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SI Prayers/Mojo Request...Cancer


sad12008 ( member #18179) posted at 3:11 AM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

What a great update, DS!! I strongly believe in the healing benefits of home and family (especially the furry family members) so hooray for home living! You and MH are both in my thoughts so frequently. Sending you strength and best wishes over many states and miles.

You can't fill a cup with no bottom.

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SandAway ( member #37775) posted at 3:58 AM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Awesome News!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

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SandAway ( member #37775) posted at 3:58 AM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Awesome News!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

BH Tred
M 19yrs
DDay Nov. 2011

Guns don't kill people; Affairs kill people

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MadOldBat ( member #44146) posted at 12:56 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

There's no place like home!

Best wishes and lots of love and hugs from over the sea.

MOB xx

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stroppy_wanadoo ( member #11224) posted at 4:03 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

YAY!!!!! I think of you every single day and have been praying you were back in the comfort and healing of your home! Much love to you and MH... You've been so good this year, I just know Santa will be bringing you guys the gift of strength and health!

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cryingdaily ( member #7276) posted at 5:36 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Just came by to check in and look for an update. So glad you are home and doing better. Healing thoughts still being sent......always.

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lynnm1947 ( member #15300) posted at 7:50 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

I am so very happy to hear your latest update, DS. You go, girl, and kick the shit out of this!

Age: 64..ummmmmmm,, hell born in 1947. You figure it out!

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2oldforthis ( member #19825) posted at 11:42 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Your smile is beautiful!

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thebighurt ( member #34722) posted at 12:00 AM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Great news, beautiful lady! Your husband is the best! I get all choked up thinking of all he did to welcome you home. More special SI MOJO for your next round.

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gypsybird87 ( member #39193) posted at 3:34 AM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Rarely here these days but I think of you *daily*, DS and MH. Peeked in here today, and what a terrific update to read! So very glad to see that you are home, and what a cozy nook MH has created for you.

Home is where good things happen. Home is where you store the deepest strength, and the truest love. And you are wrapped in ALL of that, as well as love and mojo from everyone here.

A million hugs for you both.


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Lucky2HaveMe ( member #13333) posted at 10:05 PM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

DS & MH - sooooooo glad you are able to be home and hope and pray that you can STAY home! Continued thoughts and prayers. I hope the holidays are full of peace, hope and love!

Love isn't what you say, it's what you do.

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cass ( member #24261) posted at 10:07 PM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Fantastic news. So very glad you are home and so comfortable. You'll gather such strength from this. You're doing great so hang in there and stay strong for the next round. Much love

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trying to smile ( member #9683) posted at 10:24 PM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Thank you so much for sharing the photos lovely lady, I'm sure you can't help but feel a little better being home and surrounded by love. I including the very special love from your fur babies. They must be over the moon to have you home.

I think of you daily and will only stop sending prayers and healing energy across the miles when you are 100% cancer free.


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May we know them,
May we be them,
May we raise them.

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still2suspicious ( member #31722) posted at 10:32 PM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

I don't log in very often, but I do check up on you, DS.

So happy you are home.

Sending strength to you, and I'm not sure what MH deserves for all of his amazing love, and support, for you, but I will just send (((HUGS))) to him.

Continue your upward climb, and kills that shit!

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Him: WH
Every storm runs out of rain - Gary Allen

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punky ( member #12233) posted at 1:45 PM on Friday, December 16th, 2016

Sooooo glad you made it home! And what sweeties to have it all Christmassed up for you. Tell MH I love what he did with my napping room 😜

Sending all my love and healing thoughts!


13 years later...finally healed. Definitely survived and thrived and you can, too.

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Lovingmyselfmore ( member #46119) posted at 9:02 PM on Friday, December 16th, 2016


How do you feel about listening to this audio?

I have heard that it is very helpful in the process of healing because it helps your body to let go of beliefs and energies that it doesn't need.

I hope you give it a try!



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foundoutlater ( member #32900) posted at 5:18 AM on Saturday, December 17th, 2016

((DS &MH))

So happy to see you are home DS! You and MH are in my prayers.

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JanetS ( member #2766) posted at 2:32 PM on Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Sounds like you WILL have a Merry Christmas. :) So glad for this update.

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DragnHeart ( member #32122) posted at 3:26 PM on Monday, December 19th, 2016

I hope you are feeling well, pain free and enjoying being at home. How has increasing your protein been going?

Sending gentle hugs and mojo and prayers

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timetraveler ( new member #40714) posted at 4:38 PM on Monday, December 19th, 2016

Happy tears to see pictures of you home with your little buddy.

MH--you're amazing!

It WILL be a great Christmas!

Continued prayers and strength sent your way.

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