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Eight Years Out

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plainsong posted 10/3/2019 15:18 PM

I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU! I think about you several times a year, hoping that you've found a way to deal with your health issues and have a good life. I'm so happy that you have.

Yes, you were very open, and sometimes I thought you were sharing too much, but the bigger message I took from that was that you were giving yourself permission to be who you are, and always in the service of healing yourself and your part of your marriage. You shared what you thought as you were thinking it, but never stayed stuck in where you were. You always kept thinking, kept feeling, and kept acting. Truly an inspiration.

I am farther out than you (approaching 9 years), but not as healed. But it feels like this next year will get me over the hump. Sometimes now I feel good!- with myself and in my connection with sisoon. Other times I feel worse, but it is because issues are coming to the surface that I hadn't been able to process before, and can now. I won't be perfect at 10 years, but I hope to accept myself, others and life, and feel grounded in a world where I can do some good and minimize doing harm.

Thanks so much for sharing the good place you are in. Any time I think of you, I smile, because of who you are. By being you, you have brought sunshine into many, many lives.

Teach8 posted 10/3/2019 18:11 PM

Aubrie! This old timer remembers you well. So happy to hear how well you both are doing. Thank you for the update!

Aubrie posted 10/3/2019 18:21 PM

Hi sisoon! Look at you, a Guide! Congrats! Can't say I'm really surprised. You seem perfect for the job. Thank you for being willing to do it. (Shoutout to all staff members. Whoever they may be now. I need to go find out!)

I did pass on your regards to QS when I saw him at lunch. He said hello and best wishes back to y'all.

Can you believe its been 5 years since the Chicago G2G? Time flies!


Hello plainsong! Good to see you too!

You know, here's a fun fact about my health. Had this revelation today actually. I have accomplished one of many people's dreams. I take a daily nap, and everyone in my life is just happy for me.

I am very hopeful that you can get over the hump and find complete healing. You've always come across as deliberate and steady in your recovery. Feeling good days is always so refreshing, isn't it? Just keep walking lady. You've got this!

Hi Teach8!

Chili posted 10/5/2019 10:52 AM

Hey Aubrie! I was just asking after you not long ago - hoping you were keepin' on keepin' on and were busy enjoying raising your family and all that good stuff.

Not sure if you remember meeting at that one GTG in that one City all those years ago but I admired your bravery and spirit for attending. It was still pretty early days and you were a real life example of a wayward working hard to deal with your shit in such a real way.

Even with the new health struggles you seem to be facing it with that same resilience and strength. Your skills of self-awareness must come in handy with managing your own care.

Glad you popped in - I'm here from time to time as well to try and pay it forward and perhaps give some insight from the far side.

deephurt posted 10/5/2019 19:19 PM

Good to hear from your Aubrie. You likely donít recall me but I do remember you. Iím thrilled to hear your m is healed and you are doing so much better. I have sent week auto
Immune diseases, likely one that you have. Not sure if I can be if any assistance there but I am sorry to hear that you have one.

Darkness Falls posted 10/5/2019 19:37 PM

Hi, Aubrie.

You know Iím an autoimmune disease girl myself. Any way I can help, let me know.

MrsWalloped posted 10/7/2019 15:23 PM

Hi. Thank you so much for posting.

Never ever did I imagine I would be able to look myself in the eye in the mirror and like who I saw.

This resonated with me so much because I still havenít gotten there yet. Iím much better than I was in the first year (its been 4 years for me), but I still have work to do.

Thank you for showing me itís possible.

Endy posted 10/7/2019 15:24 PM

This is amazing! I am happy to read this post

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