half of the trailer.

It's a 30-foot camper trailer, renovated with thick plywood and filled with straw. Was nice and warm in there.

Mom had two does and a buck. The all-white doe is the runt. I saw each kid nurse but if the runt doesn't grow well we will bottle feed.

That was a rude awakening at 12am but of all the reasons to have to wake up, teeny tiny pygmy goats kids is fine with me.

Pretty sure dd would have spent the night out there had i not told her to get inside to bed lol.

Photos to come. grin

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Stupid picture friday

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Best way for cancer patient to gain weight?

My father is fighting bone cancer, on top of being on dialysis 3/week.

He is on a pill chemo.

He is also losing weight.

Any tips to help him keep what weight he has or gain it back?


Note he is taking boost and ensure.

11 comments posted: Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Water well questions anyone else on one?

Our line from thr well to thr house froze last week.

Friday I figured out the frost free hydrant for the garden hose wasn't working because the inside part broke. I left the broken handle off since the inside part was stuck then drove to town to pick up a new one. By the time I got home wh was home...and fuming.

The stuck part had come out and for maybe 2 hours water was shooting across the backyard. He had to shut off the water.

We replace the hydrant and all seems fine. Wake up Saturday morning with no water.

Not knowing if it was frozen, the control box, control switch or the pump itself, i called the company that installed the pump. They came by Sunday with a new switch and control box but still no water. They went into the well snd figured out the line was frozen. An hour with the hairdryer going on the line from inside of the house and two reptile heaters IN the well and we had water.

But it is bypassing the pressure tank. The tank remains empty and when we turn on a tap the pump goes on.

We have been using a 20/40 switch when we are supposed to have a 30/50. Well guy brought is a 40/60.

Obviously our pressure has sucked. But if we install that switch will we get more pressure without the tank being full?

Wh wants to replace all of thr T pipe and connections where the well line enters the house this weekend. Its supposed to drop to -23. Is it safe to have the water shut off that long and not freeze the line again?


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Stupid picture friday

106 comments posted: Monday, January 31st, 2022

Any quick fix for ugly cry face?

Yes i have been ugly crying all damn day. My face is swollen. Sinuses congested. My eyes are slits. You know the look...

.any tips or tricks to at least be able to breathe again?

I can barely see this screen.......

My nose hurts so bad. Why...omg its like 10000 needles stabbing my nostrils.

Cold compress help? Or is warm better?

I have that cry headache, too.


20 comments posted: Saturday, January 29th, 2022

Anyone else here own sugar gliders???

I do, of course lol

Since the house is chilly where their huge enclosure is located i moved our 1.3 Group to a smaller cage into our bedroom.

We discovered they enjoy the solid wheels and have a few of them. Two in this cage right now. Solid wheels due to their long tails being able to get caught in the hamster type wheels.

Anyways my three girls were fussing up a storm. Really angry at eachother. First it was just the normal female and the leucistic female. Then the pied female got into it.

Turns out they were fighting over who could use the larger of the two wheels. The pied girl and leucistic girl were both in it facing in opposite directions trying to run.

This of course won't work and was funny as can be seeing them both trying to get the wheel going.

I guess all the noise upset the male since he came storming out of the nest box and kicked them all out of the wheel. He then got going so fast he got whipped out of it.

They are a riot sometimes. grin

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Stupid picture friday

Omg i am so sorry people!!! I thought it was Thursday. Man i am tired...

124 comments posted: Monday, January 24th, 2022

Quick question about oven elements

Can you put a 3000W bake element, listed as a "universal replacement" in a stove that had a 2500w bake element?

(Talking about the bottom element)

So yeah, my stove blew as if Thor himself was having a lightening fit inside.

I was cooking pork chops. All of a sudden there was a ZAP. Then the element broke into flames, sizzled, snapped apart and went out. I shut off oven then made a dash to SAVE THE PORK CHOPS ūü§£

It was the Gods way of telling me No DragnHeart you will NOT be baking a cake tonight... damn!

I have checked every store that sells elements within a hour of where i live. Everyone has the 3000w. No one has the 2500w.

Of course i got the 2500w spec off the web from searching for my stove.

Are the specs on the back if the stove? I haven't bothered to pull it out yet. Lol.

Wanna see two kids habe a shit fit. Dd and Big D both were like OMG mom how are we going to cook our breaded chicken fingers... rolleyes

Thank goodness for toaster ovens lol

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Stupid picture friday

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Are all waywards this clueless?

My wh currently works in construction with typically an all male staff.

A few times they have hired woman but they usually dont last. Turnover is high even amongst the men.

Not long ago a group of new hires came in including a few woman. All but one quit during the first and second weeks.

The woman who stayed wh says is a lesbian and married. He says she is a good worker etc.

Regardless of her sexual orientation the fact that wh talks about her more than just a little DRIVES ME NUTS!

Hes given me shit for not "caring" about his work life but when i ask if anything is new he shuts it down usually angrily that its the same shit every day.

Of course typically each fucking morning he will blab non stop about what goes on at work, including whats happening with gay woman...

So if i ask him about his day he gets upset.

If i dont ask him about his day im an uncaring bitch.

If i get frustrated hearing about gay girl im a jealous crazy bitch.

Fml i cannot win.

And the absolute worst thing he said about her is that he thinks she and i would get along great.

Maybe so but he pulled that line with his OW's too. mad

After having had at least four affairs you'd think he would grasp just how much talking about these woman can be upsetting for me.

I want to scream!!!

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Stupid picture friday

119 comments posted: Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Sudden case of hives causes?

I was laying in bed watching a video on puff pastry and started to get itchy. Then it got worse and was spreading. Got up looked in mirror and im totally covered in hives around my neck and face.

Took a Benadryl. Stopped scratching. Isnt as bad. But WTH!?!

I dont know what ive done to trigger this.

Haven't eaten since dinner.
Added shavings to pig box hours ago.
Using the same detergent on clothes/bedding.
Im not allergic to anything that i know of.

Any ideas what else can cause hives?

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I just do not understand why so much resistance

Here in Ontario we will be going back to a modified stage 2 of reopening. That means back to certain public health measures for 21 days.

50% capacity for malls and retail.

Closing of gyms, theatres, zoos, amusement parks, no indoor dining etc.

Remote learning until at least Jan 17th.

Cap on indoor gatherings of 5 people.

Capacity limits on funeral and other such services.

The list is long as usual.

The outrage at this just shocks me.

With covid numbers in the tens of thousands even if just 1% of those need hospital or ICU care, the reality is our hospitals will be overwhelmed.

What did everyone expect would happen with the numbers of people who went against public health recommendations over the holidays...!?!

I am happy there is a delay in kids returning to school! Many, like my 3 younger ones, arent vaxxed yet. Stick 30+ kids in a small classroom and pray that covid wont run rampant is irresponsible.

(I got my three scheduled for their shot tomorrow).

Its the third day of the year and already it feels like theres no end to how cruel people will be. Social media is swamped with conspiracy theories and people just raging. Anyone saying they approve of the measures gets a written beat down and called names.

Its just so depressing!

I don't understand how so many people can be blind to the obvious. Ignorance or just plain arrogance?

I feel helpless and hopeless and so alone.

Anyone else feel like this?

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Psa and prayers request

My brother called me.

My father is in the hospital with kidney failure.

Hes been sick for a while. Finally caved and went to see his doctor. Got bloodwork.

Doc called with results this morning and demanded my dad go to the ER.

No one can stay with him or visit.

My mom is sitting by the phone...

If you can spare some prayers or mojo i would appreciate it. Im trying to hold it together while out getting groceries

Dammit....guys if you are sick its not Manly to suck it up....see your damn doctor! crying

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They did it again and i want to scream!

Got a notification from an App that ds teacher uses (and may i add shes the ONLY teacher who uses this app so i have to add yet another one to my phone Grrr).

She sent out a reminder that the kids are to wear festive colours today since they are doing the first recording of their Christmas concert.

She also said absolutely no black because its against our "countries culture".

This is in contrast to a message i got yesterday from Big D's teacher asking that all her class wear black today...

A bit of a back and forth with DS teacher i find out that each class has a different country to represent.

Great....could have told us before the day of...

And the explanation that the snow days we had threw a wrench into their plans is BS! They would have know before today what country they were representing since they are recording the performance TODAY...


My DS is incapable of realizing he will need specific clothes etc for events like this. I need better communication from his teacher. And sorry to say i said so lol. I dont think im in her good books today. blush

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Stupid picture friday

111 comments posted: Monday, December 6th, 2021

What gives you satisfaction?

What makes you feel good?

I built a gravity fed pig feeder. I cannot tell you how wonderful i feel that i accomplished that.

Gathered all the wood.

Measured wood.

Cut wood.

Screwed it all together.

And viola! Happy Pigs!

Also happy me. I can fit three bags of feed in it, so I'm not hauling out buckets of food twice a day. I save that for water rolleyes

Pigs, unlike goats, know when to stop eating. They get full. Goats, well they are "Pigs" and will eat until they quite literally explode.... look

Bonus: i can fill it from the outside of their pen.

That was Tuesdays project. Monday, though i managed to get stuff done, wasnt as satisfying. Came out to do feedings and was greeted by all of my goats, ie NOT in their pasture.

Their round hay bale came apart ON top of the electric fence knocking it down. I hadn't yet put up the gate for the wood fence i built. So that was Mondays job. However i was using the commercial grade chain link fence wh got. Most of them came already on the metal bars so we had huge panels. This was one not on the frame. Just the chainlink. So i built a wooden frame. 6 feet tall, ten feet long. Using scrap wood we had here meaning 2"√ó6"√ó10' boards. Heavy...

PSA: when using old wood make sure any old nails are hammered in good or pulled out. At one point while trying to lift it into place the whole thing came down On Me. Nail cut across my thigh and the wood bruised it all. Didn't rip my pants. Still scratching my head about that. Came very close to needing stitches and yes my tetnus is up to date.

Needless to say i had some choice words and I'm pretty sure the neighbour heard me lol

I did get the gate up, goats back in and all seemed ok. Until Tuesday morning. Goats not in pen... i didnt have U nails to attach the chainlink all along bottom board and they were pushing it out just enough to get out. Put a board on top and screwed it in place for now. That worked!

Wednesday and Thursday i spent extending the roof over the doors of the pig house and closing it in more to avoid any drafts. Put in 4 more bales of straw and its fun to watch them tunnel through it.

I could sit in their pen watching them all day.

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Stupid picture friday

96 comments posted: Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Animals are funny

I transferred my water monitor into a larger enclosure. 8 feet long. He has large branches to climb on, a huge water bin, heated floor on one side and basking areas.

Ya know what he likes to climb on?

The walls. Plywood walls he can climb across with ease. He also likes to climb the cage wire at the front.

But whats funny is that if he sees me looking at him he freezes. Will stay so still as if thinking i cannot see him. Ever so slowly he will start to climb down then will make a dash for his cave. Over and over he does this.

Hes hanging from the wire now...

In contrast my Savannah monitor comes right out to greet me when i walk in the room.

Yesterday i found my white goose walking around the out of thr pasture. I told her that wasnt acceptable and started to walk towards her. She ran to the fence, flapped up and over it and then hit ice when she hit the ground. Ever seen a goose skate? I nearly peed my pants i laughed so hard. She did that wobble try to catch herself and totally failed.

From in the pasture the duck and other goose just went crazy. I assume they found it funny too laugh

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I need to vent warning curse words

School spirit days. Theres one every other frigging week and i hate them! Wear pink, wear a jersey, wear a school shirt, wear blue, wear something camo.

Its a non stop headache to make sure all the kids have them and its ALWAYS a fight with them not to argue over who wears what or that they dont want to wear something at all.

I dont need this added fucking stress over god damn shirts!

My children's IEP's have "technology" listed to help them.

You know what that technology is?!?

A computer program that READS FOR THEM.

So lets NOT teach the kids with difficulty reading to actually read, we will just give them a program that does it for them. What the ever fuck.

Im busting my ass fighting with the kids doing reading and sight words at home and at school they aren't even reading. mad

We got a good dumping of snow last night. Wh bitches this morning that he feels just so unprepared, oh there's so much to do. I lost it. Said i have been telling him this exact shit for months yet he comes home from work, sits on his ass, does fuck all and expects ME to do it. Fuck!

I have a thousand things to do and i can't even get help with dishes without a fight. Today i am changing the wifi password and hiding ALL of the chargers!!!

Man i need a drink!

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Stupid picture friday

114 comments posted: Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Giving dd a mental health day

Dd and i headed down to the city yesterday for her yearly endocrine appointment. The 6 month one was done via a zoom meeting but this time they needed to do bloodwork so it was in person.

We are nearing the end of her growth hormone treatment. Her growth has slowed down. Shes made it to 4 feet 9 inches tall. Shes now a whole 80 lbs.

According to Transport Canada shes officially allowed to ride in the front seat if a vehicle. Shes so happy about that.

