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Thankful Thursday

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Tanner posted 2/18/2021 19:08 PM

Iím thankful that this awful weather is almost over, we are in the Dallas area and have not lost electricity once, all our pipes are still flowing and propane is full. Being locked in together with W and kids, for a week, has really put R to the test, so far so good

ff4152 posted 2/19/2021 06:57 AM

A day late but...

My wife and child had to work last night and their commute is quite long. Iím extremely thankful that both trips were uneventful and they made it home safe and sound.

ff4152 posted 2/25/2021 20:41 PM

Didnít miss it this week, so Iím thankful for that.

Hit a bump in my R. In my mind it was pretty big; now that Iíve had some time to think about it, I probably overreacted. Iím thankful that Iíve recognized rather than sit in a corner and sulk.

Iím thankful for the new training regimen Iím on. Kicked my ass tonight but I made it through.

As always, Iím thankful for my family and their continued health.

outofsorts posted 2/26/2021 21:28 PM

A day late but wanted to say I'm thankful WH got his second shot today!

He's been working at hospitals about 60% of the past year, often on COVID floors. So it's a huge relief that he's protected and moreso that the risk of him spreading COVID to others is much lower.... He's often in five different locations a week with his job so he's been afraid he'd be the source of some type of superspreader event.

Tanner posted 3/4/2021 17:16 PM

Iím thankful for some personal growth Iíve been going through. I know I say this a lot but SI folks have helped me so much. I really feel like my R journey is headed in a great direction

In just a few days will be our 30th wedding anniversary, I admit to having some anxiety about it, but Iím damn proud of it and will be celebrating it. Iím proud that in 30 years my W does not understand what it feels like to be a BS.

ff4152 posted 3/11/2021 17:39 PM

Just to keep this going

I am thankful for a bit of insight I had this week. I was getting ready to bitch about someone and tried looking at the situation from there point of view.

Iím thankful that the new community I joined has been both acceptable and welcoming.

As always, Iím thankful for my wife and child, always the most important people in my life.

grubs posted 3/11/2021 18:43 PM

Just managed to snag my vaccine appts Tuesday morning and a month out

Tanner posted 3/11/2021 19:32 PM

Had a great anniversary date. Had some great business achievements this week.

outofsorts posted 3/11/2021 20:04 PM

It was in the 60s today and I'm now sitting here with a purring cat on my lap.

Sometimes its the little things

fareast posted 3/11/2021 20:24 PM

Our indoor pools recently reopened, and I got to spend a few hours in the pool splashing and laughing with my two grandkids. It is definitely the little things.

Underserving posted 3/11/2021 21:06 PM

I am thankful for some personal growth and healing that has very recently taken place.

Iím thankful for my kiddos, even when they drive me bonkers.

Iím thankful for the man my WH is TODAY. Which thatís a big fucking deal for me to even say.

Iím thankful for the warm weather! I hate being cold

Tanner posted 3/11/2021 23:21 PM

Iím thankful for the man my WH is TODAY.

Iím thankful to be reading this. This is progress underserving

This0is0Fine posted 3/18/2021 12:41 PM

I am thankful for my fWW's new job, her getting it without me demanding it (foot dragging though it may have been in many ways...), and the first day of true NC.

Oldwounds posted 3/18/2021 14:11 PM

Thankful to see this thread still going.

I take a lot of time away from the Ďnet these days, to focus on the good stuff going on in life (and there is good stuff, even in pandemic world). But whenever I stop by to see where folks are in their recovery, itís great to read the positive moments.

Iíll likely be around again soon, as the five years since discovery mark arrives with better weather.

Tanner posted 3/25/2021 13:13 PM

Iím thankful that today is my Friday. We are taking our anniversary trip this weekend, nothing fancy just a getaway to celebrate where we are now, wineryís and casinos.

ff4152 posted 3/25/2021 13:51 PM

My wife does these little things which illustrate why she is so special. Iím thankful that I can appreciate them now.

Iím also thankful that Iím becoming someone she can be proud of. Someone that truly cherishes her now.

outofsorts posted 3/25/2021 19:59 PM

I actually got promoted yesterday. Always a good thing but it's been a terrible year - I'm in an industry hard hit by COVID, half the company has been laid off and I was reduced to part time from October through the end of January. I worked my ass off for the past year and am glad to see some payoff. Thankful that it seems like the work situation is getting better!

ff4152 posted 4/1/2021 20:28 PM

Itís been a rough week but Iím thankful itís almost over. Iím trying to see the good in things which is a step up from where I was. So Iím thankful for that too.

Tanner posted 4/8/2021 13:19 PM

Itís been a great week. My W defused a trigger, she dove in front of it and took the bullet. Really it wasnít much of a trigger for me, but she owned it.

Happy Friday Eve!!

Underserving posted 4/8/2021 14:36 PM

Today I am thankful for healing. I am also thankful for Spring and the sunshine! Lifeís pretty good :)

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