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Betrayed Womenz Thread - Part 3

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20yrsagoBS posted 4/10/2020 12:42 PM

WHís first crush/attempt to cheat, was a coworker who was extremely washed out, had 4 kids, an abusing dead beat husband, and had rebuffed his advances.

Poor recipient #2 was a single, female airman, a stranger, who WHís coworker described as ďmanlyĒ.

OW 1996 was a pudgy Asian woman with a misshapen head (think HeyArnold)

All were older than him, none tried to hang on.

Yes, I have teased WH for fishing for crap with horrible bait.

Tallgirl posted 4/10/2020 14:59 PM

I cracked out the 15 year old bread maker. Looks like new, ahem.

It is making lots of noise. Hoping it tastes better than a brick.

EllieKMAS posted 4/10/2020 16:42 PM

Hard Knocks - my xdouchehole's AP was 1/2 his age. 18 years old. SMDH. He's ridiculous and good luck to her with her 39 yo toddler!

She also weighs prob 1/2 of what I do along with being younger. It sucks, I totally get it. But YOU are better than the both of them. And magnitudes more beautiful than the AP will ever be.


[This message edited by EllieKMAS at 4:43 PM, April 10th (Friday)]

HardKnocks posted 4/10/2020 20:19 PM

Thanks so much for the replies!

It helps, really.

I'm mostly pissed that I have to deal with the memory that he was recently with someone half his/our age and I imagine what he might be thinking when comparing the two of us.
It's hard enough to be an aging woman in this society. I don't want that in my head. Just another side effect of the nasty A. Just sucks.

Will work on this in IC and hope the feeling/reaction fades over time.

Thanks again!

CallingSpades posted 4/10/2020 23:09 PM

TG, how was the bread?

I made a joke on a work Zoom meeting about foraging for food with the kids to survive while not able to get grocery pickup/delivery times. Well we actually did forage weeds and I made pesto, something we've done on and off for my kids' whole lives. I thought it was a cute thing to say until I saw the looks on everyone's faces. Then I got four calls asking if I was alright I'm still learning to own the fact that I'm the weird one! Former organic farmer here.

Holy crap this COVID shit just needs to be over ASAP. But if it isn't I'm going to gloat like hell when i share my bitchin chickweed pesto recipe with everyone!

Hope everybody is safe & sound. Hope everyone with littles got ahold of some eggs to dye! Finally got mine today, just in the nick of time.

HeHadADoubleLife posted 4/11/2020 03:15 AM

I'm struggling ladies... Today (the 11th, it's 1am where I am, so I'm counting it) is my 33rd birthday. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed and yet underwhelmed at the same time. Is that just whelmed? Maybe whelmed is the best word to describe this crazy feeling I have of my brain scattering off into thousands of different directions at once, while my body feels paralyzed.

I'm unemployed, having to resort to putting myself at risk by driving deliveries and grocery shopping for others just to make some money. It's a very long story, but I won't see any unemployment for quite some time, it's too complicated to sort out with my decade of independent contractor income and the fact that the unemployment office is so overloaded at the moment, and that's with the "easy" cases. I applied before they adjusted the requirements to better accommodate us ICs, so I was rejected, and now I have to reopen the case. I've tried to call so many times, the task is feeling completely impossible. I end up wasting time on the phone, time that could be spent out doing deliveries.

I was supposed to be a lot of things at 33. Married, pregnant or with an infant, saving up to buy a house, with a daughter in the work force and another about to graduate high school and go to college. Now I'm getting divorced, living by myself, in debt, unemployed, and the list goes on.

These aren't complaints as much as they are just statements of the facts of my life as it stands right now. I've been remembering a lot about my college days, and it honestly feels like a completely different life time. Sometimes I think back on memories from my 20s and it honestly feels like that was an entirely different person living a whole separate life.

And then I've been thinking about how if I told my younger self how everything turned out, there's no way I would have believed it. I would have told future me that I was too damn smart to ever get caught in that stupid of a relationship, and that even if I had somehow gotten into the relationship, I sure as hell would have gotten out at the first sign of trouble. I know hindsight is 20/20, but I still feel so incredibly stupid for not seeing it for what it was.

In many ways I'm glad my life did not turn out the way I had planned. This quarantine has reminded me how lucky I am that I'm not still with him. I am so incredibly grateful that I'm not stuck in a house with Methhead McSexAddict, and especially not pregnant or with a young child! I can't imagine trying to reason with him about social distancing, or any other very reasonable restrictions that he would refuse to honor. I really feel for everyone who is stuck at home with their WSs at this time.

