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Dday 8/31/11. EA/PA. Lied to for 3 years. Bring it, life. I am ready for you.


Hi everyone,

I have not been on here in awhile as my life circumstances don't permit me the time during my normal day to spend much time online.

Just to update. My W and I are doing very well together. Communicate about everything. We raise our kids and through this Covid mess have grown much closer as a couple and as a family. No, it is not always champagne, roses and sweet sack time The good times are significantly better than the bad and when you communicate it is amazing how few misunderstanding there can be.

So I still read tidbits here and there, but don't have much time to write those long drawn out posts that I used to write. I guess I am saying I miss the community here and hopefully at some point can "re-balance" to do things like create post on SI no one has time to read. LOL

Anyway, whatever is going on in your life right now is temporary and it will not stay that way forever. You can't expect things to change with passivity as your go to coping mechanism. It takes work, tears, more work and then tears . . .you get the idea. Each day it hurts a little less and the more you try to avoid it the worse it gets. IC was invaluable to both me and my wife, but reading books, journaling, posting on SI help a lot too.

Not all of our paths can lead to reconciliation, but all of them can lead to happy, fulfilled and exciting life. You just need to know what to look for and what changes you might need to make.

Anyway I hope you all are doing well and I hope you look back on the time spent on SI as I do. A lot of pain, reflection and growth, but also a shared kinship that is hard to find in other aspects of any online community.

I wish you all the best of everything always,


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