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Ted Nugent

Lionne posted 4/21/2021 14:01 PM

I'm guessing karma/god is messing with him. Couldn't happen to a nICer gUy.

number4 posted 4/21/2021 14:16 PM

yea, if you take the opinion that COVID is a hoax, and do nothing to mitigate your risks, then you're more likely to get it.

Darwin's evolution and all.

DragnHeart posted 4/21/2021 14:17 PM

Who is he?

Mel61 posted 4/21/2021 15:04 PM

Old 60's and 70's rocker. To be nice that is all I will say. You can google him if you want to know more.

[This message edited by Mel61 at 5:21 PM, April 21st (Wednesday)]

Jeaniegirl posted 4/21/2021 17:05 PM

I'll shed no tears for Ted.


betsy62 posted 4/21/2021 19:42 PM

Nugent related. Not Covid related.
Years ago, I was dragged to a Ted Nugent concert.
Now, over the years, I have been to many, many concerts.
Nugent's remains the one and only concert I have ever gotten up, and walked out of.
It was that bad.

sad12008 posted 4/21/2021 21:11 PM

I said the same thing re. Karma. Beep beep, MF. All that denial and slamming of those who were trying to mitigate the public health disaster....I agree, couldn't happen to a more appropriate individual.

barcher144 posted 4/22/2021 08:17 AM

I actually like his music.

Yes, I'll try and get an appointment with a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

DragnHeart posted 4/22/2021 08:48 AM

Doesn't look like getting sick from the virus he said is a hoax made any difference. He still claims the vaccines aren't safe and went on a rant about conspiracies.

ZenMumWalking posted 4/22/2021 09:26 AM

And I love the part where he complains about all the measures against covids 1-2-...-18.

What. A. DUMBSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Jeaniegirl posted 4/22/2021 15:49 PM

He pretends to be SO patriotic yet those from the Vietnam era despise him. He got his notice to report for the draft and actually defecated in his pants for several days and went for induction like THAT - all stinky pants- to avoid the draft. He has bragged about this in the past. My dad despised him.

While I don't wish anyone to die from Covid, I wouldn't mind if he's uncomfortable for a few days. I hope someone forces him to quarantine to protect others.

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