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DragnHeart posted 11/4/2020 12:51 PM

that it is Daylight Saving Time that you really want if you prefer to have it light later in the day.

I've always been confused what the whole point of changing the time was. And whoever thinks its healthy to have it pitch black at 4:30pm is (well cant use the word I want to use)....dumb works! As if this time of year doesnt already contribute to being down and depressed. I'm ok with it being dark at 5am so it's still light out at 4pm...why is that so bad?

Dragn, I hope you get everyone, including and especially yourself, feeling healthy soon.

I could spend all day in bed. No energy. Stomach in knots and painful The boys being home is annoying me to death. Neither one can be quiet. Ever. Its constant. Omg. Duct tape???? Can I plllleeeeaaaasssseee!!!!! They have completed the time required for staying home and I've completed the forms for them to go tomorrow. Now watch, it'll be the girls turn to be sick.. fml.

DragnHeart posted 11/4/2020 16:04 PM

I've been taking my temp throughout the day since I still feel so awful.

Been steady at 37.1. Green light comes on says it's normal. Just did it again and have jumped up to 37.5, so now yellow light.

I've been bleaching door handles and washing my hands non stop. No cough, problems breathing. Just sore stomach, nauseous. Even my migraine is gone.

Weird how I suddenly feel very scared.

zebra25 posted 11/4/2020 16:59 PM

Hope it's nothing serious and you feel better soon!

Lionne posted 11/4/2020 23:39 PM

Re: daylight savings. I remember long ago during the "energy crisis," I was babysitting my young niece and nephew. Sending them out across the field to the bus and to tend to their horse, in pitch dark, was frightening.

Still, we'd adjust. It's just a fact that daylight wanes in the northern hemisphere. It's gonna be dark.

But the effect on the circadian rhythms in some of us is sucky.

DragnHeart posted 11/5/2020 03:35 AM

Hope it's nothing serious and you feel better soon!

Thank you. Today my stomach isnt in as many knots but I'm still sipping my coffee carefully and very slow.

Have to say the last two nights I have slept better than I have since I can remember. No waking up at all. Wh said I still feel hot to the touch all over which is weird for me as I'm usually cold but my temp is back to 37.1.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/9/2020 07:55 AM

Great news this morning about a vaccine for Covid19 which they say is 90% effective. I hope it's true as our numbers are exploding.

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2020 08:54 AM

I hope the vaccine is effective and available.

I'm starting to feel better. Still tired. Stomach is better, I can eat but I still have nasty heartburn.

Read an article about drinking more water. They based how much off ones weight in kg ◊ 0.033. So for me I'm in the 2 litres a day. Can I just say that I spent most of the day ON THE TOILET. That cant be a good thing. AND when I was sick I didn't eat it drink much but I managed to sleep right through the night. Last night I was up three times. Explains why I'm so tired now.

And to top it off Big D is home. He was fine all weekend. I made pork roast with roasted potatoes and veggies for dinner. He ate the veggies and refused anything else. This morning he says he is tired and doesnt want to go to school. I told him to get dressed and eat some breakfast and see how he feels. Well he got dressed and then fell asleep on the sofa. a little while later he wakes up and throws up. He hadn't eaten breakfast so just clear fluid.

No fever, cough, headache, sniffles....just tired and upset stomach, just like I had.

thebighurt posted 11/9/2020 19:48 PM

Glad you are on the mend, Dragn. Hope the rest of the family gets there soon.

Cases are up a little in this county and up a lot in the next county. New rules in effect for them and admonitions to us to follow protocols so we don't have to go there. Most of the cases in both counties are from parties and gatherings inside where masks were not worn and more people there than are supposed to be allowed. Also bars that had too many patrons. I guess Halloween was too much temptation for everyone to see others and celebrate. Police were busy breaking things up.

Next county said if even one more person than allowed are found present under the new rules at any gathering, the person holding the gathering will be charged.

zebra25 posted 11/9/2020 20:05 PM

Numbers are up in my area. The hospital is admitting about 12 people per day. I'm not sure if that is just the main hospital or if includes the satellite ones as well.

The college students came back and ignored the rules and spread this thing like wild fire. Shocking.

My husband just informed me his co-worker's wife tested positive. So I guess that's another possible work exposure for my H.

Stay safe everyone.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/9/2020 20:33 PM

Positive cases have doubled in my area within the last 10 days.

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2020 21:40 PM

Numbers in my province are going up at a scary rate. I can see things being shut down again.

In my more local area I haven't heard of any numbers or hospitals being overwhelmed. Praying it stays that way.

