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Health check...

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musiclovingmom posted 7/28/2020 14:09 PM

Our governor mandated last week that all schools in our state stay 100% online until at least 9/8 - with some exceptions. Students with severe disabilities can be in-person. “At-risk” students as identified by the school/staff can meet in-person with class sizes up to 5. I’ll be teaching the music part of my contract remotely. The para-professional side will be different. I’ll be monitoring my church building. Our school has made arrangements with my church to provide workspace for students who have little or no internet access at home. My own children will be in one room at that site so that I can monitor their school time concurrently (instead of my 12 year old being responsible for her own schooling and monitoring her younger brothers). I’ll be monitoring behavior and disinfecting “high-touch” surfaces. I’m feeling much more settled now that there is a “plan” in place.
The social media hullabaloo is making me crazy. The latest viral video of doctors swearing they have a cure is being widely (almost militantly) shared by my friends pushing for a full re-opening of schools with no precautions. I’m resisting the temptation to chime in with a video link to the sermon one of the doctors preached claiming that endometriosis, costs and even miscarriages and impotence are the result of sex between humans and “spirit husbands” who are lusting after humans, inhabiting their dreams and leaving “evil seed” behind as a way to corrupt humankind. I mean, I’m sure her explanation of how to cure CoVid is totally legit, right?

DragnHeart posted 7/28/2020 14:29 PM

As for the nuts on Facebook, again I'm glad I have never joined that crowd. I couldn't deal with the ignorance.

Here there thing. I always felt these people had a fair head on their shoulders and now I'm wondering what looney house they escaped from.

And I dare not have an opinion on anything because I'll get my head ripped off. I'm tempted to just flood my fb with pictures of tarantulas....weed out the weak lol

Time for another break from social media and the comments section of online news. It's crazy making

Yes. However fb and here are my only links to the world. Cant believe anything on the news so I dont even bother listening to the radio anymore. An announcement about how school is going to proceed is to be made tomorrow. I'm unsure if I should even bother to try to hear the report. Half the news stations cut the report short. Then just give highlights. Pisses me off. If the Minister of education is doing a news conference I want to be able to hear the whole damn thing, not just what the news stations feels is important in their opinion ya know.

I'm already stressed with wh recovery from the ATV accident and the number of appointments he has plus the genetics virtual one coming up and the results from that ans all the new damn questions we have instead of answers. I need to lose weight but we've had birthdays non stop and lots of cake. I just baked one for DS whose birthday it is today even though our two family bubble got together this past weekend to celebrate all the birthdays they missed. Cake then. Cake today. And it's not a small cake. My pan is massive. Lol. I'm going to totally enjoy this cake then get serious about the weight loss.

WhatsRight posted 8/5/2020 23:42 PM

So...Laid down for an afternoon nap after spending several hours at my sisters home helping her clean out closets and such, because she is very limited in what she can do.

Woke up with fever, aches, stuffy head, headache, stomach pains, and very tired.

The good news is… I have no difficulty breathing, no cough today (although I had a little coughing jag yesterday evening), and no nausea or diarrhea.

Been monitoring my temperature… Up to 100.4° now. But my normal temp is 97.6°. So I don’t know how that figures in.

I have to call the home health people tomorrow to let them know that I’m not sure what’s going on. At this point, still have to take care of my husband. I always use gloves, but I’m going to add the mask when I go in the bedroom where he is now.

I guess now it’s just a waiting game. 🙄

I thought I was being so good!

Jeaniegirl posted 8/6/2020 00:38 AM

Oh no! I hope you can get tested ASAP.

Fingers crossed!

DragnHeart posted 8/6/2020 08:51 AM

Oh no WhatsRight.
How are you feeling today?

zebra25 posted 8/6/2020 08:59 AM

Yes, fingers crossed it's nothing serious. Hope you're feeling better. Please take care of yourself.

WhatsRight posted 8/6/2020 09:12 AM

Feeling pretty shitty this morning. I have a virtual doctors appointment at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Not sure what happens after that.

Still no cough or shortness of breath, and the highest my fever has gotten is 100.7.

DragnHeart posted 8/6/2020 09:21 AM

Oh glad you can do the virtual doc appointment. Prayers and mojo for you dear.

WhatsRight posted 8/6/2020 18:25 PM

I have shingles

Probably sinus infection

Possibly Covid. Get the test back Mon or Tues

zebra25 posted 8/6/2020 18:32 PM

Ugh. Shingles. Hope you have a mild case. Also praying your covid comes back negative.

