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Group trips

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Masa posted 6/8/2020 15:08 PM

I have decided that Iím going to do things that Iíve always wanted to do but havenít been able to since I had children quite young and one of those things is seeing more of the world. The ex will be having the children for a week at a time a couple of times a year so during those times I would like to go away, ideally I would like to start by going to Iceland or Italy. My question is has anyone used any of these group tour operators? Who would you recommend? Iím in my early 30s so ideally I would like to mix with others a similar age to me.

TheLostOne2020 posted 6/9/2020 14:03 PM

I like this idea. I've been to a few places but never used a group tour operator.

Alonelyagain posted 6/9/2020 15:50 PM

I joined a Meetup group that does day excursions as well as week long foreign tours. I joined a zoom presentation last night for a to-be-scheduled trip to the GalŠpagos Islands. Iíve only done the day trips, not the foreign trips, but Iíve spoken with people who have and theyíve all enjoyed it. Iíve noticed that the group does a good repeat business on the foreign trips among people that Iíve gone on day trips with.

Cooley2here posted 6/9/2020 20:22 PM

You donít need a group. Just one friend who is easy to travel with. My husband had to travel so much that his idea of fun, and still is, is golf and tinkering. My friends and I went to Europe twice. Once by car and train, once on a cruise thru the Mediterranean. Great fun. My relatives have gone to Iceland and Northern Europe several times. Always in twos. Itís just easier with just two people unless there is a tour guide who knows their stuff. We had one on land and it was just us who put the cruise trip together.

TheLostOne2020 posted 6/10/2020 07:08 AM

I agree with you Cooley2here, a trip with a friend is a good trip.

Masa posted 6/10/2020 09:18 AM

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately I havenít really got those types of friends. I havenít really got any (something I am working on) That would have been lovely if I had. Someone at work suggested Intrepid for group trips.

EvenKeel posted 6/10/2020 13:46 PM

joined a zoom presentation last night for a to-be-scheduled trip to the GalŠpagos Islands.
My friend did this trip years ago. She decided if she waited for a travel partner, she would never go anywhere. So she decided to start going with groups. She loves animals so she went on trips coordinated through the zoo.

She never regretted it. She said there was all sorts of people on the trip and it was like one big family after a little bit.

Masa - Go for it! There has to be trips for solo travelers (without it being a singles hook-up vibe).

Catwoman posted 6/10/2020 18:57 PM

Some travel companies offer to hook you up with a roommate to lower your expenses on these sorts of trips.


homewrecked2011 posted 6/10/2020 20:30 PM

Iím going to suggest you get travel ins. Many times I have seen on this site, and in my own life, the WS will suddenly not get the kids for their week bc they just donít want you to have a life. Either have travel ins or get a family member to commit to getting your children last minute if necessary.

Once those details are worked outó have a great trip!!!!!

Cooley2here posted 6/11/2020 11:37 AM

Second getting travel insurance. Be sure to include health etc. itís worth the money. My aunt was on a cruise in Norway when she fell and broke her back. The US Airforce had to transport her back to the United States. It cost the insurance company tens of thousands of dollars and if she had not bought the insurance she wouldíve had to pay. It makes real good sense

ForTheKids posted 6/11/2020 22:34 PM

I was thinking about group trips too after being alone, same age as well. I highly recommend getting out there, just book it and donít look back.

As for groups I was too cheap for a group tour. Iím a no frills kinda traveller so I just bought an airline ticket. Iím just going to suggest (totally ignore this if your dead set on a group trip) that travelling alone can be the bees knees. Iíve been on three trips to South America and I mostly stayed in hostels. Hostels now seem like more of a mix of a hotel with dorms rooms as well. Itís not like the old days when hostels were primarily for broke college aged kids. Most I went too had private rooms as an option.

Also I found the best travel advisors are people you meet along the way. I met so much great people, some of which I still keep in contact with years later. Whatever you do it will be great I assure you.

[This message edited by ForTheKids at 10:35 PM, June 11th (Thursday)]

Hedwig posted 6/12/2020 02:41 AM

I've had the same experience as ForTheKids. I have travelled to Indonesia by myself for 5 weeks and only had a ticket for the plane and my first night in a hostel. The rest of it I just booked days ahead, based on recommendations.

Another trip I did by myself was shorter so I planned out everything in advance and I didn't enjoy it as much. Too rushed, I couldn't decide to stay longer in one place if I really liked it etc.