One person on my fb list is about to get removed due to her constant banter how this virus is no worse than the flu and masks cause more harm than good and dont stop the wearer from getting covid. Well no shit. The mask stops YOU from spreading it IF you have it. Duh. Dont know why that's so hard to understand.

Also all those who bitch about face coverings...

I live in a country where for at least 5 out of 12 months the air hurts our face thus we cover up. Never have I ever heard if a case of scarf induced hypoxia.....

It's like beating a dead horse. I'm sick of reading or hearing people I know and thought had some brains vomit crap like that. Ugh!

WhatsRight posted 11/10/2020 10:27 AM

So, hereís an update...

I have cataract surgery tomorrow. 😱

This is good news, right?

The thing is that I have a thing kdlkszksxkzzJzjzjjJMMMNS

Bahahahaha- sorry, my grand baby got a hold of the phone...so that was her message to all of you! ❤️

Anyway, as I was saying, I have a thing about anything having to do with eyeballs. My roommate in college wore contacts and I had to leave the room if she was putting them in or taking them out. So Iím stressing a bit.

I know I can do it if I can just calm my mind once itís time. Iím a bit claustrophobic, and I force myself to go in the MRI tube. So if I can do that, I can do this!

How is everybody else doing?

WhatsRight posted 11/10/2020 10:39 AM


Itís so cold where you live that you have to cover your face in the winter or it hurts?

Is this an exaggeration?

Do you live there voluntarily or are you being held against your will?

DragnHeart posted 11/10/2020 11:35 AM

Itís so cold where you live that you have to cover your face in the winter or it hurts?

Is this an exaggeration?

Do you live there voluntarily or are you being held against your will?

With the windchill no it's not an exaggeration. I mean it's not always that cold but we have hit -40 and ya that's cold. Add in a strong wind and I'll be covering my face for sure. Snotcicles are a real problem, beards and mustaches freeze. So complaining about wearing a mask for 20 minutes when shopping pisses me off. Also what about surgeons doing an operation for hours wearing a mask? They arent going to drop because they cant breathe.

I live here voluntarily yes. As I get older somewhere hot and sunny is becoming more appealing though.

I have a thing about anything having to do with eyeballs

I'm with you on this. I would have to be knocked out or given a shit load of Ativan to get through that.

I got a call from Little Ms teacher last night that shes just got getting putting her letter and letter sounds together. Discussed hearing test which is now scheduled for her. Her dad and I sat down and made her write out her alphabet plus cone up with words for each letter saying their sounds. She disnt appear to have an issue with us but the teacher said shes beside herself not knowing what to do to help little M in class. Teacher said shes talked to Big Ds teacher since they are twins and hes totally different, well no duh. One is a boy one is a girl they are not identical twins lol. But big D can recite the lines of every character off a movie and he can tell you the plot of all the godzilla movies we have, even the ones in a different language (Japanese?)

So I have my work cut out for me doing school work with the kids at home even wirm them IN class. Kinda pissed off at that but whatever. I'll do it. Ds had issues writing until we spent a month or so just having him write every night. Hes a master now.

So first store is hearing test.

Every night is going over the letters sounds and word lists with her.

FaithFool posted 11/10/2020 12:32 PM

@Whats Right I had both eyes done and had the same fears, which were completely unfounded.

They give you Ativan and a warm blankie to rest for the hour prior to the procedure. By the time I went into the OR I was a very mellow happy camper.

It's over before you know they've done anything.

You'll be fine.

@Dragn, yeah, those Hugs over Masks lunatics make me crazy. Imagine if we had to survive a war with five or six years of food rationing, those folks would lose their sh*t...

Jeaniegirl posted 11/10/2020 12:58 PM

It should be easy for those in colder areas to wear masks. I once spent New Years Eve in Ontario Canada and I truly thought my eyelids were going to freeze shut. Never felt cold like that.

WhatsRight posted 11/10/2020 17:08 PM

Well, they said they would give me a double shot of Versed. That works for me!

I can do it if I just go to a place in my head.

Iím also afraid of heights, so when my H was competing in Sydney Paralympics, I climbed the harbor bridge...at 10:30 at night!

thebighurt posted 11/10/2020 18:27 PM

I've had both eyes done, too, WR. With the first, I told them I don't like Versed and they said not an issue as they don't use it. I was awake for the surgery. They use a very light dose of Propofol and I left within a short time of when they were done, feeling fine. Three weeks later, I looked forward to getting the second done.

I bet you will too.

Jeaniegirl posted 11/10/2020 22:04 PM

Whatsright, good luck with the EYES! I've heard nothing but positive about that procedure.

WhatsRight posted 11/10/2020 23:58 PM

They told me I would be awake for the surgery too. Because of risks with general anesthesia.

Thatís whatís keeping me awake nights.

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