She is NOT happy that she may not grow any more. Maybe another 2 cm. Thats what the doctor thinks. She is just barely on the growth chart. And with her growth tapering off there's a chance she won't stay on it.

We have to wait for her bloodwork to come back to see if we can increase her GHT. If we can we will give it another 6 months.

Dd was given the option to stop now. She didnt want to. She wants every last bit to get taller.

She was talkative on the way down there. Didn't say much coming home.
Started sniffling. I knew she was upset but she wouldn't talk about it.

She didn't sleep well so today i kept her home. The school seemed ok with it.

I dont know what to do for my kid. She was always looking ahead to the therapy making her taller and it has done an amazing job from when she started. Its just not the end result SHE was hoping for, even with being told it has limits. Genetics plays a huge roll and thats just something you cant fight.

Shes also angry we didn't start sooner.

Part of me feels i failed her but i know we did what we felt was best at the time under doctors advice.

Im worried she will become depressed. Trying so hard to make sure she is ok while dealing with the other kids issues. I feel wiped out. And that drive yesterday was HELL!!! Hell!!!

Any advice on how to help dd accept herself as she is?

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Stupid picture friday

105 comments posted: Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Womans heart attacks

I woke up around 2am with crushing chest and arm pain. Figured since i had over done it on the weekend and slept on my arm it was no big deal. Pain went away in about ten minutes, arm was sore all day.

Then with my morning coffee i got something In my eye. Flushed it out. Still not better. No visible foreign matter. As the day went on it got much worse. Gross gunk started to come out. Decided once the other kids were home from school and dinner was made i was heading into town to see a doctor.

Went to urgent care. Thought I'd have them check my shoulder/arm too. Discovered that if you have something in your eye and you mention chest/arm pain they will send you to the ER. Urgent care doc didnt even look at my eye.

Had my blood pressure taken three different times and each time it was different. Normal then down then up.

Got a full cardiac work up. Bloodwork.

I always thought men got the chest and arm pain while woman get the upset stomach, neck and jaw pain. Was told thats true but woman can have a range of symptoms so they had to check to be sure.

Happy to report my heart is in good working order. My eye on the other had has a significant decrease in vision and a scratch. Got drops and getting a visit to an ophthalmologist, yay me...

The heart thing is really scary. Kept thinking I'm to young for a heart attack. Heart attacks arent huge in my family but strokes are. Guess its time to shape up and get healthy.

Now for a few hours of sleep before its time to get up. Sheesh.

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Convincing myself im not to old for this!

I am sooooo sore today!

Yesterday was beautiful out. Decided to continue with my wood fence on the goat pen.

Already built two 8ft sections. Just had to move them into place. Realized my fence was NOT straight and had to move five done sections over. Then got smart and strung a line up so i wouldn't mess that up again.

This fence isnt into the ground. Its a bitch to dig post holes or pound T posts in so each 8ft section is screwed to a crosser so they look like H. That way if the goats head butt it the crossers take the pressure and the fence stays up. Not the best explanation but it works. Anyways...

Wh helped with one section then got on my nerves so i did the rest myself with him coming to help here and there. I got smart and built the next sections in place so all i had to do was stand them up and screw.

Each 8ft section is two 4ft. Three 4√ó4 posts with 8 horizontal 2√ó4 joining each, so 16 total. Its a heavy section. My arms feel like jello. I had to wear my rubber boots because its all wet there but these boots are also steel toe. My legs are so sore too.

We put up field fencing last year to keep the horses further back. I was going to leave a space between the field fence and back of the goat pen for the tractor but that means pounding in T posts for the goat/sheep fence. Said screw it and will continue the wood fence right to the field fence then line the inside of the field fence with the goat fence so they cant get through. Means the goats have more room.

This isnt a bad thing since i want to be able to extend the pig pen which is beside the goats. Just means 4 more eight foot sections to build. shocked

That said, my body really hates me today. I mean OMG ouchy.

Wh old neighbour was a WW2 vet. In his 90's using an old sickle to cut the grass in his ditches. The man was amazing!!! Wh was gifted that sickle. Im in my 40's and building part of a fence has left me a blob the next day. Geez!

I keep having to tell myself "I am living my dream" lol.

Part of me feels defeated. Now i had help, the kids helped a bit, wh helped a bit. I just hate that my body isnt up to par like it used to be.

Today im staying inside but taking care of inside stuff so i dont feel like im slacking.

Hopefully tomorrow ill complete that fence.

Anyone elses "dream" seem so hard at times?

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Stupid picture friday

113 comments posted: Friday, October 29th, 2021

Developing allergies?

I thought I'd be creative and paint my nails. Got glitter nail polish in a five colour package. Loved the purple, of course lol.

Noticed that the stuff chipped really easily and wanted to "touch it up". Ya that doesn't work well with the glitter stuff. So went on the hunt to find my nail polish remover so i could just redo it. Found it and did the hack where you put the remover in a small container with a sponge thats cut so you can soak each nail. It came off really easy. But...

I touched my chin before i had fully wiped off the remover and man oh man did i break out in hives. All the way down my neck.

A few days after that my deoderant caused severe itching.

Now dish soap is too.


I have a shower and i come out itching like mad!

All the same soaps, deoderant etc. Nothing has changed.

Is it possivle to just develop allergies like this all of a sudden?

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Stupid picture friday

127 comments posted: Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Choosing wall colours

Need advice/opinions on how to chose wall colours when you have an open concept style house.

Our front entrance, kitchen, living room, and dining room are one big circle.

There is no real break between the kitchen and living room. There is a wall from kitchen to living room meaning one wall in both rooms.

If i paint the kitchen one colour and the living room another, which colour do i paint that one wall?

I guess it would be easier if i drew out blueprint of the house to help.

Wh and i have decided on the flooring for each room. I know the colour of the kitchen. The colour of the living room dining room and hall is all still up in the air.

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Stupid picture friday

117 comments posted: Friday, October 8th, 2021

Sciatica? back hip buttocks and leg pain

A couple of weeks ago i was reaching to pick up some 2x4's and twisted hurting my back. Pain in lower back, hip, buttocks leg. Horrible pain. Lasted a couple of days.

This past weekend i moved the wrong way and pain is back with a vengeance. I cannot sleep. Laying down hurts. Sitting hurts. Standing is tolerable.

All on left side.

Warmth feels good. Ice makes it hurt more.

I am trying to stay moving but man i cannot take the pain.

Is there any specific stretches i can do to help ease this before i see a doctor?

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Stupid picture friday

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Any plumbers here?

Oh man as if my life isnt f'ed up enough...

Put a small load of laundry on just before going to bed. Laying there, unable to sleep,i hear a gurgling sound.

The laundry room is off main washroom which is beside master bedroom.

Walk into bathroom to find the toilet overflowing and the tub overflow with water pouring out of it, filling the tub.

A. Turn off washing machine.
B. Plunge toilet. Success, it stops overflowing.
C. grab every available towel to soak up water on floor.
D. Attempt to plunge tub drain. Water has stopped coming out of the overflow but tub isnt draining AND i broke the plunger... mad

Water is now slowly draining from tub.

I turned on tap in bathroom sink. Water does not back up into sink!
Same in kitchen.

So being that its most likely a clog, its in the line somewhere between washer, tub and toilet.

I have taped the toilet shut, set up the potty and another garbage can for toilet paper, praying the kids get the hint IF they get up in the night to go.

Its now 12:02...fml.

So is my best bet to get a bottle or two of draino in the morning OR a snake thing?

Note, all water is gone from tub now. Im to scared to try flushing the toilet.


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Kid crying wolf i am so angry

DD has always been dramatic and demanded people do things for her or do what SHE wants.

Even in fucking kindergarten this kid knew how to manipulate people to make them do things for her. Her then teacher asked me if dd was capable of say putting on her boots, coat etc. When i said hell ya she can teacher explained that dd was making people believe she couldn't do things so everyone was helping her. She was so tiny and "cute" and everyone was in line wanting to help...

Teacher put an end to that...

DD uses her small stature as an excuse why she cant do this or that. It's all bullshit and she knows that I know its bullshit.

I do not put up with her crap.

Every day she bitches that she cannot help DS with dishes because she has homework BUT she can sneak out and play with the baby pig one of our sows just had. I called bullshit and told her so and she helped ds all the while mouthing off.

Once done she goes to her room to do her homework.

Then she comes out demanding i help her with her art. Not asking for help, demanding it. I explain how to do what she needs to do and she flips out becauze I wont do it FOR HER...

She blows up in my face that i dont care, want her to fail and no wonder she wants to KILL HERSELF as she storms off to her room.

I needed a minute to calm down then went to tell her that since she feels suicidal i would be taking her to the hospital as soon as her dad got home.

Wanna see a kid change her tune really fast. She not only finished her art but has been saying she doesnt want to kill herself so no need to go to the hospital and its no big deal etc.

I told her its a VERY big deal and not something to mess around with.

Shes been all nice since. Grrr

Teenage girls suck!!! Glad i was never one lol.

Damn good thing shes having special education psychological testing done. Ill be adding this incident into the mountain of paperwork i have to fill out for her..

I know life with kids is only going to get worse lol. No delusions there but tell me i am capable of dealing with all this shit.

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Stupid picture friday

27 comments posted: Friday, September 24th, 2021

Around and around i go

This sinus thing is an ongoing problem now.

It flared up again, left side, ear, teeth, above and below my eye all so painful.

On antibiotics AGAIN!

Tylenol Sinus offered No relief from the pain. Tylenol with codeine did only if i took 3 at a time and of course that lead to no BMs for a week.

Advil plus Tylenol plus naproxen eased it enough i could eat.

Neti pot used daily. Helped a bit but i still couldn't get through the night.

Used heat and cold packs, trying anything to alleviate the pain. Drinking alot of water.

Up until this morning the pain was constant. Today i wake up and only if i press above and below my eye does it hurt. No pain in my teeth or ear. But... BUT the left side of my face is now swollen like a balloon.

As bad as i look i am Ok with it. Not being in pain making me crazy is so wonderful. Maybe the antibiotics are finally kicking in? Maybe using the neti pot has loosened something. Last night i had TMI.....globs of green and blood come out of my nose.

How do i convince my doctor to refer me to an ENT? I cant keep going through this and being thrown on antibiotics each time.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

87 comments posted: Friday, September 17th, 2021

Birthday party invitation and covid

Little M came home with an invitation to a birthday party next month.

I know that we can't live in fear and things have been lifted regarding covid but is this a really good idea?

She cannot be vaccinated.
She has had severe respiratory issues leading to hospitalization.
Shes on daily medication as well has inhalers.

Theres really no details in the invitation other than the location and date. I doubt everyone will be wearing masks. I will be contacting the parent to get that info but should i even consider letting little M go?

I know she wants to and wants to hang out with her friends more outside of school. Its just still so scary. Covid numbers are up in unvaccinated here.


6 comments posted: Monday, September 13th, 2021

Nail health advice

I have always been a nail biter. I would go through periods when i didnt bite them and they would grow out nicely then back id go to biting.

Well i dont do it anymore. Thus my nails have been growing out but they keep breaking.

Now i have to say i have NO idea how anyone wears fake long ass nails or grows out nature ones. I cant type on my phone, i end up scratching myself all the time...i get them caught on stuff.

I just broke the nail on my left baby finger. Man that shit hurt!

My thumb nails are nice and thick and dont bend but all my finger nails are thin and bend easily.

Is there a supplement i should be taking, a polish i should put on etc to help them not break?

TIA grin

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Stupid picture friday

69 comments posted: Friday, September 10th, 2021

Anyone else feel self care is overwhelming?

I know i need to take better care of myself. I have lost a bit of weight, clothes are loose, more flabby, though the scale doesnt show much. Its something. Of course i got that by simply not eating. Not healthy.

But i am stressed all the damn time.

This past weekend i had a total breakdown.

All the kids got new shoes, indoor and outdoor, for school. Little M misplaced her old outdoor shoes and asked if she could wear her new ones. I said yes.

What could happen in two friggin days...... rolleyes

Well Murphys damn law. She loses the new ones BUT finds the old ones. We spent two full days tearing the entire house apart.

All. Of. Us. Wh was already pissed off he lost a game on his new phone and had already reset his old phone before he realized it even after i asked him to make sure everything transferred properly. Add in missing shoes and a house now torn apart. He was not nice to be around...

I have a huge shelf/shoe rack at the front door. Thats where shoes are to go! Do ya think MY damn demon children can put them there??? No!

I totally broke down. Feeling like no matter what i do these kids just wont listen. I wanted to go walk into the forest, out the back and into the river! I have been militant with them from day one on cleaning and keeping things in their place. I have taken everything away from them. I have used praise and rewards. I just dont know what else to do to get it through their god damn little heads.

