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Betrayed Womenz Thread

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Chaos posted 9/10/2019 11:09 AM

Welcome newbies! Sorry to meet you under these circumstances but glad to have you in my life.

So...now that we have the bail thing organized - Ellie your call but if you want the cat....

Right now I hope it poops on his pillow.

EllieKMAS posted 9/10/2019 11:16 AM

Hugs Drken and welcome to the best thread on SI!!

Chaos and AIAI - Thank you for the giggles and the bail offer But my cousin that has been talking me off the ceiling for the last couple weeks has been reminding me constantly that orange is not my color, so it has become a mantra of sorts.

Still haven't decided about Stig. I don't want to fight with douchedeluxe, but seriously irritates the shit out of me that he hasn't once even asked about his cat.

Ugh - wine and chocolate sound lovely. I am working from home today cus had to get through some stuff, but will be done here in a couple hours and am gonna get thru my to-do list.

BigBlueEyes posted 9/10/2019 11:24 AM

You are seriously BAD ASS,
I know its already been settled...but can you take Paypal

I knew all of you would appreciate the cap.

I have chocolate & Vodka for tonight, I may be a little hung over for work tomorrow but who FUCKING cares...I will just show up with my CAP on

Welcome to the best thread newbies,

We laugh,
We cry,
We bitch,
We moan,
but mostly WE are here for each other in anyway we can be

Oh YEAH & we say FUCK a lot ...when I say a lot I MEAN A LOT

DevastatedDee posted 9/10/2019 11:40 AM

I would just like to say that in a sane world, when someone abuses you and tries to kill you, everyone in your life rallies around you protectively and defies that man. He does not get to proclaim himself a poor victim and have anyone wipe his tears.

In a sane world, but not in this world.

Wherever you are, Scooby, a billion (((HUGS)))). You are strong. When you need a dose of sanity, read some of our words. Addiction and abuse do not contribute to sanity in any family, but you know what is real and what isn't. Addiction infects everything and everyone around it with unreality and distortion, so you usually have to look to the outside for reality checks. I hope you use us well for those.

gmc94 posted 9/10/2019 11:48 AM

Hey Ellie:

Thinking of you today!

Want2BHappyAgain posted 9/10/2019 12:10 PM

EllieKMAS...it is DONE... and you don’t have to endure that anymore . I can guarantee you that your attitude at that point will HAUNT asshat’s dreams... and you will soon be sleeping peacefully .

WELCOME to the new ladies on this thread !!!

My H travels a lot for work... and I go with him for the most part. We were actually together in Holland when I had to come back to the States for a family emergency. It was during this time...5 years ago...that my H decided to post that he was a “happily married man looking for NSA sex” on Tagged. Although the majority of the women who my H propositioned called him a PIG for doing this to his wife...ONE woman thought it would be “fun” . It only took one to destroy my world .

That was THEN. NOW...my H is at work in another state... and I was called to help with my newest grandbaby . I didn’t hesitate to say YES!!! I have been gone for almost two weeks...but I am heading back to my H today. I have butterflies y’all !!! He has changed so MUCH from the man who cheated on me... and I am so HAPPY I gave him another chance to redeem himself... and even more happy that he has put US first!!!

I know what it is like to have an unremorseful spouse...my 1st H was such a manipulative FUCKtwad!!! Those of you who have one of those... you are doing well to get rid of them!!! I just went through the town where my 1st H lives...where WE lived... and I felt NOTHING . What an empowering feeling!!!!

But now it is time to move forward...and as my H wrote to me yesterday...into his arms...where he is waiting...faithfully !!!

BigBlueEyes posted 9/10/2019 12:11 PM

Raising my glass to Ellie & Scooby tonight even though it’s a school night,

Ellie for being a hot mess 😊
& Scooby’s sane world that doesn’t exist 🍾

Huge hugs for all of us 😆

BigBlueEyes posted 9/10/2019 12:17 PM

Awe Congratulations wtbha

I truly hope you have the best reunion,

I love happily ever afters...I will raise my glass to you next 😊

Want2BHappyAgain posted 9/10/2019 15:08 PM

Thanks BigBlueEyes . That was a LONG drive...but I made it!!! I opened the door to the hotel room and a big bouquet of flowers was there to greet me...and not ONE lily in the bunch !!! Yep...the leg spreader is named Lily .

Some of you have been here back when hotel rooms were a HUGE trigger for me... but I OWN the FUCKING bitch now . I am looking forward to having FUN here tonight !!!

I normally don’t cuss on the other threads but it somehow wouldn’t seem appropriate if I DIDN’T do it in here !!! Y’all are FUN !!!

TX1995 posted 9/10/2019 15:32 PM

Ellie - I already said this, but you are AMAZING! I would have turned into a blubbery mess, but you walked out, head held high and left your sorry exWH and his BS in the dust. Wallow away but know that there is a FUCKING INCREDIBLE life ahead for you and your bad-ass self.

Dee - Amen to that. Amen.

BBB - I love the hat's saying! I was just watching the Beyonce Lemonade album and in one of the songs there is a kid wearing a shirt that says "In memory of when I gave a fuck" and I was thinking that I needed it.

W2B - Your story makes me smile. It's you and a few others around this place that make me think I might get a little bit of myself back again and have a possibility of happiness. And can I say that I HATE names that are common? My husband fucked a Sarah. I mean for goodness sake, how fucking common a name can you get? It's everywhere! I remember having a panic attack a while back because a text from our pastor came in (yep, her name is Sarah). Could they not pick people with more unusual names? I hope you and WH have a great time reuniting tonight.