Take care of yourself. I hope you can arrange for some help.

DragnHeart posted 8/6/2020 18:43 PM

Oh my dear thata horrible. Praying your test is negative. Hugs.

Chili posted 8/6/2020 19:14 PM

Well shoot WR - my girlfriend here in town had Covid + shingles. Sigh. Sending all good things your way tonight. Keep us posted and ask for help when you need it.

HFSSC posted 8/6/2020 20:13 PM

Aw, man. I’m sorry, WR.

You’ll be in my prayers.

thebighurt posted 8/6/2020 22:24 PM

Major Mojo your way, WR, for a COVID negative. I hope whatever you have, you feel better soon.

Jeaniegirl posted 8/7/2020 15:51 PM

How are you today, WR?

WhatsRight posted 8/8/2020 22:39 PM

I know it’s late, but I’m not sleeping too well. My H went back to the hospital but they didn’t keep him. We had called his sister in to help once my fever went up, she stayed the night, so she’s been here since he got back at about 4 AM this morning.

I just don’t think it’s Covid. (Talking about me) I don’t have shortness of breath or chest pains or a cough. And my shingles don’t hurt- A bit of itching maybe- so I’m not sure if I even have shingles. So I wonder what in the heck is wrong with me.

And one really really really weird symptom I have noticed is that my upper lip, the tip of my nose, and the tip of my tongue are ever so slightly numb.

tushnurse posted 8/10/2020 12:17 PM

WR - have you had the shingles VAccination? Who diagnosed you w/ it?
Shingles rash is pretty dang easy to diagnose especially if the person diagnosing has seen it or been around it, or had it.

That said I wonder if you are one of those w Covid that get the weird symptoms. Yes rash is being associated w/ it, and Nose and mouth stuff includes loss of senses, so that could possibly present the way it is for you.

Make sure you are taking plenty of Vitamin D, Zinc, and C. All have shown to lessen the course of Covid symptoms. And if you don't have Covid they will also help you get over whatever it is that you have.

newlife03 posted 8/10/2020 12:24 PM

I'm good physically. Emotionally I'm all over the map. Dealing with potential break up from SO after 9 years together, and now taking DD17 to be tested for Covid. Dad's death anniversary is next week. Lots at once. thanks for asking, hope you're well.

musiclovingmom posted 8/10/2020 19:10 PM

We had our first day of virtual back to school today. My house was a train wreck. 2 virtual meetings at 8am (one mine), one at 8:30, 3 at 9 (one mine). And this is with the “let’s ease into it” schedule. We had three laptops, only one with a webcam. One with no cam or mic. Also, one of the laptops completely crashed between an 8:30 meeting and a 2pm meeting. We have a webcam on order to use with the desktop and the school is sending one to use with the laptop with no camera or mic. We also have three sets of headphones with mics that should be here on Wednesday. All three of my children were in tears at some point and I have zero idea if anyone interacted with my virtual music lessons yet or not (and I’m too tired to check). We ended the day with yoga for PE and smiles all around, so that’s good. Guess we try again tomorrow.

WhatsRight posted 8/11/2020 21:47 PM

Well, happily… My Covid test came back negative. It was what I thought it would be.

But I will tell you that at my age - 67, and because I am way too heavy, and because I have an immune system issue with my Hashimoto’s - thyroid… It was quite a wake up call for me.

Waiting for that test result had me thinking of all the things I have not done to prepare for the time when I die and my husband dies, and our kids are left with whatever mess we have left for them. I plan to be very proactive in having all legal matters totally taken care of and a “trustee“ in place to help them through the whole process.

Also, my house was really dirty and that bothered me...🙄

I’m not sure I ever had a sinus infection, but the nose spray that I was given has really opened up my head.

And the shingles… I’m not really sure I have them. I do have a rash that is slightly raised on my abdomen. There are three little patches of rash and then other places where there was just one little raised red place. There is itching, and a small bit of nerve like burning, A physicians assistant of many years with my PCP diagnosed me after a virtual appointment and then an in person examination. If I have shingles, it is an extremely light or minor case, because my mother went through it and she was miserable for months not weeks.

Thanks to all of you for your concern and support. 😘

How are all of you doing???

[This message edited by WhatsRight at 10:01 PM, August 11th (Tuesday)]

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