I'm so incredibly grateful for my family. I know we will end up video chatting today, and I feel the love from them all of the time, not just on special occasions. My parents gave me a little money to help with some bills, and I'm so lucky to have them to lean on in times of crisis. Even though I'm terrible at asking for help, I am getting better at it.

And ultimately I'm still very grateful for the time XH and I had together, because my relationship with my daughters would certainly not be as close as it is today if I had left him at any one of the hundreds of times that I should have. He would have cut me out of their life, and they were so young there would have been no recourse, they would have gone along with whatever he wanted and that would have been that.

I guess I'm having such a hard time because I had felt like everything was going pretty well, and now I'm feeling the opposite. Even with the quarantine and not having any money, I was able to flip a switch in my brain and tap into my "broke girl" mind set from just out of college and really figure things out. Even though having to take such a huge knock in pay was a blow, I was getting the hang of it, and I was optimistic. I've had also less triggers lately, and I've actually felt like I've made a lot of progress in my processing of everything.

But today just feels... blah. I feel like eeyore with the rain cloud following me around.

It's like everything was bright and sunny, and then all of a sudden it started pouring down rain out of nowhere. I feel numb, but also like I want to cry, and also like I want to punch something. Before all of this happened I was actually looking into taking kickboxing. I feel like there is a rage pent up inside me that needs to be let out, and being stuck inside most of the time is certainly not helping.

That's another difficult thing - watching my oldest go through similar bullshit with her stupid ass BF, and wanting so badly to shake her or just kidnap her and take her far, far away from such a terrible person, but ultimately knowing she has to make her own decisions. She keeps trickle truthing these little details about their relationship and all of her little issues with him, and it's getting to a point where I feel like my head is going to fucking explode. She has always done this, the slow divulging of information because she's scared of the possible reaction. Even though I always react the same way, calm and rational, it's really hard to break through the years of conditioning from her dad and bio mom. She always says "I'm so glad I finally told you that" after a new piece of info comes out. But my inner monologue is screaming, "Why would you be happy about telling me? It's not like you're going to do anything about it anyway!"

And then I think of how incredibly difficult it must have been for my friends and family to watch me kill myself over this pathetic excuse for a man. Because I'm watching her do the same thing, and I swear watching this eat away at her soul is like death by a thousand cuts... I thought I had finally started to heal from all of the thousands of wounds big and small that he had inflicted. But now I'm getting all these little paper cuts by watching her live it, and while my skin may be tougher now than it was before, there's no doubt about it, paper cuts still sting.

Do I sound crazy? Does anyone else feel like this? Is it the quarantine finally getting to me? Is it a bad omen for the year ahead to spend your birthday in bed in your pajamas crying and eating cookie dough?

Tallgirl posted 4/11/2020 06:23 AM

Oh HHADL, I am so sorry this is a hard day and a hard time.
I wish I could give you a big hug.

When I read your post I see these things.

A young woman who has incredible strength

An clever woman who despite employment challenges is surviving during the worst crisis in many years.

A fighter who isnít giving up.

A woman who is full of love and caring for others and her daughters.

A woman who has experienced more than her fair share of crap.

I see a woman who deserves love, hope, kindness and good things. I see a woman who is bravely starting a new life. Be proud of yourself HHADL. It is tough times right now, youn are not alone in your challenges.

You are all of these things and more. Please tell your younger self, yah, things will be tough, so are you.. you will come out of this. You will find happiness. You are and will continue to be an incredible person.

Happy birthday! Lots of hugs honey!!

DaisyAnne posted 4/11/2020 12:55 PM

Hello womenz! Wow, it's s been awhile. I hope you are all doing well considering what is going on in our world today. I live in a major "hot zone" and it has been absolutely crazy. One month of not leaving our house unless for groceries or take-out. Who know just a month ago that I would need a mask and gloves to go to the grocery store. Just insane.

Anyway, I wanted to pop in to see how everyone is doing. I am sorry to read that your marriage is over, Tallgirl. (hugs) Happy Birthday, HHADL. I am sorry you are struggling right now. I also agree with all that TG said.

I only went back a few pages, so if I missed anyone or anything major, please forgive me.