This summer I want to travel to Albania and Greece (I am from Europe), if the Covid regulations allow it. Only plane ticket and accommodation for the first and last night. I didn't have a problem with dorm beds before, but now I do. If I can't sleep well, I won't enjoy my trip. So I am planning to book private rooms in hostels. That way I can still meet a lot of people while having my 8 hours.

A lot of countries are very female solo traveler-friendly.

josiep posted 6/13/2020 20:17 PM

There are many travel agencies that cater to the solo travelers. There are cruise ships that have studio cabins for solo travelers.

Of course, there are "singles" groups too but the solo groups simply mean a person traveling alone, not that they're interested in romance.

I belong to several solo travel groups on a social media site where people compare stories and recommendations, photos, etc. I belong to 1 for older women and also to 1 for women who have been cheated on.

So yes, do it!

And perhaps clarify with your attorney what happens if your EX decides not to take the kids on his scheduled week. Is he responsible for their care or will if fall to you by default? I wish the courts would enforce the week long visits, it's only fair to the parent who has primary custody the rest of the year. And if you have someone who would take care of the kids if it became necessary, get that lined up because is your XWH is anything like so many of them, he'll cancel his week with the kids just to spite you. Probably best to not tell anyone you're going so that he doesn't find out about it.

P.S. I vote for Italy but don't try to see too much with just one week there. Pick a region and stick to it because it'll rip your heart out to leave before you're done absorbing it. I was supposed to go in September but think it'll get cancelled.

I was just wondering if we could start a travel club on here? I'd love it because so many of you have traveled so much and have so much to share. I'm 70 and just beginning to travel so I have to pick only the best of the best because I'm going to run out of time before I can do it all.

Justsomelady posted 6/14/2020 08:48 AM

I think a group sounds like a great idea. Itís been a long time but Globus tours led a good one for me years ago. You could also look into what your church, is applicable, or even alumni groups offer. My college has international group travel every year - its all pre planned and you donít have as many country choices but it looks like a fun way to do it .

undertherug posted 6/14/2020 13:29 PM

We have taken 2 trips to Italy with Trafalgar. The were both great

Masa posted 6/15/2020 09:04 AM

Thank you so much for all your amazing suggestions. I am definitely going to go for it when we are allowed. I will definitely get insurance too. My parents would step in and have them if the ex let me down. I donít think I have the balls to do it alone yet but I think this is definitely something I would love to carry on doing. The dream would be to travel around the US when the children are old enough that they donít need me anymore! There are so many places on my bucket list!
Not particularly interested in meeting anyone romantically but really canít wait to go out and meet friends and experience new cultures.

Chrysalis123 posted 6/21/2020 14:40 PM

Once cruising starts up again, consider a cruise on Norwegian and stay in a solo cabin. They have a dedicated solo lounge and solo activities and arrange dinner every night for the solos as well as special seatings at the show.

I've been on 3 solo cruises and enjoyed each one.

I also am learning to speak Spanish, and have spent time attending language schools in Spanish speaking countries. Once I stayed a month, and what I enjoyed was the structure of 4 hours of class, meeting other students and then doing activities with them, and I stayed with a great host family and am still friends with them. I had the rest of the day to explore.

Also, once I went to London by myself! It was fantastic. I actually asked here for advice on where to stay and found a fabulous hotel 1 block from the tube. London was a great choice for me because I got my feet wet with the idea of travel, without having to deal with a foreign language.

Anna123 posted 6/21/2020 20:47 PM

I think a group tour is great. I was thinking of doing a lot of travel this summer and sure enough---Covid--

For the Kids: Did you go to Cartegena by any chance? I really want to go there but am not sure if it is safe.

Chrysallis: Great Idea on the solo cruise!

HappyTree posted 6/24/2020 09:13 AM

I decided that I wanted to travel last year. I went to Costa Rica. I did look into group travel but the price was quite expensive for me. Instead I decided to do a solo trip and stay in hostels.

Oh my goodness it was so much fun!! The first hostel I stayed at was known as a party hostel so I was afraid that I would be to old there (I'm 37). But there were other families there even and tons of people my age. I even made friends with one person at my first hostel then we went to another hostel together.

I must say that traveling solo was one of the best experiences of my life. I grew so much in that short week that I was there. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. Sometimes the hostel would help me book a tour, sometimes I just wondered around and did my own thing. If you are thinking about traveling, you should just confront your fears and do it!

Masa posted 6/25/2020 12:31 PM

This is all making me so excited! I canít wait until we can travel safely again!

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