I am tired. The sinus thing has returned. The pain, pressure...lots of OTC pain meds, antibiotocs and neti pot and i am barely functioning. Got garbage out and one load of (mostly mine) laundry done. I should be resting but if i dont get things done A. It wont get done and B. Ill end up hearing about it.

I want to go soak in the tub. I wont. And i dont understand why i can't do something like allow myself to have a hot bath.

What is wrong with me...

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Stupid picture friday

63 comments posted: Friday, September 3rd, 2021

New things and anxiety???

Its a normal thing to experience some anxiety with "new things" right?

I expect that with things like a move, new school, new job, but what about small things?

Wh and i have paid off the tabs on our phones and could finally upgrade. We wanted new phones so dd could then have my current phone and DS could have DD's phone, all of us on the family plan.

We all went to the store yesterday to "look at" our options. Ended up ordering the new phones which are being shipped directly to us. Wh wasnt much help picking out the phones, saying whatever i got he wanted since he isnt tech savvy...

We both prefer android over iPhone and i wanted to stick with the Galaxy A series since i am familiar with it. It was a choice between A32 and A52. 32 in stock 52 not. Not much of a price difference but a lot more storage in 52 so we went with them.

The problem was not being in stock. I order off Amazon. Its not like i haven't ordered stuff before but today i feel anxious about it. I could have done it all online through their web site but doing it In store knocked off 2 weeks in shipping time.

Maybe it's the switching of data from our old phones to new phones that has me uptight. Buy In store and they do that for me.

Since i have to go back to the store to set up DD's old phone for ds with a new SIM card i was told if i had any issues with smart switch they would help.

This isn't a huge deal at all but i feel like theres a rave going on in my stomach.

I have been making small changes lately. Drinking more water, less coffee (one cup down from a full pot). No longer biting my nails so now i have talons lol. Vaping less. Less snacking. Seems i am losing weight too. All of that and yet im not feeling better. Still tired snd a hell of alot more anxious about stuff. Wth!

Anyone else feel this way?

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Stupid picture friday

112 comments posted: Friday, August 27th, 2021

Stupid picture friday

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And we have more piglets!!!

Went to feed tHE pigs and our large girl who NEVER misses feeding time didn't come out of the house.

She came out only after i went in to check. Two little piglets were in the corner. Two more were dead. Squished by mom is what it looks like.

Of course mom had to pick the non farrowing side.... so while she ate i set up the bumper bar so she can lay down but not roll onto the babies.

I also removed the dead babies and took the two live ones out because the other two females wouldn't stay out of that side of the house. The kids are caring for them now.

Both piglets are girls.

The black one has glazed over blue eyes, blind maybe? It doesnt make any noise and cant stand as one leg appears injured.

The brown piglet squeals nice and loud. Looks healthy. She can probably go back to mom. The other one will be hand fed.

Mom still looks full of babies so I'm watching her. I have her locked into the house now so the other pigs won't bother her. They can use the other side.

Bella doesn't seem to even notice lol.

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Stupid picture friday

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Vent a weekend of raging

Have you ever just been full of rage for days? Ok its a dumb question to ask on this site but man oh man i raged non stop all weekend long.

I was supposed to drop off some things to my parents and do some early school shopping Saturday but I felt off, sick, not myself....ok i felt like i had been drugged. That ugh feeling. I slept like shit, felt shakey. I knew it best not to venture out.

Wh kept pushing for me to go, despite me saying i wasn't up to it (long drive). He wouldn't stop pushing. It was getting on my nerves.

I told him we needed to get the grass cut BEFORE it rained and that he needed to cut AROUND THE HOUSE before doing along the driveway where NO ONE FUCKING WALKS. I said it nicer then that but he then snapped at me saying i have no right to tell him how or where to cut the grass and to just keep my damn mouth shut because i don't know anything.

He tells me to shut up a lot.

This time it triggered absolute rage. I screamed at him. I screamed at the kids. Told them all they were a bunch of useless shits that walk over a mess instead of cleaning it up and i was done being their fucking slave.

Ya know what they all did all fucking weekend???

Played video games.


I had already started laundry Saturday morning but guess what, i refused to finish it. They want clean clothes they can get it.

Dinner. Ya fuck them all. Told them to figure it all out themselves. Good thing i taught the kids to cook.

I ended up sitting in the van at one point because i knew if i stayed inside i would start throwing things.

I have asked DS to get off the PS4 three times since i got home today and that was after telling him NO games today. So i walked up to him and calmly asked if i need to smash the TV to get his attention... he whinned...shut it off and is now pouting in his room.

Next up is the wifi...dd wont get out of her fucking room, wont do her daily chores without a damn fight and threatening to run away because omg mom asked her to clean the litter box or help with wifi is off. See how long before she comes out to bitch.

I swear wh has told them not to listen to me ever...

And yesterday we had an unexpected visitor who actually commented on the fact that wh didn't cut the grass WHERE WE ALL WALK AROUND THE HOUSE. Ha!

I'm better today. i still feel shitty, sick but not able to really pinpoint what exactly feels sick. Rage wise I'm better. Then again wh is at work. I don't have to see him and i can ignore his messages.

Note: i always tell the kids i love them but im jot going to tolerate shitty behaviour anymore. I deserve better than that and they are old enough not to act like that.

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Stupid picture friday

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New glasses any tips on picking frames?

So i finally caved and made myself an appointment to see an optometrist.

I desperately need new glasses as my current frames are being held together with hot glue lol

That and well my age is showing because my sight has changed sooooooo much in the last year. I used to only need glasses to drive, now i cannot see my hand in front of my face clearly, cannot read a text with my glasses on.

I have been using the virtual try on feature at this optometrists web site. I am struggling to find anything that i like.

I am ok with wild and crazy.

My face has aged horribly. I mean so totally awful i won't need a mask for halloween. Thank god for masks in public!!!

I have the eye lids are swollen and hang over my eye lashes ( yes going back to my doctor this time for this problem), i think i can take the award for most wrinkles in one face lol.

(Can one thin out in the face if they lose weight because i am totally motivated to go skin and bone at this point).

I know round frames make me look fatter than i am.

More rectangle frames like what i have now look better than my old glasses that are round.

Should i opt for thick frames or thin ones or the ones where the lense are only held on at the top, no frame around the bottom?


If you wear glasses how did you pick your frames?

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Psychological impact of covid

DD had two eye appointments today so it wasn't worth dropping off twins at school and heading back home. Just brought all kids in at once.

That meant two hours between start of school and eye appointments then another two hours before picking up twins after appointments.

(Its a 35 minute trip home and then back so not worth the time or gas to drive back and forth)

Brought the older kids to a park in town. Awesome park. Has a splash pad. Huge swings and climber.

They love it and we were the only people here in the morning.

After the appointments we came back to a busy park. Not packed but theres people here now.

DS said he is afraid to be around anyone because he cannot get vaccinated.

DD doesnt want to be near people either even with her first shot.

Its not like they are up in peoples faces. Everyone is still maintaining distance and my kids have masks. But they are very hesitant to go play.

DD also said shes not comfortable because there could be kidnappers around, listening to much online about the sex trafficking stuff... its good to be aware and informed and know what to do but now my kids just seem scared all the time.

With things opening up more and things going back to the old normal ways, how do you help your kids feel safe?

When i was growing up i was out playing with my friends until the street lights came on. No adults watching us every second. I havent been a helicopter parent, i have let the kids go play but maybe I've been to protective?

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Stupid picture friday

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Clerical errors how is this even possible?

So i have mentioned wh was approved for a newer vehicle and we ended up with a van. Everything was handled over the phone. Vehicle itself was in a city on the other side of province and was driven out to us. When it got here, the driver took off the dealer plates and our new plates were put on.

Ownership with said plate and all the paperwork was provided.

That was back IN MAY.

Today i left to pick up the twins from school.

Passed Ontario provincial police parked at the 4 corners in town. I had watched a dump truck stop in the middle of intersection earlier and thought oh good cops are watching.

No sooner thought that that i noticed officer was behind me, then lights and siren...

Two officers approached, one on each side.

My van was flagged because my plates were NOT ATTACHED to this vehicle....


They take my license, ownership and tell me to wait. I try to call school no answer so i email teacher. I tell the officers where i am going and that if they want they can follow me home to get all of the paperwork i got when the van arrived.

They then say to come with them to their vehicle. I am shown the alert and am instructed to go pick up the kids, come home then take all the paperwork to the ministry of transportation to sort it all out In a separate vehicle.

So i finally get a hold of wh tell him to get his butt home after telling him what happened, head to town get the twins and head home.

My brother came by to pick up other brothers boat so he stays with kids and wh and i go to town in other vehicle.

Wh had contacted dealership. They said it was a clerical error with MTO, get to MTO and they say its a dealership error.

MTO speaks to dealership. But it needs to be taken care of at thr MTO office in thr city the plates were purchased so dealership will be figuring it all out. We hope.

I have to still get kids to school AND have an appointment for dd tomorrow so MTO says go to OPP office and explain, which we do so im told at OPP

office they will send out an email so im "hopefully" not stopped and ticketed.

Wh said we will just do what we did before getting second van, idrive him to work and take the other van. That avoids any chance if a ticket and having van towed.

The plates were registered to the van on May 21. Yet taken off on May 25th. Who did it and why remains a mystery but dammit my nerves are totally shot!!!

Anyone ever experience a clerical error like this before buying a vehicle???

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Stupid picture friday

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Tush? Medical peeps need some opinions plz

So dd has this rash thing on the back and sides of her neck.

It appeared after going swimming.

No rash anywhere else on her body. No one else has this who was also swimming.

Doc prescribed Betamethasone .05% 2√ó/ day. Other than moisturize it she says the cream makes it itchy.

A rash is a rash but this has been going on for over a month. It looks to get better then gets all red and scaly again.

She hasn't changed soaps, shampoos, anything that would explain this reaction.

Any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.

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Stupid picture friday

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Ontario SI peeps check in please

Severe thunderstorms and at least one tornado touched down here yesterday.

If you are in Ontario please check in.


Weather emergency alert went off on my phone saying to seek shelter immediately.

We were lucky where i am. Storms were just to the south. A lot of rain. Brief power outage. The storm would kick up really bad then just stop. Then start again.

Others weren't so lucky.

Houses had roofs ripped off, some collapsed.

Please check in when you can.

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Survey poll opinion?

Should cats be kept as indoor pets only?

I am of the opinion that cats are indoor pets only.

There has been a ton of missing cats in our area. A lot of posts asking to keep watch. I typically take note of what the cat looks like.

Yesterday another missing cat post.

The replies went as follows.

1. Keep your cat indoors

2. With kids cat is bound to get out eventually.

3. What will we do about the snakes and mice if cats kept inside.

4. Wow theres a lot of cats missing lately.

5. I wonder if someone is taking them.

I replied to number 3, which was a reply off the first two comments. (((Of course i did right lol)))

I said that i agreed that cats should be kept indoors. That with two cats and four kids we have never had a cat escape outside and that cats are an invasive species that do more harm than good to wildlife. I also stated that snakes eat mice.

That didn't go over well with the woman whose cat was missing. I could be a bitch and respond with "well if you had kept your cat inside it wouldn't be missing now" but i won't.

This does piss me off though. We live in an area full of coyotes and other predators. Then there's all the cats dead on roads from being hit. If you really care about your pet why put it at risk like that?

The most recent stats i could find estimate 13000 birds, mammals and reptiles are killed PER MONTH by domesticated and feral cats in the US. Also 63 species of birds, reptiles and mammals have gone extinct because of them.

What is your opinion and why?

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Kinda freaked out can anyone else do this????

Can anyone here put your hands behind your back, clamp you hands together then bring your arms up over your head to the front of your body?

IS THIS EVEN NORMAL or something that SHOULD be done???

I understand being able to fully rotate the shoulder joint but being able to do that with fingers locked with the other hand....doesnt that just seem wrong?

I ask because Big d just did this. He thinks is cool and fun. I could

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Products you are really happy with amd would recommend

What products have you purchased that you just totally love?

I saw a product advertised and thought it was perfect for when the kids throw a tantrum.

Yes we are now the proud owners of The Screaming Goat. A small (didnt realize how small) toy of a goat standing in a stump. When pressed the goat screams.

And more funny than the goat itself is that the kids ACTUALLY USE IT when they are pissed off or upset. DS was trying to complete a task in thry ps4 game Spyro. He was getting so angry then stopped went into the kitchen and pressed the goat.


Ds was able to then finish the task lol

I had a screaming fit (not me the goat) when the fix we did to the well didn't work.

Its amazingly cathartic lol

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Anyone here on a well with submersible pump?

Ya. No water. Joy.

I do have a question at the end so bear with me.

Through watching videos amd talking to a contractor here i confirmed that the pump itself is ok. Power supply is ok. Pressure switch, however wasnt working as its supposed to.

Switch is all corroded and the part that moves below the springs isnt moving.

So new switch purchased.

