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Health check...

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Jeaniegirl posted 9/21/2020 09:31 AM

I know people prefer to 'pretend' we are not in a pandemic. They are deny-ers. FOOTBALL is a religion in my area. Texas and Oklahoma MUST have their Friday night lights and Saturday college football, all else be damned. I'm a sports fan TOO but no way will I get involved with any of that. They don't seem to realize that young people who test positive might have a very light case but later on, have life-time negative health issues from having Covid19.

At this point it seems to be every man (and woman) for ourselves, to save our own lives. When I'm asked why I'm not getting out, I have a pat answer and that is: I plan to be alive to vote on election day to try to rid us of the idiots making life and death decisions for all of us.

WhatsRight posted 9/22/2020 18:38 PM

Any of you out there that have had Covid, could you give us an update? I so hope you’re feeling better.

thebighurt posted 9/22/2020 19:51 PM

Jeanniegirl, I agree about the selfishness and idiocy (IMO) of people who refuse to give up ANYthing they are used to doing, feel like doing, or planned to do. Sadly, they and/or others unfortunate enough to be around them may be giving up their lives, health or future well being because they do those things. No thought of giving it up for a while that could actually give them a future where they could do it safely.

DragnHeart posted 10/3/2020 09:47 AM

Covid numbers have jumped up big time here. We are heading backwards towards lockdown again.

We cant go to BIL wedding.

Zoo has closed all indoor pavilions.

Masks mandatory everywhere (weird cause I thought they already were).

Social circles restricted. Back to ones own household only.

No indoor dining at bars and restaurants.

Recommendations to go out for groceries, work and education only.

Ugh! I cant have a Thanksgiving dinner with my parents now. I almost want to say I hate the nay sayers and the conspiracy people and the it's my rights bullshitters. Thanks ya'all for ruining yet another family get together because of your damn selfishness.

I'm angry and I'm sad today.

thebighurt posted 10/3/2020 12:18 PM

Agree totally, Dragn! They selfishly push us all to the restrictions they complain about so loudly.

Still low numbers around here, but higher than they were due mostly to schools and colleges doing in-person classes and some from travel.

Still feeling very sad about SIL's family. Goes to show no matter how careful YOU are, someone else can make all your measures useless.

Tallgirl posted 10/3/2020 12:43 PM

Because I work from home, I walk the dog and often see kids after school. No masks. No distancing. No cares in the world. These kids are well into their teens.

I talked to a 49 yr old mom of 3 this week. It was like this was the first time she understood that the pandemic wasn’t just about the sniffles.

I don’t get it.

Lionne posted 10/3/2020 14:19 PM

The local university opened dorms and housing despite the fact that EVERYTHING is online for the fall semester. The infection rate is through the roof. Not to mention 2 drug busts in a neighborhood adjoining the campus, one that had been spared much of that. My friend who has lived there all her life was told by her nurse sister to avoid all the retail spaces and shop a town over.
Seriously, what parent sends their kid to live on campus KNOWING that to party will be the primary activity? No. Don't get it.

[This message edited by Lionne at 2:19 PM, October 3rd (Saturday)]

thebighurt posted 10/3/2020 14:37 PM

Tallgirl, what changed that the mother of 3 now sees the pandemic as potentially life threatening, not just a nuisance?

Dragn, I just heard that Canada is relaxing border regulations to let close US family members cross to visit.....???? Why if things are getting worse on both sides? Also said it will be relaxed more possibly in another month?

WhatsRight posted 10/5/2020 17:00 PM

Y’all let me know if I should let this thread go, but it means so much to me to hear from you all… So…

Health check!

I was weed eating this morning and my leg got jammed into the hole where you turn the water off and on to your home. Might have a hairline fracture but I’m going to let it ride for a few days to save the bill. Might just be a big ‘ole bruise.

The day is finally here, and tomorrow morning my husband will be getting a sympathetic nerve block to hopefully take care of his pretty severe chronic abdominal pain for the last 8 to 10 years. He is TOTALLY off of Percocet and fentanyl, and occasionally takes Klonopin for pain.

So, fingers crossed for tomorrow morning… That it works!!

Our issues are so small compared to some of you all… But I just wanted to get it started.

Now y’all please tell us how you’re doing. What’s going on in your life? Maybe we can help.

DragnHeart posted 10/5/2020 17:22 PM

Dragn, I just heard that Canada is relaxing border regulations to let close US family members cross to visit.....???? Why if things are getting worse on both sides? Also said it will be relaxed more possibly in another month?

Sorry I disnt see this.

I only listen o the news on the days I go grocery shopping. So that's once a week. I know they have pit on more restrictions here in Ontario. Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces. No more social circles, just members of your own household. So not family get together for Thanksgiving.

musiclovingmom posted 10/5/2020 23:20 PM

This is week 5 of hybrid instruction for us. I am less exhausted at the end of the days, and my family has settled into our schedule fairly decently. As awful as it is, when my kids are outdoors playing with the neighbors, I don’t make them wear masks. The boys wear them for 7+ hours two days/week for school, plus any time we are at church or if they happen to get to go to town with me. They’re usually riding bikes and are good about distancing.
The community at large had a big rally pushing for a full opening of schools with zero safety regulations. Our school district has had one confirmed case in 5 weeks. But, our state numbers are rising and our positivity rate is getting scary close to that 5% mark again. Worse than that, tension is high. This is a very conservative county and people are flat ticked at the regulations - and they just keep getting louder and more aggressive convinced that this entire thing is politically motivated to ________(insert your favorite political conspiracy here) _______.
Mostly, I’m tired of teachers being the scapegoats. Apparently we are all spineless, greedy, government bots because we won’t quit our public school jobs and open private “homeschools” where we charge tuition that is even smaller than our current measly salaries and has zero health or retirement benefits.

