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Difference between active and passive WS

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Justgetitoverwith posted 5/10/2019 04:10 AM

Very honest of you to admit that BraveSirRobin. I wonder how many WS try to skim over this detail? Mine did for a whole - after many 'conversations' about why he did certain things and what he expected as an outcome, the most he came up with was that he didn't expect anything, but was open to it happening, hoped it would. Kind of sounds like avoidance to me.

Rideitout posted 5/10/2019 04:37 AM

Very honest of you to admit that BraveSirRobin.

I'd just like to echo that sentiment. People admitting that here impress me, people admitting it to their BS, even more rare and impressive.

I do have one clarification though, were you actively seeking an AP, or were you active once the AP had materialized (he found you)? I think this is the place where the gender lines will break down more; no doubt, my W was an active participant in the A. In some ways, more active than the AP. But she wasn't "hunting" for APs. If she was, it would have taken her about 35 seconds to walk to the local Starbucks, she'd find 100 willing participants there in the first 30 minutes. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the "hunting" behavior is very gender divided.

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