Mistake #1. Already had a damn new switch hanging on the peg board above the work bench. Face palm!

So instead of waiting for wh to get home i figured id get it done myself...waaaaaaaaa why must Murphys Law be a thing....if it CAN go wrong it WILL go wrong.

Step one undo wiring (ya ya after killing power, did that yesterday so all good.)

Step two, unscrew switch from copper pipe that comes off T pipe.

This is where things went wrong. Instead of the SWITCH coming off, the copper pipe unscrewed from the T pipe. Usually NOT a big deal however i cannot get the copper pipe off the old switch...

Problem number one is that we had replaced the pressure tank and that tank is larger than old tank and it pinched the switch so that in order to unscrew it i ended up bending the sides. This happening on the old switch is fine but i can't do that with the new switch when screwing it on.. so

I require a smaller copper pipe piece that's threaded on both ends to attach back to the T pipe. One more trip to the store once wh comes home.

My question is does the length of the copper pipe that attaches the switch to the T pipe matter? I wouldn't think so...but im no pro lol

I have decided that we will be installing a water softener system with iron removing salt. That requires an entire re-piping of that whole section from where the line comes IN the house to where it attaches to the UV light. Fun fun. During that install i will move the tank over so theres no issue with the switch. Right now i just want water. And a shower.

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Stupid picture friday

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Dear ladies have we talked about period panties?

I saw the funniest ad video on FB and now wonder if these period panties are the way to go.

The ad was for Ruby Love but apparently theres many brands.

Anyone try them?

They also have night clothes amd bathing suits.

Im interested not only for myself but also dd, who as you know is smaller than small. Panty LINERS and big for her yet dont prevent leaks. Thr small panty might work better for her while i would need gigantic due to my derriere hahaha

Anyone have experience with these products?

Pros? cons?


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The evolution of a pig

Nature, animals always bring me happiness. The world seems crazy (more crazy) so here let me share the evolution of our piggy Bella.

Two pounds:

Taking a break from her bottle to smile for the camera.

Syringe feeding worked better. Notice the handle to the coffee cup for size reference.

A HUGE milestone, eating on her own from a bowl.

Still loving those snuggles. Finally putting on weight

Doing some yoga outside.

Big yawn

Belly rubs

Sofa snuggles

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Stupid picture friday

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Puberty shame???

Is this a thing?

Dd body has matured. Puberty is in full swing. She has the body of a super model. Her thighs dont touch, perfect curves. I tell her every day she is a beautiful young woman.

She doesnt think so!

We noticed that when she started growing underarm and leg hair she refused to lift her arms, wear sleeveless shirts, shorts etc. This from a kid who lived in her bathing suits every summer.

Now its full sleeve sweaters. Yes SWEATERS, in the heat! Tights then socks then pants.

I told her that hair was normal. Perfectly ok to have but if she wanted to shave thats fine too. Went over it all with her and so far so good no nicks.

But still. She won't stop wearing the full coverage And its bloody hot! She has gone swimming but again usually jumps out of the pool and wraps herself up in a towel.

She says she liked online learning because the boys at school couldn't tease her. Everyone bugs her about her size.

The fact is even with all this GHT she will not be average height or weight.

She said to me today that nothing about her is normal. Her hair doesn't grow long, her fingers are weird, her skin is different, she is short. Keeps asking me why shes a dwarf. Which i keep telling her all the tests prove she is not. Shes just small and thats ok!!!

She so desperately wants to be "normal". I asked her what normal means and she didnt really answer, just that shes not it.

What do i do with this kid? She is turning 13. I remember how hard it was growing up but for me things started at age 9 so i was tormented with wearing bras and being teased in grade 5/6/7.

I coped by just turning away from people. Being content to be alone, do my own thing. In high school it went from teasing to all out bullying and i went down dark paths. OD'd, alcohol, self harm. I dont want that for dd.

Shes spending a lot of time in bed watching videos on her phone. Its annoying. She does look up cool stuff like origami and I'll check on her to find her with a pile of paper attempts scattered all over her room. She usually comes to proudly show me what shes created. Since school is now done im toying with the idea of turning off or changing the wifi password so her time online is limited.

She loves archery and since we have the bows and arrows she will go out and nail the hay bales. I need to find a club for her because She. Is. Damn. Good!!!

She still plays Mario Kart, builds lego, reads, participates in our family dinner and a movie night. So shes still social

Any tips on how to navigate this body change issue with her? We had gone over the whole puberty change stuff long ago. Probably more so than most people would because of all the stuff she's gone through (delaying puberty medication). She knew this was coming.

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Stupid picture friday

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Gift basket ideas?

My moms birthday is coming up.

Plan to make the trip and surprise her for a quick visit to drop off a gift basket.

Im looking for opinions on if what i have is ok.

So in a large basket:

Three bottles of wine. (My mom loves wine, even makes wine). They are three that i havent seen before. One in a massive bottle that just looks cool.

A "gourmet" package of coffee.

Various fancy chocolates.


Scratch cards.

Birthday card with money so she can buy herself something she wants!

Origami rose and card dd made.

Ya'all think thats ok? What about some sort of cheese or smoked oysters/clams? Gift cards maybe?

Man this woman is impossible to buy for. She's got more clothes than she wears, same with books and dishes, glasses etc.

The basket is getting wrapped up in fancy basket wrap with bows.

Its like i am trying to make up for missing Christmas and Easter due to covid and i just feel like its falling short.


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Do you find people are more grumpy now

Online and in person?

I find it a lot in grocery stores. People have no patience, lash out at cashiers (I've seen some cashiers break down), more so people won't put carts back, follow the rules in the store, traffic is just bad with more road rage.

There's construcrion along our road. Putting down new gravel along the shoulders.

The last time a grater went by he took out our mail box and damaged the poll. Stopped and tried to put the mangled box back on the poll. He apologized and that was fine. I bought a new mail box.

This time since they had trucks parked in my driveway i walked up and just asked the one man to be careful since the poll was broken. He dished out some nastiness. Totally NOT needed. He went and spoke to the operator of the grater who went back and forth pushing more and more gravel up against the poll. I was waiting for it to break....

Since our driveway is lower than the road i was hoping they would smooth out the gravel so we weren't dealing with a huge hump but being blocked with trucks i couldn't see. I posted on our community page asking how other peoples driveways were done and that they got nasty when i asked to be careful of my broken poll. First response was that her driveway had a bump but it had been smoothed out later. After that it was just people being non stop nasty.

The back and forth of people arguing that the city will replace the poll, no they won't went on for a bit. And No the city won't replace the mail box or the poll BUT i cannot bring MY tractor to the side of the road to dig a new hole. I have to HIRE A CITY APPROVED COMPANY TO DO IT...

I guess i should have left the nasty part out. Sheesh.

One person mentioned that its always 2 guys working 30 standing around. He got totally hammered too.

Now they did smooth out the path into our driveway which was nice BUT they have piled up so much gravel along the sides that the shoulder now appears wider. It isn't. If someone pulls over and their passenger side tires are on the edge of the gravel they will go into the ditch which on our side are very steep.

People stop along this stretch all the time. Its going to happen.

I just wish that guy hadn't been so nasty. I wasn't. I was polite. Online i have made my point clear that simply making a request didn't require him to be rude. Most people had responded back that they agree.

But why this sudden urge to just jump on people these days?

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Stupid picture friday

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Head pain

I thought i was having a typical migraine spell.

Cant stand sound. Light is annoying. Feeling sick to my stomach. And with all the ups and downs of our weather here it seemed likely.

Three weeks i have had head pain. Thats a bit much. Tylenol and Advil together dont even touch it. Now my face is puffy, my ears hurt, my teeth all ache, my neck hurts and it gets 100 times worse when i lay down so ya havent been sleeping well.

Figured maybe its a sinus thing. Just got out the neti pot to see if that offers any relief.

Do you ever notice that when you're in pain everything and everyone annoys the fuck out of you?

I have asked the kids non stop to be quiet. Yet they can't even talk, they have to scream and whine.

Last night went to bed. It was late when i started to doze off, close to midnight. Then dd wakes me up complaining that the skin behind her ear is dry. OMFG. Told her unless she's bleeding out or the house is on fire for fucks sake let me sleep. And dammit go to sleep!

Wh wakes me up when he got up to have a coffee with him. Grrrrr. I had barely slept. Went back to bed. Dozed until my alarm went off, woke all the kids up and told them to get ready for school. Then i laid back down only to hear them all yelling non stop. I lost it. Screamed at them all as loud as i could to get their shit together. Its the same fucking routine every god damn day. Just do it. No matter what i take away from them the only thing that gets through their thick skulls is when mom goes psycho!

Wh won't help or be quiet himself because no headache could ever be as bad as what he had when he was sick. Fuck him!!!

Part of me wants to just die. Rip off my head. This is BAD pain. Walk in clinics still appear closed, if i go to the ER ill be waiting 6-8 hours and from past experience they probably will just say see my family doctor WHO STILL ISNT SEEING PATIENTS IN PERSON....

I feel hopeless!

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Stupid picture friday

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The downside of summer

Well technically its still spring. But bugs. That's the downside to nice weather. And the reason i prefer Autumn.

I dont usually mind most bugs. LOVE praying mantis and butterflies and even spiders..but, BIG but...

Ticks this year are BAD!!! we have pulled a few off the kids. We do full body exams every time anyone is outside! We check the dog and pig before they come inside.

Yesterday sitting in my comfy camp chair i find a tick on my shirt. Kill it. Later on when inside i feel something IN my shirt. Wh spots a tick breast feeding. OmfG!!! He gets that one off. Today again in my camp chair while Bella the pig has some outside time and a cute little jumping spider jumps right into my shirt and down in my bra. For the love of God.

So far all the ticks we have found are the non Lyme disease kind. Thankfully. But its still creepy and disturbing. Oh and this year we have monster horse flies, like massive. I swear they are taking steroids of some sort!!!

Anyone else prefer non bug season?

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Need a laugh heres my cake fail

We all need to laugh.

The twins celebrated their 7th birthday this past weekend. (((OMG 7 damn years!!!!)))

They each wanted a specific cake.

Little M wanted a unicorn.

Big D wanted Godzilla.

We have been under a stay at home order and only "essential" items can be bought. So No balloons, No Candles, no gifts etc. Shit my parents couldn't even buy coffee filters. Stores that are open have isles blocked and roped off. If it scans as a non essential item they cannot sell it.

I had cake mixes and icing and Google and thought "I Can Do This!!!"

If you google "Unicorn cake" you'll see what i was trying to do. My mistake...the eyes!

As we are about to cut the cake Little M says:

"The eyes look like piles of poop and then a chicken came along and laid an egg right in the middle of it"

I didnt know whether to laugh or cry lol

(Big Ds cake was a chocolate 2 layer cake with broken Smarties chocolate bars as buildings with a printed picture of Godzilla and Kong fighting that i stuck to a board and then used as a cake topper using tooth picks to stick it in the cake. It didnt turn out bad at all.

Enjoy the chicken egg poop pile eyes lol

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Stupid picture friday

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Lawn care me so angry!

Every year our grass grows fast and tall.

Every year wh uses the lawn tractor to cut it and every year we then have a brown backyard!!!

He wont raise the deck and cuts it WAY TO SHORT.

Like cutting into dirt short....

I used the push mower to cut around the chicken coop and run and all around where i had the electric netting set up for the goats. That's the ONLY area that's nice and green!

I had planned on reseeding the entire area and now im glad i didn't. He would have just killed it all.

Yet another year of no bare feet because it feels like walking on straw.

Any tips on how to bring this back?

Should i put seed down? Set up the sprinkler and water?

I want to extend the garden, bringing it right to the chicken run. So it will be 14 feet deep, maybe 30-40 feet long. I got out the tiller to start that and the draw string broke. wh helped me fix it last night and i tilled all beside the chicken coop. I did a patch maybe 10√ó10. I need to till up that last four feet but thats one area of really nice grass and im hesitant to tear it up lol. Its like picture perfect grass!!! Maybe ill just keep it 10√ó40 this year lol

TIA for any advice to bring back the green.

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Stupid picture friday

146 comments posted: Friday, May 28th, 2021

Vpd or apd or dyslexia how to find out???

Took DS for his follow up eye exam last night after having been injured.

All of this visual problems have healed.

The doc did suggest after the exam the option of having him tested for Visual Processing Disorder.

We know something is up with DS and Little M with regards to learning. Behind in reading being the main thing but ds has had a history of events that confused the school and family doctor.

Falling on his face. Just Bam! Down.

Inability to follow directions.

Deer in headlight stare when we talked to him.

Not appearing to hear us.

Speech delays

Ds had tubes put in and as the doc put it he heard as if under water so that would pretty much explain everything listed above.

The falling seems to have stopped, with daily practice his printing improved to be amazing. Reading is coming along but slow.