DragnHeart posted 10/6/2020 03:09 AM

I was weed eating this morning and my leg got jammed into the hole where you turn the water off and on to your home. Might have a hairline fracture but I’m going to let it ride for a few days to save the bill. Might just be a big ‘ole bruise.

Hey dear hows your leg today? I really dislike that you couldnt just go get it checked out.

Lionne posted 10/6/2020 10:53 AM

Whats, I'm also wondering about your leg. Is it any better?
Pain hurts. I'm currently fighting one of my pain trouble spots, have been for about a week. It changes my whole perception of life. I'm grouchy, mad, want to cry. Nothing helps for long, heat/cold/rest/activity. I worked in the yard two days ago, pretty strenuous stuff, my pain did not get worse. I can do many yoga poses but sitting and reaching is painful. And intermittently the pain reaches to my hands and feet, confirming the mri that says this would happen.
Yet, it's true, not life threatening. I'm far better off than many. Still, I'm entitled to whine a bit, if not irl at least here in my safe place.
No covid! Something to be grateful for!

zebra25 posted 10/6/2020 11:17 AM

That's great news about you husband being off his pain meds. I can't imagine how awful he must have felt between the chronic pain and side effects of those meds. I pray things continue to go in a positive direction.

How is your leg?

One of my husband's coworkers tested positive for the virus last week. Thankfully no other cases so far.

The virus is running through a local nursing home. Both residents and employees.

Stay well everyone.

WhatsRight posted 10/6/2020 14:07 PM

Thanks so much for the concern about my’ole leg!

I have a swelling on the outside of my foot and on the opposite side, above my inside ankle bone is a red and blue bruise with some scrapes on it. My niece the nurse said I probably just badly banged and scraped the inside of my leg and wonders if the outside swelling is a stone bruise. Today when I had to put on shoes, it actually felt better because of the soft padding in the heel of the shoe. So she may be right about that. I really think there would be more pain involved if it were broken.

Now for what is pretty sad news at least to me personally. Today we went to the neurologist spine and pain clinic for my husband to get a sympathetic nerve block to help the pain in his abdomen. He has been looking forward to it. I have totally been looking forward to it.

Two days ago he was off of fentanyl and Percocet. This morning after he had the shot, he said that his pain in his abdomen was 80% improved. They said he should come back in two weeks and get it done again and they hope that would make up the part that was not relieved with the first shot. So, “yay!“ Right?

When I ask him about it, and all the way home he just sat motionless staring out the window. So I said, “well, I guess no positive affect on the depression, huh?” He said, “nope.“

So, this is going to sound like a total selfish bitch, but I have been through this for 10 years. How is it possible that you cannot feel at least some depression alleviated when chronic pain for 10 years is 80% better? He actually said, “but my stomach and bladder still hurt!“

I think that probably I’m going to go insane!

dontsaylovely posted 10/6/2020 17:07 PM

@thebighurt - Canada/US border restrictions. While I don't agree it is to let family members get together. Still must quarantine for 14 days. I, in Canada, have family in the States who have not been allowed to visit. Without Canadian citizenship until these loosening rules have not been allowed here. Just bad timing. Covid spiking here now so why now? Might have been appropriate in the summer but not now. Can say a family member with Cdn citizenship did quarantine with me and many follow up phone calls to check on how to get food, fresh air,etc. I was reassured our govt taking care of us.

DragnHeart posted 10/8/2020 15:00 PM

So my DS (10) came home and went on a rant. Actually hes still kinda ranting.

Says that the people who ate the bat to get covid are idiots and that they have ruined his life making going to school a pain, people are just dying because doctors cant figure out their shit and he thinks he wont be getting married or having a family because this virus is going to kill us all...hes mad he canr go trick or treating amd says we xant see santa so Christmas is cancelled and is just plain mad!

I think he needs to stay home for a few days...

I dont know what hes hearing at school.

I dont have the radio on here, dont listen to the news. It was to much for them to hear over the summer so I stopped.

This weekend is our Thanksgiving so he wont be going back for three days. Maybe that will help. I am trying to reassure him. He seems better now that he got all of that off his chest.

FaithFool posted 10/8/2020 15:59 PM

I would be mad if I was a kid right now. Everything sucks bigtime.

DragnHeart posted 10/8/2020 16:17 PM

Well of my four kids DD is the most emotional. Always has been sensitive and easily angered by other people's bullshit lol.

Dd is emotional but that's hormones so I expect that.

Ds is just sick of having to out up with shit he really shouldnt have to. Kids at school are loud he vant hear the teacher or the teacher punishes all the kids because of a few bad apples and man my kid gets mad.

His metal health is taking a hit. Maybe time for some Ic.

[This message edited by DragnHeart at 4:17 PM, October 8th (Thursday)]

thebighurt posted 10/9/2020 12:11 PM

dontsaylovelyI just saw what you responded to my post:

While I don't agree it is to let family members get together.
What I wrote is an exact quote of what they said on the news here, where I am not far from the border. Maybe it was a local thing that only applies to the border crossing here? It also said that there were plans in about a month to announce further changes.

I agree that this is incongruous, given the spikes in so many places. I haven't heard any more about it either. Maybe the thought was to allow families to gather for your Thanksgiving? But that would seem to invite more outbreak to my way of thinking. Hoping for common sense and good healthy practices if anyone does travel.

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