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Before you say reconcile...Recover!

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minusone posted 1/18/2016 18:17 PM


minusone posted 1/26/2016 17:22 PM


Katrina2000 posted 1/26/2016 17:35 PM

Beautiful. A must read.

Ohanabee posted 1/26/2016 19:55 PM

Thank you.

GarlicBread posted 1/28/2016 08:40 AM

I wish I'd found this place after D-Day 2. What a wealth of brilliant insight and resources.

TwoStepsForward posted 1/28/2016 11:46 AM


Gloomyfish77 posted 1/28/2016 11:51 AM

I have copied and pasted this....ready to read with my WH tonight.......he doesn't know it yet :-)

theDrifter posted 1/28/2016 14:01 PM

This counsel & advice is not perfect by any means but it is a great start for any couple dealing with infidelity. I wish to all things holy that I could have had access to so much wisdom on my d-day. Just knowing that what I was feeling was normal would have helped, but the guidance regarding how hard reconciliation really is would have cemented my decision to divorce. Instead I swallowed my pain and just prayed that time would heal my wounds. It didn't.

minusone posted 2/17/2016 14:52 PM


hurdlestocross posted 2/18/2016 12:30 PM

That comment towards the end about not making your marriage child centered is frustrating. One of my husband's excuses was that he felt we didn't have a relationship and that it was all about the kids.

I always tried to keep in contact with my husband during the day, wanted to cuddle with him, complimented him, spend time with him, etc. He was more distant from me than I was to him. We do have multiple small children, however. I don't enjoy their excessive dependency, but what choice do I have? Should I neglect them so he feels special?

Fireball72 posted 2/18/2016 13:25 PM

Thanks. This article is very helpful.

zzx8417 posted 2/29/2016 23:44 PM


Skynet posted 3/2/2016 11:12 AM

Great insight. Printing later for continued reference. Hell I'll even print one for my IC. Even though he won't "need" it it may just help someone else.

minusone posted 3/21/2016 12:57 PM


minusone posted 4/3/2016 08:37 AM


Lovingmyselfmore posted 4/22/2016 18:16 PM


minusone posted 4/26/2016 13:01 PM


minusone posted 5/2/2016 21:25 PM


mchercheur posted 5/5/2016 16:42 PM


minusone posted 5/11/2016 21:04 PM


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