I have noticed he switches letters around in his typing. An example i found listed under "auditory processing disorder" is: One example is saying or writing "ephelant" for "elephant."

Little M says words like this ALL the time. She also speaks with an accent that none of us can figure out where it comes from. Not so much speaking as if deaf but theres definitely something different in how she speaks. Her hearing is perfect BTW. Doing math with her is so frustrating. I tell her to count on her fingers but she throws in numbers randomly.

The testing is not covered by any insurance and is expensive.

The school has DS on a list for special testing but he first must be approved. This doesn't cover these disorders or dyslexia. We have an appointment next week with our family doctor to see what he can offer or what referrals are available.

Does anyone here have a child with an auditory or visual processing disorder and if so how do you help them manage reading and basic math?

I figured with constant repetition they would get it and that worked with ds and hand writing but its not working with little M. Kinda like making dd take in more and more calories when in fact her body cannot absorb them is pointless.

13 comments posted: Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Chosing glasses to suit your face shape

Well its time.

Time to get my eyes checked and a new set of glasses.

I have been using my old frames and prescription since the newer ones broke.

(I swear they make frames to break easily just so you have to buy new ones!!!).

Well yesterday these frames broke.

Managed a decent soldering job so its not a total loss.

That said my vision has changed dramatically in the last year. I needed glasses for driving but really my vision wasnt that bad. Squint a tiny bit and all was clear. My close up vision was amazing. I could see the smallest writing.

Now....i cannot see close up anymore and i cant make out small text. At normal arms length for holding a phone i can read texts without my glasses. Put my glasses on and its all a blur. Anything closer than i normally hold my phone and i cannot see without my glasses.

So now its new glasses time. But wh just got his new ones and i HATE HIS FRAMES!!! Big and square. He looked better with the rectangle frames but he said they dont have that style anymore

I have an oval shaped face that's got the aging jowls giving it a square look. I want frames that dont make my face look fatter than it is. Small tiny ones always make me look fatter.

Any tips of suggestions for frames?

I am getting the auto change to dark when bright out. I had two pairs last time, one sunglasses one regular and both those frames broke!

I kinda want to go big and bright and crazy.

I think ill need bifocals. Nothing says Hey You're Old like bifocals lol.

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Stupid picture friday

118 comments posted: Friday, May 21st, 2021

Canadian labour laws question

I have looked up the laws online, government web site,but need clarification.

Web site says standard work week is 40 hours. Anything over that is overtime.

Can employers change that number??? Say, only pay OT after 44 or 48 hours?

7 comments posted: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Cold sore question

I have had cold sores for as far back as i can remember. I recall my family doctor giving me a talking to about not touching them because i had spread it near my eye, the skin between nose and eye. He said i could go blind.

I have been very careful ever since.

Last week i broke out on my upper lip, just under my nose. Then i developed a sore In my nose. I have not to touched it but i have allergies and am constantly sneezing and blowing my nose. This damn sore hurts like a MF and wont go away. I dont know if its safe to use Abreva cream on it. Does anyone know if it is? Or maybe polysporin? Anything to help it heal?

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Stupid picture friday

183 comments posted: Friday, May 14th, 2021

Stupid picture friday

150 comments posted: Friday, May 7th, 2021

Hoarding t/j

I didnt want to thread jack that topic but i have to admit that reading it makes me feel soooo bad!!!

My kitchen table is just covered in "stuff".

Not so bad that the table will break but i no sooner clean it off and its covered again.

The house is cluttered. To much stuff and not enough room. No, lots of room. No organization.

And i suck at organizing. I try. I do. But it never seems to work.

I need a place just for MY stuff. I had a desk cabinet in the living room that held all of my art stuff, board games, extra supplies the kids would need for school. The kids destroyed it.

I have an extra cabinet downstairs i want brought up to use. Maybe i can keep it locked and the kids out of it.

Our garbage is clear bag only. If they deem there's stuff in it that shouldn't be they can refuse to take it. Puppy pee pads are NOT recycling...apparently all plastic wrapping is even the clear wrap on frozen meats. Ya thanks but put that shit into the recycling bin and it gets torn apart by animals between when i put it out in the morning and when they finally pick it up. I dont want to attract bears!!!

Recycling is every other week and it can only be in approved containers, i only have one. Each item must be washed out perfectly with no lids on. Coffee cans like Maxwell house wont be accepted because they are paper and metal and they wont take the whole damn bin if one can is in there... i only buy Folgers coffee now. Half and half cream containers, coated cardboard with a plastic top...again not taken.

Needless to say i have clear bags of recycling piling up in the sunroom because they just won't take it. The dump is closed so i can't take stuff there.

I need some suggestions on books or something to help me get organized lol.

15 comments posted: Thursday, May 6th, 2021

How would you handle this?

How would you respond to comments left after you pose a question that don't answer the question?

(I posted a question to my community page).

For example lets say i asked the question:

"Can buttercups come in different colours?"


"Buttercups are toxic so who cares"

"Roses are prettier"

"I grow and sell buttercups, why do you want to know about colours? Are you thinking of selling too?"

"I dont know anything about buttercups but i can tell you how to grow squash".

Why. Do. People. Do. This??????????????

I was very specific asking for anyone who had EXPERIENCE with this particular issue and for the first 12 comments i got opinions on how they would do it but nope, no experience lol. Then someone who does have experience posted we got talking and she gave me tons of wonderful information, information i have read about from many sources as well so i can verify it.. Of course later on someone else says that person A is all wrong and THEIR way (person B) is the ONLY way...person B also questioned about things i had already answered one post above.

I'm just waiting for person A to have at it with person B lol. It wasnt my intension to start a fight!

I dont know how to even respond to person B. I may just thank everyone for their help and lock commenting. Is that an ok thing to do?

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Stupid picture friday

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Ghost in the garage

So yeah.

Wh and i were checking on mamma pig and three piglets who are still enjoying our garage due to freezing night temps.

A light bulb had blown. Wh got another bulb and put it in. This light is controlled by a chain AND wall switch. If you pull the chain and turn it on you can turn it off with the wall switch.

Wh walks around the pig pen to look at another light when the chain on the light he just did pulls down and flies up as if someone grabbed it to turn off. The chain then swings back and forth with force.

That left us both kinda scratching our heads.

Now theres another light thats on a clamp. A clamp thats so hard to squeeze even wh has a hard time moving it. As we are leaving the garage that light Falls and hangs from its cord..

We also then see the chain from light one is swinging with force again.

The lights aren't close enough to affect each other.

Wh puts the clamp light back up. I stop the swinging chain. We then leave the garage.

I think i need to do a smudging with sage lol

Maybe my uncle isnt impressed with pigs in the garage. I actually told him its funny and all but dont break bulbs, they arent cheap. Lol

I live in a haunted zoo lol

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Question for teachers

How much parental support do you expect with your students with regards to online learning?

Do you expect that the parents sit with their children during class, help with slide work etc?

Or do you think that the kids should be able to do this independently? (Ie. doing work but also logging into meets, finding their work etc).

Im also referring to grade one students.

I expect my 10 and 12 year olds to manage their schoolwork lol.

Big D is in a 1/2 split so he doesnt have to do all of the slides. Problem is he usually doesnt listen to find out what he DOES have to do. I am stressing to him how important it is he listens and its his responsibility to get his work done.

Little M is in grade one but i always have to double check that shes submitted her work. I was trying to sit with both kids each wearing headphones so i wasnt really able to hear what was going on. I was going nuts! Lol

I got ink for the printer and printed off their schedules so they know when they have to be back for a meet. I have showed them how to log into the wifi, where to find the meet links and their work and have left them to it. So far so good...sorta.

I know i could email the teachers but they are swamped so i just wanted a general idea of what teachers here think.


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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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farm life, meet Bella

This is Bella. Runt of a litter of four. Now being syringe fed. She has totally taken to WH, loving to snuggle into his beard. She slept snuggled under his beard ALL LAST NIGHT!

Make no mistake she may be tiny but shes got attitude! Lol

Back story:

My BIL has three potbellied pigs. Two sows and one neutered male. He asked wh to take them. Wh said of course lol

So we used part of the old goat house to make a pig house and put up new fence. We had yet to redo the roof.

I had told my friend the farmer who supplies us with feeders for our reptiles that i wanted an intact Male pot belly pig. She said she would keep her eyes open.

Two days ago she messaged me. Said she had news of a sow that just had four babies and asked if there was a boar did i want it. i said yes. She messages again saying they are all girls..

But she has a lead on a boar but if i take him i must take another sow.

Wh said deal. Both free so...

Wh then asks if the four piglet sows are available. Farmer says yes they plus mom, another bred sow and four piglets all need a new home. Wh says he wants them.

Yesterday morning farmer drops off 8, EIGHT, pigs.

Since we cannot get a vehicle back there, ds and i built a temporary pen in our garage with two sections so mom and babies were away from the other three adults.

We are shown the runt who is very tiny. Wh says he wants her in the house and to bottle feed.

Its been difficult. She won't take a bottle at all. I have tried different nipples but she just won't. So we tried a feeding syringe and its working.

Yesterday and today we got the roof done, actually extended the shelter and roof. Not long ago we put the three other adults in. Mom amd her three piglets will stay in the garage until it stops raining.

BIL pigs still need to make it up here but with stay at home order that won't be until May.

I had already ordered in special pig water nipples

but they arent in yet so i bought large short troughs for them.

The pig pen butts up against the goat pen. Goats and geese were all watching intently lol

Oh, baby goats. Not so tiny anymore. Doing great. Farm life rocks!

39 comments posted: Sunday, April 11th, 2021

I am stuck in town

With a flat tire.

Wh got home from work and said when i got home from grocery shopping he was going to switch out the winter tires for the all seasons.

Should. Have. Done. It. Before. I. Left lol

Made it to the first store, got everything i needed, came out to a flat tire.

Now I'm waiting for my brother, with his tow truck, to rescue me....

This is a fitting end to my week.

Tuesday evening i went to bed early with wh at 8:30 (i was tired). Told my older two kids they could stay up until 9pm. NO LATER.!

Woke up after 10:30pm to find them both awake and DS making his school lunch. Next day DS falls class. Fatigue is symptom of covid. All my kids get sent home BUT since wh is blocked in at work i just start walking to the school. Luckily wh was able to get out and met me after i had walked most of the way, picked up kids and they are now home until the 19th. But we had a good day painting the new chicken run yesterday so i can't complain.

Why cant my life be boring and uneventful???!!!

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Stupid picture friday

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Cooking disasters

I want to hear (read) what you've cooked that was just a total disaster. Whether it be the food itself or the preparation.

I'll go first.

Funnel cakes. No one ever told me about these. Have a bunch of cooking pages liked on FB and saw a post about funnel cakes. Thought to myself that doesn't look hard lets do it.

In this instance, it was in the technique. I need better tongs to flip with. Tried a spatula and splashed oil onto the burner. Burner a la flame lol. I also think the batter, despite following the recipe, was to thick. Made for very puffy funnel cake. Still delicious.

I once saw a recipe for using Coke to cook chicken. Never again. When you cook Coke it cooks down into a black sludge. Yuck.

33 comments posted: Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Repeat dream themes

I am at the point i don't want to sleep. Is there any way to avoid dreaming???

I have a recurring dream theme.

These dreams usually require a 911 call but either the phone won't work (i can't open the phone to dial, no matter how many times i try to dial it doesnt etc), or no one comes to help.

Last nights dream was two men trying to break in through the garage. Our garage is barn door style with one door larger than the other. Smaller door is sealed shut for winter, larger door opens for the van.

I managed to get the door shut pinching their fingers making these guys mad. Once door is secure i hear them talking about messing with the well and tanks beside the house.

My phone won't dial 911.

I decided fuck it, start the air compressor and attach the nail gun then give these guys a taste of nails. Then i woke up.


Ive had dreams of people parking their RVs on our front lawn or field and refusing to leave. People trying to steal or shoot my horses, people walking into the house like they own the place.

In real life i am very mindful and aware of any vehicles parked along the road in front of us. Even vehicles driving slowly get my attention. I lock every door in the house, that includes the door between the sunroomn and kitchen, even the basement door.

I am becoming fucking paranoid!

I can't get through a night without a dream like this. I wake up startled, my heart pounding.

Anyone else have this happen?

12 comments posted: Monday, April 5th, 2021

Laptops what do you recommend???

With school being online so much and even in class work being posted to google classroom to be completed, its evident the world of learning is changing.

I want to invest in laptops for each of my children that will hopefully last them through school. Keep in mind i have two in grade one, one in grade 5 and one in grade seven.

What recommendations do you have for best laptop?

I am not familiar with them.

We have DD's school chromebook but to be honest i hate it. I want something they can use without having to sign into their school account.

Thank you in advance

22 comments posted: Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

I am so confused!

So one of my kids classes was put into quarantine due to being a "close contact" to a "possible" positive covid case. Investigation is pending.

I was instructed that ALL of my children had to remain at home and quarantine as well because they live together.

