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Which Cliche was Your Relationship's Infidelity?

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Cheatee posted 4/30/2019 07:41 AM

Mine was spouse finding her Affair Partner in Alcoholics Anonymous. Two damaged souls on the same healing journey, while I was a Muggle who just couldn't understand.


sickofsurviving posted 4/30/2019 07:52 AM

Mine is...Incest. Keep it in the family.

Chaos posted 4/30/2019 07:57 AM

Unrequited past love

cheatstroke posted 4/30/2019 08:00 AM

She had heard about his big penis and...just HAD to know.

AbandonedGuy posted 4/30/2019 08:04 AM

Not from her mouth, but I assume "the older coworker who gets her" i.e. showers with gifts, unlike her unemployed "piece of shit" husband.

Edit: I'm going to throw "mid life crisis" into the mix, too.

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Lionne posted 4/30/2019 08:12 AM

My wife is a controlling bitch and I deserve more.

Oh, and we're just friends. She doesn't have the right to okay my friends.

Oh, and strip clubs are LEGAL ADULT entertainment venues. I'm an adult, I'm not doing anything wrong,and besides, these strippers are my FRIENDS!

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Thissucks5678 posted 4/30/2019 08:13 AM

Premature midlife crisis

Justsomeguy posted 4/30/2019 08:25 AM

Drifter cowboy who liked to screw anything. Get this. She even asked him if he was a player. He said he used to be, but not any more LMAO. He cheated on he while she cheated on me...

DomesticTourist posted 4/30/2019 08:27 AM

My wife found a “real connection” with my best friend.

Hg65 posted 4/30/2019 08:32 AM

Stereotypical sexy “ethnicity.” With all new “enhancements.” 20 years younger. CrossFit queen.

I half expected him to come home in a new Corvette just to complete his midlife crisis.

Unhinged posted 4/30/2019 08:34 AM

Trade-show hook-up. How's that for class?

Vegas1985 posted 4/30/2019 08:37 AM

She was the receptionist.

Morecomplete posted 4/30/2019 08:39 AM

Had an affair during downward alcoholic spiral after I’d just had a baby...pathetic.

Marie2792 posted 4/30/2019 08:42 AM

Mid life crisis...smoked a few joints with one of his friends too

EmbraceTheChange posted 4/30/2019 08:44 AM

He found his true love working in the lab, at work. Best thing ever, like he told her. I was the evil incarnated: I was making bad jokes, shopping in the wrong shops, I had the audacity to ask him to put me on the email chain when we were buying the house (he turned me down, , I had to insist, like wtf). She was always happy to see him, I was not. Truuuuuue loooooove!

Told him that since she was his best thung, I shall be his worst. and I did. Totally screwed him with 3k child support (lol), full custody, deeds for the houses. and in June, I will leave the US for France, and I will never see this guy again.

cocoplus5nuts posted 4/30/2019 09:02 AM

Midlife crisis

maise posted 4/30/2019 09:04 AM

Mine was the spouse having an affair with a mutual acquaintance in our group of friends that came around often.

DevastatedDee posted 4/30/2019 09:08 AM

"Midlife Crisis".

WTF dude? Just buy a sports car or a motorcycle like a normal person. Dye your hair. Something relatively harmless.

Well actually, it was "they understood what it was like to be an addict trying to live a normal life".

Yeah, drug-addicted prostitutes TOTALLY understand normal and are so there for you and your existential crises.

Just tell me that you wanted to fuck 20-year-olds and you had to pay for the privilege because most 20-year-olds could do better.

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ibonnie posted 4/30/2019 09:12 AM

TWU WUV with a coworker. She was ten years older than him, still lived at home with her parents and her adult daughter, and was just so unlucky in love/life. He was her KISA, the only person that was really there for her because she was such a nice person and just wanted him to be happy.

Screw his wife at home with two little kids and suffering with undiagnosed post partum anxiety asking for help though, 'cause there were no ego kibbles there.

Adaira posted 4/30/2019 09:38 AM

I think mine was shades of Esther Perel “I just wanted to feel happy and alive again!” With dashes of midlife crisis and damsel in distress/KISA. Depended on which way the wind was blowing that day. Towards the end, it definitely shifted high gear into “cold bitch wife who drove me into the arms of another.”

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