As for me, I am doing really well. It was a year ago that we were getting stalked/harassed by the psycho OW. Next month, it will be one year until I consider my DDay. I know it will be hard and I am prepared for that. But overall, my relationship with FWH hasn't been this good in years. I do have off days here and there, but overall I am healing more each day. Doesn't mean I have forgotten or don't have those damn mindmovies, but I have forgiven him. We both realize how lucky we are to still have each other and that we have come this far, especially at a time when we are quarantined at home together.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say a quick hi. I also wanted to give a little hope to those that are new here, that if your WH is truly remorseful and you both put in hard work, a positive outcome is possible.

Hugs to all!!

CallingSpades posted 4/11/2020 22:47 PM

Oh, HHADL, you have been dealing with so much for so long! Please go easy on yourself! No one can be strong all of the time. You've been handling everything and doing all the things you need to do. I couldn't imagine carrying so much, and not having to put it all down sometimes and cry or punch things. Happy birthday! I hope your day is whatever it needs to be for YOU. Cookie dough sounds like a good start to me :)

Happy for you, DaisyAnne! Thanks for sharing the good vibes!

northeasternarea posted 4/12/2020 08:32 AM

Happy belated birthday, HHADL!

gmc94 posted 4/12/2020 11:54 AM

Thinking of all of you this Easter.

Lately Iím back on the forgiving ourselves. Compassion for ourselves. Understanding in our deepest selves that no matter our choice after dday, we are doing the best we can with the effed up options thrust upon us by our WHís.

WH and I are trying to do some much needed home fixes. And Iím noticing tons of shit he does that always irritated me. And Iím noticing itís pretty much all about a lack of attention, lack of mindfulness. Yesterday, I was wondering about this in men generally. Iím thinking soooo many of them are lacking here and thought maybe men lack these skills because theyíve never been told/ taught to carry keys in their fingers when walking to their cars, or to not wear a ponytail that could be used to grab us, or to be conscious of the strange feeling that man walking too close gives us, or any of the myriad observational skills we are taught in the name of physical safety. IOW, they donít walk thru life being ever vigilent of their vulnerability to sexual violation, things that most women I know have so assimilated into their lives itís just second nature. Pay attention or......

And maybe thatís a place I struggle in my own compassion. Those teachings give us a sense of control - or at a minimum a sense of responsibility for our physical safety, which is bullshit (Iím on the letís teach folks to not rape or sexually harm others and less letís try and teach women not to be raped, but I digress). If we are socialized to believe if we ďjust pay attentionĒ we will mitigate the odds, when we are blindsided by the harm from sexual betrayal, itís like there is some almost instinctual self blame. That we somehow didnít pay attention or modify ourselves - just like we shouldnít have worn that short skirt or low cut blouse.

I dunno. Ruminating on an Easter Sunday devoid of family .... and chocolate 😀

Hope all the ladies are loving themselves today. Rejoicing in ourlseves today.

[This message edited by gmc94 at 6:26 PM, April 12th, 2020 (Sunday)]

HeHadADoubleLife posted 4/13/2020 03:18 AM

Thank you ladies!

I didn't realize how much I relied on therapy until I couldn't afford it anymore . My IC is wonderful and has agreed to still see me even though I can't pay her right now. But to look out for my own best interest in terms of not coming out of this quarantine in a huge amount of debt, I asked her if we could cut down to once every other week rather than every week, and man am I feeling the difference!

TallGirl, thank you for all of your thoughtful words. I know I will get through all of this. These are just very strange times. And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. DaisyAnne, I'm glad to hear everything is going well for you, it's been a while! I usually don't put that much emphasis on birthdays, but this one is very weird. I didn't eat any cookie dough, but I did end up making my grandma's homemade mashed potato recipe, and I may have already eaten half of it by myself

It's interesting, I think I connected some dots today while I was driving around. Living by myself again and going back to my "broke girl" mentality is really throwing me back into the mindset I had in my 20s. And although I was a go-getter with work and always figured out how to make things happen, that was also a dark time in my life in terms of romance and my self esteem. I was deeply insecure and dated a string of shitty people. So I think this mini mental crisis I'm having is at least partially due to feeling like I've regressed back to that time. I don't ever want to be that insecure little girl again.

I remember at that time feeling very disconnected from friends and family, because I was working constantly. And I feel the same way now, my brain has to constantly focus on the hustle. I have to have the apps turned on and looking for jobs from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, just to make sure I make enough to get by. It leaves very little time for self reflection, and definitely no time for connection with others. Hell, I've started writing at least a dozen replies here, to people I can tell are hurting, and who I do think I could contribute something to, but I just can't get them done.