In the letter its instructed to get the child in that class department also said not to until the child presents with symptoms or the case being investigated IS in fact positive.

I asked the school if a negative test for all of my kids meant the kids could return to school and was told No.

Now what makes this confusing is that the protocols on the school web site for a possible or confirmed case states:

For an asymptomatic individual  who has been directed to isolate due to exposure to someone outside of their household:

If you live in a household with someone who has been directed to self-isolate due to their contact with someone with COVID-19, you can go to work or school,as long as you do not have symptoms,and as long as the household member directed to self-isolate does not have symptoms.Household members  should not leave home for any other non-essential reasons for 14 days.

In this case, attending school, child care and work  is allowable as these are considered essential activities.

Talk about a contradiction. Above it says the other kids CAN go to school. The school insists they cannot.

So while the class that's in quarantine has moved to online learning, my other three kids classes have not.

I emailed Little Ms teacher who posted work. Dd contacted her teacher, but all her work is put online anyways so she can still keep up. DS emailed his teacher but as of yet nothing.

Even more mind boggling. We were told to start quarantine on March 26th. 14 days ends it on April 8th. School said quarantine ends April 6th.

The following week is then their revised March Break.

So far no one has any symptoms. So thats good. Praying it stays that way.

Does any of this make sense? Am i justified to feel confused? I should have just kept them all on online learning lol

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Stupid picture friday

135 comments posted: Friday, March 26th, 2021

Funny cat video

Has anyone seen the videos of people putting things in front of cats that makes them gag?

DD just did a perfect rendition of one of those videos. I had asked her if she was sexually active.

First she says No! Then does this gag face that was so perfect i was laughing myself to tears.

See i had a phone appointment with our doctor and during i asked him of he does the HPV vaccine which he doesnt but he also said its not a huge rush unless she is sexually active.

Her reaction to me asking was just so funny i wish i had recorded it.

(Funny cat videos are a staple of our internet use these days).

5 comments posted: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Allergies to laundry scents?

I know you can have an allergic reaction to laundry soaps but can you have a reaction to a change in the scents of the same soap?

I washed the boys clothes with the same soap i always use but this time it was the original, not the scented one. The girls loads used the last of the other soap.

Big D was all sneezing, runny nose, watery itchy eyes and itchy all over his body this morning.

Benadryl seems to have eased all but the body itch.

Hes having a bath and I'll re rinse all of his clothes. Its the only thing i can think of that triggered this.

Phone appointment with doc tomorrow and in person visit in a couple of weeks for the twins regular vaccinations.

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Stupid picture friday

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Help! kids spirit week at school need ideas

Since we are not having March Break this year the school decided to do a full week of spirit days.

I need help with Monday

Monday: big hair dont care '80's day.

OMG i can manage the girls but my boys have very short buzz cuts. Any ideas for clothes or something for my boys to pull off an '80's look?

Tuesday: Lumberjack day wear plaid.

Ok this i have covered. Each kid has a plaid shirt.

Wednesday: St. Patrick's day.

- wear green/gold, dress like a Leprechaun.

Again i got this covered. Kids have green shirts, and i got the girls green headbands with a leprechaun hat on it and the boys green baseball caps with happy St Patrick day on them.

Thursday: Canadian Tuxedo. denim shirt and jeans.

- they all have a pair of jeans (although dd is picky and says she doesn't want to wear them) but i only have 2 denim shirts.

Friday: formal or comfy.

- the boys have black pants, dress shirts and ties. Dd has a dress up shirt she will wear with black pants. Little M...still looking for a dress but she may just decided to make it a pj day lol.

Is it weird that this shit causes me great anxiety?

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Baby goats!!!

Was up until 2am this morning watching videos with wh so i ended up getting up later than usual. While wh went to make coffee i was getting up and heard my doe screaming. This isnt unusual. She sounds like shes being murdered if i don't get out early enough with her food and water.

Then a scream i hadn't heard.

Put on a sweater, my boots and grabbed her water and grain and went out. As i approached the door i heard BABY GOAT!

She had just birthed. I missed it.

So i got out the towels and began drying him off. She then started to lick him. She got up, had a drink went back to licking him then a few minutes later laid down again. Baby number two came out backwards and i had to pull her the rest of the way out (head not birthed). I cleared out her mouth and nose and started drying her off.

So twins. Yay. One boy (the black white and brown one) and a white girl.

Both have been suckling though mom hasn't made it easy. She keeps moving around or just lays down again. I stayed out there until i knew both were feeding.

That all happened at 9:30am. Its now 1:21pm. Finally able to come finish a coffee, get dressed and pee lol. I got video of the second birth before putting down my phone to help. Lots of pictures. Ill post more later

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

99 comments posted: Thursday, December 31st, 2020

Stupid picture friday

134 comments posted: Friday, December 18th, 2020

Stupid picture friday

Im sorry im late and i have to take my time this morning. First thr phone and internet was down, now my furnace isn't turning on.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Goodmorning all!!!

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

I'm back!!!

82 comments posted: Friday, August 21st, 2020

Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Let's begin with a little bit of cuteness

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

It's a corn snake lol

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Stupid picture friday

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Can anyone help with a phone number?

Need some help finding owner of a number.


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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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A fun math challenge

I really enjoy these types of math challenges and surprisingly, I'm actually good at them.

42 comments posted: Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Random thoughts

I get those every now and then. Something random will pop into my head and I'll think hmmmmm I wonder.

For example. How the hell does anyone hit a porcupine on the road? Its not like they are fast and dash out in front of you like crazy squirrels. Have you actually ever seen one walk on asphalt? They walk funny with a "ewe ewe ewe" expression trying to touch the road as little as possible. And it's not like they are small. So you ain't gonna miss it.

Also, for those of us weirdos who have Milk Bags...what do you do when you cant find the damn milk container? I swear I have four these stupid containers in the house. Cant find one though ...

I ended up cutting a juice container in half and sticking the bag in there. So along with the sock and Tupperware top thief I have a milk container bandit.

Ever have any totally random thoughts/questions?

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Funniest things your kids have ever said?

So Little M got into the Harry Potter movies with WH while they snuggled and she was sick. All the kids joined in and got into the movies.

Today while watching Sister Act, DS yells to me from the living room as I'm cooking dinner:

"Hey mom, the old lady in the penguin suit is the lady in Harry Potter"

"Penguin suit" I'm dying....

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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To cute not to share not a spider promise!!!

After WH went to work I headed back to the bedroom and as I walked in I turned on the light.

That's when I noticed these two. One pair of our sugar gliders.

Top white is Juliet. Bottom regular is Bob.

The looks on their faces are just priceless. I disturbed their "activity" by turning in the light. It's as if they both are saying "dude for the love if god turn off the light" hahaha

Note: the bottom is newspaper that their cage mate Mo likes to shred every night. Not sure why she does that. I clean the cage daily and wash their bowls when they are asleep in their pouches or else Bob comes after my fingers...hes protective if his girls.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Pet pictures with Santa anyone???

Ya know I just dont think this beautiful gal of mine is going to get a photo with santa. Can't imagine why, shes so soft and fuzzy...

(Sorry ya'all but it's been waaaaay to long I had her lol)

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Fb messenger question

Wh showed me his messenger on his phone because there was a conversation that was "locked" and he didn't understand why ...(duh that's the secret conversation feature AND it was a with a woman no less....*rolls eyes...)

Two things:

First when I logged into his messenger from MY phone this person doesn't even show up on his list...what's with that?!?

And if you send someone a message in messenger using the secret conversation feature that means this woman could have opened it and it would appear on his screen but that doesn't mean necessarily that HE started the conversation right?!? And that's why she doesn't show up when I open it on MY phone? Ugh!!!

I hate this secret conversation crap!!!! Thanks FB for making hiding shit easier...

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

It's a warning falling rocks sign hit by a falling rock.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

This is just so totally fitting today...Lol

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Stacked threads



Distracted. What the hell am i doing.

(I feel this way daily...)

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Stupid picture friday

Hahahahaha. I'm sorry I couldn't resist when I saw this.....SPF will resume in the morning

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Pig puns

Big story up my way. 200lb pig stops traffic. Decided to go for a stroll.

So what do you get when you challenge a pig to a tug of war?

Pulled pork.


Why can't you share a bed with a pig?

They Hog all the covers....


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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Hi, sorry I was absent last week. I'm back.

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We've gone green and loving it!!!

Oh MH thank you!!! I just needed this today. So beautiful to see the green. Shedding happy tears!

And now the Christmas Beaver shall arrive to grace us with his controversy lmao.

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Yay I made it.

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Funnies that aren't so funny

Ya know those stories that you read that's funny but it's because it didn't happen to you?

I got one of those. (Warning snake involved in story).

My parents came up for a visit and to help with anchoring the framework for the new garage doors into the cement. Watching WH and my dad work together is funny enough but...My mom doesn't like snakes. Like really doesn't like snakes. Here she is standing to the side of the garage having a smoke when WH swoops in, grabs the garter snake that's attempting to get into the garage and whisks it away in one fluid motion hoping that she didn't see. (He ran away with it, he didn't throw it!)

Nope. She saw and wasn't the least bit happy that a snake had been that close to her. So for the remainder of the visit she stayed on the opposite side of the garage.

That is....Until once again WH comes swooping in to grab the SAME snake that is once again trying to get.into the garage, this time from the other side. OMG the look on my mom's face was priceless.

At that point WH says that the snake must like her. I think had he been in arm's reach she might have slapped him lol.

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Stupid picture friday

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If you could not adult...

What would you do first?

(Not sure if this is going back to being a kid with the knowledge of being an adult or not. Or just having a day to just not be an adult. Your choice I guess ). Ya know, cause adulting just sucks sometimes.

I would first:

There's a place I pass on the way to my parents. They have bouncy castles. First time I drove by it was a huge panda. Then I saw a huge tractor and actual castle. I'm assuming they provide the bouncys for party's. I think I'd rent every one they had, set them all up in the backyard and just bounce from one to another all day long.

Then once I had my fun of being Tigger I'd break out the finger paints and create a masterpiece.

What would your not adulting look like?

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Fun with eggs

I wanted to keep this light and fun so here it is in F&G.

DD's class was given a home assignment. They will be doing the Egg Drop Challenge on Monday.

Create a device that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped off the roof of the school. The instructions were pretty open but rules included no balloons or parachutes.

DD and i have created the ultimate marbled, sponged, baby powder & pop bottle, elastic egg protection unit.

We have successfully dropped it out of the sunroom onto the driveway with egg remaining intact. Cross winds were a bit of a concern but we corrected that will the marbles.

(Pictures will come I promise).

I also added a bit of my artistic humour to the project, which I'm sure should get a laugh...

So..... If you needed to drop an egg off of a roof, what creative idea would you come up with so that it didn't get scrambled?

Rules: no balloons or parachutes. Oh and the egg cannot be hard boiled...

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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They grow up so fast!

The twins turn three today. I can't believe they are THREE!!! I'm so proud of my little dragons!!! Little M is a big girl therefore demanded the big girl chair. Big D was happy in his little chair lol

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Stupid picture friday

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FB messenger question

Is the option for "secret conversations" turned off when you install messenger?

I never had it on my phone because it was to full with pictures and videos of the kids and had no space. We got the computer, I downloaded everything then wiped those folders so I had space. Messenger got loaded. I rarely use it hit today while going through the options I see the section for those secret conversations. Mine was not turned on.

So I check WH phone. The secret conversations option was on....

No surprise there but before I go off the deep end on him....Is there a chance that when installed that option was already on or,like my phone it's always off unless you turn it on?

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Tips for sites

I was looking through WH phone. He has an Android. In settings....It has a "site settings" section. So, he can visit a web site and delete that he's been there within the History BUT it's listed as a cookie I think in this other section.

Guess what? My WH has been looking at porn. Ha! Even with deleting the history I have evidence of ALOT of visits!

It lists the sites according to KB. So I'm assuming the sites with the most KB he visits often. Joy.

Hope that helps those looking for evidence.

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Stacked threads in OT

Bar Mitzvah gift?

Brazilian yea or nay?

What would you do?

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Stupid picture friday

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"mission impossible theme".

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Pets pets and more pets

Lets see all of our crazy pets. Furry, feathered, and of course all of the others lol I'll start off.

Here is my white tree frog hanging out with me.(note having a bit of an issue uploading pics online....this may take a while....feel free to post your non human family members)

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

OK I am sorry all. The update my phone did has taken away the ability to hold down on an image and copy the URL. I don't know how to fix this

[This message edited by DragnHeart at 5:19 AM, January 20th (Friday)]

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

Yay, still online!

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I came darn close to posting SPF this morning. Man Friday just can't come soon enough lmao

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Stupid picture friday

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Cute pictures no really I promise

Dd was given a kitten. He's a royal pain in the a$$ but cute. Thought I'd share some photos

Apparently little baskets are better than cat beds...

