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Men I have a question

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Underserving posted 4/4/2021 11:01 AM

Trigger warning!!!


I probably seem too far past d-day for this to be a question Iím inquiring about. To be honest, I had never actually given this particular aspect much thought. Now that I have, Iím really curious about it.

Iíve done my own internet research on the topic, but there are so many weirdos and trolls out there, it was hard to take anything these people were saying seriously.

Ok now for the question, is there a huge difference between sex with a condom, and sex without one?

I ask because like most betrayeds, the whole ďwas the sex better with the APĒ has always bothered me. Iím doing better with being confident with my own body and skills in the bedroom, but still have some lingering doubts. My WH used a condom every time with the AP. Hence why I am asking what I am.

If you donít feel comfortable answering I understand. For those who are, I appreciate you.

Oh and Happy Easter for those who celebrate! Lol could have timed this particular topic for a better day I suppose.

This0is0Fine posted 4/4/2021 11:23 AM

Allegedly used a condom.

Its better without. But it's still pretty good with.

Its not a huge difference IMO.

Candyman66 posted 4/4/2021 11:24 AM

Yes sex is MUCH better with OUT one!!! Has his use of "protection" been verified with a lie detector?

Most people LIE about "protection" just read here to see a LOT of stories where they swore that they ALLWAYS used "protection" only to find out that no, they NEVER used "protection"!


Underserving posted 4/4/2021 11:30 AM

The AP confirmed they used protection every time, and sheís evil enough she would have loved to have told me otherwise. Honestly surprised she didnít lie about it. I also know how terrified he was of unplanned pregnancies even with me, I know he wouldnít have risked one with his mistress.

ETA they were not in ďcahootsĒ when I discovered the A. She supposedly didnít know he was married, and had no reason to lie. Though she did in fact lie about other shit later just to be hurtful. I really believe she would have been happy as a clam to say they did not.

[This message edited by Underserving at 11:44 AM, April 4th (Sunday)]

Bor9455 posted 4/4/2021 11:58 AM

I will say that it has been a few years since Iíve used condoms, like back to college which was 15 or so years ago. It is markedly different between wearing one and not wearing one. Not to say that with a condom it canít be fun, but without is much preferred.

I see you got the information from the AP, but I too was skeptical because one of the first stories my WW told me was that they used condoms, which she later recanted after I read some similar stories here. Feels too much like a line from the cheater handbook we always talk about. If in your case it turns out to be true, what an odd twist that your WH was slightly considerate of you, although it was likely still selfish to not have an unplanned pregnancy more than any altruism towards yourself.

Notthevictem posted 4/4/2021 13:25 PM

I enjoy it better without one.

Minnesota posted 4/4/2021 15:29 PM

It's been awhile. I can't remember. :-)

ZenMumWalking posted 4/4/2021 15:43 PM

I'm not a man, but I have 3 grown men..... taught them 'no glove no love'

But now that they are grown and are monogamous with gfs, they got sti/std test to avoid using condoms with gfs (gfs on birth control).

So I think they would vote for 'better without'.

TheLostOne2020 posted 4/4/2021 16:26 PM

It's better without.

Butforthegrace posted 4/4/2021 18:10 PM

There is more sensation without. That can be good or bad. When I was young and single I used them routinely and you sort of get used to it. Generally, though, the more sensation without one feels better.

Justsomeguy posted 4/4/2021 18:10 PM

Using a condom is like drinking flavoured coffee, not how God intended it to be.

Yes, big difference, but less so when I was young. I'm old now. I can't hear as well either...

Tanner posted 4/4/2021 19:04 PM

Better without, itís been 25 years.

Underserving posted 4/4/2021 19:59 PM

Thank you for the replies!

I know itís hard to imagine a wayward using protection, but this is one thing Iím pretty certain of. I could go into all the details of why I believe that, but it would be a long and boring explanation.I will say the AP wanted to intentionally hurt me, but never backtracked on the use of condoms. I discovered the A by pretending to be him on Snapchat. Once I revealed to her I was actually his wife, I proceeded to ask her some questions. The first was ďdid you use protection?Ē She said ďyes, every single time.Ē I asked my WH the same without informing him what the AP had said, he knew I had spoken to her, and he said ďyes every time.Ē He told me she wanted to not use them, but he wouldnít do it. I am not delusional, I know it was because he was scared to death of getting her pregnant. It wasnít in any way to protect me.

This was weirdly beneficial for me. It doesnít take out the sting of the A or anything, but helps with the sexual aspect of it. Thank you again for your responses.

25yearsin posted 4/5/2021 02:10 AM

No contest, with out a condom.

Wiseoldfool posted 4/5/2021 09:44 AM

Ok now for the question, is there a huge difference between sex with a condom, and sex without one?


Itís what we are.

The "it doesnít feel as good" may be true, but it would be revealed for the red herring it is if they ever make a condom that feels the same as bareback.

Dignitas posted 4/5/2021 10:06 AM

Itís substantially better without. The first time I did it without one absolutely blew my mind. I am always distinctly aware of it when Iím wearing one and it really reduces the physical/emotional closeness I feel. I really mean that. Itís not just some ďoh it feels a little better physically but whatever.Ē

Itís to the point that as a guy in my early 20s I canít envision myself being in a long term relationship where I have to use them. If the stats were better on reversal, Iíd get the snip, but theyíre not great (especially if itís >10 years after the original procedure).

Iíve been lucky that every woman I have been seriously so far with has already had some form of birth control that works well for her or has little to no side effects. Of course, I always wrap it up without a second thought until itís serious and weíve both been tested.

HalfTime2017 posted 4/5/2021 13:16 PM

No Jimmy> With Jimmy

I would say that NO ONE prefers to wear a condom unless they had to; meaning fear of pregnancy or contracting an STD/STI. Not one guy I know would disagree.

I guess for you though, you know that the sex with you and the WH is without one and are pretty adamant about the sex with the AP was with one. I can assure you that you're looking at this the wrong way.

Your WH having sex with the AP even with a condom is not worst, or less fulfilling than having sex with you without one. It was different for him. New ass and tits, trumps what you were providing, otherwise, he wouldn't have gone looking. This is not to say there is something wrong with you, or the way that you two were having sex. Just that in his mind, he was getting more, and NEW, and you could never compete in that way.

I don't think you're going to get the answer here that would solve this new inquiry. Honestly, its all just fucked up. You could have been Halle Berry, and he still would have cheated. Case and point, Halle Berry's husband cheated on her too, and she is smoking hot, has a wonderful career and most men find her attractive. Its NOT the condom, your WH is just fucked up, period

QuitOrNotToQuit posted 4/5/2021 13:35 PM

It differs. In some situations I liked and even preferred sex with condoms (not as protection) but as a rule of thumb sex without condom is always better, m u c h better.

[This message edited by QuitOrNotToQuit at 1:41 PM, April 5th (Monday)]

dogcopter posted 4/5/2021 15:42 PM

It's much better without. This is an easy lie that is difficult to sniff out. And if you were lied to before, odds are good you were lied to again.

I'm sorry

Underserving posted 4/5/2021 19:08 PM

Thanks again for the replies!

This is not some cure all for me, but if it offers a small bit of relief knowing condoms usually decrease the level of intimacy and overall pleasure of sex, then Iím going to take it.

I could give more examples to how I know with 99% certainty they used condoms each time, but I just donít have it in me to try and convince any skeptics. Please take me at my word Iím a smart ass lady, and am more analytical than emotional. Which is perhaps why I asked about this particular topic in the first place.

[This message edited by Underserving at 7:08 PM, April 5th (Monday)]

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