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Dating Post Divorce

I'm finally ready to get my feet wet but my life circumstances are less than ideal. I pretty much live on an island and my social circle is many hours away, i.e. no set ups anytime soon. I can't even really ask my coworkers to set me up since they're all married and keep to themselves, not to mention I haven't seen them in months. I live in a city, which means the dating pool is significant, but at the moment my hobbies are of the "solo" variety. I did recently start running in a highly populated park, but that's not exactly the solution, plus that's a weekend only thing and I don't like my odds. Dating apps seem like even worse odds since it's a numbers game and I'm competing with thousands of men. I'd rather meet a woman more organically if I can.

I'm humbly asking for any advice that isn't the boilerplate "it'll happen when you least expect it". I'd love to hear some anecdotes so I don't feel so intimidated by the mid 30s dating game.

10 comments posted: Monday, July 13th, 2020

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