Or maybe just my leg...but never his own bed! Lol

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Stupid picture friday

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The power of nature

Didn't know where to post this but here seems good. Been digging this morning extending the hole where we think the well is and found this.

It's a root from the fir tree, I believe a blue spruce. It has grown right through this rock. Nature really is amazing!

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Stupid picture friday

Must apologize now. My phone "ran out of space" so I deleted the data for some of my apps including Chrome. I had at least 20 Windows open with pics for SPF and they were lost's what I was able to find again.

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Funny snake story

The title gives fair warning. Continue reading only if you can find the humour in ME having the shit scared out of me

2am this morning got up to go to the bathroom. I don't turn on the bedroom or hall lights so I don't wake everyone up. Come out of the bathroom, take two steps into the bedroom and step on "something". Reach down and I KNOW...its a SNAKE!.

Instead of clamly turning on the light I scream bloody murder thus waking WH and all four kids.

We had been given three ball pythons over the weekend. Beautiful snakes! And totally harmless. Because WH and I got consumed with the pump problem we didn't set them up into individual containers in our rack but left them in a huge bin on the top of it with heat.

Apparently they popped the top.

That means that THREE snakes were MIA.

The one I found with my foot WH grabbed.

I found number two behind the door.

Number three???

By this time the twins were screaming and the older two had come out to see what was going on. WH asked them to look for the third snake while he went to tend to the twins. From the living room DD and DS call out that they found it. Yay. I go grab it and put it back with the other two.

Snake escapees recaptured. Lid secured.

I have handled small gators and caimans and large lizards with nasty attitudes but a small snake sends me screaming. I chalk it up to being half asleep. Needless to say WH teased me about it this morning.

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Stupid picture friday

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major cuteness for hfssc

Ok here it is! The ultimate cuteness., just for you HFSSC!!! I hope you enjoy lol

(DD's birthday gift from MIL....its a boy...)

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Stupid picture friday

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The gift that freaks you out?

Only I would be given such a gift....seriously why can't someone show up with a truck and trailer with a horse or pony or even a donkey...?!? Nooooo. Here DragnHeart how about the world's largest Tarantula...

The photo doesn't do him justice at all. He's got his legs tucked in, but at full spread he's as large as a dinner plate. (That's 12" across!). He's due for a moult. Seeing as they fling their hairs at you when stressed (it's a defence thing and the hairs are very irritating) I hope so, his butt is nearly bald. I was told he's more docile than usual but I won't be handling him and yes I'm using "him". He hasn't been cooperative in raising his butt for me to take a good look to determine sex.

This is a Goliath Bird eater. Something WH always wanted and MINE. Haha! Ok so I'm not 100% excited about this creature and I can't tell you how long the drive home felt with this guy in a clear container on the passenger seat...the whole time moving around. Shutter!

One thing is for sure. I won't ever me a hand model...yikes my hand looks bad! Lol

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Stupid picture friday

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Need help asap with android

Is there a program (Dr. Fone for example) that will log the conversations from Facebook messenger?

Or is there a way to have the facebook messenger conversations backed up or saved without WH knowing, something I can do through messenger itself even if he deleted the conversation?

I checked WH fb activity log. Last night while I was out he sent a friend request to what appears to be an employee from his previous job (their mutual friends are two people I know who work there). Noessages have been exchanged as of yet but I know there will be...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I love birthdays

At the same time I hate them. Kids grow up way to fast!!!

Here is DD the day we brought her home from the hospital weighing in at 3lbs 12oz.

Here she is now. OMG! How she's grown. We made the cake(S) together. Yes two lol. This one is already gone. Butterfly number two will probably be gone today. I think she did awesome on it!

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Stupid picture friday

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Favourite movie line?

Do you have a particular line from a movie you find yourself using or just really like?

Currently WH is using "fa-da!" Alot. It's from the animated movie Home. We can't help but giggle when one of us says:

"Can I come into the out now?" Or

"What us the purpose of your face?"

Again both lines from Home. (Can you tell we watch this movie alot... ).

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Stupid picture Friday

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Stupid picture friday

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When animals are naughty...

I love animals but check this out....little chipmunk in the feeder eating the bird seed in the foreground while Stripes is eating the blossoms of the Apple tree in the background... no wonder I am filling the feeder every day AND we have no apples lol

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Stupid picture friday

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If you wrote a book...

What would the title be?

I'll start with a couple I am sure my kids would write!

"Painting with Poop: A two year olds guide to driving mommy crazy"

Terrible Twos: how to make the most out of this year. (With a special chapter: breath holding, wanna see mom poop her pants?!?")

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Time goes by to fast!!!

Today is the twins second birthday. We had a small party this weekend.

Big D with his classic tongue.

Oh can't forget to stick out his tongue at his sister lol

Two utensils are better than one when it comes to eating cake lol

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid picture friday

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May the 4th

Be with you

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Stupid picture friday

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Stupid Picture Friday

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Things that make you go hmmm?

How is it possible to get hay AND straw in the clothes next to my skin ( ) when I am wearing multiple layers? Like bra, undershirt, shirt, sweater, hooded sweater, zip up sweater with no hood, hat, scarf and a winter coat on the top and two pairs of socks thermals jeans and boots up to my knees (yes its cold here!!!).

I am pulling this stuff out of places it just shouldn't be! No wonder the goats "love" me so much

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All Christmas'd out lol

Poor Big D...opening gifts and playing with toys was just to much for him lol.

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Things that ruin a good coffee...

Well here I thought a fly would be bad. But nope! This would definitely ruin my coffee

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Christmas jokes

What did the Gingerbread man put on his bed?











........ A cookie sheet.

Your turn

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Stress relief?

I've been wanting to paint for a while now. Today I decided to stop procrastinating and just do it. Was fun trying to keep the twins away from the paint and finally got a chance to finish this after they went for a nap.

I hoped it was be a stress relief for me but I sit here staring at it wanting to keep tinkering with it. I think I'll just leave it as is and start another one lol

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Pics can be deceiving lol

So yesterday WH decided to clean out the ball pythons cages and while I was sitting on the sofa, handed me one to hold. In this photo doesn't it appear that he is absolutely huge??? I took this with my phone.

Now this photo WH took. The snake doesn't look anywhere close to as big as the photo before. Perspective lol

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It has begun!!!

I am not a sock person. Bare feet all the way...even in the winter (inside of course ). And luckily my kids have followed in my footsteps...pun totally intended. sandles and crocs being the preferred footware.

But alas with school finally here the shoes and socks thing is a must. And with new socks comes the sock monster. A little invisible fellow that eats up socks like candy...but of course just ONE from a pair. He IS real!!! Last night I washed 6 pairs of new socks for DS. This is what I was left with when the load was dried and folded.

Somewhere there's a matching set just like this one but I fear its in the belly of the dreaded sock monster...

(And yes he's totally into Spiderman right now. Shirt, pants, socks, shoes, jacket...even his underwear lol).

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Holusion art

I first saw these in a mall display many many years ago while with my dad. Nothing like spending an hour or more staring at these learning how to make them appear lol He bought a couple of plaquemounted ones. I got a calendar. Recently I found the calendar. These things just pop out at me. I don't have any problem seeing the image. WH can't at all and refuses to look at them.

So, has anyone else been fascinated by these and can anyone here tell me what this is a 3D image of? I have 12 more I can post. (Note: I took the photo and made sure I could see it first so the image wasn't distorted by the camera.)

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For all our Tim Horton's fans I bring you


Never mind just Mondays...this is an every day all day coffee oh how cruel to tease us

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Always face your fears :)

And...just to top it of the reasons given to me for never being able to host a G2G here at my place

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Matching sets?

Does anyone else own things like this?

Here is the Nestle Chocolate syrup with a milk container that's the rabbit...

Hmmm I wonder if the yellow container would show up better. yes we have two of them. Then we have two regular plain white milk containers. And no. I don't collect them lol. Apparently WH does

Oh we also have a snack container that's a fish from the fish crackers...

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The zoo lol

Well its a zoo around here so I thought I'd share for you fellow animal lovers. ***Warning***some of them might make a few.people cringe. Our tarantula for example was being camera shy last night so I will post her when she's not so bratty lol. The goats are coming but bother have been to interested on jumping on and head buttibg me to get any good pics

Let's start off with grumpy frog. Yes grumpy frog....this is a Pixie frog. And yes he can draw blood if he bites...he eats mice sometimes but prefers worms.

This is him in comparison to a milk container. He's still so small & cute lol

I'm working on getting photos but some of our animal friends just aren't being cooperative...or are in the mist of eating rats and are not to be disturbed

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Going big...

Well...what can I say. My WH is crazy and this totally proves it.

Pleased to introduce our new "puppy"...

Oh and WH might be smiling but he said this was extremely painful...185lbs of St. Bernard.

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There are two seasons in





And while I know the construction needs to be done being stuck waiting for 45min with all four kids in the truck was NOT fun.

Today DD and I headed out together. I decided since we had AC in the car we would chance the same route. To my surprise ALL of the work was done. Road nicely paved.

DD says from the back seat "mommy did Lightening McQueen pave this road? It's all new". OMG!!! I replied that No Lightening McQueen didn't pave the road. If he would have been done sooner. DD nods and says " probably".

(This after spending a good five minutes trying to convince our goat Stripes that the car seat Was. Not. For. Him...I needed some laughs).

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The twins first birthday fun

Here they are just after receiving their cakes.

25 comments posted: Saturday, June 13th, 2015

share your "awkward" moments

I'll begin.

Last night it was hot. WH goes to the bedroom after kids have gone to bed to search for his "skull boxers" and in the process finds a black spaghetti string camasol top for me (we share the same closet). I think oh what the heck I'll just wear that and my black boy shorts while we watch a movie. As I am about to leave the bedroom I grab my PJ pants and WH asks why. I say "because knowing our luck someone will come to the door tonight" (see where this is going...)

Movie starts. WH is rubbing my leg. We talk a a bit. A nice evening. Then it happens. Door bell goes off. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!

Both of us jump up, I grab my PJ pants and start putting them on as I run through the kitchen, grabbing my zipper sweater and head to the sunroom door. Of course by this time the visiter is at the sliding doors of the living room banging away. Ugh! (We really need to install a gate to prevent people from getting up that far!).

The guy almost yells at me "are those your cows?". Ummm no I tell him. Turns out one has gotten out of the field and is enjoying the long green grass at the side of the road. I didn't stop to tell WH (who was getting dressed) what happened. Nope I just grabbed my keys, hopped in the truck and proceeded to block said cow from the road. WH came down and shooed the cow back through the gate I opened, he actually touched it...I am so proud of him lmao

All this done with me in my pjs.

While it could be said that I have psychic abilities I tend to lean towards "its just my luck" this would happen while I'm sitting in plain sight in my underwear...


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move over Grumpy Cat...

Here comes Grumpy Bunny

I know I saved a few other "grumpy animal" pics but do ya think I can find them lol the joys if having over 2000 photos on this phone... I shall add more once I find them.

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Pretty sure this toilet seat cover would make the majority of people crap their pants

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here fishy fishy fishy

Never been "normal"... Can't even have a "normal" fish. This is an electric catfish. And yes he packs a punch. So much so that when we got him the guy getting him out of the tank used a glove all the way up to his shoulder and a net large enough for a shark to get this is the largest one I've seen. 6" at least.

Just thought I'd see if anyone else here is into fishys lol

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goats have grown!!!

Its amazing how quickly these guys have grown. Starting with the brown one that's Spot, then Stripes (white) then Fuzzy. Fuzzy is the pygmy. He was huge with a winter coat. Now he's shed that and wow is he tiny lol.

As you can see their horns have come in. I have to be careful lol. Stripes likes to head butt me. Spot is so tall when he stands up he can almost get over the gate.

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one cup of cuteness

Met a young woman looking to rehome her pet dumbo rats. Got Splinter (an albino),and Kella (black with some white).

A couple days after bringing them home Kella had a litter...

Most are albinos. Two all black. One black with a white tummy and white feet and these five.....blues. Well grey blue.

Aren't they just adorable? (I had the measuring cup full of food for them then took out the five out to determine their sex. All are boys. Wondering if its a genetic thing that ONLY boys turn out this colour).

19 comments posted: Friday, April 3rd, 2015

loving the green!!!

I love the green St. Patrick decor! Would only change one thing...the three leaf clover to a four leaf one lol. Need all the luck we can get these days

0 comment posted: Monday, March 16th, 2015

wheres the bacon???

In my sunroom because Monty won't stay out of the fridge!!!

(This is what happens when people know my WH will take in unwanted pets... ).

At least yes litter trained. Told he's crate trained but the only way to get him in it is to bring out his harness...runs for the hills when he sees it. On the other hand he loves his coat.

9 comments posted: Saturday, March 14th, 2015

i can't believe i just said...

"Please don't pick your nose with your toes" to DD.