I'm proud of myself that most of the posts I have completed have been about my specific stuff - choosing to focus on myself rather than others. It seems strange that I have to teach myself to do that. I'm just so much more comfortable in the other lane, helping others rather than myself. But I'm not going to overload myself right now. I'm in and out of the house all day from 8am-10pm, sometimes even later if I decide to stay awake for the late-night food deliveries. I'm busting my ass to make a living, but have no time to actually live. If that means that what little time I have to post is going to be about me rather than others, then so be it. Small victories in self care I guess.

GMC, yes I absolutely agree with you on the lack of mindfulness/attention in men, and the flip side, which is the over-abundance of it in women. I had never connected it to our need for hyper-vigilance for our physical safety though, that's an interesting through line! The need for safety is paramount to us, and ingrained in us so deeply that we don't even realize we do certain things sometimes. Like when my brother was moving up to LA recently, he was looking at all of these super cheap apartments, and he kept sending me the addresses and my first response was oh man, that's a bad neighborhood, you don't want to live there! And then I remembered, well, that's actually way less of an issue for him than it is for me.

But that's really what it's all about isn't it, safety. You say that we shouldn't have to be the ones preventing the assault, and that is absolutely true! Teach people not to rape, and then we don't put the onus on the person who is assaulted. There is a quote that I really like about this topic which says, "If you're promoting changes to women's behavior in order to 'prevent' rape, you're really saying, 'rape the other girl.'" But what do you do when you live in a society where rape still happens? Do you wait for people to "get it"? Or do you do whatever the hell you need to do to protect yourself in the meantime? I think instinctually, we do what we need to protect ourselves no matter what. And that's where you're spot on about the self-blame coming in. Because taking actions to mitigate risk implies that you have some kind of affect over whether or not that event takes place, making you at least somewhat accountable for the outcome.

Men don't have to live with that same fear, at least not in the same way. There will always be fist fights, and shoot outs and armed robberies and such, but it's very different. The responses to violence that we learn are so very different. They are taught how to fight back, we are taught to prevent the fight in the first place. And if we can't prevent it, do whatever we have to to survive, even if that just means laying there and taking it so they'll go away peacefully after they've finished.

So I wonder if some of that lack of attention is more of a learned behavior from the way we were raised and what specifically we were taught to pay attention to. Kind of like how many men are taught to fight, rather than to work things out with words. For example, for the longest time, women weren't encouraged to focus on school, or getting a job. Even if we did go to college and/or get a job, it was often as a vehicle to meet a husband. We were taught to focus on things that would make us more likely to "catch" a husband - making sure we looked a certain way with clothes and makeup, making sure we spoke a certain way so as not to outshine the man, and of course being great cooks and phenomenal at housework! We were basically auditioning for the role of "wife." There are so many ridiculous books and articles about this from back in the day, the advice basically stating to become whatever they want you to be, to fade into the background, to be a functional addition to a man's life, rather than lead a life of your own.

In their own way, men were taught to audition for the role of "husband." Get a good job, show that you can be a provider. Order her food for her, that shows how good you are at taking the lead. Keep your emotions to yourself because women will see that as weak, women want someone who can be a stoic patriarch. Hence the stereotype of the "strong, silent" type. They weren't taught how to do their laundry, do the dishes, cook a meal etc. That was "women's work," it wasn't manly or attractive. So to me it's far less about their inability to pay attention, and much more about what they're paying attention to specifically. Because when it comes to all things work related, they seem to have the ability to focus, and pay very close attention to detail. Yet there seems to be some sort of mental block when it comes to applying that same amount of effort and focus to tasks at home.

I commented on that a lot with my XH - he was the Quality Director for an international company, his ability to pay attention to detail was paramount. If there is a mark in the paint that deviates from the specification, they lose a customer, and in turn lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. And yet somehow he comes home, makes himself a sandwich, forgets to put away the mayonnaise so it goes bad overnight, wasting a brand new jar of mayo, and leaves the knife covered in mustard on the counter that he somehow didn't notice was freshly cleaned. How on earth is that possible??

Or for the longest time, our youngest would not eat pasta with red sauce. He would make the pasta, then after draining it, just dump the entire jar of sauce in with the pasta and mix it together. He saw me making dinner once, and was shocked that I was heating the sauce up in a separate pot on the stove. He asked me why I would do that, and I said, well, because DD doesn't like red sauce because it makes her stomach hurt, and this way everyone can have as much or as little sauce as they want. He looked at me like I was nuts, then said, "since when does she not like red sauce?" My answer, "Since forever. How in the hell did you not know that she doesn't like red sauce?" He had never picked up on the fact that whenever he served pasta that way, she would only eat the veggies and throw away all of her pasta. He honest to god had never even noticed.

