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I am upset with BF but can't talk to him

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Gablestitch posted 11/27/2019 14:19 PM

Jana, I have those trap things and they're actually good for encouraging the fleas out of their unkillable dormant state. If you get rid of the carpet, they'll just move into the crevice between the baseboard and the floor. Ask me how I know. You'd think the vacuum would get them there too but not easily. Seriously though it sounds like you've made it through that turning point. Don't let up until you got rid of them all! I hate those things.

JanaGreen posted 11/30/2019 20:59 PM

Thank you for the encouraagement with the fleas, guys. It has been so much not fun. LOL.

I haven't seen any in a few days but I have some capstar on order anyway. Paradefense from the vet will be used monthly from here on out.

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