Yep. You read that correctly. My lovely six year old just proved she's very flexible and needs to use a Kleenex!!! Gross.

It also proves that she has really tiny toes when she can fit one up her nose...

Isn't being a parent fun

8 comments posted: Thursday, March 5th, 2015

hang in there

Note: see....I can post cute pictures too ya know

4 comments posted: Thursday, February 19th, 2015

ya know what makes me sad...

Is that there will never be a "turkey people" thread full of photos and the sharing stories of gobbling with ones turkey...

Tom is still in the basement. WH thought since the "deck pen" needed his touch... that Tom would yet again be spending the night inside. All was well until we heard a bang...Tom decided that his pen was now his perch...40lb bird can't fly eh WH?!?

For Christmas WH actually bought me a turkey call kit. One wood box and top that you rub that makes turkey sounds, one puck looking thing that you again rub with a stick and a mouth piece (I haven't tried that yet).

So the kids and I spent some time before school "talking" to Tom. I'm not sure what we are talking about but man can he gobble loud! He also coos and clucks softly.

Man I hope he doesn't think I am his mate

5 comments posted: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Another merry christmas lol

To anyone here to celebrates the orthodox holiday, Merry Christmas

I was able to go out last night and get the last of my about last minute I am soooo bad! I also managed to "put away" the roll of wrapping paper I got just for this...the only stuff I have left that I can find is princess, spiderman and Cars...ugh!

Today while the kids are at school I have some baking to do, wrapping, and packing for our trip to my parents for a huge meal lol. Yay!

And this Christmas we have snow...lits and lots of snow.

7 comments posted: Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

understanding data usage?

Is there a way to understand data usage? On the online cell phone account I can see info on airtime used, texts (sent received numbers) and data usage. Its the data usage that is confusing.

WH plays the game Tribes. Every morning he does whatever he does in the game while we have coffee. I have noticed that early in the morning there's always high data use, maybe 5.56mb or greater. Is that something that would show when an ad pops up in his game? Or is that like looking at a web page?

We aren't using iPhone anymore. On my old iPhone I know I could log into private web viewing that wouldn't show on the log. I don't see that "feature" on this phone. I had full access to WH phone yesterday. His call log is intact, his web history intact and dating back months. Nothing suspicious on the phone at all. Just weird times and amounts of data usage showing on his accoubt. I have started making note of when he has the phone at home and when the data is high to see if I can make sense of it but any insight is greatly appreciated.

17 comments posted: Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

the new years deco is here!!! woohoo

Just refreshed the page to find the happy new years decor up. Its hard to believe another year is coming to an end but here's a toast to a better year for all

9 comments posted: Sunday, December 28th, 2014

priceless Christmas photos

I just had to share. Here is Little M with one of her presents and the look on her face says it all!

"Mom what am I supposed to do with this?"

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30 comments posted: Saturday, December 27th, 2014


Is anyone familiar with this site?

I am getting regular emails stating that my info is "out there" on so many sites and that if I "click here" I can remove said info.

I have never clicked the Link.

When I had DDay I searched for OWs SO and know I must have used that site (I did searches everywhere but don't remember specifically). Now I'm getting emails that he is doing searches on me. Again there's a "view details" link and no haven't touched it.

Is it possible the site is fishing for me to click their links? I strongly doubt ows SO would bother to look me up now.

2 comments posted: Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

deleting linkedin account?

I have been all over the site both full and mobile and I can't figure out how to delete the linkedin account. I can see where it allows me to upgrade but nowhere can I find a place that says delete account.


2 comments posted: Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

they are All girls!!!!!

Dd came home and began making a reindeer hat. I remembered I had bought a set of reindeer hats (each with a name of Santa's reindeer) and I gave them to her. Between making us wear them and wearing them herself she asked what the names were. WH, while wearing "Dancer" said "his name is..." To which I replied...

"No actually they are all girls!"

WH once again says "his" and again I correct him lol

He then says "you will come to my side on this"....

Ummm no! According to the following it turns out that all of Santa's reindeer are girls and that's that!

7 comments posted: Thursday, December 18th, 2014

The christmas spider...thus is actually quite beautiful

I think this is beautiful!

2 comments posted: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

snappy come backs and practical jokes

I lack the ability to have snappy come backs but man do I need some! Have been taking all four kids out Christmas shopping a lot lately (still trying to find a gift for WH). You have no idea how many times I get asked if the babies are twins.....

Really??? After about the tenth time saying yes I really started to wish I had some snappy come back, especially when they say "oh look a girl and boy, Are they Identical?". WH suggested I look at them with a smile and say "no they're triplets" then go into panic mode freaking out about where I left the third one Do you think that would be a bit much?

Now when it comes to practical jokes I am totally on the ball! WH brought home a bag of cat nip in hopes that we could keep our cat from "playing" with the toilet paper.

We also have a chihuahua that is smaller than the cat but insists on humping him non stop. Why the cat tolerates this even a little is beyond me. I thought hmmmm maybe we should cover the dog in catnip and let the cat go to town on him...then it occurred to me. My brothers gf has two cats. She wants slippers for Christmas...why not marinate the slippers in catnip...

Again, to much???

13 comments posted: Monday, December 15th, 2014

snappy come backs and practical jokes

Duplicate post

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0 comment posted: Monday, December 15th, 2014

finally back at it

I wanted to paint a picture of a wolf for my brother for Christmas. I haven't painted in feels good although I am not really satisfied with the finished product I figure he will like it lol

Here's a progression:

Finished pic coming up. Having an issue uploading it edited for spelling

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12 comments posted: Sunday, December 14th, 2014

movies you can watch over and over and over

Does anyone have a particular movie they just love so much they can watch it over and over and over without getting bored of it???

I do!

How To Train Your Dragon...

Man I love this movie. Ok ya totally goes with my screen name but more than that the subtle humour is brilliant and the entire scene between Hiccup and Toothless without any dialog is amazing. The best part is that this movie will continue over and over as long as the DVD player is on. No need to start it up again. WH and I watched this nightly for at least a month before putting on another movie.

Hopefully Santa will bring me number two for Christmas lol

59 comments posted: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

(Who says its hard to catch a turkey??? This one is nice and slow )

3 comments posted: Thursday, November 27th, 2014

best birthday ever. amazing cake!!!

Its been a long day but a good day. The getting older part sucks but the cake WH and the kids made me just rocks!!! 4 layer chocolate cake with chocolate jello between the layers and then chocolate icing covered in sprinkles...woohoo. My calerie count for the week has been exhausted with just one piece

8 comments posted: Thursday, November 27th, 2014

now this is a cute picture

Come on. How can anyone not love those faces lol I just want to rub their heads lol

(hopefully this works. Been having issues posting pictures.

I hit preview and it seems to have worked...

12 comments posted: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

theres got to be a better way!!!

11 hours of VAR recordings....not my record though, I think that was 15 hours but OMG my ears hurt!!!

Mostly because I had ear plugs in and there's a background hum that's blaring at times...ugh!

I used to download the file to a computer then view in a player that "showed" the recording. I could pick and chose what to listen to by seeing spikes in the recording indicating something more than just the HUM. I don't have that computer anymore or any to use at the moment so I had to listen to it all...

It was set to voice activation only but that Hum sets it off. Maybe setting it at a lower sensitivity will help.

Has anyone had this problem with vars?

7 comments posted: Monday, November 24th, 2014

weird email activity

Wh and OW2 used one email they created to avoid mei found out, changed password and account has been unused since.

I still keep it active though. Ow tried to contact who there so I keep it to see if she does again.

Anyways, other than the regular outlook emails the account has just receives two emails. They are from a site that sells stuff. One was a welcome email, the second a products on sale email.

The email has subscribed to the site.

My question is: will web sites add random emails to generate business or has someone (either WH or ow) signed up using that email?

Its not a sex or relationship site at all but the store this site is based off is in the same city as ow. It just rubs me the wrong way, ya know?

9 comments posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014

t/j christmas cards post cards

I'm getting nostalgic - did anyone ever do the postcard chains when they were a kid? I did and literally received hundreds from all over the world. This is even better, because it's a) personal and b) well...sparkly!

I saw this question in the other thread but its locked now so can't respond. I didn't do a post card chain but I did go crazy with pen pals. It started as a school project in our French language class. Write to someone in France. There was a program. You fill out the form and they mail you names and address of kids from around the world. Well I didn't stick to France. I sent out requests for all over! I think I maxed out at 26.

I found that very enjoyable and I always looked forward to the mail I have since lost touch with most or we use internet/email but I would love to go back to snail mail.

2 comments posted: Saturday, November 1st, 2014

koodo mobile users? mms question

I use the self serve app to track usage and pay my bill. I set up WH account so I could pay his bill as well. When I checked today I noticed that his MMS sent/received numbers don't match to mine so.....

1. Are MMS photos sent through texts?

Since he has WAY more sent and received than I do that means he is sending and receiving photos in his text messages? This doesn't sit well with me at all...

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

8 comments posted: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

TV and Movies are bad for your health lol


9 comments posted: Monday, October 27th, 2014

Easy halloween costume

Hey look!!! Its Cousin IT

No. It's DragnHeart with her hair down lol



Wow. That second photo looks like its from the back but it isn't. This is the sort of photo of myself I like. Can't see my face

3 comments posted: Friday, October 24th, 2014

the debate is over...

Over or under???

How about remove the paper roll and take from the middle??? Debate over lol


7 comments posted: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

3 horrible facts lol



11 comments posted: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

can you delete a linkedin account?

I am about to have a nervous breakdown. Wh has a LinkedIn account. Ow viewed it. He might be able to log into the account itself but the email used I have control of. He does not so....ow views and I know about it. Its sent me into horrible bitch mode. I want to tear a strip off this woman...

So is there a way to just delete the damn LinkedIn account? I can't find it and anything to do with editing only shows how to upgrade. I want it gone!


3 comments posted: Monday, October 20th, 2014

does Facebook show who looked at your profile?

Just wondering if fb has changed so that you can see who is viewing your profile? I know linkedin does.

Thanks :)

21 comments posted: Monday, October 20th, 2014

spider identification chart

For everyone who is afraid of spiders here's a chart so you know what to do for each spider


5 comments posted: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

you guys are lucky lol

Yep. Lucky that I can't figure out how to post a video of the best prank I have seen. Unsuspecting people open doors or come around the corner to then be chased by, wait.......

A HUGE spider!!!

Its actually a dog in a suit but at first glance all they see is eight huge hairy legs running at them.

One setup had human body parts (fake of course) hanging from webbing. Then the dog spider comes out to chase the guy and his only escape leads him into a mass web.

No worries. I might be ok with real spiders but something like that would have me screaming and proving I can still run like when I was in track and field lol

0 comment posted: Thursday, October 9th, 2014

oh crap busted!

When using a Var, make sure its hidden well...

I had put the var in WH car. I thought I had snugged it nicely under the floor mat but alas it was NOT "under" the mat!!!

Yesterday DD and I had a mommy daughter day. We took the car. Wh was putting her car seat in the back and there, plain as day was the Var. Ugh!

Wh had worked a double shift and I hadn't been able to sneak out to the car yet to retrieve the var.

We exchanged looks but nothing was said. Needless to say I know putting it in the car is now useless. Owell...

At least he didn't think it was a bomb lol

9 comments posted: Monday, October 6th, 2014

whats your ring tone???

One thing I LOVE about my new android phone is the ability to download new ringtones without having to deal with iTunes. So..... Yes I have been having fun listening to different ones. My dads ring tone is the "angry ring". He's been known to not answer his phone until it gets very angry because he finds it so amusing lol

I have a nice selection of rings. Walter from a Jeff Dunham show, excuse me sir, cotton eye Joe and fishing in the dark songs. Muppets (a favourite).

So today upon seeing the fox outside I quickly snapped a few photos, text WH then ran out the other side of the house to bring in our tortoises. In doing this I pocket dialed WH. Yep. His phone went off in the middle of helping a customer. And guess what his ring tone is??? For ME its the phone telling him that its his wife and not to answer lol. Figures!

So what's your ring tone? Do you select different tones for different people or just stick to one?

31 comments posted: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

warning not for squeemish! you find this and

What do you do?


15 comments posted: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Moto g phone tips?

Does anyone else have this phone? I know with iPhone there's spyware and such but is there anything like that for this android phone?

TIA :)

0 comment posted: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

unwelcome visitors lol

I don't have a problem with spiders. I can handle snakes. I welcome wild turkeys. But....I draw the line at cattle! Lol

I went to meet the kids at the bus to find we had two visitors in the driveway.


These two apparently knocked down part of The fence trying to get to some yummy bushes on our side. Ugh! At least they are friendly. I called the farmer next door and he came. Its amazing how the bulls knew him and followed him to the back gate and into the field.

WH would have been locked in the house. He's terrified of them lol

15 comments posted: Saturday, September 27th, 2014

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