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keep checking google for the Karma Bus arrival

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Evertrying posted 7/10/2019 14:32 PM

Is it unusual to be thinking about it ALL the time at week 3?

Oh Dude, 3 weeks is nothing. I STILL think about and it's been almost 2 yrs and we are trying to R!

She is still in what I call the "Fucking GAG me" stage. This is when they have their heads so far up their ass they can't see the forest through the trees and it makes me GAG to see how stupid they are. FANTASY LAND

sassylee posted 7/10/2019 21:42 PM

In my life, karma only comes once you stop obsessing about it. In fact, it often comes once I’ve forgiven the offender in my mind. Once I let go - it came! One incident (not infidelity-related), it was on the front page of our newspaper! “Local CEO disgraced” was the headline. I had waited for karma for 8 years. I had let it go and 2 years later - the headline. It was awesome!

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