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How to politely deal with people who drive you nuts?

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DragnHeart posted 2/24/2019 16:33 PM

Well up here there's no way I could open carry, even IF I had a license to own a gun. It's a shame because we are a bit isolated and it is easy for someone to come up the driveway without me even knowing. It's just the way the house is positioned.

I love the idea of having a Llama or two. We have a large st Bernard but everyone just LOVES those dogs and he's to friendly to actually be a deterrent.

FaithFool posted 2/26/2019 12:47 PM

Dragn, did you see this story from PEI?

DragnHeart posted 2/26/2019 13:04 PM

No I hadn't heard about it but I read the CBC report.

Typical nosey uneducated people out there.

And this is why my St. Bernard is miserable. I keep him inside more than I should. For one, nosey people. And two many dogs have been going missing. Stolen. And my guy is so friendly he would go with someone.

Usually unless I know someone is coming over I just keep the sunroom door unlocked. The dogs can come in and out as they please. If the front gate wasn't frozen open I'd just close it to keep the nosey people out.

FaithFool posted 2/26/2019 13:07 PM

Well the owners are new to the Maritimes (being From Away) so they obviously need to get up to speed with the culture LOL.

DragnHeart posted 2/26/2019 13:37 PM

I thought it said they were from Newfoundland....My.mistake if that's wrong.

In any case if I got a visit from the humane society because my dog was outside I'd be pissed off. He's a st Bernard. He hates summer. He loves winter. If I let him he would spend all day out there.

The Chihuahua on the other hand will go out only when he wants to. If it's snowing or windy he will stay just INSIDE the door and do his business....Damn mutt. I usually have to pick him up and PUT him outside.

FaithFool posted 2/26/2019 14:39 PM

They are from NL, and that dog is a special case. The fact that they bought a house so they could keep him tells you a lot.

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