This ability to pick up on even the slightest things and how they affect other people (basically, empathy) has been traditionally attributed to women - hence, women's intuition. But it's not just some thing we are innately born with as women - it's really just about how we are taught and socialized differently than men.

When women's lib came along (which is awesome, I'm not knocking more rights for women) it all changed. We were told we could have it all! So now not only could we bear the children and run the household, we could go get a job too! Problem with that is that raising children and running a household is a full time job in and of itself! So add onto that another full or part time "real" job, and you've got a recipe for someone who is stretched wayyyyyy too thin.

And the bigger problem wasn't that women were now being encouraged to join the work force. It was that men were not being encouraged to put an equal amount of effort into their home lives to help pick up the slack. And women, who had already internalized all of this perfectionism re: being the perfect mothers and housewives, now applied that same level of obsessive perfection-seeking behavior to their jobs as well as their home lives. They didn't let their home lives slack off just because they were working now - they still made sure to pack those lunches, and help the kids with homework, and buy new clothes because Johnny just went through a growth spurt, and dang it, I've got to go buy some feminine hygiene products and have a talk with Sally because it seems she started her period. Oh and I'll stay up late and wash those blood stains out of her sheets too, no biggie. The household needs didn't go away just because the person taking care of them had less time, so the women just learned to live with less sleep, less time for themselves, less everything to make sure all of the plates stayed spinning.

So the households kept on running smoothly, and it never really seemed like anything was wrong, because Suzy Homemaker was burning the candle at both ends, and her happy husband was none-the-wiser. From his perspective, he was continuing to work and contribute just as he always had. And his wife had a job now, like she had said she wanted, so what did she have to complain about? But if everyone just stopped to look at how women were running themselves absolutely ragged, we would see how this is unsustainable. Emotional labor isn't paid labor, and when someone isn't being compensated for their labor, the work goes unnoticed.

I know that this is a super simplified view of it all, very hetero-normative, and playing into incredibly stereotypical gender roles. I know there are some people who do not play into those roles at all, stay at home dads, women who are the breadwinners, same sex households, couples without children etc.. I'm also in no way knocking the "typical" household with a SAHP and a breadwinner. There's nothing I would have loved more than to be a SAHM, we just absolutely could not swing it financially. To discuss all the fine points of this would take years, and I don't mean to offend anyone.

And I even see this in the lives of women I know who are SAHMs. My mom for example. My dad is the only one who "works" a traditional job. He's very successful at it, able to provide for 4 children etc. And yet, I see a severe lack in his ability to function in the household. I have never in my life seen him do a load of laundry. Not once. I honestly don't even think he would know where to start. He turns 60 this year.

He prides himself on his attention to detail. He could go on and on about us millennials and how inattentive and lazy we are. And yet I've seen him walk over and put his dirty dishes in the sink and leave them there, un-rinsed, completely oblivious to the fact that my mom literally just finished rinsing all of the other dishes that were just there. My brothers and I comment on it all the time - it's like he has actual blinders on. Or maybe he just thinks he's so important that he doesn't need to do his own dishes? The jury's still out on that one.

It is just mind-boggling to see how completely oblivious he can be to things that are literally right under his nose. Things that, if they were work-related, I am certain would not go unnoticed. I'm also absolutely positive that if my mom did go back to work, she would continue to do everything at home just as she always has, and she would also totally kick ass and succeed at work. Her ability to be successful in one arena is not diminished by her capabilities in another - so why does this truth not apply to the men in our lives?

I dunno, all of the teachings about codependence would have us believe that it's on us for choosing to marry people who can't seem to pay the kind of attention that we require. Or that we teach people how to treat us, so we should just stop doing these things to keep the household running, and that will teach them how to pick up the slack. It's very hard to do when there are kids involved though. What are you supposed to do when the TASK, whatever it may be, affects everyone in the family? This isn't a case of oh, just let them feel the consequences. If you don't do the TASK, well then it's not just your husband that is affected. The kids are too. So are you willing to let your kids' needs go unmet just to teach your spouse a lesson in self-reliance? I know I wasn't, and that's how I ended up taking on the bulk of everything. If I didn't do it, it just didn't happen. And then everyone suffered.

