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SI Prayers/Mojo Request...Cancer

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ZenMumWalking posted 7/12/2017 15:47 PM

Seems life would be more fair if we had DS and a zillion child abusers went first.

Ding ding ding we have a winner!!

Thinking of you ((((DS&MH))))

BoardPearl posted 7/14/2017 15:45 PM

Think of you often, DS. My deepest condolences to you, MH.

Kodi posted 7/20/2017 15:28 PM

I miss you so much pretty Lady!
Still seems so unfair.

Jpapageorge posted 8/7/2017 04:02 AM

I'm gettin' a serious kick out of the Hyundai commercial.

silverhopes posted 8/12/2017 11:02 AM

I'm just learning about this now. I'm so sorry, MH.

Don't even know what to say.

DS, thank you for everything.

Rest In Peace.

jo2love posted 8/20/2017 21:55 PM

DS, you are the fabric of SI from the Healing Library to each forum. You are the stitching that holds it together. You are the hope and comfort that we feel. The memory of your warmth, compassion, positivity, and humor is forever etched in my heart.

I miss you, DS.

trying to smile posted 8/20/2017 21:57 PM

(((jo))) you are so right.


authenticnow posted 8/21/2017 05:13 AM


I agree wholeheartedly and miss her every day.

jo2love posted 8/22/2017 21:18 PM

(((Tts, AN, and everyone)))

ZenMumWalking posted 9/18/2017 15:34 PM

Wow jo, that is so true

authenticnow posted 9/23/2017 21:52 PM

You were on my mind and in our dinner conversation tonight, dear DS. We went around the table during our Rosh Hashanah meal and put our intentions and goals for the new year out to the Universe. We wrote them on post-it notes and put them in a mason jar filled with SI glitter and a small bottle of Patron that we got from the piņata at one of our gatherings in Houston, two years ago I think? I keep the jar on my kitchen windowsill with DS's picture and a few special tokens of our friendship.

We told the kids that the glitter came from holiday cards from very special friends and they held magic in them. Then we had a toast to DS, all of us. I talk about her often to DD and she knows what a beautiful and special person she was.

DS, I've been feeling your presence so strongly lately. Maybe it's the change of season, the beauty in the changing colors in the mountains that I look at every day, which always makes me think of you.

I miss you my sweet sister friend.

Alex CR posted 10/8/2017 06:52 AM

I come visit around this time each year to make my donation to SI.....Hadn't any idea DS had passed and am so sorry to hear this. The soft place she and DH created for those of us struck down by infidelity is a true gift that I, for one, will always be thankful for....without SI I would not have found my footing. My life is better today because of SI. Thank you DS. Wishing you peace.....

nowiknow23 posted 10/9/2017 13:31 PM

Last night I turned a corner in the store and ran straight into a Christmas display. And I immediately thought of you. I have plenty of friends and family who are huge Christmas fans, but I don't know anyone who loves Christmas as much as you.

I'm looking at the WAY too early Christmas display as a hello from you. One that reminds me of your joy and your beautiful smile.

Miss you, my dear sweet friend.

nekorb posted 10/17/2017 18:23 PM

I haven't been around much and didn't realize DS had passed. I'm so sorry MH, and I hope you're doing well.

This site was my lifeline for a few years and I couldn't imagine being able to survive without it. Everyone here helped me heal and move forward, and therefore...I'm able to pop in now and again and offer help to others.

Thank you for everything you and DS built together.

authenticnow posted 10/31/2017 20:35 PM

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about DS. I'll be walking in my neighborhood and look up at the sky, or the mountains, or see a butterfly or a bird, and I feel DS's presence. Sometimes the tears come, but that has been getting easier, I guess...there have been less tears.

Today I was driving to work and a song came on that reminded me of her. The tears came and I was like, Damn, this really is not getting any easier is it? The holidays...DS loved the holidays. She was so excited every year starting with Halloween and the time leading up to Christmas. Maybe that's why the sadness is coming again. I just can't shake it, the idea of how utterly unfair it was for her to leave so soon, a person with so much zest for life, who truly enjoyed her day-to-day stuff and made everything a party with her smile and joyful personality. Every interaction with DS felt special. She made a person feel special, every freakin' time.

I've lost my share of people in my life. My grandparents, my mother-in-law, and these were tough losses. At times I think about DS and the pain is so deep, and I wonder why this loss has been one of the toughest for me. I met DS in person maybe 6 times, give or take. We spoke on the phone every couple of months, we messaged pretty much every day.

But today the reason came to me, the reason why this loss hits so hard, even almost a year later.

DS was my hero. My real life hero. I got to SI at the lowest point in my life. DS was here for me. She made the unbearable more bearable, she made me know that I was worthy of love, that I wasn't a terrible person, that I could get down and dirty and do the work and fix the mess that I created. She taught me that I could smile again one day, that H and I could be happy again, that this was fixable and while we were fixing things at some point we would learn how to have fun together and be normal again, and that we would be okay. She helped me get back to 'human' in her own very special way.

DS told me this, showed me this, loved me and respected me through all of it. Her 'voice' through SI and on the phone and IRL comforted me. She was my hero, larger than life, and an angel on earth.

My DD didn't know the real reason H and I were friends with DS. We made up some story about how we knew her. My birthday was 3 days before DS died. I was on the phone with DD and she was asking me about how my day was and I started crying telling her that I couldn't be happy even if it was my birthday because my friend was dying. DD said, "Mom, I didn't realize how important she was to you, I'm sorry about your friend." I went on to explain the type of person DS was, and how meeting her had changed mine and her dad's life.

I really wish I knew how to reconcile the loss of my dear friend in my brain because I really can't. I miss her every day. I want her here. I wasn't ready to let go of my hero.

BrokenRoad posted 10/31/2017 20:53 PM

Hear, hear, AN.
You said it so well.

I travel with a hello kitty toy in my backpack so it feels like shes with me all the time.

P.S. I dont really tell people this about the Hello Kitty so you know, keep it hush hush.

[This message edited by BrokenRoad at 8:56 PM, October 31st (Tuesday)]

authenticnow posted 10/31/2017 21:00 PM

Yes, hello kitty. Every time I see one I smile.

Somebody posted a hello kitty pumpkin that she carved on FB. I really wanted to tell DS about it!

Hugs, my friend.

imokay posted 11/7/2017 07:32 AM

OMG -I had no idea!

I've been away for close to 5 years and am not friends IRL from anyone here so I never heard!

(((MH))) I am truly sorry for your loss. I know that this time of the year has got to be so very hard for you. The anniversaries of all that was happening last year! I never had the privilege of meeting DS in person but it was so evident here that she was a class act!! I know she left a void that will never be filled!

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for this place where I, and countless others, have found true healing.

My prayers are with you.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 12/6/2017 09:01 AM

No Words

ExhaustednAlone posted 12/18/2017 14:21 PM

Am I able to reach you somehow on here?

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