As an aside, Ellie I feel like you should keep the Stig. Or at the very least feed him a lot of wet cat food before you give him back so he has really stinky poops. And I hope the Stig vomits in your CH's shoes.

So in a very immature side note, there is a chair that the cOW left at the office before moving on. They've gotten rid of all of the other furniture she left, but there's a chair. I want every bit of her erased from that place. (My husband is the exec who started the office, so I have access to everything there). It's not technically company owned since the cOWhore brought it in. I was thinking that I could take a cup of milk, spill it under the pillow and leave it? Then they'd have to get rid of it? The other option would be to have a kid of mine spill something on it and WH and I take it out to have it "cleaned" and then I could take an axe to it at home. (And we'd replace it). Thoughts? (Oh, and WH will do anything I want. I've already destroyed some of the photos she posted on the bulletin board of herself and my WH). Am I going crazy?

I made WH shave off all of his hair the other day. I didn't want to risk having any part of him that touched her still there. I let him keep his head hair, but this stress is making him bald anyways. Oh God, I really am going crazy...

[This message edited by TX1995 at 3:39 PM, September 10th (Tuesday)]

TX1995 posted 9/10/2019 15:41 PM

Oh and I forgot to give a big fucking welcome to Drken! Hate that you are on SI, but glad you found us. We laugh AND cry here. Sometimes together.

Want2BHappyAgain posted 9/10/2019 15:44 PM

That chair has GOT to go!!! I can’t wait to see what you creative ladies are going to come up with !!!

EllieKMAS posted 9/10/2019 15:56 PM

Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm tryin to be a badass, but not feelin it today. I'll be better tomorrow. God grant me patience, but please HURRY.

Yeah, I will see how I feel about Mr Stig here in a couple weeks. I am already envisioning the conversation there and he will say "You told me you wouldn't do this" to which I can reply, "Well you lied, so I did too." RME. I dunno. Like I said, don't want to fight but I really don't want my kitty to go either. He has been like a little furry barnacle on me today. My pets def know mama is not good today!

I just wish I could sell my house today and pack up all my shit and move far from here.

Fuck feels. Just FUCK THEM. Blargh.

DevastatedDee posted 9/10/2019 16:05 PM

I feel you, Elle. My XWH is planning on moving back to this state, apparently, and I expect he will ask for "his" dog back. The dog loved him the most, but I was always the one who took care of him, of course. Plus, I'm not a "recovering" drug addict, so ya know...I may be more responsible, lol. The answer will be no, and he will throw a fit. I had to spoon this dog every night for a couple of months when we split up because he was messed up emotionally from all the upheaval. Australian Shepherds are a bit neurotic. Poor doggy. I'm not putting him through that again.

Tell him you're keeping the cat and he can go fuck himself if that's what you want.

Tallgirl posted 9/10/2019 17:45 PM

Ellie. You did great. Tomorrow is a new start. Wear your bitch boots

. Douchedeluxe said thank you. Really? What an Asstwat.

Why don’t you return the favour.. I lied to you. It was the least I could do, I am keeping Stig. Thank you. Go find your donut whore and pet her!!

Or you can use my name Bitch whore. Both work.

Here is what I think you should do. Draw a big ugly vagina on the chair, a set of boobs, add the donut whores name and number. Drag it to the street and say free to any married man.

How awful am I.?

Drnken, welcome to our crazy corner, nice to have another person join.

That is awesome. How lovely and romantic.

If that happened to me I would ask were you expecting someone else?

DD, it is your damn dog! I hope he doesn’t ask for him back. A foot in your ass hurts as you exit a room or city. So I hear.

All. We now need a betrayed womenz kit with a fuck off hat, a fuck off tattoo in German, a fucking colouring book, and a fuck off mug and bitch boots. All tied in with a Womenz T-shirt.

[This message edited by Tallgirl at 5:48 PM, September 10th (Tuesday)]

Glashalffull posted 9/10/2019 18:36 PM

About the cat: Say to him...just get a new one. You’ve gotten quite good at that.
The chair: How about a stink bomb? Put her pic on it and get nerf guns or darts and use it as target practice?

EllieKMAS posted 9/10/2019 18:46 PM

GHF - ooooooh, that's good. Wowza

I am dyin laughin at the chair suggestions!!

My stbxBIL messaged me today. Was very unexpected, but made me feel good to know that my stbxFAM hasn't written me off.

It's gonna be hot in San Antonio and I am going through airport security, so no bitch boots... how bout bitch (please) sparkly sandals?

Thank all of you so much - SO MUCH. This thread keeps me sane!!

cocoplus5nuts posted 9/10/2019 19:06 PM

As we were leaving the courthouse he said, "I know this hasn't been easy, but thank you."

What an asshat! Still thinking only of himself. Good riddance!

W2BH, that's a beautiful reunion. Love it!

Burn the chair!

TG, I love the idea of the kit. So fun!


Chaos posted 9/10/2019 19:16 PM

A Betrayed Womenz Kit. OMG. I’m laughing my fucking ass off. And kind of want one.

The chair idea now has a cult following.

You all are the best!

And yeah - keep the cat.

EllieKMAS posted 9/10/2019 19:44 PM

I move to also add a bottle of wine, a sparkly wine glass, a stress relief candle, and a 'Rashawnda for President' button to the kit

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