I'm just very unsure of how to go about dating when the market seems to be flooded with men who have been socialized in that specific way. Even when I personally hand-picked and married someone who I thought was oh-so-very-different than anyone I had ever dated before, it didn't work. I picked the single dad who had been to hell and back with all sorts of adversity but still managed to raise his daughters on his own, thinking that this meant he knew how to handle his shit, and I still ended up with a 7 year old child stuck in a man's body. And there it is again, the "don't wear that short skirt, you're asking for it!" argument, because I should have known better, right?

My therapist has asked me to make a list of requirements for future partners. Emotional IQ is at the top of that list. Responsibility/sticking to their word is number two. Ability to handle adversity, three. Accountability for their actions, four. I'm concerned that those first two criteria will automatically weed out all future potential partners before I even get to the next two. And I'll live the rest of my life as the crazy cat lady. Maybe that's not so bad. At least with my cats I know that I have to handle everything on my own - paying the bills, doing the housework etc. I do all the work, and they come cuddle with me every once in a while. At least the transactional nature of it is transparent. There's no illusion of an equal partnership to be shattered.

Anyway, happy Passover and Easter to everyone! Sorry to be a debbie downer. The lack of social interaction has me ruminating more than I would like.

How was everyone's weekend? Anything you are grateful for? I'll start: I am grateful for all starch-based foods! I had pasta, and mashed potatoes for my birthday dinner, and it was glorious! I am also grateful that it did not rain on my birthday. I'm grateful that the app-based gig economy exists. I'm grateful that everyone in my family is still healthy. I'm grateful for you ladies! And for the Easter basket my mom sent me - Cadbury eggs are delicious!

[This message edited by HeHadADoubleLife at 3:20 AM, April 13th (Monday)]

20yrsagoBS posted 4/13/2020 22:03 PM

Hello Womenz!

We celebrated Easter quietly here. My daughter drove out to spend the weekend with us. She drove back tonight.

My mother is extremely paranoid about COVID19 striking my father, leaving her without his pension, disability, and retirement. She has a bad back and doesnít think she is able to return to the workforce if need be.

So we brought food to my parents, ate without them, and tried to enjoy just being together, the four of us.

Itís so sad.

Tallgirl posted 4/13/2020 22:19 PM

The bread is awesome. The secret is flour fluffing. !!!

HeHadADoubleLife posted 4/14/2020 00:27 AM

Sorry your Easter wasn't what you wanted 20yrs! I hope your parents are doing ok, worrying about them during this time must be stressful.

The secret is flour fluffing. !!!
TallGirl, enlighten us, what is flour fluffing? I actually read an article in the Washington Post re: flour and yeast shortages due to the pandemic. It seems everyone has more time on their hands due to staying at home, so many people are baking.

I'll admit it's on my list, but I haven't been able to find any yeast.

Tallgirl posted 4/14/2020 05:54 AM

Well, I am not a baker by any means. I pulled out my almost new 15 yr old bread maker and went for it.

Juliaís recipe said that most people find the bread machine bread too dense. I did too.

The flour particles settle and sit closer together. So all you Do is put the flour in a bowl and whisk it before measuring and adding to the machine.

I was shocked at the difference.
The bread is light and fairly irresistible

gmc94 posted 4/14/2020 08:53 AM

We used to always sift flour - I would whisk when I didnít feel like hauling out the sifter!

Man. I miss bread.

likeapinball posted 4/14/2020 15:03 PM

Happy Belated Easter Womenz! This was certainly a different one! Our whole family face timed with my Mom and her cat! Then H and I drove to his Mom's (about 90 minutes) to drop off some dog food (mistakenly delivered to us) and some groceries. H put the dog food and groceries in the garage, we chatted for about 5 minutes from the driveway, drove back home. BEST visit with the MIL EVER!! LOL!

TG - I may try that trick. We have a really old bread machine, I thought that was why the bread wasn't light and fluffy!

Stay safe everyone!

likeapinball posted 4/14/2020 15:03 PM

Happy Belated Easter Womenz! This was certainly a different one! Our whole family face timed with my Mom and her cat! Then H and I drove to his Mom's (about 90 minutes) to drop off some dog food (mistakenly delivered to us) and some groceries. H put the dog food and groceries in the garage, we chatted for about 5 minutes from the driveway, drove back home. BEST visit with the MIL EVER!! LOL!

TG - I may try that trick. We have a really old bread machine, I thought that was why the bread wasn't light and fluffy!

Stay safe everyone!

Tallgirl posted 4/14/2020 20:51 PM

Gmc. I has warm bread for lunch with my salad.

Simply delicious.

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